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Digitized by G00g[e 

Digitized by G00g[e 

Digitized by G00g[e 

Digitized by GoOgle 








"Goo it chakitt." 1 Job* it. 







Price Three Shillings; Bound and Gilt-edged. 

The Hymns in this Prayer-book are newly 
and most literally translated in metres suited to 
the Church music to which the Latin verses are 
generally sung. 

A Praybr before Devotions. 

Open, O Lord, my mouth, to bless thy holy 
name : cleanse my heart from all-vain, perverse, 
and distracting thoughts : enlighten mine under- 
standing, inflame my will, that I may worthily, 
attentively, and devoutly recite this office, and 
deserve to be heard in the sight of thy Divine. 
Majesty, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

O Lord, in union with that divine intention 
by which thou didst give praise to God while 
on earth, I offer to thee these Hours. 

*.— — - 

I havb read the "Family Prayer Book," 
and do not find anything in it repugnant to the 
Faith, Morality, or approved Discipline of the 
CathoUc Church. It is a work of high character ,< 
combining solid devotion and fervent piety with 
that Judicious selection of pious exercises which 
is so peculiarly necessary at the present moment, 
and that chaste simplicity and primitive dignity 
of expression which ever befits the communica- 
tions of man with God in Prayer — as they 
every where characterize the communications of 
God with man in the inspired writings. 

I consider the u Family Prayer Book" a 
valuable addition to our works of piety ; and, 
as such, I approve of it within the limits of my 

t PETER AUGUSTINE, Bishop op Sioa, 

Vicar Apostolic of the Western District. 
Prior Park, August 1st, 1&*9. 

= — ,,■ ■ ^- — -=■ — = 



Dedication 6 

On Conversational Controversy 9 

Commandments, Festivals, Indulgences, & c. 14 

Manner of Serving at Mass . 18 

Morning and Evening Prayers for Children 1 
Morning Prayers for Families, for each 

day in the week 8 

Prayers before Mass & Litanies of th e Season 27 
Acts of Faith, Hope, Charity, and Sorrow 28 

During the Ordinary op the Mass 65 

Benediction 118 

Prayers after Mass 133 

Seven Penitential Psalms, Miserere^ <Jt. . . 142 

Litany of the Blessed Sacrament 167 

Litany of Glory 153 

Litany of Jesus 157 

Litany of Loretto 161 

Condensed Litany of Loretto 164 

Litany of the Saints, and Prayers 166 

Litany of St. Joseph 175 

tetany for a Happy Death 183 

Instructions and Devotions for the Sick . . 177 

Devotions for Confession 186 

Devotions for Communion 202 

Prayers for Indulgences 230 

Prayer, Oblation, Adoration 234 

Occasional Collects 248 

Vespers for Sundays, in Latin & English 251 
Hymns sung at Vespers proper to each 

Festival. \ , 288 

Lauda Sion, Praise O Sion 121 

Crux Fidelia, Faithful Cross 124 



Stabat Mater, Tearful stood the Mother . . 1 27 

Dies Irae, -Day 0/ an^er 130 

Adeste fideles, O hasten ye faithful 132 

Jesu dulcis memoria, Jesus, the only thought 

of thee\ : . 290 

Veni creator Spiritus, Creating Spirit come 297 

Veni Sancte Spiritus, Come Holy Ghost . . 298 

Ave Maris Stella, Hail Sta Star 301 

Adoro te Devote 247 

Evening Prayers for Families, for each 

day in the week 309 

Occasional Private Praters 342 

The Angelus 342 

Grace before and after Meals 343 

An Universal Prayer 343 

To Guardian Angels .- 345 

To Patron Saints 346 

To tne Blessed Virgin Mary 347 

An Appeal to Christ , . 347 

An Offering^ Self. 348 

Night Thoughts 349 

A Parent's Offering 349 

Prayer against Idleness 350 

In Slight Provocations 351 

In Worldly Anxiety 358 

A Parent's Prayer 354 

Prayer on the Fourth Commandment .... 356. 

For the Conversion of Another, . , 357 

For the forgotten Dead 359 

To receive the Viaticum 359 

A Prayer for Knowledge 360 

For Devotional Feelings 362 

St. Augustin's Prayer £or all Virtues ..., 364 

After a Toilsome Day 366 

On our Saviour's last Seven Sentences — 368 

tized by GoOgle 



' EXGLAND, fcc. &c. 

My Lord, 

Notwithstanding -the very 
kind and flattering manner in which 
you have permitted me to dedicate this 
Prayer Book to your Lordship, it were 
indecorous in an anonymous writer to 
express, in this place, the adniiration and 
gratitude which every English Catholic 
mustfeel for those exertions and priva- 
tions which you have undergone while 
endeavouring to provide for the spiritual 
wants of bis brethren in Christ, and to 
raise religion, in this country, from the 


state of depression in which long years 
of persecution had left it. 

But as none are more active in the 
cause of religion, so no one will more 
readily appreciate, than your Lordship, 
the importance of bringing piety home 
to every breast with truth, with charity, 
with unction, and with decorum : — 

Sit laus plena, sit sonora, 
Sit jucunda, sit decora, 
Mentis jubilatio. 

While endeavouring, in this compila- 
lation, to avoid the opposite extreme of 
fervour and insensibility, it has also 
been my wish to modify those expres- ' 
sions of devotion which, translated from 
the vocabularies of more energetic na- 
tions, appear familiar and even profane 
to our sober habits of thought 3 and to 
expunge' all declarations of exaggerated 
feeling, all self-accusations of heinous 

' j 


and excessive guilt. These are often 
indecorous ^—presenting images foreign 
to the sentiment to which they are 
allied, and inapplicable to those who 
hold, the 'even tenor of their way, and 
endeavour to walk in the path of 
the Lord and to possess their souls in 
peace. To these — surely the majority 
amongst us ! — it is unadvisable to dic- 
tate feelings proper only to the more 
hardened, to the more desperate, sinner. 
In a word, I have endeavoured to 
compile a Family Prayer*Book: — one 
that should not raise a blush on the 
cheek of happy innocence, nor deepen 
the crimson occasioned by passing faults 
of surprise 5 one that should induce a 
sentiment of hopeful gladness rather 
than of gloom j one that should not 
exhaust the strongest expressions of 
feeling on occasions of familiar sorrows, 


familiar hopes, , nor, alas! of familiar 
and domestic failings. 

Should your Lordship deem that I 
have, in any degree, accompljshe4 xqy 
-undertaking, I hope that you will 
honour my little work with your ap- 
probation, and that you will bestow 
your blessing upon one who well knows 
how to value the boon, 


On the Eve qf the Festival qf Sts. Peter and 
Paw/, 1839. 

2le " 


A modxrn author says. " Let me caution you 
to avoid all argument on points of doctrine : ex- 
cuse yourself by simply answering that such is 
the faith of the Church. The Catholic Church 
has succeeded to the authority possessed by 
Moses and the prophets ; and they who wish to 
dispute, her doctrines should first disprove her 
authority. Until they have done that, it is suf- 
ficient for you and for them that the doctrine in 
question is taught with her sanction." 

This is most excellent advice. But such as 
may ask, in the spirit of honest enquiry, what is 
the foundation of this your reliance upon the 
infallibility of the Church, you may remind 
that contradictory doctrines cannot all be true : 
and that, according to the words of Christ him- 
self, there can be only one true church, only one 
church that teaches a true doctrine : St. John x. 
16, " And other sheep I have which are not of 
.this fold ; them also I must bring, and they shall 
hear my voice ; and there shall be one fold and 

Digitized by GoOgle 


one shepherd." Eph. iv. 4, 5 — '* There is one 
body and one spirit, even as ye are called in one 
hope of your calling ; one Lord, one faith, one 

v That the church once established by Christ 
must continue for ever to teach the true doctrines 
of Christ, is evident : Matt xvi. 18, 19—" And 
I say unto thee that thou art Peter, and upon this 
rock I will build my church ; and the gates of 
hell shall not prevail against it." Chap, xxviii. , 
20 — M Teaching them to observe all things what- 
soever I have commanded you : and lo, I am 
with you alway, even unto the end of the world. 
•Amen." St. John xiv. 16, 26— " And I will 
pray the Father, and he shall^give you another 
Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever. 
But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, 
whom the Father will send in my name, he shall 
teach you all things and bring all things to your 
remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.'* 
Chap. xvi. 13 — ** Howbeit when he, the spirit of 
truth, is come, he will guide you into ail truth : 
for he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever 
he shall hear, that shall he speak : and he will 
shew you all things to come." 

No variation whatever from the doctrine of 
that church appears to be admissible : St. Matt. 
▼. 19 — " Whosoever therefore shall break one of 
these least commandments, and shall teach men 
so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom 
of heaven : but whosoever shall do and teach 

tized by GOOgle 


them, he shall he called great in the kingdom of 

God, therefore, ordained that there should be 

only; one true church, and that his Holj Spirit 

should always direct that church and keep it 

from teaching false doctrines. In accordance 

with this merciful design, the Apostles always 4 

declared all teachings, in any degree different 

from those of the one faith which was preached 

to all men (" beginning at Jerusalem,'* Luke 

xxiv. 47), to he displeasing to God. Eph. iv. 

11, 14 — ** And he gave some, apostles; and 

some, prophets ; and some, evangelists ; and 

some, pastors, and teachers. That we henceforth 

be no more children,- tossed to and fro, and 

carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the 

slight of men and cunning craftiness whereby 

they lie in wait to deceive." Heb. xiii. 9, 17 — 

" Be not carried about with divers and strange 

doctrines. Obey them that have the rule over 

you, and submit yourselves : for they watch for 

your souls, as they must give account, that they 

may do it with joy and not with grief : for that 

is unprofitable for you," 1 John iv. 6 — " We 

are of God : he that knoweth God heareth us ; 

he that is not of God, heareth not us. Hereby 

know we the spirit of truth and 'the spirit of 


You may be answered that these passages do 
not convey the same meaning to the mind of the 
person who questions you. What then ? Do 

k ' "^^ 


ire admit his right to interpret scripture accord- 
ing to his own private judgment ? No : for St. 
Peter complains (in 2 Peter Hi. 15, 16, 17) 
that even in his time the " unlearned and unsta- 
ble" wrest some things in the epistles of St. 
Paul, " as they do also the other scriptures *to 
'their own destruction. You, therefore, breth- 
ren," he continues, •* knowing these things be- 
forehand, take heed, lest, being led aside by the 
error of the unwise, you fell from your own 

No. Let all read scripture, an they will ^ and 
we wish them to do so : but the church alone 
has a right, to interpret scripture authoritatively. 
The commission given to the apostles and their 
successors was to "teach all nations,*' (Matt, 
xxviii. 19) not to write certain books only, for 
the nations to understand or to misunderstand 
as they best might. Why the art of printing 
hasMiot been invented 400 years : before that 
time, the scriptures were written out by hand ; 
and were, necessarily, so expensive that not one 
private person in a parish could afford to pur- 
chase them. And even if they had been more 
plentiful, not one private person in a parish knew 
how to read* Could not any of these people be 
saved during the 1400 yean that Intervened 
between the preaching of Christ, and the dis- 
covery of the art of printing ? Even now, can 
one person in fifty of the christian world read ? 
and are the forty-nine others, who cannot read, 


debarred from salvation ? No. At our blessed 
I*ord said of the brethren of the rich man, ♦* they 
have Moses and the prophets,*' so he now says 
they have the church to teach them their faith : 
— " He that heareth you, heareth me, and he 
that despiseth you, despiseth me; and -he that 
despiseth me despiseth him that sent me;" 
Luke x. 16. Finally, St. Matthew declares 
(xviii, 17.) "if he will not hear the Church, 
let him be to thee as the heathen and the pub- 

Should the person who enquires of you be 
really and seriously anxious to discover the 
truth, you will, of course, follow, the precept of 
the 1st of. St Peter iii. 15, and "be ready 
always to satisfy every one that asketh you a 
reason of that hope which is in you :" and we 
would recommend you moreover to introduce 
him forthwith to one of our exemplary pastors. 
But should the enquirer question you — as is too 
often the case in this country — merely to satisfy 
his own idle curiosity and the doubts and fears 
which necessarily accompany the self-conceit of 
upstart private judgment, we would conclude 
the argument with the following startling sug- 
gestion, taken from that excellent sermon on 
" Faith, Hope, and Charity," preached by the 
Rt. Rev. Dr. Baines. •• Were you, my pro- 
teatant brethren," he says, " to behold upon a 
stormy sea a fleet of many sail, bound to some 
distant shore whither you were obliged to go; if 

Digitized by GoOgle 


all these vessels, save one, were of small dimen- 
sions ; if you beheld all, save that one, labouring 
with the winds and waves, and successively 
dashed upon some 'rock or shoal, and wrecked 
while others thronged to succeed them and to 
share by turns the same hapless fate ; if the one 
vessel I have mentioned was of infinitely greater 
magnitude ; if it pursued its steady course un- 
affected by the winds that blew, and the waves 
that broke against it ; if it had been long known 
to convey to the wished-for shore myriads of 
happy passengers; if a heaven-directed pilot 
was known to sail upon some one of these ves- 
sels, — on which of them would you hope to find 
him? and as you were obliged to embark on 
one or other of these vessels, which would you 
select ? Oh ! there would be no difference' of 
choice amongst you. You would all embark on 
the same goodly ship ; and, should you behold 
any passenger of that ship quitting it to risk his 
life on one of its frail attendants, you would all 
equally conclude that he had lost his senses/* 




Thb Manner in which ant person may v 
baptisb an Infant in Danger of Death. 

Take common water, pour it on the head or 
face of the child, and, while you are pouring it, 
say the following words : 

" I baptize thee in the name of the Father, 
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen." 


I. I am the Lord thy God, who brought thee 
out of the land of Egypt, and out of the house 
of bondage. Thou shalt hare no strange Gods 
before me. Thou shalt not make to thyself any 
graven thing, nor the likeness of any thing that 
is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, or 
the waters under the earth : Thou shalt not 
adore them nor serve them. 

IL Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord 
thy God in vain. 

III. Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath 

IV. Honour thy father and thy mother. 

V. Thou shalt not kill. 

VI. Thou shalt not commit adultery. 




VII. Thou shalt not steal. 

VIII. Thou shalt not bear false witness against 
thy neighbour. 

IX. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's 

X. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's 

Szz P&xcxpts or thb Church. 

1. To keep certain appointed days holy ; with 
obligation of hearing mass, and resting from 

•vlervile works. 

2. To fast Lent, the Ember-days, vigils com- 
manded; in England, the Wednesdays and 
Fridays in Advent ; and to abstain from flesh 
on Fridays and other days of abstinence. 

3. To confess our sins to our pastor, at least, 
once a year. 

4. To receive the blessed sacrament at least 
once a year, and that at Easter, or thereabouts ; 
namely, between Palm Sunday and Low Sun- 

5. To pay tithes to our pastor. 

6. Not to solemnize marriage at forbidden 
times ; that is, from the first Sunday in Advent 
till Twelfth-day be past ; nor from Ash-Wednes- 
day till after Low Sunday j nor to marry within 
certain degrees of kindred ; nor privately, with- 
out witnesses. 

Sbven dbadlv Sink. 

1. Pride; 2. covetousness ; 3. lust; 4. anger; 
5. gluttony; 6. envy; 7. sloth. 

. ______ ^______^_ 



1. Humility; 2. Liberality ; 3. chastity; 4. 

meekness; 5. temperance; 6. brotherly lovej 

7. diligence. 

Seven Sacraments. 

. Baptism, confirmation, holy eucharist, pe- 

nance, extreme unction 

, holy order, and matri- 



Observed in England. 

* The (tayt of obligation are in Small Capitals. 

All thb Sundays in the Year. 


29 St. Peter and St. 

1 Circumcision. 


6 Epiphany. 



25 St James. 

2 Purification. 

26 St. Ann. 

24 St Matthias. ~ 



10 St. Lawrence. 

Id St. Joseph. 

15 Assumption. 

25 Annunciation. 

24 St Bartholomew. 

23 St. George. 

. 6 Nativity B. V. 


21 St. Matthew. 

1 St. Philip. and St. 

29 St Michael. 



3 Finding the Cross. 

28 St Simon and St. 



24 tfatmtyof Si John 



1 All Saints. 

tized by GoOgle 


80 St. Andrew. - 
8 Conception. 
21 St. Thomas. 
25 Christmas-day. 

26 St Stephen. 

27 St. John. 

28 Holy Innocents. 

29 St. Thomas of Can- 



Easter-Monday, Easter-Tuesday, Ascension- 
Day, Whitsun - Monday, Whitsun - Tuesday, 
Corpus Christi Day. 

Fasting Days. 

1. The forty days of Lent. 2. The Ember- 
days at the four seasons, being the Wednesday, 
Friday, and Saturday of the first week in Lent, 
of Whitsun- Week, of the third week in Sep- 
tember, and of the third week in Advent. 
3. The Wednesdays and Fridays of all the four 
weeks of Advent. 4. The vigils or eves of 
Whit-Sunday, of the Saints Peter and Paul, of 
the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, of All 
Saints, and of Christmas-Day. 

Abstinence Days. 

1. The Sundays in Lent. 2. The Fridays 
above excepted from the rule of fosting. 3. If 
Christmas-day fall upon a Friday, it is neither 
fast nor abstinence. 

the manner op serving and answering 


The Clerk, or Servitor, kneeling at the Iffl hand 
of the Priest, shall answer him as follows ; . 
Priest. Introibo ad altare Dei. 


Clerk. Ad Deum, qui leetificat juventatem 

iV. Jadica me, Deus, & discerne causam 
mean- de gente nan sancta ; ab homine iniquo 
& doloflo erne me. 

CI. Quia tu es, Deus, fortitudo mea, quare 
me repulisti ? Et quare tristia incedo dum affli- 
git me inimicus ? 

Pr. Emitte lucem tuam & veritatem tuam : 
ipsa me deduxerunt, & adduxerunt in montem 
sanctum tuum, & in tabernacula tua. 

CI. Et introibo ad altare Dei : ad Deum, qui 
betificat juventutem meam. 

Pr. Confitebor tibi in cithara, Deus, Deus 
meus : quare tristts es annua mea, & quare con- 

CI. Spera in Deo, qnoniam adhue confitebor 
illi : salutare vultus mei, & Deus mens. 

Pr. Gloria Patri, & Filio, & Spfaitui Sancto. 

CI. Sicut erat in principio, & nunc, & semper, 
& in saecula saeculorum. Amen. 

Pr. Introibo ad altare Dei. 

CI. Ad Deum, qui leetificat juventutem meam. 

Pr. Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini. 

CI. Qui fecit coelum & terrain. 

Pr. Confiteor Deo, &c. 

CL Misereatur tui omnipotens Deus, & dimis- 
ais peccatis tuis, perducat te ad vitam seternam. 
• Pr. Amen. 

CI. Confiteor Deo omnipotenti, besjtse Maria* 
semper Vtrgrai, beato MiehaeU archangelo, 
beato Joanni Baptists!, Sanctis apostolis Petro & 
Paulo, omnibus Sanctis, & tibi, Pater, quia 
peccavi nimis cogitatione, verbo & opere {here 
he strikes his breast thrice'] mea culpa, mea 

Digitized by GoOgle 


culpa, mea maxima culpa. Ideo precor beatam 
Mariam semper Virginem, beatum Michael em 
archangelum, beatum Joannem Baptistam, sane 
tosapostolos Petrum & Paulum, onmea aanctos, 
& te, Pater, orare pro me ad IJominum Deum 

Pr. Misereatur vestri, &c. 

CI. Amen. 

Pr. Indulgentiam, absolutionem, &c. 

CI. Amen. 

Pr. Deus tu conversua, yivificabis nos. 

CI. Et plebs tua latabitur in te. 

Pr. Ostende nobis, Domine, misericordiam 

CI. Et salutare tuum da nobis. 

Pr. Domine, exaudi orationem meam. 

CI. Et clamor meus ad te veniat 

Pr. Dominus yobiscum. 

CX. Et cum spiritu tuo. 

Pr. Kyrie eleison. 

CL Kyrie eleison. 

Pr. Kyrie eleison. 

CI. Christe eleison. 

Pr. Christe eleison. 

CI. Christe eleison. 

Pr. Kyrie eleison. 

:Cl. Kyrie eleison. 

Pr. Kyrie eleison. 

Pr. Dominus vobisctfm, or Flectamus genua- 

CI. Etfum spiritu tuo, or Lerate. 

Pr. Per omnia sscnla steculorum. 

CI. Amen. 

At. the end of the Epistle, say, 
CI. Deo gratias. 


Tbe Epistle, Gradual, and Allehtia, or Tract betas; read, 

. remove the Missal to tbe right head of the altar , 

making a reverence as you pass before tbe middle of 

the altar. Let the clerk ever kneel or stand on the 

contrary side to the Missal. 

Pr. Dominus vobiscum. 

CI. Et cum spiritu tuo. 

Pr. Sequentia sancti Evangelii secundum, See. 

After the Gospel, say, 

CI. Gloria tibi, Domine. 

Make a reverence at the beginning and ending 
of the Gospel, and at the name of JESUS ; 
and at the end say, 

CI. Laus tibi, XShriste. 
Pr. Dominus vobiscum. 
CI. Et cum spiritu tuo. 

Here tbe clerk is to give wine and water, and prepare 
the basin, water, and towel for the Priest. The Priest 
having washed his fingers, let him kneel in his former 
place, and answer, 

Pr. Orate Fratres, &c. 

CI. Suscipiat Dominus sacrincium de manr- 
bus tuis ad laudem &glotiam nominis sui, ad 
utilitatem quoque nostrum, totiusque eccleeise , 
bus sanctae. 

Pr. Per omnia saecula sseculoxum. 

CL Amen. 

Pr. Dominus vobiscum. 

CI. Et cum spiritu tuo. 

Pr. Sursum corda. • 

CI. Habemue ad Dominum. 

Pr. Gratias agamus Domino Deo nostro. 

CI. Dignutn & justum est. 



At Sanctua, Sanctum Sanctua, &c», ring the bell, 

And again, when you see the Priest spread his heads 
over the chalice, give warning by the bell of the con- 
secration, which is about to be made. Then, holding 
up the vestment with your left hand, and having the 
bell in your right, ring during the elevation of the 
Host; which being ended, you must kiss the vest- 
ment ; and presently do the same at the elevation of 
the chalice, Aa often as you pass by the blessed 
Sacrament, you must adore on your knees. 

Pr. Per omnia saecula sssculorum. 

CI. Amen. 

Pr. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem. 

CI. Sed libera nos a malo, 

Pr. Per omnia saecula saeculorum. 

CI. Amen. 

Pr. Pax Domini ait semper vobiscum. 

CL Et cum spiritu tuo. 

The Priest's communion being ended, be ready to give 
first wine, and then wine and water (but if there be 
communicants, first provide them a towel, and say the 
Confiteor). Then remove the book to the left hand 
of the altar, take away the towel from the com- 
municants, if there were any, and return to your 
former place. 

Pr. Dominus vobiscum. 

CI. Et cum spiritu tuo. 

Pr. Ite, Missa est ; or Benedicamus Domino* 

CI. Deo gratia*. 

In Masses for the Dead. 

Pr. Requiescant in pace. 
CI. Amen. 

Remove the book, if it be "left open ; kneel and take 
the Priest's blessing. 

Pr. Pater, & Filius, & Spiritus Sanctua. 
Ci. Amen. 


At Me biginnhff of tht Qospel. 

Pt. Dofeninus vobiscum. 
CI. Et com spiritu too. 
Pr. Initium, or Sequentm Sancti EvangeUi, 
CI. Gloria tiW, Domine, 

At the end, say, Deo gratiai. 

Fat oat the candle*, and lay up all decently and 

Conditions for gaining th» Indulgences 
For Christmas, Easthr, Assumption, and 

1. That the faithfiil confess th&x bids, with 
sincere repentance, to a Priest approved of by 
tbe Bishop. 

3. That they worthily receive the Holy Com- 

8. That they visit some Chapel or Oratory 
where Mass is celebrated, and pray to God for 
the peace and welfare of his Church. 

4. That they be in readiness of mind to assist 
the poor with alms in proportion to their abilities ; 
or to frequent catechism or sermons; or to 
visit and comfort the sick, and such as are near 
their end, if they have the opportunity. 

Note. — It is not required, for the gaining of 
these indulgences, that these works of mercy, 
corporal or spiritual, or the assisting at catechism 
or sermons, be done on the same day with the 
Communion ; but only that persons be then in 
a disposition or readiness of mind to do these 
things, or some of them at least, when oppor- 
tunity shall offer. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


Conditions of the Indulgences for Lent, Whit- 
suntide, and All-Saints, are : 

1. To confess their sins with a sincere repent- 
ance, to a priest approved of by the bishop. 
. 2. Devoutly and worthily to receive the Holy 

3. If their condition will allow it, to give 
some alms to the poor, either on the eve or the 
day of their communion. 

On the day of their communion, to offer up 
some prayers to God, for the whole state of the 
Catholic Church throughout the world, for the 
bringing of all strayed souls to the fold of Christ, 
for the general peace of Christendom, and for 
the blessing of God upon this nation. 

Conditions of the Indulgence for St. Peter and 
St. Paul. 

1 . To confess their sins with a sincere repent- 
ance, to a priest approved of by the bishop. 

2. Devoutly and. worthily to receive the Holy 

3. For' some space of time, on the day of 
their communion, to pray to God with a sincere 
heart for the conversion of heretics, and for the 
free propagation of the holy faith. 

Other Indulgences, 

A plenary indulgence is granted to every one 
of the faithful who shall recite acts of Faith, 
Hope, Charity, and Contrition for Sin (see 
page 28, without the responses) devoutly once 
every day without interruption, for a month ; 
and on any day within that month, shall de- 
voutly approach to the sacraments of Periance 



and the Holy Communion, and pray for the 
good of the Church, and for peace among 
Christians. Also, an Indulgence of seven years, 
and of as many quadragena, or forty days, to 
every one of the faithful of Christ dwelling 
amongst heretics and infidels, for every time, 
when being disposed, at least, by contrition of 
heart, they shall attentively and devoutly recite 
the said acts. This Indulgence may be applied 
by way of suffrage to the faithful departed. 

An Indulgence of 300 days each time is 
granted for piously reciting the Litany of Jesus, 
page 157. 

An Indulgence of 200 days each time for 
piously reciting the Litany of the Blessed 
Virgin, page 161. 

A plenary Indulgence is granted to all, who, 
having been at Confession and Communion on 
any day in the month, at their choice, shall say, 
on their knees, the Angehi8> page 342, at 
Morning, Noon, and Evening; and 100 days' 
Indulgence every time a person recites it on his 
knees on other days. During the whole Paschal 
Time, the Anthem Regxna Coeli, with its verses 
and Prayer, is to be said standing, in place of 
the Angclus. Yet the Indulgences are equally 
gained by those who, not knowing the Regina 
C«W» shall say the Angclus ; but this is to be 
said standing, all the Paschal Time, and on all 


tized by GoOgle 



In the name of the father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity, 
now and for ever. Amen. 

Dear Saviour ! I have learned to know 

That thou dost ever list to me ; 
And that, wherever I may go, 

I still am always seen by thee. 

teach me, Lord, what. I should say, 
Let truth direct my every word, 

Nor let me speak throughout the day 
Aught that should not by thee be heard. 

Oh ! keep me innocent ; and free 
From every fault, from every sin ; 

That thou, my God ! mayesl never see 
A naughty thought my breast within. 

Dear Jesus J let me be thine own ! 

To rise to thee my life Was given : 
As flowers that on the earth are sown 

Shoot up and bear their sweets to heaven. 


Digitized by G00g[e 


Thk Lord's Praysr. 
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be 
thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be 
done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this 
day our daily bread. And forgive us our tres- 
passes as we forgive them that trespass against 
us. And lead us not into temptation: but 
deliver us from evil* Amen. ^ 

Thk Hail Mary. 
Hail Mary, fall of grace ! our Lord is with 
thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and 
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy 
Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now 
and at the hour, of our death. Amen. 

Thb Apostles' Crsxd. 

I believe in God the Father Almighty, creator 
of heaven and earth. And in Jesus Christ his 
only Son our Lord, who was conceived by the 
Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered 
under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and 
buried : He descended into hell ; the third day 
he rose again from the dead ; He ascended into 
heaven ; sitteth at the right hand of God the 
Father Almighty ; from thence he shall come to 
judge the living and the dead. I believe in the 
Holy Ghost ; the Holy Catholic Church ; the 
communion of Saints ; the forgiveness of sins ; 
the resurrection of the body; and life everlasting. 

Digitized by GOQQle 


Thanksgiving for a Niw Day, 

I praise and adore thee, oh blessed Trinity, for 
having permitted me to pass the foregone night 
| in safety. How man y children who, like me, 
I lay down to rest last evening, have been called 
before their just Judge to receive the reward 
or punishment due to their conduct ! Oh my 
blessed guardian angel, join me in praising our 
good God for having preserved me from so 
great a danger. 

Oh, Holy Ghost ! sjlve me thygrace that I may 
pass through this day in such a manner as to pre- 
pare myself to obey thy summons whenever it 
may be my turn to appear before thee. Give me 
peace, patience, and brotherly love ; and keep me 
from doing or from saying anything which I 
could not continue to feel or to do if I were 
amongst thy blessed saints in heaven. Amen. 
Offering of thb Pay. 
. Oh God ! I offer to thee all my thoughts, words, 
and actions of this day. Accept of those that 
are innocent, I beseech thee, through the merits 
of Jesus Christ thy Son, and forgive those that 
are otherwise through the same Christ our Lord, 
who with thee and the Holy Ghost liveth and 
reigneth, world without end. Amen. 

May the divine assistance remain always with 
us; and may the souls of the faithful deported 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace* 

Let us bless the Lord. 

Thanks be to God. Amen. b 2 




In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 


Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be 
thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be 
done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this 
day our daily bread. And forgive us our tres- 
passes as we forgive them that trespass against 
us. And lead us not into temptation ; but 
deliver us from evil. Amen. 

Thb "Avb Maria." 

Hail, Mary, full of grace, our Lord is with thee* 
Blessed art thou amongst women, and 'blessed 
is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, 
mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at 
the hour of our death. Amen. 

Thb Confitbob. 

I confess to Almighty God, to the blessed 
Mary ever Virgin, to the blessed Michael the 
Arch-angel, to the blessed John the Baptist, to 
the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and to all the 
Saints, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, 
word, and deed, through my fault, through my 
faulty through my most grievous fault. There- 

------- - 

POE CHO.»R*N. 5 

fore, I beseech the blessed Mary ever Virgin, 
blessed Michael the Archangel, blessed John 
the Bap^st, the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, 
and all the Saints, to pray to the Lord our God 

. May the Almighty God have mercy on us,and, 
forgiving our sins, bring US to life everlasting. 
- May the Almighty and merciful Lord grant us 
pardon, absolution, and remission of all our sins. 

Praybr for the Dead. 

Have mercy, oh Lord* on the dead who are 
suffering for a time on account of their sins. 
Listen to the prayers which we offer for them, 
aB we hope that others will pray for us when we 
shall have departed from this life. Pardon the 
sins they have been guilty o4 and admit them 
into thy joy ; that they may for ever praise thy 
goodness, and may intercede for us that we also 
may hereafter join them for a happy eternity, 
feternal rest give to them, oh Lord ! and may 
perpetual light shine upon them. Amen. 

Thb Phaybr, op Faith. 

Grant, oh God ! that I may accept of death as 
a homage and adoration which I owe to tb/ di- 
vine majesty ; as a punishment justly due to my 
sins ; in union with the death of my dear Redeem- 
er ; and as the ' only means of coming to thee, 
my beginning and last end. 

tized by G00gk 


I firmly believe all the sacred truths thy 
church believes and teaches, because thou hast 
revealed them. And, by the assistance of thy 
holy grace, I am resolved to live and die in the 
communion of this thy church. 

Relying on thy goodness, power, and pro- 
mises, I hope to obtain pardon of my sins and 
life everlasting, through the merits of Jesus 
Christ thy Son, my only Redeemer, and by the 
intercession of his blessed mother and all the 

I love thee with my whole heart, and desire 
to love thee as the blessed do in heaven. 

I also love my neighbour for thy sake, as my- 
self. I forgive all those who have injured me, 
and ask pardon of all I have injured. 

I renounce the devil with all his works, the 
world with all its pomps, the flesh with all its 

I desire to be dissolved and to be with Christ. 

Father, into thy hands, I commend my BpiriU 
Lord Jesus, receive my soul. 

May the blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph our 
patrons, and all the saints, pray for us to our 
Lord, thai we may be preserved this night from 
sin and all evil. 

Blessed St. Michael, defend us in the day of 
battle, that we may not be lost at the dreadful 

Oh ! my good angel whom God has appointed 
to be my guardian, enlighten, protect, defend, 
and govern me this night. 

Digitized by GOQQle 


'Vouchsafe, O Lord! to keep us this night 
without sin. 

Have mercy on us, oh Lord ! have mercy 
on us. 

"Let thy mercy, oh Lord ! be upon us, as our 
trust is m thee. 

In thee, oh Lord ! have we trusted ; let us 
not be confounded for ever. 

Visit, oh "Lord, we beseech thee, this house and 
family, and drive far from them all snares of the 
enemy. I*et thy holy angels dwell herein who 
may keep us in peace ; and may thy blessing be 
always upon us ; through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

IHTay the divine assistance remain always with 
us •, and may the souls of the faithful departed 
through the mercy of. God rest in peace* 

Let us btess the Lord. 
• Thanks be to God. Amen. 

An Orphan's Praybr. 

To he added to the above. 

O God, who hast commanded us to honour 
jour fathers and mothers, have mercy, I beseech 
thee, on the soul of my dear parent and forgive 
him his sins ; and grant that I may see him 
again in the joys of eternal life: through Jesus 
Christ our Lord* Amen. 




In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 


Be thou pleased, O Lord, in thy mercy to 
teach us how to spend this day. Lift up our 
hearts with the spirit of devotion. Of ourselves 
we are not able to form so much as one good 
thought. We neither know how to pray, nor 
what we ought most to pray for. €Hve us, there- 
fore, thy jjgly spirit, which may both help our 
weakness and pray within us, for then our prayers 
will assuredly be acceptable to thee. 

Teach us to prepare our minds for this holy 
duty. Speak first thyself to our hearts, that they 
may be ready and disposed to speak to thee. 
Open our lips that our mouths may declare "thy 
praise. Thou listenest not to the prayers of the 
irreverent : enable iis, therefore, to rank amongst 
the happy number of those who worship thee in 
spirit and in truth, and to whose sighs thou lend- 



cat a willing ear. " Create clean hearts in us, 
6b Lord, and renew right spirits within us." 

Teach us, also, to ask for those things only 
that are agreeable to thee and useful to our sal- 
vation. Grant us the grace of truth and steadi- 
ness, that we may not carelessly ask for that best 
of all blessings — the enjoyment of thy protection ; 
lor to be blessed by thee is the great end and aim 
of all our prayers. It is in thy name, divine 
Saviour, that we are about to offer up our peti- 
tions : grant us the grace to fix our minds on 
thee at all times ; but most of all at this morn- 
ing's service, when we shall directly converse 
with thee. 

Stop the fancies of our wandering hearts, the 
thoughts of our preoccupied heads, and quell the 
power of our spiritual enemies who endeavour at 
such times to draw our minds from heavenly 
many .vain imaginings. So enable us* with joy 
and, thankfulness, to look on thee as our deliverer 
from the evils wehave escaped,and as the giver of 
all thegood we have received or can hope for. So 
teach us to see that thou thyself art our only good, 
and the* all -other things are but means ordained 
by thee to make ui fix our minds on thee, to make 
unlove thee. more and more, and by loving thee 
to secure eternal happiness. 

O Jesus, take up all our thoughts here, that, 
shunning vain and hurtful fancies, our souls may 
become worthy to behold thee face to face, in 
thy kingdom for ever. 

3 y Google 


Hay thy divine assistance remain always with 
us, and may the souls of the faithful departed 
through thy mercy rest in peace. • 

Let us bless the Lord. 

Thanks be to God. Amen. 


In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen, 

An Act of Resignation. 

Almighty God, we again beseech thee, at the 
beginning of a new week, to take us entirely into 
thy holy keeping. We offer unto thee all the 
faculties of our souls and bodies : let the one be 
ever recollected in thee, and the other ever 
anxious to fulfil all the duties thou mayest im- 
pose upon it. Raise up our souls frequently, we 
beseech thee, to heaven, that we may never for- 
get the end of all our pursuits in this life. Pie- 
vent us from neglecting the obligations of the 
'situations in whkh thou hast placed us, but 
make us attend to them in obedience to thy 
divine will, that in every action we may feel 
that we are serving thee in the manner most 
agreeable to thy providence. Oh Lord, we cast 
all our cares and hopes on thee. Do thou pro- 
tect thy servants, and prompt all our feelings, 
whether in distress or in pleasure. 

Keep us, also, oh Lord, from all over anxiety 
in affaire of this life by reminding us of the short- 



' aes/of the tone for which we labour ; and that 
none, but thou, can foresee whether the things we 
are striving for will ultimately lead to our earthly 
welfare or not But make us in. every thing feel 
happily resigned to thy holy will, for that thou 
alone canst and wilt make everything a help to 
our eternal salvation. Amen. 

Thb " Father Nostrr." 

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be 
thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be 
done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this 
day our daily bread. And forgive us our tres- 
passes as we forgive them that trespass against 
us* And lead us not into temptation ; but deli- 
ver us from evil. Amen. 

The "Avb Maria." 

Hail, Mary, full of grace, our Lord is with 
thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and 
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy 
Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now 
and at the hour of our death. Amen. 

Thanksgiving for Hbavrnly and 
Earthly Good. 

Most bountiful Saviour Jesus Christ, who didsl 
not only create us, but didst also render ub capa- 
ble of aspiring to thee the greatest good ; and 
who, when we had incurred hopeless exile from 
heaven, didst redeem us with thy sacred blood 

Digitized by GoOgle 


and take upon thee the punishment due to out 
sin*— for these, O Lord, and. for all thy other 
mercies, we return thee our most heartfelt and 
humMe thanks ; we offer ourselves to be wholl y 
thine, and we beseech thee, of thy infinite good- 
ness, to protect and keep us during this week 
from all occasions. of offending thee. 

Receive, most kind Saviour, our grateful ac- 
knowledgements for all the spiritual helps thou 
hast vouchsafed to us. Continue thy mercy to 
us, and give us also so much of thy worldly 
blessings as thou knowest to be for our good* 
Grant that the fruits of the earth may encrease 
and multiply by thy holy favour ; defend them 
from all storms and tempests, and from whatever 
else may be hurtful to them. It is from thy 
hand only that we look for succour, and to thee 
we have recourse in all our necessities. 

Enlighten also, O Lord, the powers of our 
souls with thy divine grace, and give us strength 
to contend more resolutely and to subdue all 
wicked inclinations for the future. In all humi- 
lity and sincerity of heart, we purpose, by thy 
assistance, never more to transgress thy laws. 
We desire to love thee, fear thee, and serve thee, 
and to live always according to thy holy example. 
And we beseech thy goodness so to govern and 
direct us during this week that all our actions 
may tend to the advancement of thy honour and 
glory, our neighbour's welfare, and the benefit 
of our own souls. Amen. 

tized by GoOgle 

TVS8DAY. 13 

May the divine assistance remain always with 
as, and may the souls of the faithful departed 
through the mercy of God rest in peaee. 

Let ua bless the Lord, 

Thanks he to God. Amen. 

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

An Offbbing of the Day. 
Moat holy and merciful God, we kneel before thee 
to bless and praise thy name for all the mercies 
bestowed on us ; for thy goodness in preserving 
us during the past night, and for bringing us in 
safety to the beginning of this day. Bless, O 
Lord, thy creatures whom thou hast thus pre- 
served ; and as thou hast awakened our bodies 
from sleep, so we beseech tbee to awaken our 
hearts to know, to love, and to serve thee. 

Through thy mercy alone do our eyes behold 
the light of a new day ; let our minds also feel 
tlie light of thy holy spirit, and vouohsafe that 
by its saving help we may be enabled to do that 
which is agreeable to thee. Grant us to profit 
by the instructions which, in our different situa- 
tions, we may either give or receive. Make us 
humble and diligent in all our duties — feeling 
our un worthiness of thy favours and the value of 
the time thou hast given us for our improvement. 

Protect us during this day from all evils, both 
of soul and body, from all temporal misfortunes, 



and from all occasions of offending thee'. Giant, 
O Lord, that we may employ this day for the best 
purposes; that we may direct all our thoughts, 
words, and actions to thy honour and glory ; and 
that we may thus hourly endeavour to improve 
in every heavenly grace, and in every christian 
virtue. Amen. 

Our Father, &e. 

Hail Mary, &c. 

To Lrva for Death. 

O Lord, since thou hast appointed unto all 
men once to die and after death to be judged, 
give us grace to remember that time passes 
quickly away ; that it is not only short but un- 
certain ; and that at this very' hour thou may est 
require our souls of us, and call upon us to ac- 
count even for the manner in which we have 
begun this day. O make us properly value our 
own happiness ; and, lest we should be miserable 
for all eternity, make us endeavour to live 
through every hour as if we thought each hour 
would be our last. Of ourselves, weak and sin- 
ful as we are, we cannot hope to do this ; but do 
thou, most merciful Saviour, grant us that aid 
which can alone avail us, and for the blessing of 
which we now devoutly pray. 

Jesus, grant us grace to order our lives with 
reference to our eternal welfare, intending and 
designing all the impulses of our souls and bo- 
dies, to fit them for the enjoyment of thy infinite 
and eternal happiness. 

«,ze dby Gc 



For what else is this world but a school to 
train up souls and fit them for the other? and 
how can they be taught unless they keep con- 
stantly in view the object of their existence ? 

Break our froward spirits, make us humble 
and obedient to thy will ; grant us grace to pre- 
pare to depart hence with contempt of this world, 
and hearts filled with joy at going to thee* 

Let the memory of thy passion make us cheer- 
fully undergo all temptations and sufferings here 
for thy sake, while our souls breathe after the 
blissful state which that passion has opened to 
us in heaven. 

O Jesus, make us frequently and attentively 
consider that whatsoever we gain, if we lose thee 
all is lost ; and that whatsoever we lose, if we 
gain thee all is gained. 

May thy divine assistance remain always with 
us, and may the souls of the faithful departed 
through thy mercy rest in peace. ^ 

Let us bless the Lord. 
Thanks be to God. Amen. 


In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

For Devout Dispositions. 
Grant, O merciful God, that we. may ever ear- 
nestly desire the things that are agreeable to thee : 
that we. may search after them with prudence, 
that we may discern them without mis take, and 

■- — - ' ■ . * •* * " ' ' 

Digitized by GOOQle 


perfectly accomplish them to the praise and glory 
of thy name. Do thou order our state of life, and 
bestow upon us the knowledge of what thou re- 
quires* us to do, and then help us to execute it aa 
we ought and as will most benefit oar own souls. 

Lord God, grant that we may be neither puffed 
up with prosperity, nor cast down with adversity. 
Let all that passes away hare only a temporary 
value to us ; and all that concerns thee be dear 
to us for thy sake, and thou, O God, above all 
things* Let that joy be our aversion which it 
displeasing to thee, and let us never desire any- 
thing besides thyself. Let us never repine at 
suffering Sot thee ; and let our hearts never rest 
thoughtless of thy providence. Grant us to raise 
up our minds frequently to heaven, and help .us 
to reflect on our failings with sorrow, and a pur- 
pose of amendment. Amen. 

Our Father, &c. 

Hailftaary, &c. 

For Good Tbmpbrs. 

Almighty God, we desire to resign into thy 
hands all the faculties of our souls. Make us, 
we beseech thee, obedient, without contradiction ; 
poor, without losing courage ; patient, without 
grumbling ; humble, without counterfeiting ; 
cheerful, without levity ; or sorrowful, without 
despondency ; speakers of the truth, without dou- 
ble dealing. Grant us to do good without pre- 
sumption ; to edify our neighbours both by word 
and example, without dissembling. 

Digitized by GOOgle 


Owe us, O Lord, watchful hearts, not fo be 
carried away by idle vanities and temptations ; 
generous hearts, not to be borne down by any 
unworthy affections ; upright hearts, not to be 
misled by opportunities ; invincible hearts, not 
to be broken by tribulations ; hearts entirely free 
from all that may interfere with holy aspirations 
to thee. 

Lord God, bestow upon us understandings, 
enlightened with the knowledge of thee *, dili- 
gence, bent upon seeking thee ; wisdom to find 
thee; or perseverance to wait for thee with fidelity 
and hope. Let us partake of thy painful suffer- 
ings by penanee, and make a right use of thy 
benefits on our way to thy country of eternal 

Oh Jesus, do thou help us to overcome all 
temptations to sin, and the malice of our ghostly 

Strengthen us in soul and body, that we may 
please thee by executing such works of mercy as 
may bring us to tby everlasting kingdom. 
! Grant us a firm purpose, most merciful Sa- 
viour, to amend our lives, and to compensate 
I for days past— tor those days which we have 
j mis-spent to thy displeasure in vain or wicked 
I thoughts, words, deeds, and evil customs. 

Make our hearts obedient to thy. will, and ready 

j for thy love to perform all the works of mercy. 

!' Grant us the gift of the Holy Ghost, which 

t i may at length bring us, through virtuous and 


tizJby G00gl€ 


contented lives, to thy presence in paradise. 

May thy divine assistance remain always with 
us, and may the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. 

Let us hless the Lord. 

Thanks be to God. Amen. 


In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

An Act of Gratitude, 

With all the faculties of our souls we bless 
and praise thee, eternal Lord, for all the mer- 
cies thou hast bestowed upon us ; for creating 
us to thy own image and likeness ; for sending 
thy almighty Son to redeem us with his precious 
blood ; and for associating us by baptism to the 
children of thy adoption. All that could be 
hoped for from the most bountiful creator thou 
hast fulfilled towards us ; tempering thy justice 
with mercy, and ever calling upon us net to 
reject those means of salvation which thou hast 
provided for our weakness. 

To thee we render our most grateful thanks 
for having expected, from our childhood to this 
time, that we might come to the amendment of 
our lives, and to the grateful acknowledgment 
of all thy benefits. We praise and glorify thee 
for having so often delivered us from distresses 
and misfortunes* and especially for having pre- 

Digitized by COOgle ~™ 


served in from the punishment due to our sum. 
We praise and glorify thee for having bestowed 
npoa us so many favours in common with others, 
and so many particular benefits which others 
have wanted, and which we hire in no way 
deserved. We beseech thy goodness so to per- 
fect these thy gifts as to remove from our hearts 
whatever displeaseth thee; and to deliver us 
from all such dangers and difficulties as may 
hinder our progress to thee, or prevent our look- 
ing forward to thy blessed haven of rest and 
peace. Amen. 
Our Father, &c. 

For Charity and Thank fulness. 

Almighty God, let us still and ever adore thee 
as our creator and sovereign ; let us still and 
ever acknowledge the many benefits thou hast 
conferred upon us, in relation both to body and 
soul* Oh let us not continue to be ungrateful 
and unprofitable servants. In returning thee 
thanks for having preserved us during the past 
night, let us determine to labour this day with 
more diligence than we have hitherto done for 
obtaining that immortal glory which thou hast 
prepared for us. Let our hearts be everyday 
more spiritualized, that they may still render 
thee a more ample tribute of praise and thanks- 
giving: Never, oh Lord, leave us to ourselves, 
but let thy holy fear be always in our thoughts, to 
curb and keep us within the compass of obedi- 

c 2 


ence. Let that fear, which is the beginning of 
wisdom, lead us on to the more perfect love 
which may banish fear and temper all trials and 
temptations, that we may never more be over- 
come. For thou knowest how frail we are, and 
that our strength is nothing ; thou knowest we 
have nothing to depend upon but thee. Give us 
therefore such a thankfulness for past favours 
as may secure to our souls a continuance of thy 
heavenly protection. Amen. 
. Hail Mary, &c. 

For Brotherly Love. 

Almighty Saviour, who hast taught us to con- 
sider this life as a preparation to a blessed im- 
mortality of which none can partake whd do 
not carry with them hence that spirit of peace 
and charity which may be suited to the divine 
harmony of paradise, grant us to cultivate those 
feelings of brotherly love to one another, and of 
thankfulness towards thee, which a common 
share in thy favours ought ever to beget. 

Jesus, grant us thy grace to love all men in 
thee, and thyself above all. Grant us truly to 
love thee for thy infinite goodness, and those 
blessings we have received and ever hope to 
receive from thee. 

Let the remembrance of thy kindness and 
patience master the evil inclinations of our per- 
verted nature. 

Let the thought of thy many calls and helps 



in the way of our liven make us tremble at our 

For what dost thou require of us for all thy 
mercies, but to be grateful and obedient ? nnd 
why dost thou require it, but for our good ? 

Oh Jesus, encourage us to giro up our whole 
lives to thee for the future, in token of our hum- 
ble acknowledgement of all thy past favours and 
forbearance. Amen. 

May the divine assistance remain always with 
us, and may the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. 

Let us bless the Lord. 



In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 
For Salvation through thb Redemption. 

Oh blessed Jesus, the God of mercy, and over- 
flowing fountain of compassion, we humbly be- 
seech thee to grant us grace to spend this passing 
life in virtuous and holy exercises : that when 
the day of death shall come, though we may feel 
pain in the body, we may find comfort in our 
souls ; and with faithful hope in thy mercy, sin- 
cere love of thee, and perfect charity towards the 
world, may depart from this vale of misery to be 
received into that glorious country in which thy 
sacred blood has purchased for us an everlasting 
inheritance. O let us be ever mindful of the 

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mysterious order of our redemption t let us be 
ever mindful of the cause and object of thy 
Death. Grant us to apply teoursouls the merits 
of thy redeeming sacrifice, without which- thy 
fallen creatures could merer have aspired to pass 
the bright gates of heaven. O let not that «a» 
cred blood have been shed for us in vam ) Make 
us rather have ever m remembrance the titter* 
ness of thy passion, and daily learn to die to the 
world for Che love of thee who hast vouchsafed 
to die upon the cross to rescue us from thy of* 
fended justice; Amen. 

Our Father, &c. 

Hail Mary, &c. 

For a .Happy Death. 

Receive, oh gracious Lord, our humble thanks 
for having giren us an object the attainment of 
which is deserving of all our endeavours; for 
having opened to us the bright prospect of heaven 
as a goal to which all our energies in this life 
can be alone worthily directed. We bless and 
praise thy goodness for having thus raised our 
ambition above the petty cares and pursuits of 
this world, which could present no object to 
satisfy the wants of those immortal souls thou 
hast breathed into us. Oh enable ms'.to resist all 
those weaknesses by which we hare attached too 
much importance to the things of this world, 
which have so often led us to think of death with 
fear, rather than with gratitude and trembling 

. — -. '• , . -■ , ■ ■ ■ 


hope. Teach ms, oh Lord, in future, to reflect 
on our latter end more rationally than we have 
hitherto done ; and if we dread the justice of thy 
judgments, enable us to cleanse our consciences 
now, that we may look forward to the bliss which 
thou hast prepared for us in heaven, as to a sure 
inheritance, in which we are destined to possess 
an everlasting share, and of which we can bo 
deprived by nothing but our own wilfulness. 

Grant us, therefore, most merciful Saviour, to 
look forward with cheerful hope to the time of 
our death, and to the great account we are then 
to give ; that, our souls being always well dis- 
posed, they may depart out of this world in thy 

Then remember thy mercy, and turn not thy 
fcee from us because of our offences ; secure us 
against the terrors of that day, by causing us 
now to die daily to all earthly things, and to 
have onr continual conversation in heaven. 

Let the remembrance of thy death teach us 
how to esteem life, and the memory of thy re- 
surrection encourage us to descend cheerfully to 
the grave with the assured hope of arising again 
to thee, and to a blessed immortality. Amen. 

May the divine assistance remain always with 
as, and may the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. 

Let ue bless the Lord. 

Thanks be to God. 

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In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be 
thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be 
done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this 
day our daily bread. And forgive us our tres- 
passes as we forgive them that trespass against 
us. And lead us not into temptation ; but deE- ; 
ver us from evil. Amen. . 

For a Christian Lint. 

Almighty God, Father of all mercies, we give 
thee -our most humble and heartfelt thanks for 
all thy goodness to us and all men* We thank « 
thee for our creation, preservation, and all, the 
blessings of this life ; but above all we thank 
thee for the inestimable love shown in thy re* 
demption ef the world by our Lord J ecus Christ; 
for the means of grace and the hope of glory. 
And we beseech thee to give us mek a due sense 
of all thy mercies that our hearts may always be 
really grateful, and that we nay shew forth thy 
praise, not only with our lips, but also in .our 
lives; that we may give ourselves tip to thy ser- 
vice, and, by walking before thee all (the days of 
our lives, strive for the blissful hereafter which 
heaven offers to our endeavours* Asien. 

Hail, Mary, &c. 

saturday.- 2& 

Th« Prayrr op Saint Chrysostom. 
Oh almighty God, who hast given as grace at 
thin time with one accord to make our common 
supplications unto thee ; and hast promisee! that, 
when two or three are gathered together in thy 
name, thou wilt grant their requests, fulfil now, 
O Lord, the desires and petitions of thy servants, 
as may he most expedient for them ; granting 
us in. this world knowledge of thy truth, and in 
the world to come life everlasting. Amen. 

Against Woridby Cares. 
We beseech thee, most merciful Lord Jesus, 
to protect us from the dangers of business and 
inordinate care ; and so to ward off from m the 
temptations of this world that we may never be 
ensnared by any of its more engrossing interests. 
Ke%p us from all irregular sadness, grief, and 
worldly fear, and from whatever thou knowest 
to be a hindrance to our sottish And hereby, O 
Lord, we ask to be delivered not only from the 
greater tins, but also from those daily weaknesses 
which proceed from the common corruption of 
mankind and our own fallen natures, which, 
eallingfus' back to earth, prevent our spattta 
from soaring t* thee when we would. 
' Help us, oh Lord, that flesh and blood may 
»et overcome us* and make us prefer a short and 
deceitfttt 'pleasure' before an immense and- eter- 
nal joy; that we may not make less account of 
the honour and treasures of thy everlasting kmg- 

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dom, than of the Tain honours and perishing^ 
riches of the world ; and lastly, that we may not 
he circumvented \>y the crafts and wiles of the 
enemy, who never ceases to endeavour our de- 
struction. Give us, O Lord, spiritual prudence 
to discern, courage to resist, patience to duffer, 
and constancy to persevere. Give us, rather 
than any worldly comfort, the sweet consolations 
of the Holy Ghost, and pour into our souls the 
all-pervading love of thy holy name* Make us 
to" continue in virtue and godliness, and never to 
give over thy service, till thou bringest us to our 
reward in thy kingdom. 

In all pious customs and holy duties, in vox 
honest and necessary employments, confirm and 
strengthen, oh Lord, both our souls and bodies* 

Is our life anything but a pilgrimage on earth 
towards the new Jerusalem, to which he that sits 
down or turns out of the way can never arrive P 

Oh Jesus, always consider thy blessed 
example— through how much pain and how little 
pleasure thou didst press on to a bitter death-** 
that being the way to a glorious resurrection* • 

Make us, divine Redeemer* 'Seriously weigh 
those severe words of* thine, "that he only who 
perseveres to the end shall be saved. 

May thy divine assistance remain- always wath 
us, and may the > souls of ttejfaithfulf departed, 
through thy meroyi rest in peace. > Aniens 

Let us bless the Lord; • • •> « * *i » 

Thanks be to God. 


i ( . 

IN the name of' the Father, and of the Son, 
and of the Holy Ghosts A. Amen. 

O Lord, open thou our Mps.^— A. ^4fwJ our 
mouths shall declare thy praise. 

■ Let us adore the Glory of the Lord. — A. Let 
t» adore the God of our Salvation. 

The King of Heaven inviteth us and gra- 
ciously calleth us into his sacred presence; to 
him we owe all the days of our lives ; let us 
give, at least, this one to his service. — A. Let 
us adore the Lord of Glory. 

Always are the angels assembled in their 
choirs above ; always are the saints ready with 
their hymns ; behold-now the church also pre- 
pareth her solemn offices, and summoneth all 
her children to bring in their tribute of prayer 
and praise. — A. Let us adore the God of our 

Come, let us rejoice before the Lord ; let us 
sing joyfully to God our Saviour ; let us make 
haste to approach his presence, and proclaim his 
praises ; for great is the Lord, and greatly to be 
praised ; in his hands are all the ends of the 
earth.— *A. . Let us adore the God that made us. 

Let us addre, and fall down, and lament be- 
fore the Lord that made usi far he. is the Lord 


our God, and we are his people and the sheep 
of his pasture. — A. Let us adore and fall down 
before him. 

To»day, if ye shall hear his voioe, harden not 
your hearts, hut listen awfully to his word, and 
bend your knees before- his holy altars, — A. We 
will adore the Lord of gloryj toe will worship 
the Ood of our salvation. 

OUR Father who art in Heaven, hallowed he 
thy name : Thy kingdom come : Thy will 
be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this 
day our daily bread : And forgive us our tres- 
passes, as we forgive them that trespass against 
us: And lead us not into temptation : but deliver 
us from evil. Amen. 


Oh almighty and eternal God, grant to us an 
increase of Faith, Hope, arid Charity ; and that 
we may deserve to obtain what thou promisest, 
make us to love what thou commandest, through 
Christ our Lord. Amen. ' 

An Act of Faith. 

£ most firmly believe there is one only true 


. and living God ; but that in this one God 
there are three jpersons, the Father, the Son, and 
the Holy Ghost; That the Son took to himself 
the nature of man from the Virgin Maxy's womb, 
hy tteepemtion of the power of the HolyOhost ; 
and- that in- this our faoman aature he was crow- 

_____ ________ _ 

TBI ACT8. 2! 

fled and died for us; that afterwards he roa 
again, and ascended into heaven ; whence hi 
shall come to reward the just with eterlastrnj 
glory, and to inflict everlasting punishment 01 
tine wicked: Moreover we believe whatsoeve: 
ehje the catholic church proposeth to be believed 
and this, because God, who is the sovereign truth 
which can neither err, nor lead- into error, hatl 
revealed all these things to this his church.— 
A. Grant, O God,' that toe may himdly receive 
and firmly hold fast, all those truths which thot 
hast revealed and thy church hath proposed h 
our belief. 

An Act of Hops.. 

OGOD, reiving on thy almighty power, am 
thy infinite mercy and goodness ; and be 
cause thou art faithful to thy promises, we trus 
in thee that thou wilt grant us forgiveness of ou 
sins, through the merits of Jesus Christ thy Son 
and that thou wilt give us the assistance of thj 
grace, with which we may labour to perseven 
to the end in the diligent exercise of all goo< 
works, and thus deserve to obtain; the glory whicl 
thou hast promised in heaven. — A. This hope 
thus grounded on thy mercy, thy power, and th\ 
promises, still more, O God, confirm and strengths 
in us. 

An Act of Chabjty. 

WE love thee, O God, with our whole heart 
and above all things,, because thy infinit 

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perfections are most worthy of our love, and 
because thou art infinite]/ good to us. For thj 
sake also, we desire to love every neighbour as 
we do ourselves; we renounce every thought 
which is contrary to that love of one another, 
by which men are known to be the disciples of 
thy Son ; we forgive all who have any ways in- 
jured us, and we beg thy grace and mercy for 
all the world. — A. Thue only, O Lord, can we 
satisfy our duty and thy commandments to love 
thee above all things, and our neighbour a* 

An Act or Contrition. 

OG0D, who art infinitely holy, and ever 
hatest sin, we beg thy pardon for all our 
offences against thee ; we detest them all, and 
are sorry for them, because they are displeasing 
to thee, God of infinite goodness : by thy 
grace we are resolved to sin no more, and we 
will avoid those occasions which may lead us 
into sin. — A. Wherefore, O God, tee come be- 
fore thee this day, to beg pardon of all our past 
transgressions, and to implore thine assistance 
for the time to com*. 

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Q9AKTUU 31' 

Then are said the Litanies of the Season. 




This Litany. 

LORD, have mercy on us. 
Christ, have mercy on us. 
Christ, hear us. 
Christ, graciously hear us. 
God the Father of heaven, have mercy on us. 
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have 
mercy on us. 

God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us. 
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us. 
O God eternal, Creator of all things, 
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
Father of glory, and Lord of heaven and 
Father of mercies, and God of all comfort, 
Who hast made us to thine own image, 
Who hast redeemed us by thy only Son, 
Who hast adopted us thy children, 
Who hast given thine angels charge of us, 
Who hast encompassed us with all bless- 

Who hast prepared for us an eternal 

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Who hast called us into the fellowship of 
thy Saints, 

Who givest a good spirit to those that 
ask it, 

Who shewest mercy to those that seek it, 

Who art blessed on thy throne of glory, 

Who art adored by all the blessed, 

Who art the happiness of the elect, 

Who art served by all creatures, 

Who permittest us, wretched sinners, to 
praise thy name. 

Who art the comfort of our pilgrimage, 
and object of our hope, 

Be merciful, Lord, and spare us. 

Be merciful, O Lord, and hear us. 

From the spirit of infidelity, 

From profaneness and irreligion, 

From contempt of thy worship, 

From abuse of those places which are 
sacred to thee, 

From all kind of irreverence in thy hoiy^i^ 

From neglect of our prayers, 

From sloth, coldness, and indevotion in 
time of prayer, 

From a dissipated and worldly spirit at 
that holy time, 

From dejection and want of hope, 

We sinners, We beseech thee, hear us. 

That we may be ever thankful for whatever 
opportunities thou art pleased ttrgive us of meet- 
ing in thy worship, We beseech thee, hear us. 

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thb wnrrvit quartcr. 33 

Tfafit we may lay held of all sack oppor- 1 
tunities for thy greater glory, and the good 
of oursoals, 

w * That we may ever appear before thee 
with a sense of our unworthiness, and of thy 
awful majesty, in whoae presence the pillars 
of heaven tremble, 

That we may come before thee as sinful 
creatures, admitted into the choirs of bless- 
ed spirits, with them to join our praises, 
and permitted to adore before thy throne, 

That we* may come before thee as peti- 
tioners whose wants are infinite, who can 
have no supply bat from thy bounty, 

That we may come before thee 'as poor 
wretched creatures, perishing under a va- 
riety of dangerous distempers, who have no 
hopes of .help but from thy hand, 

That we may come before thee as hum- 
ble and unhappy criminals who stand sen* 
tenced to the torments of an everlasting 
death, and can have no deliverance but 
from thy mercy, 

That hence, as often as we appear before 
thee, it may ever be with a reverence be- 
coming thy majesty, which a heart fixed on 
thy goodness, and with a fervency answer- 
able to our wants, 

That thou wouldest vouchsafe to give a 
like spirit to all the faithful, that so all in- 
decencies, irreverences, abuses, and scan-j 


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dais may be removed from all places of thy" 

That, as to as thou hast mercifully en- 
larged the liberties of thy worship, so, 
throughout the world, all restraints may be 

That thou wouldest mercifully assist us 
in preparing our hearts to be the temples 
of the Holy Ghost, that so thou, O God, 
mayest ever abide within us, 

That while we serve thee with outward 
decency, we may be likewise solicitous to 
adore thee in spirit and truth, 

That thou wouldest vouchsafe graciously 
to hear us, - 

Son of God, 

Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the 
world ; Spare us, O Lord, 

Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the 
world ; Hear us, O Lord, 

Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the 
world ; Have mercy on us. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

let us PfiAY. 
Shew mercy to us, O God, and grant these 
our requests ; not only to us, but to all the 
faithful, that all may serve thee in spirit and 
truth ; that' all abuses, irreverences, and scan- 
dals being banished from the places of thy 

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worship, they may become the houses of prayer, 
and nothing be admitted there but what is well- 
pleasing in thy sight, through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. «4wteti. 

May the blessed Virgin Mary, and ail the 
Saints, be our intercessors with the Lord, that 
we may be succoured and secured by him who 
liveth and reigneth to everlasting ages. — 

A Paayejl to jbb said by the Pbiest 


And now, O God, calling to mind with the 
greatest gratitude the blessed passion of thy 
Son, Christ our Lord, as also his resurrec- 
tion from the dead, and his glorious ascension 
into heaven ; we prepare to offer to thy divine 
Majesty a pure, holy, and spotless victim ; for 
so thou hast ordained it; the holy bread of 
eternal life and the cup of our salvation. Look 
down, therefore, upon them, Lord, with a 
propitious and serene countenance, and accept 
them, as thou wast pleased to accept the offerings 
of thy righteous child Abel, and the sacrifice 
of our father Abraham, and that which thy high 
priest Melchisedech offered to thee, a holy 
sacrifice and a spotless victim. 

d 2 

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Glory be to God on high. 

And peace on earth to men of food u/iU. 

We praise thee. , 

We bless thee. 

We ad ore thee. 

We glorify thee t we give thee thanks for thy 
great glory. j 

Lord God, heavenly king, Father Almighty, 

Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son, 

Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, 
who takest away the sins of the world, 

Have mercy on us. 
Who takest away the sins of the world, 

Hear our prayers. 
Who sittest at the right hand of the Father, 

Have mercy onus. 
For thou only art holy. 

Thou only art our Lord. 

Thou only, O Jesus Christ t art most high, 
together with the Holy Ghost, in the glory of 
God the Father. Amen. 

Blessed Jesus, true God and man, born in the 
form of a helpless infant, 

Praise and glory be to thee for ever. 

Blessed Jesus, who, having the heavens for 
thy throne, didst yet choose a poor stable for 
thy abode, 

Praise and glory, £c. 



Blessed Jesus, who, being God incomprehen- 
sible* vast pleased^ in love to us, to be wrapped 
in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger, 

Praise, £0. 

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, because 
he hath visited and hath wrought the redemption 
of his people. 

And he hath raited up to us a powerful salva- 
tion in the family of David kit servant, 

As he spoke by the mouth of his holy Pro- 
phets, who were from the beginning, 

Thai he would save us from our enemies, and 
from the hand of all that hate us. 
j To shew his mercy towards our fathers 5 and 
j to be mindful of his holy covenant, 

According to the oath which he swore to our 
father Abraham to grant us. 

That, being delivered from the hands of our 
enemies, we might serve him without fear, 

In holiness and justice before him all our 

Through the bowels of the mercy of our God, 
the rising light hath visited us from on high *, 

To enlighten them that sit in darkness, and in 
the shades of death, to direct our feet in IheS/oay 
of peace. 

Glory, &cv 


O eternal God, Father Almighty, who in 
compassion to lost man didst send thy only 

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Son to become his Redeemer from that unhappy 
state ; grant, we beseech thee, that we, who are 
here assembled to acknowledge the mercy of this 
time, may find the benefit of it in oar souls, in 
the pardon of all our sins : Through the sane 
Lord* Jesus Christ, 8tc.-~Amen. 



The Prayer* and Acts as in the first Quarts*^ 

after which, 

this Litany. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ, have mercy on us. 

Christ, hear U9. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

God the Father of heaven, have mercy on us, 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have 
mercy on us. 

God, the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us. 

Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us. 

BehoM we were conceived in sin ; and in' 
iniquity our mothers brought us forth ; 15; 

As we have grown in years, we have mul- | 
tiplied our offences; and every day thy a 
goodness adds to our lives, our wickedness ► | 
increases the heap of our transgressions ; <* 

The law of our body makes war against 3 . 
the law of our mind, and brings us into sub- g 
jection to sin ; so that the good which wej 


would, we do not, and the evil which we 4 
would not, that we do ; 

We have sinned in the Tain thoughts and 
unlawful desires of our hearts, in the idle 
talk and perverse words of our mouths, in 
the wicked works, and fruitless course of 
our lives ; 

We have sinned against thee by our in* 
gratitude for thy blessings, and by our im- 
patience under thy chastisements, by pre- 
ferring ourselves, and the satisfaction of our 
own appetites and desires, before thee and 
the observance of thy holy commandments; 

We have sinned against others, in not do- 
ing to them as we would have them to do to 
us ; and against otlr own souls, in pursuing 
more eagerly the things of this life than 
those which belong to our eternal happiness ; 

We have sinned in delaying our repent- 
ance, and breaking the solemn promise of 
amending our lives; in exposing ourselves 
to the danger of temptation, and often omit- 
ting the opportunities of serving thee ; and 
even our best endeavours are full of imper- 
fections ; 

We have sinned, in not improving our- 
selves, by the talents of grace and nature, 
which thy bounty hath committed to us ; and 
by idly spending, that precious time, and un- 
thankfully neglecting those gracious means, 
which thy goodness hath allowed us for the 
work of our salvation ; 





Have fnerey on us, most merciful Father,' 
and pardon the multitude of our offences 
Remember what our substance is ; that we 
are but as the. grass of the field, or as a var 
pour that passeth away, and returns no 
more : Remember what thou art ; infinitely 
glorious in thyself, and infinitely good to 
the least of thy creatures : Remember the 
gracious promises of Jesus. Christ); and lor 
the merits of his sacred passion, from all 
our sins, 

From abuse of this day, which we are 
commanded to keep holy, 

From sloth and indevotion, 

From neglect of prayer, and of thy 
sacred word, 

From all occasions of mis-spending this 

From whatever is an offence to God, or 
a -scandal to the weak, 

We sinners, beseech thee, hear tut. 

That we may have thy grace to sanctify^ 
this day, as thou hast commanded, J J 

That we may, this day, labour to arise to g« 
a new life, j § 

That we may, this day, examine into the 


state of our souls, and resolve to amend 
whatever is displeasing to thee, 

That we may be converted from all our 
evil ways, and by a sincere repentance ob- 
tain thy peace, 

That we may, this day, be so strength-. 





ened in our faith as to bend our whole en^ 
deavours upon seeking those eternal goods 
which faith teacheth us, and live bj faith, 

That thy holy spirit would, this day, de- 
scend and take possession of .our hearts, and 
so confirm us in every duty that no earthly 
considerations may be able to prevail against 
us to the transgressions of thy law, 

That we may, this day, join with the 
blessed above, in praising, adoring, and 
praying to thee, and prepare our souls to 
celebrate, with them, an eternal sabbath, 

That we may not give this day to earth 
or self-love, which is consecrated to heaven, 
but employ it in such exercises as may raise 
our hearts above creatures, and unite them 
to thee by love, who art our only sovereign 
and everlasting good, 

That thou wouldest vouchsafe graciously 
to hear us, and grant these our petitions, I 

Son of God, J 

Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the 
world ; Spare ?#*, O Lord. 
v Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the 
World ; Hear «*, O Lord. 

Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the 
world ; Have merey on us. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

Let tis pray. 

O God, the Protector of all that hope in 
thee, without whom nothing can have either 


strength or holiness, multiply thy mercy, we be- 
seech thee, upon us, that, thou being our governor 
and our guide, we may so pass through the goods 
of this life as not to lose those Which are eter- 
nal ; through Jesus Christ onr Lord. Amen. 

V. O Lord, deal not with us according to our 
sins which we have committed. 

A. Nor punish us as our iniquities deserve. 

V. Help us, O God, our Saviour ; and for the 
glory of thy name deliver us. 

A. O Lord, deliver us ; and for the glory of 
thy name pardon us our offences. 

V. The priests, the ministers of theLord, shall 
weep between the porch and the altar, and shall 
say, Spare, O Lord, spare thy people. 

A. We therefore beseech thee, help thy ser- 
vants, whom thou hast redeemed with thy pre- 
cious blood ; O Lord, have mercy on us ; have 
mercy on vs. 

Let us pray. 

Grant us, Lord, we beseech thee, thy 
assistance, whereby we may go through the 
observance of this holy fast ; that what we have 
undertaken by thy appointment we may by thy 
grace accomplish, through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

tizedbyl? ' ^ 



* Let us sing Hallelujahs to the King of 
Glory, because* having laid down bis life 
for our redemption, he is now risen to a life 

Corns, lei us rejoice in God our Saviour, be- 
cause he hath redeemed hit people, and is risen 
triumphant over the power of helL 

Praise our Lord, for he is good; for his 
mercy eontinueth for ever. 

Let those speak who have been redeemed by 
our Lord ; who have been delivered by him out 
of the hands of the enemy. 

That satin darkness aq4 in the shade of death, 
straitened with poverty, and bound in irons. 

And in their tribulation they cried to our Lord, 
and he relieved them from all their calamities. 

And he brought them out of darkness, and 
out of the shade of death, and broke asunder 
their chains. , , 

Let then* praise our Lord for his wonderful 
deeds to the sons of men. 

For he hath made the brazen gates fly in pieces, 
and hath broken the iron bars. 

My soul, bless our Lord; O Lord my God, 
thou hast made thy greatness wonderfully to ap- 

Thou hast put on majesty and glory ; thou art 
clothed with light as with a garment. 


By the strength of thine arm thou hast dispersed 
thine enemies ; and thy youth is renewed as that of 
an eagle. 

A voice of joy and of salvation is heard in the 
tents of the just. 

The stone which the builders rejected is mads 
the corner stone. 

. This is the work of our Lord, and it is won- 
derful in our eyes. 

This is the day which our Lord hath made, let 
us triumph and rejoice therein. 

Make this a. day of solemnity* because our 
Lord is exalted above his enemies. 

Sing to our Lord a new canticle* let his praise 
be celebrated in the assembly of Saints. 

Come, let us rejoice- in God our Saviour, be- 
cause he hath redeemed his people, and is risen 
triumphant over the powers of hell. 

Jesus, redeemer of mankind, 

Have mercy on us. 

Jesus* who hast cleansed us by thy bioo4, 

Have, S[c. 

Jesus, the conqueror of sin and death, 

Have, 4*c. 

We sinners, beseech thee, hear us. 

That we may put off the old man with his" 1 ! ^5 
acts, ! £. 

That we may not be conformed to this . § 
. world, f J 

That we may deny all ungodliness and \ * 
worldly desires, J $f 

wm WHirsuNTio*. 45 

That we may live soberly, justly, and^ ^ 



That, being dead to sin, w% may live to j I | 
justice, i ' - 

That, arising with thee, out Redeemer, ire 
may die ma more, 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 
the world, Spare us, O Lord, <jf©. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

O God, who by thy only son hast, this day, 
opened the passage to eternity, through his 
victory over death ; vouchsafe, we beseech thee, 
so to confirm us by thy grace that we may walk 
in all our ways like those who have been re- 
deemed from sin : through the same Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen, 


Comb, Holy Spirit, send down from hearen 
the rayB of thy divine light. 

Come, thou, who art the father of the poor, the 
author of all good gifts, and the light of our 

Come, thou, the best of comforters, the kind 
guest, and sweetest refreshment of our souls, 

The rest of our labours, the ruler of our pas- 
sions, the comfwt of our tears. 


blessed light, come, penetrate the very, cen- 
tre of the hearts of the faithful. 

Without thy orate what can man do $ how can 
he guiltless f>e $ 

Wash, therefore, Lord, our polluted souls, 
water our barren clay, and heal our wounds. 

Soften our stubborn wills, inflame our tepid 
hearts, and guide our wandering steps. 

Grant to thy faithful, who trust in thee, the 
treasure of thy sevenfold gifts. 

Grant us a virtuous life, a happy deaths and 
a happy eternity. 

By thy sacred presence and almighty power, 

O holy Spirit, deliver us. 

From the spirit of the world, and of a" 
disorderly life ; 

From the spirit of sloth, of self-love, and 
of the love of ease ; 

From the spirit of hatred and contention ; 

From the spirit of intemperance and 
impurity ; 

From the spirit of pride, vanity, and all 
manner of ambition 5 

From the spirit of envy and contradiction ; 

From the. spirit of detraction, calumny, 
and all kind of uncharitableness ; 

From the spirit of dissembling, flattering, 
and lying ; 

From the spirit of revenge, passion, and 
impatience ; 

From the spirit of incredulity, and pro- 
faneness ; 





From the spirit of immoderate solicitude," 
and worldly care ; 

From the spirit of tepidity, coldness, and ^ 
indevotion ; §J 

From the spirit of prodigality and of '? 

From the spirit of lightness and incon- 
stancy ; 

Send, O God, we beseech thee, the Holy 
Ghost into our hearts ; and may he give us the 
spirit of universal charity, by which we may love 
thee above all things and our neighbours as 

Lamb of God, who takest away, &c. 

Chrfst hear us. Christ graciously hear u#. 

We beseech thee, O Lord, that thy holy 
Spirit, which proceedeth from thee, may en- 
lighten and regenerate our hearts, and guide us 
into all truth, according to the promise of thy 
Son ; who liveth and reigneth with thee, in the 
unity of the same Holy Ghost, Amen. 

Digitized by GoOgle 





The Prayers and Acts, as in the first Quarter, 
after which, 

This Litany. 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
Christy have mercy on to. 
Jesus, receive our prayers ; 
Lord Jesiis, grant our petitions. 

I. O God the Father, eternal fountain of 
all being ; 

Thou who hast chosen us in thy Son, be- 
fore the creation of the world ; 

-Thou who didst so love the world sb to 
give thy only Son to redeem it; 

Thou, who hast prepared for us a glorious *fi{ 
inheritance, if we love thee, and keep tfa<y § 
commandments ; - a 

II. O God the Son, eternal Word of the ^J 
Father ; s 

Thou who, to save us sinners, didst take jj 
on thee the frail nature of man ; !* 

Thou who, for our redemption, becamest 
obedient to death, even the death of the 

* Thou who, at the last and dreadful day, 
wilt come with glory to judge the living and 
the dead ; 

{jOO ™*~ 


III. O God the Holy Ghost, proceeding"' 
from the FatheT and the Son ; 

Thou, by whom was wrought the glorious 
mystery of our Saviour's incarnation ; 

Thou, who art the free dispenser of all 
graces, and our faithful comforter in all af- 1 <* 
flictions; I | 

O sacred Trinity, three persons and one \ Ǥ 
God, of equal glory and co-eternal majesty ; 5 

O sacred Trinity, from whom, by whom, ' g 
and in whom are all things ; j 

O sacred Trinity, to whom all the angels 
and saints of heaven continually sing, Holy, 
Holy, Holy; 

Blessed for ever be thy name, eternal Father 
of our Lord Jesus Christ, for the immensity of 
thy power, which at first created all things of 
nothing, and still preserveth them, that they re- 
turn not again to nothing. — A. My soul doth 
magnify thee> O Lord. 

For the riches of thy bounty, which fill-"* ^ 
eth every thing, according to its capacity ; | <? 
and for the wisdom of thy councils, which § 
sweetly dispose, and irresistibly govern, the 
whole frame of the world ; 

For thy provident forewarning us against 
the danger of sin, by threatening hell to 
our offences ; and for graciously inviting us 
to our own happiness, by promising heaven 

as a reward to our obedience ; «3» 

And blessed be thou, O Jesus, Son of GodJ * 




and Saviour of mankind, for thy infinite glory' 
in itself, and thy infinite love towards us ; 

For thy meek subjection to thy parents ; 
for thy fasting and retirement ; for thy mi- 
raculous and beneficent works; for all thy 
Bufferings and ignominious death ; 

For thy glorious resurrection from the 
grave, and triumphant ascension into hea- 
ven ; for sending the Holy Ghost to abide 
with thy church for ever, and promising 
to be with us thyself to the end of the 
world ; 

And blessed be thou, O God the Holy 
Ghost, who proceedest from the Father and 
the Son, for thy continual preservation of 
the church in truth, unity, and holiness ; for 
infusing the love of God into our hearts, 
and comforting us in all our temporal dis- 
tresses with the hope of eternal happiness ; 

And blessed be thou, Lord, among thy 
innumerable benefits, for thy One, Holy, 
Catholic, and Apostolic Church; for the 
steadiness of faith and peace of conscience 
which we experience hy relying on her au- 
thority; for the adorable sacrifice of the 
altar, and the plentiful means of salvation 
which we so happily enjoy in her communion ; 

For the particular benefits bestowed upon 
us, and the many dangers from which thou 
hast delivered us ; for our education, health, 
condition, and state of life ; for our daily 
bread, and all thy other temporal blessings;. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


For the check* of oar own conscience, and the 
motions of the Holy Spirit ; for thy patience in 
expecting onr repentance, and for the opportuni- 
ties which thou ofierest us of amending our lives ; 
for our frequent deliverance from the occasions 
of sin, and for all thy other spiritual blessings ; 

A. My soul doth magnify thee* O Lord, 

and my spirit rejoieeth in God, my Saviour. 

Be thou exalted, O God, above the clouds : 

and thy glory above the heavens A. Whilst 

we Hoe, we will sanctify thy name ; we will sing 
praises to our God % whilst we have any being, 

O Lord, hear roy prayer. 

And let my cry come to thee, 

Lbt us pray. 

Almighty and ever-living God, from whom 
descendeth every good and perfect gift, gra- 
ciously accept this humble tribute of praise and 
thanksgiving from us thy servants, and merci- 
fully grant that the frequent meditation on thy 
infinite goodness may force our wills to love thee 
above all things, and the serious consideration 
of thy incomprehensible majesty, captivate our 
understanding to the obedience of faith ; that we 
may here, in reverence of thy word, believe what 
we do not see, and hereafter, in the blissful vision 
of thy glory, see more than we now believe ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Digitized by GoOgle 





The Prayers and Acts as in the first Quarter, 
after which, 

This Litany. 

Lord* have mercy on us. 

Christ have mercy on us. 

God the Father of Heaven, have mereyon us. 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have 
mercy on us. 

God the Holy Ghost* have mercy on us. 

Holy Trinity, one God, haye mercy on us. 

That we may learn to submit our reason' 
to the obedience of faith, and so much the 
more exalt the wonders of thy goodness as 
they exceed the capacity of our understand- 
ings ; 

That we may continually praise thy sove- 
reign Majesty for the being thou hast giv& 
us, acknowledging our dependence on thee, 
and adoring thy unsearchable councils in 
the government of the world ; 

Vouchsafe, God, to conduct us by thy 
wisdom, to restrain us by thy justice, to 
comfort us by thy mercy, to defend us by 
thy power; 

— Digitized by GOQQle 

• i 



To thee we desire to consecrate all our 
thoughts, words, actions, and sufferings ; 
that henceforward we may think of thee, 
speak of thee, constantly refer all our ac- 
tions to thy glory, and suffer willingly whatr 
ever thou shalt appoint ; 

Give us strength to subdue our passions, 
to overcome temptations, and to acquire the 
virtues that are proper for our state ; 

Fill our hearts with affection for thy good- 
ness, a hatred for our faults, a love for our 
neighbours, and a contempt for the world *, 

Teach us to be dutiful to our superiors, 
conciliating to our inferiors, faithful to our 
friends, and charitable to our enemies ; 

Assist us to overcome sensuality by mor- 
tification, avarice by alms-deeds, anger by 
meekness* and tepidity by devotion ; 

Make us prudent in our undertakings, 
courageous in dangers, patient in afflictions, 
and humble in prosperity ; 

Grant that we may be punctual at our 
morning and evening devotions, temperate at 
pur meals, diligent in our employments, and 
constant in our good resolutions ; 

Let our consciences be ever upright and 
pure, our exterior modest, our conversation 
edifying, and our comportment regular ; 

Discover to us the nothingness of this, 
world, the greatness of heaven, the short- 
ness of time, and the length of eternity ; 

1 ; — ' ■ " ' ■■ " • ' ■ ' ■ — 


Be merciful, O Lord, and spare us. 

Be merciful* O Lord, and hear us. 

From the dangers most justly threatening our 
sins, Deliver us, Lord. 

From the spirit of pride, profaneness, ant! 
hypocrisy, Deliver us, O Lord. ' 

From schism, heresy, and all blindness of 
heart, Deliver us, O Lord. 

From all uncleanness, gluttony, drunkenness, 
swearing, and the false liberty of an undisciplined 
life, Deliver us, Lord. 

We sinners, beseech thee, hear us. 

That in thy temple and in thy solemn" 
worship all may behave themselves, both 
pastor and people, with that true piety, 
reverence, and respect, becoming thy ador- 
able majesty ; 

That it may please thee mercifully to 
look down from heaven on those that suffer, 
and strengthen them in their afflictions ; 

That it may please thee particularly to 
have mercy on our relations, friends, and 
benefactors, and open their eyes to see the 
beauty of thy truth, and give them grace to 
embrace it ; 

That by no temptation the weakest of us 
may be drawn to fall away from thee and 
thy truth ; 

That it may please thee to preserve the 
Catholics of this land from all sin and wick- 
edness, and so to adorn their lives with solid 

- — - ■ ■ - ■ . -= - 




piety that others, seeing their good works," 
may glorify thee our heavenly Father. 

O God, by whose mercy the world subsist- 
eth, and to whose power every nation of the 
earth is subject, have mercy on this nation, 
and, according to its necessities, which are 
all known to thee, pour forth thy blessings f | 
upon it ; 
i Give to all its inhabitants, Lord, the 
spirit of the gospel ; grant that all its ma- 
gistrates may administer justice ; and inspire 
us all with a zeal for unity, peace, and truth ; 

Son of God, 

Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of 
the world, Spare u*, O Lord. 

Lamb of <*od, &c, Hear i», O Lord. 

Lamb of God, &c, Have merqf on us. 

Christ hear us. Christ, graciously hear us. 


O Almighty and eternal God, who hast ap- 
pointed us six days, in which we may labour 
and do all our work, and hast consecrated the 
seventh to thyself ; grant, we beseech thee, that, 
according as thou hast commanded, we may 
sanctify this day, by devoting it entirely to thy 
love and service. Mercifully forgive uTTall our 
past neglects of this kind : pardon the sins we 
have been guilty of during the course of the 
week, and give us grace to aviid them for the 
future. Make us sensible, O God, of the daily 


blessing we receive from thy bounty ; that, as 
we know thee by faith, we may love thee by 
charity ; and, fixing all our hopes on the happi- 
ness of a future life, we may patiently suffer, 
in submission to thy holy will, what thou now 
permittest, and come at length to the joys of 
thy heavenly kingdom, through our Lord Jesus 
Christ, thy Son, who liveth and reigneth, with 
thee and the Holy Ghost, one' God, world 
without end. Amen. 
We fly to thy patronage, O Holy Mother 
of God ; despise not our petitions in our 
* necessities, but obtain our deliverance from all 
dangers, O ever glorious and blessed Virgin. 
Pray for us, O holy Mother of God, 
That we may be made worthy of the promises 
of Christ. 


Grant, Lord, we beseech thee, that we 
thy servants may enjoy health of mind and 
body ; and that, by the intercession of the ever 
blessed Virgin, all thy Saints likewise inter- 
ceding for us, we may bo delivered from present 
sorrow, and hereafter enjoy eternal happiness. 



The following Litany, in behalf of our Coun- 
try, may be said on one Sunday in each 
Month , instead of the a^Qve Litanies, 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ, have mercy on us. 

God the Father of heaven, have mercy on us, 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have 
mercy on us. 

God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us. 

Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us. 

O God, who hast been pleated to magnify thy 
name amongst oar ancestors, and to distinguish 
them by the particular marks of their piety, 
continue the same mercy to us, we beseech 
thee : that now, in these days, we may seek 
thee with all our hearts, and zealously labour 
to copy the examples which our forefathers 
hare left us. Amen. 

For this end, we most humbly implore thy 
goodness to have compassion on this our coun- 
try, and by thy powerful grace to remove from 
it whatever is provoking or displeasing to thee. 

Have mercy, O God, on this nation. And he 
thou its powerful deliverer. 

From infidelity and profaneness, — Deliver us, 
O Lord. 

tized by GOOgle 


From all irreligion, and contempt of thy" 
sacred mysteries, 

From all presumption, and the abuse of 
thy holy word, 

From all heresies and schisms, 

From gmttbny and drunkenness, 

From the profanation of thy holy name, jj 
in cursing and swearing, ^ 

From all kinds of prodigality and sen* 

From frauds, and all kinds of oppression 
and injustice, 

From the spirit 4 of faction, of malice, ha- 
tred, and every kind of uncharitableness, 

O God, thou hast been a Father to this 
nation, and replenished it with many blessings. 
— Forsake U not now, we beseech thee, and give 
it not up to a reprobate sense* 

Bless this people, O Lord, and be thou their 
inheritance.— And sanctify **** ond make as a 
holy nation. 

Givo to all its inhabitants, O Lord, the spirit 
of the gospel. — Hear ns, O Lord. 

Give to them a seal for unity, peace, and' 
truth. * 

Grant that they may all seek the things 
that are above, and walk by the spirit of 

Groat that all who are in error may, by 
thy heavenly light, be led into thy truth. 

Grant that all sinners may be truly con- J 

■ . . . .. 


verted, and, forsaking their evil ways, re- 
turn to thee their God. 

Grant tbdt all scandals may he removed. 

Grant that the pastors may become the 
liflM of the world. 

Grant that all magistrates may administer 

Grant that all of the wealthier ranks may 
esteem virtoe their greatest honour, and be 
ashamed of vice. 

Grant that the youth of both sexes may 
be withheld from all evil ways, and that 
they may dedicate their lives to virtue, 
piety, and religion. 

Grant that all obstinacy and blindness 
may be removed from the hearts of this 
people* and that; being reformed according 
to thy blessed will, they may serve thee in 
hofctaese and truth. 

Hear as, O Lord, now calling on thee. — And, 
through the infinite merits of thy only Son, 
grant ©«** petition*. 


O Almtg»*y and everlasting God, who hast 
forsaken many Christian nations, and, in 
punishment of their sins, hast suffered them to 
be overrun by error and infidelity ; grant, we 
beseech thee, that the rigour of these thy judg- 
ments may strike us with a timely fear, and that, 
in earnest forsaking our evil ways, we may find 
mercy with thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 
~ — ^^^^^ == 


Remember, we beseech thee, thy ancient 
mercies, and for the sake of so many holy 
servants, who have been faithful to thee, shew 
now compassion to us, and let thy former .mercies 
be renewed in us. — Hear us, O Lord, and in. thy 
mercy grunt our petition. 

Give ear to us, O God, here assembled before 
thee, humbly prostrate in the confession of our 
unworthiness, and wholly confiding in thy good- 
ness and mercy. — Hear, likewise, O God, all those 
thy Saints who, in this island, have faithfully 
served thee, and are now happy with thee iu 

Hear them praying for their country, and let 
their intercession prevail, through the merits of 
thy only Son, through which alone ill prayers, 
whether on earth or in heaven, can find accept- 
ance with thee. Amen, 

Let us pray. 

O God, by whose mercy the world subsisteth, 
and to whose power every nation of the earth 
is subject, have mercy on this nation, we beseech 
thee, and, according to its necessities, which are 
all known to thee> so pour forth thy blessings on 
it that, by the help of thy grace, it may in all 
things be well-pleasing in thy sight ; through 
Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen, 

Digitized by GoOgle 


OGOD, who hast instigated even the poor 
tribes, who have never heard thy word, to 
adore thy majesty by sacrificial offering : oh 
God who didst, by direct revelations to thy 
holy patriarchs and to thy chosen people 
Of Israel, appoint sacrifices to be offered in 
thy honour and in propitiation for the sins of 
mankind : oh God who, by thy holy prophets, 
didst foretel the establishment, *' from the rising 
to the going down of the sun," of a still more 
holy and more perfect sacrifice to thy name, m 
which thy Christ should be a priest for ever ac- 
cording to the order of that Melchisedech who 
made to thee a pure offering of bread and wine: 
oh God who didst, on the wood of the cross, fulfil 
thy promises, and present thy Son a victim for 
the sins of the world, and who hast commanded 
the same sacrifice to he commemorated and re- 
peated in an unbloody manner on our altars — 
thus granting us that perfect mode of adoring 
and propitiating thee of which all other sacri- 
fices were but the^types and figures :— grant me, 
oh almighty God, thy grace, so to be present at 
this adorable sacrifice that I may feel the bene- 
fit of it in my soul. 

I bless and praise thy goodness for not having 
confined the offering of this sacrifice to one place, 

. _ ■ ■ ■ — - 



and to one altar, as thou didst with the chosen 
people of Israel. Permit not my soul to become 
negligent through familiarity with thy favours; 
but make me sensible that I am about to stand 
in the immediate presence of my Saviour, and to 
join in offering that merciful Saviour to. the Eter- 
nal Godhead. Graciously accept the offering in 
atonement for my sins ; and, through it, enable 
me to obtain those virtues and blessings which 
my soul stands most in need of. . " For now is 
the acceptable time :" let it be now, qh God, the 
time for securing my salvation. Amen,. 

Before the Parochial or Solemn Mass on Sun- 
days, the following Anthems are sung, at 
sprinkling the Holy Water. 

Ant, Asphrgks me, 
Domine, hyssopo, et 
mundabor: lavabisme, 
et super nivem dealba- 

Fs. Miserere mei, 
Deus, secundum mag- 
nam misericordlam 

V. Gloria Patri, &c. 

Ant. Asperges me, 

Anth. Thou wilt 
sprinkle me, O Lord ! 
with hyssop, and I shall 
be cleansed : thou wilt 
wash me, and I shall 
be made whiter than 

Ps. Have mercy on 
me, O God, according 
to thy great mercy. 

Glory be to the, &c 
Anth. Thou wilt 
sprinkle me, &c 

«,ze dby Gc 



The sFrferf, being returned to the Foot of the 
Altar, says, 

V. ShewtWiOI.ord, 
thy mercy. 

•V. Ostende nobis, 
Bomfne, misericordiam 

R. Et sahitare tuum 
da nobis. 

V. Domine, exaudi 
oration em meam. 

R. Et clamor roeus 
ad te reniafC 

V. Domintts vobis- 
cum. * 

R. Et ' cum spiritu 

R. And grant us thy 

V. O Lord, hear my 

R. And let my cry 
come unto thee. 

V. The Lord be with 

R. And with thy spi- 

For the Prayer, Exaudi, see the next page. 

From EU&Tj» to Whitsunday, inclusively, 
instead of the foregoing Ant. Asperges, &c, 
the following is sung, and Alleluias are 
added te the V. Ostende nobis, and its R. Et 


Vidi aquam egredien- 
tem de templo a latere 
dextro, Alleluia : et 
omnes ad quos perve- 
nit aqua ista, salvi facti 
sunt, et dicent, Allel. 

I saw water flowing 
from the right side 
of the temple, Alleluia: 
and all to whom that 
water came were saved, 
and they shall say. Al- 


Ps. Confitemin* Do- Ps. Praise the Lord, 
mino, quoniam bonus : because he is good : be- 
quoniam in seecuhim cause his mercy endu- 
misericordia ejus. Olo* rethfbr ever. Glory, 
ria. &c. 

The Prayer, Bxaudi. 

Hbar us, O holy Lord, Almighty Father, 
eternal God ! and vouchsafe to send thy holy 
, angel from heaven, to guard, cherish, protect, 
visit and defend all that are assembled in this 
place : through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

A Preparatory Prayer before Mass. 

Prostrate in spirit at the foot of thy holy 
altar, I adore thee, O Almighty God ! and 
firmly believe that the Mass, at which I am going 
to assist, is the sacrifice of the body and blood of 
thy Son Christ Jesus. O ! grant that I may as* 
•ist thereat with the attention, respect, and awe 
duo to such august mysteries: and that, by the 
merits of the Victim there offered for me, I my- 
self may become an agreeable sacrifice to thee* 
who livest and reignest with the same Son and 
Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen. 

. During the Ordinary op the Mass. 
While the Priest begins at the foot of the Altar* 
In Nomine Patriot In the name of the 
et FUU, et Spiritus Father, and of the 
Sancti. Amen. . Son, and of the Holy 

Ghost. Amen. 



Ant. Introibo ad al- 
tar* Dei. • 

- R. Ad Deum, qui 
IsetiAcat javentutem 

A nth. I will go unto 
the altar of God. 

R. To God, who 
rejoiceth my youth. 

Psalm xlii. 

Judic a me, Deus, et 
discerne causam meam 
de geote non sancta: 
ab homine iniquo et 
doloso erue me. 

R. Quia tu os* Deus, 
fortitudo mea, quare 
me repulisti f et quare 
tristis ineedo, dam affli- 
git me jnfanicttfi ? 

P. Emitte lucem te- 
am et reritatem tuam : 
ipsa me dwtaxerunt, et 
adduzerunt in Mbntem 
sanctum tuum, et in 
Tabernaoula tua. 

R. Et introibo ad 
altare Dei : ad Deum, 
qui laetificat juteittu- 
tem mean. 

P. Confitebor tibi in 
cUhant, Dens, Deus 

Judge me, O God, and 
distinguish my cause 
from the nation that is 
not holy : from the un- 
just and deceitful man 
deliver me. 

R. Since thou, O 
God, art my strength, 
why hast thou rejected 
me ? and why do I go 
sorrowful whilst the 
enemy afiiicteth me ? 

P. Send forth thy 
light and thy truth: 
they have conducted 
me and brought me un» 
to the holy Mount, and 
into thy Tabernacle. 

R. And I will go 
unto the altar of God : 
to God, who rejoiceth 
my youth. 

P. I will praise thee 
on the harp, O God, my 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



meus ; quare tristis es, 
anima raea? et quare 
conturbas me ? 

R. Spera in Deo, 
quoniam adhuc confite- 
bor illi : salutare vultus 
mei, et Deus meus. 

P. Gloria Patriot Fi- 
lio, et Spiritui Sancto. 

R. Sicut erat in prin- 
cipio, et nunc, et sem- 
per, et in sscula saecu- 
lorum. Amen. 

P. Introibo ad altare 

R. Ad Deum,qui l«ti- 
ficat ju ventutem meam, 

P. Adjutorium nos- 
trum in nomine Do- 

R. Qui fecit ccelum 
et terram. 

P. ConfiteorDeoom* 
nipotentj, beats Marine, 
semper Virgini, beato 
Michaeli Archangelot, 
beato Joanni Baptists, 
Sanctis Apostolia Petro 
et Paulo, omnibus Sanc- 
tis, et vobis, fratres, quia 

God; why art thou 
sorrowful, O my sou* 9 
and why dost thou dis- 
turb me ? 

R. Hope in God, for 
him will I still praise : 
he is my God, and the 
Saviour I look fo& 

P. Glory be to the 
Father, and to, &c. . 

R. As it was in the 
beginning, is now, and 
ever shall be, world 
without end. Amen. 

P. I will go unto the 
altar of God. 

R. To God, 
joiceth my youth. 

P. May our help be 
in the name of the 

R. Who made hea- 
ven and earth. 

from all worldly af- 
fections and desires. 
Let nothing withdraw 
our minds from thee, 
so that we may devoutly 
join in this holy sacri- 
fice. Strengthen us 


OP THB MA88 , 

peccavi nimis cogita- 
tion*, verbo ei opere, 
mea culpa, men culpa, 
mea maxima ■ culpa* 
Ideo* precor beatam 
Afariajki temper Virgi- 
Bern, beatum Michael- 
em Archaftgfelura, bea* 
torn Jostmem Baptist- 
am, sanctos Apostoloa 
Fetrum' et Paulum, 
toffies ahrfctos, et vos, 
fratres, orare pro- me ad 
Itomimtm Eteum nos- 


against all those fail. 

»g* which often hinder 

our most earnest pray- 
ers : and, in thy mercy, 
give us such a sorrow 
for cur sins that they 
way no longer stand 
between us and thy 
saviag grace. Receive 
our repentance, oh 
Lord 1 that we may be 
less unworthy to appear 
before thy holy altar, 
and to offer our hearts 
to thee. 

R. May Almighty 

R. Misereatur tni 

omnipotens Deus; et, God be merciful to thee, 

dimisak peccatis tuis, and, forgiving thee thy 

perducat te ad vitam sins, bring thee to ever- 

aeternam* r lasting life. 

P. Amen. p. Amen, 

R.Ctaafit*>rDeoon> R. I confess to Al- 

nipotenti, beat® Mari© mighty God, to blessed 

semper^ Virgini, beato Mary ever a Virgin, 

Michaeli Archangelo, 
beato Joanni Baptistee, 
Sanctis Apostolis Petro 
et Paulo, omnibus Sanc- 
tis, et tibi, pater, quia 
peccavi nimis f cogita- 
tione, verbo et opere, 

to blessed Michael the 
Archangel, to blessed 
John Baptist, to the 
holy Apostles Peterand 
Paul, to all the saints, 
and to you, father, 
that I have sinned ex- 
v 2 

Digitized by GOOQle 


mea culpa, mea culpa, 
mea maxima culpa. 
Ideo precor beatam 
Mariam semper Virgi- 
nem, beatum Michael- 
elm Archanfcelurn, bea- 
tum Joannem Baptists 
am, sanctoe Apostolos 
Petrum et Paulum; orn* 
nes sanctos, et te, pa- 
ter, orare pro me ad 
Dominum Deum nos- 

P. Misereatur vestri 
omnipotens Deus, et, di- 
missis peccatis vestris, 
perducat vos ad vitain 

R. Amen. 

1*. Indulgentiam,ab- 
solutionem, et remis- 
sionem peccatorum nos- 
trorum, tribuat nobis 
omnipotens et miseri- 
cors Dominus. 

B. Amen. 

P. Deus, tu conver- 
sus vivificabis nos. 

ceediug^r in thought, 
word, and deed, through 
my fault, through my 
fault, through my most 
grievous fault. There- 
fore I beseech blessed 
Mary, ever a Virgin, 
blessed Michael the 
Baptist, the holy Apos- 
tles Peter and Paul, 
and all theSaints, and 
you, brethren, to pray 
to the Lord our God 
for me. 

P. May Almighty 
God be merciful unto 
you, and, forgiving you 
your sins, bring you to 
life everlasting. 

R. Amen. 

P. May the Almighty 
and most merciful Lord 
grant us pardon, abso- 
lution, and remission of 
4ur sine* 

R. Amen. 

P. Thou, O God, be- 
ing turned towards us, 
wilt enliven us. 

or THS HAS*. $9 

E. Etpkbfttualacta- 

R. And thy people 

hitur in te. 

will rejoice in thee. 

P. Qstende nobis. 

P. Shew us, Lord, 

Domine, misericordiam 

thy mercy. 


R.. Etaalutaretuum 

R. And grant ut thy 

da nobis. 


P. Domine, exaudi 

P. Lord, hear my 

orationem meam. 


R, Et clamor roeua 

R. And let my cry 

ad te veniat. 

come unto thee. 

P. Dominus yobis- 

P. The Lord be with 



R. Et cum spiritu 

R. And with thy spi- 



While the Priest goes up to the Altar, 

Aufer a nobis qusesu- 

Take away from us 

mus, Domine, iniquita- 

our iniquities, vre be* 

tes nostras, ut ad Sano- 

seech thee, Lord, that 

ta Sanctorum . purls 

we may be worthy to 

mereamur mentibus 

enter with pure minds 

introire: per Christum 

into the Holy of Ho- 

Dominum nostrum. 

lies : through Christ 


our Lord. Amen. 

When come up to the Altar he bows down y 

Oramus te, Domine, 

We beseech thee, 

per merita sanctorum 

Lord, by the merits of 

tuorum quorum reli- 

thy saints, whose relics 

quiae hie sunt, et om- 

4re under thy altars, 


mum sanctorum, ut in- and of all the - saints, 
dulgere digneris onraia that thou- wouldst 
peceata mea. Amen. vouchsafe to forgive me 
•all my sins. Amen. 

When, at solemn Masses, the Priest, efter Miss- 
ing the incense and fuming the altar bp the 
sign of the Cross, with the following words, 
" Majest thou be blessed by him, in whose 
honour thou Shalt be burnt,*' turns to the booh, 
and reads the Introit, 

Introit, Dan* M. Whatever thou hast done 
to us, oh Lord, thou hast done by a just judgment : 
for we have sinned and disobeyed thy command- 
ments : but glorify thy name, and deal with us 
according to thy great mercy. 

Ps. Blessed are the undented ia the way,' who 
walk in the law of the Lord. V. Glory be to 
the Father, Son,. and Holy Ghost; as it was in 
the beginning, is now* and ever shall bet world 
without end. Amen. 

Whatever thou hast dona to us, oh Lord, thou 
hast done by a just judgment ; for we fcav* tinned 
and disobeyed thy commandments ; but glorify 
thy name and deal with us according to thy great 

After which is alternately sung, or said, 

P. Kyrie eleison. Lord, have mercy on us. 
R. Kyrie eleison. s Lord, have mercy on us. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


P. Kyrie eleison. 
B. Chrkte eleison. 
P. Oferiato eleison. 
R. Christ© eleison. 
P. Kyrie eleison. 
R. Kyrie eleison. 
P. Kyrie eleison. 


Lord, hare mercy on ns. 
Christ, hate mercy on- us. 
Christ, have mercy on as. 
Christ, have mercy on us. 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
Lord, have mercy on us. 
Lord, have mercy on us. 

Gloria in bxcelsis. 

(^t lorU in excelai* 
X Deo, et in terra 
pax hominibus bona? 
voluntatis. Laudamus 
te ; benedicimus te ; 
adoramuste; glorifica- 
mus te. Gratias agi- 
mus tibi propter mag- 
nam gloriam tuam, Do- 
mine Deus Rex cosles- 
tis» Deus Pater oroni- 
potens. Domine FUi, 
unigenite Jesu Chris- 
te: Domine Deus, Ag- 
nus Dei, Filius Patris, 
qui tellia peceata mun- 
di, miserere nobis. Qui 
tollis peceata mundi, 
suscipe deprecationem 
nostram . Qui sedes ad 
dexteram Patris^ mise- 
rere nobis. Quoniam 

Glory be to God 
on high, and on 
earth peace to men of 
good will. We praise 
thee; we bless thee-, 
we adore' thee ; we glo- 
rify thee. We give thee 
thanks for thy great 
glory, O Lord God, 
heavenly King, God the 
Father Almighty. O 
Lord Jesus Christ, the 
only begotten Sen : O 
Lord God, Lamb of 
God, Son of the Father, 
who takest away the 
sins of the world, have 
mercy on us. Who 
takest away the sins of 
the world, receive our 
prayers. Who sittest 
at the right hand of the 

tized by G00gk 


tu aolus sanotus. Tu Father, have mere/. on 

solus Dominus. Tu so- us. Foe thou only, ait 

lus altissimus, Jean holy* Thou ostfjr art 

Christ©, cum Sancto theLottk Thou only, 

Spiritu, in gloria Dei O Jesus Christ, tege- 

Patris. Amen. ther with the Holy 

Ghost, art most high in 

the glory of God the 

Father. Amen. 

Turning towards the People, the Priest gays, 

P. Dominus vobis- P. The Lord be with 
cum. you. 

B. Et cum epiritu R. And with thy 
tuo. spirit. 

During the Collects of the day. 

Protector. Oh God, the protector of those 
who hope in thee, without whose aid nothing is 
strong, nothing holy: increase thy mercy to- 
wards us ; that, under tty direction and conduct* 
we may so pass through the blessings of thia life* 
as not to lose those which aire etemaL Through 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

II. Collbct. A tuncH*. Preserve us, ok 
Lord, we beseech thee, from all dangers of body: 
and soul t and, by the intercession of glorious and 
blessed Mary, the ever Virgin. Mother of God* 
of the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, of blestest 
N. and of all thy Saints, grant as* in thy mercy, 
health and peace; that all adversities and errors 
being renoaed, thy Church may terra thee with 
a pure and undisturbed deration. Through, &c* 


or *HB MASS, 73 

III. Go&iacTt Dens eat. O God, who bait 
prep are d invisible good things for those that love 
thee • pour forth into our hearts an affectionate 
love fo* JJiee : thai, loving thee In ail things, and 
above all things, we may come to the enjoyment 
of thy premises, which are above whatever iwe 
can desire. Through, &c. 

In Masses for the Dead. 

Fidelium. O God, the Creator and Redeemer 
of all the faithful, give to the souls of thy ser- 
vants departed the remission of their sins : that, 
through the help of pious supplications, they 
may obtain the pardon they have always desired. 
Who livest, &c. 

While toning to the Book, the Priest reads the 

I. PrrRR in. & iv. Dearly beloved. Be ye all 
ef one mind, having compassion one of another, 
being lovers- of the Motherhood, merciful* mo- 
dest, humble : net rendering evil for evil, or rail- 
ing for railing, but contrariwise blessing-, for 
into this ate yon called, that you may inherit a 
blessing.- *For he that will love life and see 
good days* let him refrain his tongue from evil, 
and his lips that they speak no guile. Let him 
decline from evil and do good : let him seek after 
peace and pursue it : because the eyes of the 
Lord aire upon the just, and his ears unto their 
prayers ; bat the countenance of the Lord against 
them that do evU things." And who is he that 

Digitized by GoOgle 


can hurt you, if you be jealous of good ? But 
If also you suffer any thing for justice soke, 
blessed are ye. And be not afraid of ithtstr fear, 
and be not troubled. But sanctify the Lord 
Jesus In your hearts. 

If you be reproached for the named Cluritt, 
you shall be blessed : ror that which. is of. the 
honour, glory, and power of God, and that 
which is of his spirit, resteth upon you. 

Wherefore, let them that suffer according to 
the will of God commend their souls in good 
deeds to the faithful Creator. 

R. Thanks be to God. 

Gradual. Ps. xxx. Be thou unto me a God, 
a protector, and a house of refiige to save me. 
V. Ps. Ixx. In thee, God, have I hoped ; 
oh Lord, let me never be confounded. 

Tract. Ps. cii. $ Ixxviii. Deal not with 
us, oh Lord, according to our sins which we have 
committed, nor punish us according to our ini- 
quities. V. Kern ember not, oh Lord, our former 
iniquities : let thy mercies speedily prevent us, 
for we are become exceeding poor. K Help us, 
oh God our Saviour, and for the gtory of thy 
name, oh Lord, deliver us, and forgive us our 
sins for thy name's Bake. 

The prayer Munda cor jneum, before the 

Cleanse my heart and my lips, O Almighty 
God, who didst cleanse the lips of the prophet 

OP TUB BIA&6. 75 

Ukiah with a boning coal; and vouchsafe, 
through thy gracious mercy, bo to purify me 
that I may worthily attend to thy holy Gospel. 
Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

May the Lord be in my heart and on my lips, 
that 1 may worthily, and in a becoming manner, 
attend to his holy GospeL Amen. 

P. The Lord be with you. 

B. And with thy spirit. 

P. The continuation (or the beginning) of the. 
holy Gospel according to* &c. . 

B. Glory be to thee, O Lord. 

While turning to the Book, the Priest reads 
the Gospel, 

Matt. vi. vii. At that time, Jesus said to his 
disciples : No man can serve two masters, for 
either he will hate the one and love the other : 
or he will sustain the one and despise the other. 
You cannot serve God and Mammon. Therefore 
I say to you, be not solicitous for your life what 
you shall eat, nor for your body what you shall 
put on. Is not the life more than the meat, and 
the body .more than the raiment ? Behold the 
hirds of, the air, for they neither sow, nor do they 
reap, nor gather into barns •, and your, heavenly 
Father feedeth them. Are not you of much more 
value than they ? And which of you, by taking 
thought, can add to his stature one cubit ? And 
'for raiment, why are you solicitous ? Consider 
the* lilies of the field how they grow ; they labour 

Digitized by G00g[e 



not, neither do they spin. Bat I say to you, that 
not even Solomon, in ell bio gtaey, was mnvmI 
as one of these. And if the grass of the fieJdg 
which to day is, and to-morrow in east into the 
oven, God doth so clothe ; how much more you* 
O ye of little faith? Be not solicitous, thetti 
fore, saying, what shall we- eat, or what shall wo 
drink, or wherewith shall we be clttfetd ? For 
after all these things do the heathen* seek. For 
you*. Father knoweth that yon have need of all 
these things. Seek ye, therefore^ first the king* 
dom of God and his justice, and all these things 
shall be added unto- you. 

Ask, and it shall be given you : seek, and you 
shall find : knock, and it shall Deepened to you. 
For every one that asketh, receiveth : and he 
that seeketh, findeth : and to him that knocketh, 
it shall he opened. 

All things whatsoever you would that --men 
should do unto you, do ye also to them. For this 
is the Law and the Prophets. 

At (he end 0/ the Gospel, the assistants answer 

R; Praise be to thee, oh Christ. 

Then they sag teith the Priest, in a km voiee, 

Hay our sins be blotted out by the words of 
the Gtospel. 

ths Njcbni Creed. 
Crbdo in unum De- I bbmsvs in one 
urn, Patrem omnipo- God, the Father AA-- 
ten tern, fectorem cceli mighty, Maker of he«r 




et term, visibilium 
omnium et frrvisibi- 

Etfrt mrum Domi* 
nwm. Jesnm Christum, 
Filium ^ei unigeni- 
turn, et «x Pat re natnm 
ante owniA ssecuia. 
Deum de E>eo ; Lumen 
de lmnlne ; Denm re* 
ram de Deo : tern ; ge- 
niturmiOTi factum ; con- 
aubstantialem Patri, 

per quern omnia facta things were made. Who 
sunt. Qui propter nos for us men, and for our 

ven and earth, and of 
all things risible and 

And in one Lord Je- 
sus Christ, the only be- 
gotten Son of God, and 
born of the Father be- 
fore all ages. God of 
God; Light of Light; 
true God of tone God \ 
begotten not made \ 
eonsubstantial to the 
Father, by whom all 

homines, et propter 
nostrum salotem des- 
eendit de coelis. Et 
hicaraatus est de Spi- 
rits Sancto, ex Maria 
Virgine : bt homo 

PACTtfB BS*. * CrU- 

eifixus etiam pro nobis 
sub Pontio Pilato, pas- 
sus et sepnltas est. Et 
resurrexit tertia die se- 
cundum Scripturas. Et 
ascendit in coelum, se- 
det ad dexteram Patris, 

salvation, came down 
from heaven, and be- 
came incarnate by the 
Holy Ghost of the Vir- 
gin Mary: and was 


was crucified also for 
us, suffered under Pon- 
tius Pilate, and was bu- 
ried. And the third day 
he rose again according 
to the Scriptures. And 
ascended into heaven, 
sitteth at the right hand 

* At these words the assistants kneel down to adore 
God' foT the ineffable Mystery of the Incarnation. 




et iierum vanturus est 
cum gloria, judicare vi- 
vos et mortuos: cujus 
regni non erit finis. - 

Et in Spiritum Sanc- 
tum, Dominum et vivi- 
ficaatem, qui ex Patre 
Filioque procedit : qui 
cum Patre et Filio s> 
ami adoratar, et con* 
glorificatur ; qui locu- 
tus est per prophetas, 
Et unam sanctam Ca- 
tholicam et Apostoli- 
cam Ecclesiam. Confit- 
eor unum Baptisma in 
remissionem peccato- 
rum. Et expfecto'reBur- 
reotionem mortuorum, 
et vitam venturi steculi. 

P. Dominus vobis- 


B. Et euro -spiritu 


Offertory. — Ps. ix. 
thy name, O Lord, hope 

of the Father, and' he is 
to come again with glo- 
ry to judge both the 
living and the deady of 
whose kingdom there 
shall be no end. 

And in the Holy 
Ghost, the Lord and 
giver of life, who pro* 
ceedeth from the Fe> 
therand the Son : who* 
together with the Fa- 
ther and the -Son, ia 
adored and glorified; 
who spoke by the pro- 
phets. And one holy 
Catholic and Apostolic 
Church. I confess one 
baptism for the remis- 
sion of sins. And I ex- 
pect the resurrection of 
the dead, and the life 
of the world to come. 

P. The Lord be with 

R. And with thy spi- 

Let us pray. 

Let all who know 
in thee ; for thou for- 


sakest not those who seek thee. Sing to the Lord 
who dwelleth in Sion, for he will not forget the 
prayer of the poor. 

Dun. Hk As in holocausts of rams and bul- 
locks, and as in thousands of fat sheep, so let our 
sacrifice be made in thy sight this day, that it 
may please, thee : for there is no confusion to 
t&em that trust in thee, O Lord. 

Ps. ami. Perfect thou my goings in thy paths, 
that my footsteps be not moved : Incline thine 
ear unto me, and hear my wards : Shew forth 
thy wonderful mercies ; thou who Barest them 
that trust in thee, oh Lord. 

At the Oblation of the Host. 

Suscipe, Sancte Pa- 
ter, omnipotens seterne 
Peus, hanc immacula- 
tam Hostiam, quam ego 
indignus famulus tuus 
offerotibiDeo meo vivo 
et vero, pro innumera- 
bilibus peccatia, et of- 
fensionibus, et negli- 
gently meis, et pro om- 
nibus circumstantibus ; 
sed etpro omnibus fide- 
libus Christianis, vivis 
atque defunctis ; ut mi- 
hi et illis proficiat ad 
salutem in vitam aeter- 
nam. Amen. 

Accept, O holy Fa- 
ther, almighty and eter- 
nal GK)d, this unspotted 
Host, which I thy un- 
worthy servant offerun- 
to thee, my living and 
true God, for my innu- 
merable sins, offences, 
and negligences, and 
for all here present ; as 
also for all faithful 
Christians, both living 
and dead ; that it may 
avail both me and them 
unto life everlasting. 

Digitized b) >gl£ 



When the Priest puts the Wine and Water into 
the Chalice. 

Delia, qui humane 
substantia; dignitatem 
mirabiiiter eondidtsti* 
et mirabilius refopnaa- 
ti, da nobis per hujus 
Aqu«B et Vim Myste- 
rium ejus divinitatis 
esse consortes, qui hu- 
manitatis nostras fieri 
dignatus est particeps, 
Jesus Christus Filius 
tuus Dominus noster : 
qui tecum vivit et reg- 
nat in unitate Spiritdl 
saucti Deus; per Om- 
nia sssculo aaeculorum. 



Offerimustibi, Domi- 
ne, Calicem salutaris, 
tuam deprecantes cle- 
mentiam, ut in conspec- 
tu divinue Mujestatis 
tine, pro nostra ettotius 
mundi salute cum odore 
suavitatis, ascendat. 


O God* who, increas- 
ing human nature, hast 
wonderfully dignified 
it, and still more won- 
derfully reformed i*> 
grant that, by the my- 
stery of this Water and 
Wine, we may be, made 
partakers of his divine 
nature, who vouphsafed 
to become partaker of 
our human nature, 
namely, Jesus Christ 
our tiord thy Son, who 
with thee, in the unity 

op thb Chalicb. 

We offer unto* thee, 
O Lord, the chalice of 
salvation, beseeching 
thy clemency, that It 
may ascend before thy 
divine Majesty, as a 
sweet odour for our sal- 
vation, and for that of 
the whole world. 


or THR Was». 


When the Priest bom bt/We the Alivr. 

In spiritu bumifita- 
tm, eft is anno cDHtrito 
saseipnniiir a to, Bo-> 
mine, et sic flat aacrifr 
ckm nostrum ia cob-' 
spectu too 1 hodie, ut 
pteceat tibi, Domine 


Accept us, O Lord, 
in th*«pirit of humili- 
ty, And contrition of 
hearty and grant that 
the sacrifice we offer 
this daj in thy sight 
may be pleasing to thee, 
O Lord God. 

When He blesses the Brefld and Wine, 

Veni, sanctificator, 
omnipotens, . aeterne 
Deus, et benedic hoc 
aacrificium, tuo sancto 
nomini pxaeparatum. 

Come, O almighty 
and eternal God, the 
sanctified, and ..bless 
the sacrifice, prepared 
for the. glory of thy 
holy name. 

Here, in solemn Masses, he blesses the Incense, 

Per intercessionem 
beati Michaelis arcban- 
geti stantis a dextris. AI- 
taris Incensi, et omni- 
um eleetorum suorum, 
incensum istud digne- 
tur, Dominus -benedi* 
eexe,«tin odonaaa sua* 
vilatia > - aecipeve. Pet 
Christum Dominuna 

May the Lord, by the 
intercession of blessed 
Michael the archangel 
standing* at the right 
hand of the Altar of 
Incense, and of all his 
elect, touchwrfe to bless 
tbis incense* & receive 
it as an odour of sweet- 
ness. Thro*. Amen. 

tized by GoOgle 


At incensing the Bread and Wine, he say*, 

Incensum istud a te 
benedictum, aacendat 
ad te, Domine, et de- 
scendat super nos mi- 
sericardia tua. 

May this, incense 
which thou hast blest, 
O Lord, ascend to 
thee, and may thy mer- 
cy descend upon us. 

At incensing the Attar, he says, Ps. cxl. 

Dirigatur, Domine, 
oratio mea sicut incen- 
sum, in conspectu tuo : 
elevatio manuum mea- 
ram sacrificium vesper- 
tinuih. Pone, Domine, 
cut todiam ori meo, et 
ostium circumstantiss 
labiis meis, ut non de- 
clinet cor meum in 
verba malitis, ad ex- 
cusandas excusationeS 

Let my prayer, O 
Lord, ascend like in- 
cense in thy sight : and 
the lifting up of my 
hands be as an evening 
sacrifice. Place, O Lord, 
a guard on my month, 
and a gate of prudence 
before my lips, that my 
heart may not wander 
after words of malice, 
to seek excuses in tin. 

in peccatiSj. 
On giving the Censer to the Deacon, he says, 
May the Lord enkindle within us the fire of 
his love, and the flame of everlasting charity. 

Washing his Hands, he says t Ps. xxv. 6., 
Lavabo inter inn*- I wiil wash my hande 
centes manus meas : among the innocent : 
et circumdabo altare and will encompass thy 
tuum, Domine. altar, O Lord. 

tized by G00gk 



Ut audjam yocem 
laud is : et ennrrcm uni- 
versal mirabilia ton. 

Domine, dilexi deco- 
rem domus tuae, et lo- 
cum habitationis gloriae 

Ne perdas, cum ira- 
piw animam. meam \ el 
euro vim sanguinum 
vitara rnenm. 
. In quorum minibus 
iai^uitat^eumt, dexter 
ra eoxum repleta est 

Ego. autem in inno* 
centia me* iagressus 
sum; xedime me c* 
miserere met , . 

Pes meus stetit in 
directo: in ecclesiis 
benedicam te, Domine. 

Gloria Patri, et Fi- 
lio, &c 

Tbat I may hear the 
voice of praise, and 
publish all thy marvel- 
lous works. 

Lord, I have loved 
the beauty of thy house 
and the place of the 
habitation of thy glory. 

Destroy not my soul 
with the impious; and 
my life with men of 
bloody minds. 

In whose hands are 
iniquities: their right 
hand is filled with 

But I have walked, 
in my innocence; re- 
deem me, and have 
mercy on me. 

My feet have stood 
in the right path *, in 
the assembly I will 
bless thee, O Lord. 

Glory be to the Fa* 
ther, &c. 

Bowing btftxeito middle of the Altar, ha Hips, 

Suscipe, sancta Tri- 
nitas, hanc oblationem 

Receive, O holy Tri- 
nity, this oblation which 

tized by GoOgle 


quam tibl offerimus, ob 
memoriam Passionis, 
Resurrectionis, et As- 
censionis Jesu Christi 
Domini nostri ; et in 
honoretn beatre Maria? 
semper Virginia et bea* 
ti Joannis Baptists*, et 
sanctorum apostolorum 
Petri et Pauli, et isto- 
ram et omnium Sane* 
torum, ut fllia proflciat 
ad honorem nobis au- 
tem ad salutem : et illi 
pro nobis mteroedere- 
dignentur in coelia quo- 
ram memoriam agimjus 
m terris. Per eundem* 
Christum Dominum 
nostrum. Amen. 

Then turning himself towards the People^ he 
Orate, fratres, nt Brethren, pray that 

we make to thee in 
memory of the Passion, 
Resurrection, and As- 
cension of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, and in 
honour of 1 the blessed 
Mary, ever a Virgin, of 
blessed John Baptist, 
the holy Apostles Peter 
and Paul,* and of ail the 
Saints ; that it may be 
available to their ho- 
nour and our salvation : 
and may they vouch' 
safe to intercede for 
us in heaven, • whose 
memory we celebrate 
oft earth. Through, the 
game Christ our Lord* 

meum ac vestrum sacri- 
ficium acceptable fiat 
apud Deum Patrem 

R. Suscipiat Domi- 
nus sacrificium de ma- 
nibus tuia, ad laudem 

my sacrifice, and. yours 
may be acceptable, to 
God the Father Al- 

R. May the Lord re- 
ceive the sacrifice from 
thy hands, to the praise 



et gloriam noihhus sui, and glory of his name, 

lid utHitatem quoque and to our benefit, and 

nostram, totiusque ec- to that of bis holy 

tlesise isuse santtas. Church. 

While the Priest, turning to the Book, reads the 
StCftfix ;— 
Receive, we beseech thee, oh Lord, the offer- 
ings we> bring, which are the gifts of thine own 
bounty : thnt these most holy mysteries may* by 
tb&powm of thy grace, make our conduct in this 
life holy, and bring us to those joys which w*H 
never end. Look d#wn, also, favourably, we 
bcoooch thee, on oar supplications in behalf of 
thy earwiate departed « that, a» thou wast pleased 
to bestow on them the merit of Christian faith, 
thou wouldst also grant them the reward thereof: 
through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with thee, 
and the Holy Ghost; Iiveth and reigneth.foT ever 
and ever. Amen. 

O God, who in one perfect sacrifice hast 
united ail the various sacrifices of the law, accept 
from thy devout servants this sacrifice, and sanc- 
tify it by die like blessings as thou didst the 
offering of Abel : that what each has offered to 
thy divine* Majesty may avail to the salvation of 
ail. And may these sacred mysteries, by dimi- 
nishing in us the love of the things of this world, 
increase hi us the'' love of such as are eternal ; 
so that the prayers of thy church, which are 
pleasing to thee, may become more so by the 



purity of our minds. Through Christ our Lord; 
who, with thee, and the Holy Ghost, livfetfh and 
xeigneth, ' 

P. Per omnia sacula P. World without 
sseculorum. R. Amen. end. R. Amen. 

Tub Preface. 

P. Dominus roofs-' 
cttm. R. Etcum spi- 
ritoT tiro. ' P. Stfrsum 
corda. R. Habemus 
ad'tfomittum. Pi Gra- 
tia* agamus Dommo 
Deo nostra. R. Di£- 
num et justum est. 

you. R. And with *fey 
spirit. P. Lift up your 
hearts. R. We hare 
Med them up ttf the 
Lord.: p. Let tt* give 
thanks to ou*Lor<i©eai 
R. It is meet atf* just; 

The Preface on Festivals, and other days that 
have none proper, and in Masses for the Dead. 

Vrre dignura et 
justum est, eequum et 
saJ.utare,.no8 tibi sem- 
per et ubique gratias 
agere, Domine sancte, 
Pater om nipotens, seter- 
ne Detfs. * Per Chris- 
turn Ddminum nos- 
trum : per quern majes- 
tatem tuam laudant an 4 
geli, adorant domimv 

It is truly meet audi 
just, right, and avaik 
able to salvation, that 
we should always, and 
in all places, give 
thanks to thee^O holy 
Lord,FatterAtajg|kty v 
eternalOOd. *Ttatough 
Christ our Eer# : by 
wtotri th* angels praise 
thy Majesty, the domi* 

* Tbj» mark refer* to the eubaequeot parts of tUe 
proper Prefaces. 




tiones, tremunt potes- 
tates, cceli coelorumque 
Virtutes, ac beata sera- 
phim, aocia exultatione 
concelebrant. Cum qui- 

bus et nostras voces, ut mon jubilee glorify it. 
admitti jubeas depre- Together with whom we 
camur, suppHei confes- 
stone dicentes : 

nations adore it, the 
powers tremble before 
it, the heavens, the hea- 
venly virtues, and bless- 
ed seraphim, with com- 

beseech thee that we 
maybe admitted to'join 
our humble voices, say* 

Holy, holy, bely, 
Lord God of Sabaoth. 
Heaven and earth are 
full of thy glory. Ho- 
sanna in the highest. 
Blessed is he that 
cometh in the name of 
the Lord. Hosanna in 
the highest. 

On Trinity-Sunday, and on every other Sun- 
day in the Year that has no proper Preface. 
• Qui eum unigenitox * Who, together with 

Filio tuo et* Spiritu thy only begotten Son, 

Sanctus, • sanctus, 
sanctus, — Dominus 
Deus Sabaoth. Pleni 
sunt coeli et terra gloria 
tua. Hosanna in ex- 
ceXsis. Benedictus qui 
venit in nomine Domi- 
ni. Hosanna in exeel- 

Sancte unu» es Deus, 
unusesD'ominus: non 
in ttnias singularitate 
Persons*, sed in unius 
Trinitate substantias. — 
Quod enfm de tua' glo- 

and the Holy Ghost,art 
one God, and one Lord ; 
not in a singularity of 
one Person,but in a Tri- 
nity of one substance. 
For what we believe of 



ria, revelante- te, cred*. 
mus, hoc de Filio too, 
hoc de Spiritu Sanotoj 
sine* differentia diacre» 
tionii sentlmus, Ut 
in eonfessione • vera 
sempiteraaxpie Deita* 
tie* et in Persoms pro* 
prietas, et in essentia 
unitas, et in iMajesta* 
te adoretur asqualitas. 
Quam laudant angel i 
atque. archangeli, che- 
rubim .quooue ac sera- 
phim, qui non eessant 
clamare quoti^ie, una, 
voce dicentes, Sanctus, 

tiby glory, aa thou hast 
revealed, the same w# 
believe of thy Son, and 
of the Holy Gnost, vithr 
out any difference or 
distinction... So that, in 
the. confession of ..the 
true and eternal Deity* 
we adore a distinction 
in the Persons, an uni- 
ty in the essence, and 
an equality in the Ma- 
jesty. Whom tlje an- 
gels and archangels, 
the cherubim also and 
seraphim praise, and 
cease not daily to cry 
out with one voice, say- 
ing, Holy, &c. 

From Christmas- Day tUl the Epiphany; on 
Corpus Christ! ; and on our Lord's Transfi- 

* Quia per incarnaJU 
Verb* mystettSun* now 
mentis nostra oeutis 
lux lass claritatis m&i- 
sit : ut dum vwibi liter 
Down cognoseimusfrper 
hunc in inrislbiUum 

* Sinoa by the mys- 
tery of the Word made 
flesh, a new ray of thy 
glory has appeared to 
the eyei of our souls : 
.that while we;, behold 
God visibly* we may be 

Digitized by GoOgle 



amerremrapiaroiiT. •+ Et 
uteo. com. angelis et 
avchang&lis* cum thro- 
nis-ei dominactidntbus, 
oamque- omni militia 
opefestU ©xercitun, hym- 
ttuAi glome- tuae <sm*. 
mjus* sine* fine diceutes, 
8anwtmvAc * 

ewried by bis*, to the 
*leve of things invisible, 
tAnd therefore with 
the angels and ar/clau^ 
gels, with the thrones 
and dominations and 
' witia all the heaven^ 
boat, we siog an ever* 
lasting hynauto thy.glo» 
'7, sayiufc, Holy, &e> . 

On the Epiphany and during Us Octave. 
* C$uia cum XJnigeni- * Because when thy 

tus .tuoB in substantia 
nostra? mortalitatis ap- 
paruit, liovanos immor-« 
talitatis suae luce repa- 
ravit. f Et ideo, &c. 

only begotten Son ap- 
peared in the substance 
of our .mortal flesh^ he 
repaired us by the new 
light of his im mortality, 
+ And therefore, &c. 

In Lent'/'//' Passion-Sunday.' 

* Qui corporali je- 
junio vitia comprhfcis, 
tfrefttem etevtfs^virtu- 
tem largiris et prsearfa. 
• Per Christum, *c. 

• Whobytbi«J>odiIy 
fast extinguisheet our 
▼ices, etevatest our un- 
derstanding*, bestowest 
-on ms virtue and its 're- 
ward. * Through, && 

«t *t*faeft« thtrt ta«**a arc ctMJcluded in thr nttt 



On Passion and Palm Sundays, 
Maundy-Thursday, and Feasts of the Holy Cross. 
* Qui salutem hum a- * Who hast appoint- 
ni generis in ligno Cm- ed thai the salVfttion of 
cis constituisti : ut unde mankind shouW ' be* 
mors oriebatur, inde vK „ wrought on the wood of 
ta resurgeret : utquiin the cross: that'frorri' 

ligno vmcebat, in lig- 
no quoque vinceretur. 
* Per Christum, &c. 

wlience death* came-, 
thence life might rfrise V 
and that he who over- 
came by the tree might 
also by the tree be over- 
come. * TJhrpugh, &c 

From Holy Saturday till the Ascension. 

Virb '. dignum et 
justum est, 'aequura 
et salutare, te quidera, 
Domine,omni tempore, 
sed [in hac potissimum 
nocte Tel die, vel] in 
hoc potissimum glorio- 
siua pr*dicare, cum 
Pascha nostrum immo- 
latusestCoristua. Ipsa 
enim varus est Agnus, 
qui abstulit peceata 
roundi. Qui mortem 
nostram moriendo des- 
truxit, et vitam resur- 
gendo reparavit. f Et 
ideo, &c 

If is truly meet and 
just, right and avail- 
able to solvation, to 
praise thee, O Lord, at 
all times, but chiefly on 
this [night or day, or at 
this time] when Christ 
our Passover was sacri- 
ficed for us. For A? is 
the. true Lamb who bat]} 
taken away the sins of 
the world. Who, by 
dying hasdestroyed our 
death; and by rising 
again has restored us, to 
life, t AM therefore, 

Digitized by GoOgle 



From Ascension-Day till Whitsun-I^ve. 

* Per Christum Do- 
minum nostrum. Qui 
post resurrectionem su- 
am omnibus discipulis 
suift manifestus appa- 
rait, et ipsis cementi- 
bus est elevatus in co> 
loin, ut nos divinitatis 
suss tiibueret esse par- 
ticipes. + Et ideo, &c. 

* Through Christ our 
Lord. Who after his 
resurrection appeared 
openly to all his disci- 
ples, and in their pre- 
sence ascended into 
heaven, to make us par- 
takers of his divine na- 
ture. + And therefore, 

From Whitsun-Eve fill Trinity-Sunday ; and 
in Votive passes of the Holy Ghost. 

* Pfer Christum Do- 
minant nostriim* Qui 
ascendens super omhes 
coelosy sedbnsque ad 
dex teram tuate,proims. 
sum Spiritum sanctum 
[hodierrm die] in Alios 
adoptkmiseffudifc Qua 
propter 1 proftisisgaudiis 
totus in btbe terrarum 
mundus exultat r sed et 
supernss virtutes atque 
angeHea* potestatea,' . 
hymnum glorf® .ttiae 
con'cirtunt sirite fine dfo 
centes* SanctUs, 8cc» 

* Through Christ our 
Lord. Who, ascending 
above all the heavens, 
and sitting at thy- right 
hand, did. send down 
the promised Holy Spi- 
rit [this fay] upon the* 
children of adoption. 
Wherefore the whole 
world displays its ex- 
cess of joy; the hea- 
venly virtues also, and 
all the angelic powers, 
sing in concert an ever, 
lasting hymn to thy 
glory, saying, Holy, &c. 



On Festivals of the B. V. Mary (the Purifi- 
cation excepted) on which is said the Preface 
of Cbristmaa. 

» That we shouW 
praise, bless, and glorify 
thee on the N. of the 
blessed Mary ever a 
Virgin. Who by the 
overshadowing of the 
Holy Ghost conceived 
thy only begotten Son* 
and, the glory of her 
virginity still remain- 
ing, brougnt' fbrth the 
eternal' light of the 
world, Jesus Christ our 
Lord.* By wham, &c 
On the Festivals of the Apoqtlbs. 

• Et te in N. Beats* 
Maris semper Virginia 
collaudare, ben edi cere, 
et praedicare. Qiue et 
unigenitum tuum Sanc- 
ti Spiritus obumbra- 
tione concepit ; et Vir- 
ginitatis gloria perma- 
nente, lumen seternum 
mundo effudit, Jesum 
Christum Dominum 
nostrum. * Per quern, 

Vbrr dignum et 
justum . est, eequum 
et salutare, te Domine 
suppliciter exorare, ut 
gregem tuum Pastor 
sterne non deseras, sed 
per beatos apostolos tu* 
o« con tin ua protectione 
custodies. Ut iitdem 
rectoribus gubernetur, 
quos opens tui vicar ios 
eidera oontulisti prae- 
eese pastores. * Et 
ideo, &c. 

It is truly meet and 
just, right and avail- 
able to salvation, hum- 
bly to beseech thee that 
thou, O Lord, our. eter- 
nal Shepherd, weuldfl* 
not forsake thy fleck, 
but keep it under thy 
continual protection by 
thy blessed apostles. 
That it may be govern* 
ed by those whom thou 
hast appointed its vicars 
and pastors. *And, &c. 


During thi Canon op ran Mass. 

Tib igitur, clementis- 
sime Pater, per Jesum 
Christum Filium tuum 
Dominum nostrum, 
supplices jrogamus, ac 
petimus, uti accepta 
habeas et benedicas 
hfficdona, haec munera, 
ioec sancta sacrificia 
illibata, m primis, quae 
tibi offerimus pro Ec- 
clesia tua sancta catho- 
lica: quam pacificar©,. 
custodire, adunare, et 
regere digneris toto or- 
be terirarum, una cum 
famulo tuo Papa nos- 
tio N. et Antistite nos- 
trb K. et Regina nos- 
tra Victoria et omni- 
biis Ortfiodoxis, atque 
Catholics et Aposto- 
Here Fidei cultoribus. 

We humbly pray and 
beseech thee, therefore, 
most merciful Father, 
through Jesus Christ 
thy Son, our Lord,, that 
thou wouldst vouchsafe 
to accept and bless 
these Gifts, these Pre- 
sents, these holy un- 
spotted Sacrifices, which 
in the first place we 
offer thee for thy holy 
Catholic Church, to 
which vouchsafe to grant 
peace ; as also to pre- 
serve, unite, and go- 
vern it throughout the 
world, together with thy 
servant N. our Pope, 
N. our Bishop, and 
Victoria our Queen, as 
Also all orthodox be- 
lievers and professors 
6f the Catholic and 
Apostolic Faith. 




.Memento, Domine, 
famulorum fam alarum- 
que tuarum N. et N. 

Be mindful, O.Lord, 
of thy servants, men 
and women, N. and N. 

He prays silently for those he itUends to pray 

Et omnium circum- 
stantium, quorum tibi 
fides cognita est, et no- 
ta devotio, pro quibus 
tibi offerimus, vel qui 
tibi offerunt hoc sacri- 
ficium laudis, pro se, 
suisque omnibus : pro 
redemptione animarum 
suarum, pro spe salutis, 
et in col limit at is suae : 
tibique reddunt vota 
sua SDterno Deo, , vivo 
et vero. 


memoriam venerantes, 
imprimis gloriose sem- 
per Virginis Mariee, Ge- 
nitricis Dei et Domini 
nostri Jesu Christi : sed 
et beatorum Apostolo- 
rum ac Martyrum tuo- 

And of all here pre- 
sent, whose faith and 
devotion is known unto 
thee, for whom we offer,, 
or who offer up to thee 
this sacrifice of praise 
for themselves, their 
families and friends, 
•for the redemption of 
their souls, for the help 
and salvation they hope 
for, and for which tney 
now pay their vows to 
thee, the eternal, living, 
and true God. 

with, and honouring fit 
the first plaee, the 
memory of the ever 
glorious Virgin Mary, 
Mother of our Lord 
and God Jesus Christ; 
as also of the blessed 

Digitized by GoOgle 

• of ram mass. 


rum, Petri et PafcU* 
Andrese, Jacobi, Joan- 
nis, Thomae, Jacobi, 
Philippi, Bartholomew, 
Hatthsei, Simonis et 
Thactfafe Lini, Cleti, 
Clementis, Xysti, Cor- 
nell, Cypriani, Lau- 
rentii, Chrysogoni, Jo- 
annis et Pauli, Cosmae 
et Pamiani, et omnium 
Sanctorum tuorum ; 
quorum, meritis preci- 
busque concedas, ut in 
omnibus protectionis 
tuse muniamur auxilio. 
Per eundem Christum 
Dominum nostrum. 

Apostles and Martyrs, 
Peter and Paul, An- 
drew, James, John, 
Thomas, James, Phi- 
lip, Bartholomew, Mat- 
thew, Simon and Tha* 
deus, Linus, Cletus, 
Clement, Xystus, Cor- 
nelius, Cyprian, Law- 
rence, Chrysogonus, 
John and Paul, Cos- 
mas and Damian, and 
of all thy Saints ; by 
whose merits and pray- 
ers, grant that we may 
be always defended by 
the help of thy pro- 
tection. Through the 
same Christ oar Lord. 

When He spreads his Hands over the Oblation. 

Hanc igitur aWa- 
tiooena, servitutia <nQe- 
tra, se4 : et, eimet© fe* 
mili© .tu®* qu*BSumus 
Domine»ut p&catus ao* 
cipiaa* dieaque nostras 
in, tua pace dispones, 
afcue ,ab aMem^ <&«»-. 
natione no* eripi, at in 

We thbrbforb be* 
seech thee* O Lord, gra- 
ciously to accept this 
oblation of our seryi- 
tude, as also, of thy 
whole family ; dispose 
our days in thy peace, 
preserve us from etern 
nal damnation/ and 



electorate tuorum ju- 
beas grege numerari. 
Per Christum Domi- 
num nostrum. Amen. 
Quam oblationem tu 
Deus in omnibus, qua> 
sumus, benedictam, ad- 
scriptam, ratam, ratio- 
nabilem, acceptibilem- 
que facere digneris*: ut 
nobis Corpus et Sanguis 
fiat dilectissimi Filii 
€ui Domini nostri Jesu 
Christi.* ' 

rank' us in the number 
of thine Elect. Thro* 
Christ our Lord. 


Which oblation do 
thou, O Ood, vouchsafe 
in all respects to bless, 
approve, ratify, and ac- 
cept % that it may be 
made for us the Body 
and Blood of thy most 
beloved Son Jesus 
Christ our Lord.* 

* Quipridie quam par 
teretur, accepit panero 
in sanctas ac venerabi- 
les manus suas, et ele- 
vatis oculis in coelum, 
ad to. Damn Pattern 
svuin omnipotemem ? 
Hbi gratias agehs, ben*- 
dixit, fregit, deditque 
discipulis suis, dicens : 
Aeeipite et manducate 
•xfcos omnea, Hoc ss* 


•Who the day before 
he suffered, took bread 
into his holy and vene- 
rable hands, and, with 
his eyes lifted up to- 
wards heaven, giving 
thanks to thee, Al- 
mighty God, his Fa- 
ther : he blessed ft* 
broke fr> and gave it to 
his disciple*, saying: 
Take and eat ye all of 
this,. Foil this is VT 





During the Elevation and Conbbcration, 
some of the following aspiration* may assist : — 
Dear £ord, our Saviour, come ! oh, come, 
And bless thy suppliant's lowly doom. 

After pronouncing the Words of consecration, 
the Priest, kneeling, adores and elevates the 
sacred Host. 

Simili modo post- 
qoam cosnatum est, ac- 
cipiens et hunc praecla- 
rum calicem in sanctas 
ac venerabiles manus 
suas, item tibi gratias 
agens benedixit, dedit- 
que discipulis suis, 
dicens: Accipitb bt 



Haec quotieseunque 
feceritis, in mei memo* 
riam facietis. 

In like manner, after 
he had supped, taking 
also this excellent cha- 
lice into his holy and 
venerable hands, giving 
thee also thanks, he 
blessed, and gave it to 
his disciples, saying: 
Takb and drink ye 
all of this, for this 
18 the chalice of my 
blood of the new 
and btbrnal- testa- 


As often as you do 
these things, ye shall 
do them in remem- 

brance of me. 
-Here also kneeling, he adores and elevates the 

tized by G00gk 


Come, thou I But oh, prepare my breast 

Unworthy else of such a guest : 

Unworthy e'en to see thee He, 

Clothed in tremendous mystery, 

On this, thine altar : oh, prepare 

My heart each promis'd grace to share* ' 

And let me bless this kind disguise, : #. 
This veil for our infirmities, 
Which hides thy glory, all too great 
For man in this his fallen state, • ■ » 
But lets us claim the promise due 
To faith — confiding, firm and true. 
I do believe, dear Lord ! but thou, 
Do thou still firmer faith bestow. 
Thee still my Saviour I confess ; 
Teach me to pray, to love, to bless ! 

And grant me, Lord, my daily bread ; 

And grant me every worldly need : 

My every worldly wish fulfil, 

So that it bring no future ill : 

But never, never grant a prayer, 

If it my chance of heaven impair. 

Bather be pain and sorrow given 

Than boons which may debar from heaven : 

Toil be my lot — toil, pain, distress — 

Bather than boons thou canst not bless. 

Forgive, dear Lord ! this selfish prayer, 
Still bent on self when Thou art there ! 

— ___ ^__— — 


When the* art there in grace and love, 

Whose praise alone my heart should move. 

I praise thee, Lord I — thee still adore ! 

Teach me to praise thee, more and more. 

Teach me to love thee. Let the fire 

Of love my ev'ry thought inspire 3 

Illume and purify my soul, 

And every wayward thought controul. 

May love, devotion rule my breast ; 

To thee, be every thought addrest ; 

To thee, may every impulse tend ; 

All things begin in thee and end. 

May piety increase, and tears 

For all the faults of vanish'd years. 

Forgive the past ! And may thy grace, 

Tby merits, every sin efface. 

Forgive the past ! And save me, thou, 

From every future sin and woe. 

Thee I invoke. In thy great name 

My fervent prayers to heaven I frame : 

By thee, those prayers will rise on high. 

Almighty Father ! bend thine eye 

On thy eternal Son ; to Thee, 

I offer what thou gav'st for me. 

By Him I pray thee : Him I bring : 

Behold, great God I my offering : 

By Him, through him, thy servant hear, 

Arid grant — oh, thou must grant my prayer. 

h 2 



Uiide et memores, 
Demine, noe servi tui, 
sed et plebs tua sancta, 
ejusdem Christi Filii 
tui Domini nostri tarn 
beats* passionis, necnon 
et ab inferis resur- 
rectionis, sed et in co> 
los gloriosa? ascensio- 
nis: offerimus pneclara) 
Majestati tuae, de tuis 
donis ac datis, Hostiam 
puram, Hostiam sane- 
tarn, Hostiam immacu- 
latam, pan em sanctum 
vitas teternse et Calicem 
salutis perpetual. 

Supra quae propitio 
ac sereno vultu respi- 
cere digtieris, et accep- 
ta habere sicuti accepta 
habere dignatus es mu- 
nera pueri tui justi 
Abel, et sacrificium Pa- 
triarch® nostri Abra- 
ham, et quod tibi obtulit 
summus sacerdos tuus 
Melchisedech, sanctum 
Sacrificium, immacula- 
tam Hostiam. 

Wherefore, O Lord, 
we thy servants, as also 
thy holy people, calling 
to mind the blessed pas- 
sion of the same Christ, 
thy Son, our fjord, his 
resurrection from the 
dead and admirable as* 
cension into heaven, 
offer unto thy most ex- 
cellent Majesty, of thy 
gifts bestowed upon us, 
a pure Host, a holy 
Host, an unspotted 
Host, the holy bread of 
eternal life, and chalice 
of eternal salvation. 

Upon which vouch- 
safe to look, with a 
propitious and serene 
countenance, and to ac- 
cept them, as thou wert 
graciously pleased to 
accept the gifts of thy 
righteous child Abel, 
and the sacrifice of our 
Patriarch Abraham, 
and that which thy 
High-priest Melchise- 
dech offered to thee, a 

holy Sacrifice, and unspotted Victim. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


^Supplices te roga- 
mns, omnipotens Dens, 
jube type perferri per 
manus sancti angeli tui 
in-sumjme aliare tuum, 
in oonspectu divina 
Majestatis tu«, ut quot- 
quot ex hac altaris par- 
ticinatione, sacrosano- 
tmn .FUii tui corpus et 
sgaguinem sumpseri- 
mus,omni benedictione 
opeteeti^et gratia replea- 
mor* F&t eundem 
Christum Domiaum 


We most humbly be- 
seech thee, Almighty 
God, command t these 
things to be carried by 
the hands of thy holy 
angels to thy altar on 
high, in the sight of thy 
divine Majesty, that as 
many as shall partake 
of the most sacred body 
and blood of thy Son 
at this altar may 
be filled with etery 
heavenly grace and 
blessing. Through the 
same Christ our Lord. 



Memento etiam, Do- 
mine, familomm mmu- 
larumque tuarum N. et 
N. qai nos processe- 
nut cum'aigae Fidei, 
et.dormiunt in sonmo 

Be mindful, O Lord, 
of thy servants N. and 
N. who are gone before 
us, with the sign of 
Faith, and rest in the 
sleep of peace. 

t i led by GoO gif 



Here particular mention is silently made o/ttacft 
of the dead a* are to be prayed for. 

Tpsis, Domine, et 
omnibus in Christo 
quiescentibus locum re- 
frigerii, lur>s et pacts, 
ut indulgeas, depreca- 
mur : per eundem 
Christum Dominum 
nostrum. Amen. 

To these, O Lord, 
and to all that sleep in 
Christ, grant, we be- 
seech thee, a" place of 
'refreshment, light, and 
peace : thro' the same 
Christ our Lord. 


When, sinking his breast, the Priest says, 

Nobis quoque pecca- 
toribus famulis tuisde 
multitudine miseratio- 
num tuarum speranti- 
bus partem aliquam et 
societatem donare dig- 
neris, cum tuis Sanctis 
apostolisetmartyribus ; 
cum Joanne, Stephano, 
Matthia, Barnaba, Ig- 
natio, Alexandre, Mar- 
cellino, Petro, Felici- 
tate, Perpetua, Agatha, 
Lucia, Agnete, Cseci- 
lia, Anastasia, et om- 
nibus Sanctis tuis ; in- 
tra qnorum nos consor- 
tium, non estimator 
meriti, sed venie, quae 

And to us sinners, 

thy servants, confiding 
in the multitude of thy 
mercies, vouchsafe to 
grant some part and 
fellowship with thy holy 
apostles and martyrs; 
with John, Stephen, 
Matthias, iBarnabaa, 
Ignatius, Alexander, 
MarcelHne, Peter, Be- 
licitas, Perpetua, Aga- 
tha; Lucy, Agnes, Ce- 
cily, Anastasia, and 
with all thy saints : into 
whose company we be- 
seech thee to admit us, 
not in consideration of 
our merits, but of thy 



cumus laxgitor admitte. 
Per Christum Domt- 
num nostrum. 

Per quern haec om- 
nia, D online, semper 
•bona ereas, sanctificas, 
yivificas, benedicia, et 
prsestas nobis. Per ip- 
sum, et cum ipso, et in 
ipso, est tibi Deo Patri 
omnipotent^ in imitate 
Spiritufl Sancti, omnia 
honor et gloria. 

P. Per omnia secu- 
la sseculorum. 
R. Amen. 

Or emus, 

Prjbcbptis salutati- 
ons moniti, et divi- 
na institutione for- 
mat!, audemua dicere : 

Pater noster, qui es 
in coslis ; eanctificetur 
nomentuum: adveniat 
regnum tuum : fiat vo- 
luntas tua sicut in ccelo, 
et in terra. Panem, 
nostrum quotidianum 

own gratuitous pardon. 
Thro' Christ our Lord. 

By whom, O Lord, 
thou dost always cre- 
ate, sanctify, quicken, 
bless, and give us all 
these good things. By 
him, and with him, and 
in him, is to thee, God 
the Father Almighty, 
in the unity of the Holy 
Ghost, all honour and 

P. For ever and 
ever. R. Amen. 

Let us pray. 

Being instructed by 
thy saying precepts, 
and following thy di- 
vine directions, we 
presume to say : 

Our Father, who art 
in heaven, hallowed be 
thy name: thy king- 
dom come; thy will be 
done on earth as it is 
in heaven. Give us this 
day our daily bread: 




da nobis hodie : el di- 
mitte nobis debita nos- 
tra, sicut et nos dimit- 
timus debitoribus nos- 
tris. Et ne nos inducas 
in tentationem. R. Sed 
libera nos a malo. 

P. Amen. 

Libera nos queesu- 
mus, Domine, ab omni- 
bus malis, praeteritis, 
pnesentibus et futuris : 
et intercedente beata 
et gloriosa semper Vir- 
gine Dei Genitrice Ma- 
ria, cum beatis aposto- 
lis tuis Petro et Paulo, 
atque Andrea, et omni- 
bus Sanctis, da propi- 
tius pacem in diebus 
nostris : ut ope miseri- 
cordia? tuae adjuti, et a 
peccato simus semper 
liberi, et ab omni per- 
turbatione securi. Per 
eundem Dominum nos- 
trum Jesum Christum 
Filium tuum, qui te- 
cum nnt et regnat, in 
unitate Spiritus Sancti, 

and forgive us our tres- 
passes, as we forgive 
them that trespass 
against us. And lead 
us not into temptation. 
R. But deliver us from 
evil. P. Amen. 

Deliver us, we be- 
seech thee, O Lord, 
from ail evils, past, pre- 
sent, and to come : and 
by the intercession of 
the blessed and ever 
glorious Virgin Mary 
Mother of God, and of 
the holy apostles Peter 
and Paul, and of An- 
drew, and of all the 
saints, mercifully grant 
peace in our days : that 
thro* the assistance of 
thy mercy we may be 
always free from sin, 
and secure from all dis- 
turbance. Through the 
same Jesus Christ, thy 
Son our Lord, who with 
thee and the Holy 
Ghost liveth and Teign- 
eth, God, 



P. Per omnia s&eula 
aseulorum. B. Amen. 

P. Pax Domini ait 
semper vobiscum. 

It, Et cum spiritu 

P. World without 
end. R. Amen. 

P. May the peace 
of the Lord be always 
with you. 
R. And with thy tpt* 
tuo. rit 

Breaking the host, he puts a particle thereof 
into the ChaUce, toying, u Hay this mixture 
and consecration of the body and blood of our 
Lord Jesus Christ, be to us that receive it ef- 
fectual to eternal life. Amen." 
Then bowing, and striking his breast, he says, 
Agnus Dei, qui tollis Lamb of God, who 
peccata mundi, takest away the sins of 

• miserere nobis, the world, * hare mercy 
. • miserere nobis, upon us, * have mercy 

• dona nobis pacem. upon us, * Give us 

In masses for the D&u>, As says twice, " Give 
them rest,'' and lastly, * " Give them eternal 
rest/' Then also the first of the following 
prayers is omitted* 

Domine Jesu Ghnste, 
qui djxisti apostolia tu- 
is„ pacem relinquo vo- 
bis, pacem meam do vo* 
.bis, ne respicias peccata 
mea, sed fidem Eocle- 
si» tuee ; eamoue se- 

Lord Jesus Christ, 
who saidst to thy apos- 
tles, I leave you peace, 
I give you my peace % 
regard not my sins, but 
the faith of thy Church : 
and grant her that 

Digitized by GoOgle 



cundum vorantatem tu- 
am pacificare et coadu- 
nare digneris: qui vi- 
▼is et regnas-Deus, per 
omnia saecula sseculo- 
rum Amen. 

Domine Jesu Christe, 
Fill Dei vivi, qui ex 
voluntate Patris, co- 
operante Spiritu Sane- 
to, per mortem tuam 
mundum vivificasti : li- 
bera me per hoc sacro- 
sanctum corpus et san- 
guinem tuum ab omni- 
bus iniquitatibus meis, 
et universis malis : et 
fee me tuis semper in- 
heerere mandatis, et a 
te nunquam separari 
permittas : qui cum 
eodem Deo Patre et 
Spiritu Sancto vivrs et 
regnas Deus in saecula 
saeculorum. Amen. 

Perceptio corporis 
tui, Domine Jesu 
.Christe, quod ego in- 
dignus sumere presu- 
me non mihi proveniat 
in judicium et condem- 

peaee and unity which 
•is agreeable to thywiH, 
who livest and reignest 
for ever and even 

Lord Jesus Christ, 
Son of the living God, 
who, according to the 
will of thy Father, bast 
by thy death, thro' the 
co - operation of the 
Holy Ghost, given life 
to the world : deliver 
me by this thy most sa- 
cred body and blood 
from all my iniquities, 
and from all evils *, and 
make me always adhere 
to thy commandments, 
and never suffer me to 
be separated from thee : 
who livest and reignest 
with God the Father in 
the unity of, &c. Amen. 

Let not the partici- 
pation of thy body, O 
Lord Jesus Christ, 
which I, tho* unworthy, 
presume (spiritually) to 
receive, turn to my 

Digitized by ( ' 

O* TUB MASS. 107 

nattonem ; §ed pro tua judgment and oendem- 

pietate prosit mihi ad nation ; but, tbro* thy 

* tatameatum mentis et mercy, may it be a eafe- 

corperle, et ad medelara guard and remedy both 

precipiendara. Qui vi- of soul and bodyi Who 

vis et regnas cum Deo with God the Father, 

Patre, in unitate Spi- in the unity of the 

ritiw Sonet), Deus per Hoiy Ghost, livest and 

omnia saecula seculo- reigneat, God for ever 

rum. Amen. and ever. 

Taking the Host in his hands, he says, 
Fanem ccelestem ac- I will take the bread 
cipiam, et nomen Do- of heaven, and call upon 
mini invocabo. the name of the Lord. 

Sinking hi* breast in Humility and Devotion, 

he says thrice, 

Domine v non sum Lord, I am not wor- 

dignus ut. intres sub thy that thou shouldst 

-tectum roeum ; ted enter under my roof ; 

.tantum die verbo, et say but the word, and 

saoabUur anima mea. my aoul shall be healed. 

While the Priest receives,* may be recited this 


Lord, have mercy r upon us. 
Christy have mercy upon ua> 

* Receiving reverently both parts of the Most, he 

• Corpus Domini nos- - May the body of our 
tri Jesu Christi custo- Lord Jesus Christ pre- 

'' ' ' " ' 


Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciousl y hear us. 

God the Father of heaven, have mercy on us. 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, hare 
mercy on us. 

God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us. 

Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on vs. 

Jesus, living bread which came down from 
heaven, have mercy on us. 

diat animam meam in serve my soul to life 
vitam eternam. Amen, everlasting. Amen. 

Taking the Chalice, he jqyt, 
Quid retribuam Do- What return shall I 
mino pro omnibus qua) make the Lord for all 
retribuit mihi? Cali- he has given to me P I 
com salutaris accipiam, will take the chalice 
et nomen Domini in- of salvation, and call 
vocabo. Laudans invo- upon the name of the 
cabo Dominum, et ab Lord. Praising I will 
inimkis meis salvus call upon the Lord, and 
ero. . shall be saved Afom my 


Receiving the Blood of our Saviour, he says, 

Sanguis Domini nos- The blood of our 

tri Jesu Christi custo- Lord Jesus Christ pre- 

diat animam meam in serve my soul to ever* 

vitam eeternam. Amen, lasting life. Amen. 



Jesus, hidden God and Saviour, have mercy 

on us. 

Jesus, bread of the elect, have mercy on us. 
Jesus, perpetual sacrifice, have mercy on us, 
Jesus, clean offering, have mercy on us. 
Jesus, lamb without spot, have mercy on us, ' 
Jesus, most pure food, have mercy on us. 
Jesus, food of Angels, have mercy on us. 

Taking the first Ablution, he says, 

Grant, Lord, that 
what we have taken 
with our mouth we may 
receive with a pure 
mind : that of a tempo- 
ral gift it may become 
to us an eternal remedy. 

Taking the second Ablution, he says, 

Corpus tuum, Domi- May thy body, O 
* Lord, which I have re- 
ceived, and thy blood 
which I have drunk, 
cleave to my bowels: 
and grant that no stain 
of sin may remain in 
me, who have been fed 

Quod ore sumpsimus, 
Domine, pura mente 
capiamus : et de mu- 
nere temporal!, fiat no- 
bis remedium sempiter- 


ne, quod sumps!, 
sanguis, quem potavi, 
adteBveat visceribus 
meis: et proesta, ut in 
me non renianeatscele- 
rum macula quem pura 
et sanete refeeerunt sa- 

'cramenta. Q*n viv w with this pure and holy 
et regnas in aeecula sae- sacrament. Wholivest, 
culonwn. Amen. &c. Amen. 

oy Google 


Jesus, hidden manna, have mercy on us. 

Jesus, memorial of the wonders of God, have 
mercy on us. 

Jesus, word made flesh, have mercy on us. 

Jesus, thou who contest to dwell in us, have 
mercy on us. 

Jesus, sacred host, have mercy an us. 

Jesus, chalice of salvation, haw mercy.,en us. 

Jesus, mystery of faith, have mercy on us. 

Jesus, most holy of sacrifices, have mercy 
on us. 

Jesus, true propitiation for the living and tht 
dead, have mercy on us. 

Jesus, heavenly antidote preserving us from, 
sin, have mercy on us. 

Jesus, most stupendous of all miracles,. have 
mercy on us. 

Jesus, most excellent and undeserved gift* 
have mercy on us. 

Jesus, fulness of heavenly favours, have 
mercy on us* 

, Jesus* food of immortality, have mercy qn us. 

Jesus, tremendous and life-giving sacrament, 
have mercy, on us. 

Jesus, oread made flesh, by the omnipotence 
of the Word, have -mercy on us. 

Jesus, unbloody sacrifice, have mere/ on us. 

Jesus, food and guest, have mercy on u&> 

Jesus, holy feast at which angels minister, 
have mercy on us. 

Jesus, sacrament of love, have mercy on us. 



Jesus, bond of charity, hare mevey on us. 

Jesus, offering and oblation, have mercy on us. 

Jesus, fountain of spiritual sweetness, hare 
mercy en us. 

Jeous, strength of souls, have mercy on us. 

Jesus, viaticum of those who die in the 
Lord, have mercy on us. 

Jesus, pledge of future glory, have mercy 
on us. 

Be merciful unto us, spare us, Lord. 

Be merciful unto us, graciously hear us, 

From an unworthy reception of thy body and 
blood, deliver us, Lord. 

From the concupiscence of the flesh, deliver 
us, Lord. 

From the concupiscence of the eyes, deliver 
us, Lord. " 

From the pride of life, deliver us, Lord* 

From all occasion of sin, deliver us, Lord. 

From presuming to measure thy infinite power 
by the suggestions of our weak and narrow un- 
derstandings ; deliver us, Lord. 

From preferring the rash testimony of our 
senses to the positive declarations of thy all- 
powerful word ; deliver us, Lord. 

By that desire with' which thou didst desire to 
eat thisPasehe with thy disciples ; deliver us, 

By that humility with which thou didst wash 
thy disciples' feet ; deliver us, Lord. 

^ =====l Digitized by C_ 


By that Iotg with which thou didst institute 
this sacrament ; deliver us, Lord. 

By thy precious blood which thou hast left to 
us on the altar ; deliver us» Lord. 

By the five wounds which this thy holy body 
did receive for us ; deliver us, Lord. 

Sinners that we are, we beseech thee, hear us. 

That thou wouldst preserve and increase our 
faith, reverence, and devotion towards this ador- 
able sacrament ; we beseech thee, hear us. 

That, by a true confession of our sins, thou 
wouldst deign to bring us to the frequent use of 
tne Eucharist ; we beseech thee, hear us. 

That thou wouldst deign to free us from all 
heresy, perfidy, and blindness of heart ; we 
beseech thee, hear us. 

That thou wouldst deign to impart to us the 
precious and heavenly fruits of this holy sacra- 
ment ; we beseech thee, hear us. 

That as often as we are present at the sacrifice 
of the mass we may piously shew forth the 
sufferings and death of the Lord ; we beseech 
thee, hear us. 

That at the hour of our death thou wouldst 
deign to comfort and strengthen us by this 
heavenly viaticum ; we beseech thee, hear us. 

Son of God, we beseech thee, hear us. 

Lamb of God, who .takest away the sins of 
the world ; spare us, Lord. 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sinsi of 
the world ; hear us, Lord. 

■ ■ l 

^ Digitized by GOQQle 

or tub mass. 113 

■ of God, who takest away the sins of 
the world ; have mercy on us* 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear as. 

Lord, hay© mercy on us. Christ, have mercy 
on us. Lord, have mercy on us. 

Oar Father, &c 

V. Oh Lord, hear my prayer. R. And let 
my esy come unto thee. 

O God who, in this wonderful sacrament, hast 
left us a perpetual memorial of thy passiou , grant 
as, we Bes e e ch thee, so to venerate the sacred 
mysteries of thy body and blood, that we may 
alwaysfeel the effects of them in our souls. Who 
liveet and reignest for ever and ever. Amen. 

While, turning to the Book, he reads the Com- 
munions : 

Ps. lxxxiii. — The sparrow bath found her- 
setf a house, and the turtle-dove a nest where 
she may lay her young ones : in like manner, 
O Lord of Hosts, my King and my God, let 
my abode be near thy altar : blessed are they 
that dwell in thy house, they shall praise thee 
for ever and ever. 

P. Comm. Purificent. May the mysteries 
we have witnessed purify us, we beseech thee, 
oil almighty and merciful God : and grant, by 
the intercession of thy saints, that this sacra- 
ment may not increase our guilt to punishment, 
but be a means of obtaining pardon in order to 



salvation: maj it wash away tin, strengthen 
our frailty, secure us against the dangers of the 
world, and procure forgiveness for all the faith- 
ful, both living and dead. Through Jesus Christ 
our Lord, who, with thee and the Holy Ghost, 
liveth and reigneth for ever and ever. Amen. 

* II. Postcom. (Mundet.J — May the obla- 
tion of this divine sacrament, we beseech thee, 
O Lord, both cleanse and defend us : and, by 
the intercession of the blessed Mary, the Virgin 
Mother of God, of the blessed apostles Peter and 
Paul, of blessed N. and of all the saints, free us 
from all sin, and deliver us from all adversity. 
After the Postcommunion is added the Prayer, 
( Et f amnios.) 

Depend also, O Lord, from all adversity, 
thy servant N. our Pope, N. our Bishop, Vic- 
toria our Queen, Albert her royal consort, and 
the royal family, together with the people and 
army committed to her care : grant peace in 
our days, and banish all wickedness from thy 
church, through, &c 

Dominus vobiscum. The Lord be with 

R. Et cum splritu B. And with thy 
tuo. spirit 

Ite, missa est, (vel) Go, you are dis- 
Benedicamus Domino, missed, (or) let us bless 
the Lord. 
B. Deogratias. R. Thanks be to God. 

. OF THX MASS. 115 

In Masses for the Dead. 

P. Requiescant in P. Mar they rest m 
pace. K. Amen. peace. R. Amen. 

When bowing before the Altar, the Priest says, 

Placeat t#>i, sancta Let the performance 

Trioitaa* obeequium of my homage bejpleas- 

ing to thee, O holy Tri- 
nity: and grant that 
the sacrifice which I, 
tho' unworthy, hare 
joined in offering 
up in the sight of 
thy majesty, may be ac- 
ceptable to thee, and 
thro* thy mercy be a 
propitation for me, and 
all those for whom it 
has been offered. Thro*. 

Turning "himself towards the People he gives 
them his blessing, saying, 

May Almighty God, the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost, bless you. Amen. 
P. Dominus vobis- P. Our Lord be with 
cum. K. Et cum spi- you. R. And with thy 

servitude me«e : et 
prsesta, ut sacriflcium 
quod ocuJis tu» M&jea- 
tatia, indignus obtuli, 
tibi ait aoe*piabile, mi- 
hiqu© et omnibus pro 
quibus illud obtuli, sit 
te miserante, propitia- 
bile. Per Christum 
Dominum nostrum. 

ritu tuo. P. Initium 
aancti ,Evangelii se- 
cundum Joahnem. R. 
Gloria tibi, Domine. 

spirit. P. The begin- 
ning of the GoBpel ac- 
cording to St. John, 
R. Glory be to thee, 




In principio erat Ver- 
bum, etVerbum erat 
apud Deum; et Deus 
erat Verbum ; hoc erat 
in principio apud 
Deum. Omnia per 
ipsum facta, sunt, et 
sine ipso factum est 
nihil quod factum est : 
in ipso vita erat, et vita 
erat lux hominuxn : et 
lux in tenebris lucet, 
et tenebrss* earn non 

Fuit homo missus a 
Deo, cui nomen erat 
Joannes. Hie venit in 
testimonium, ut testi- 
monium perhiberetde 
jumine, ut omnes cre- 
derent per ilium. Non 
erat ille lux; Bed ut 
testimonium perhibe- 
ret de lumine, Erat 
lux vera quae ilium inat 
omnem hominem veni- 
entem in huno mun- 

In the beginning was 
the Word, and the 
Word was with God, 
and the Word was God ; 
the same was In the 
beginning with <Jod. 
All things were made 
by him, and without 
him was made nothing 
that was made : in him 
was life, and the life 
was the light of men : 
and the light shineth 
in darkness, and the 
darkness did not com- 
prehend it. 

There was a man 
sent from God, whose 
name was John. This 
man came for a wit- 
ness, to give testimony 
of the light, that all 
men might believe 
through him. He was 
not the light, but came 
to give testimony of 
the light. He was the 
true light which en- 
lighteneth every man 
that cometh into' tim 



In mundo emt, et 
mundus per ipsum fao- 
tus est, et mundus eum 
non cognovit. In pro- 
pria venit, et sui eum 
non recepemnt. Quot- 
qnot autem receperunt 
eum, dedit eis potesta- 
tern filios Dei fieri ; his 
qui credunt in nomine 
ejus, qui non ex san- 
gumibus, neque ex to- 
luntate carnis, neque 
ex voluntate viri ; sed 
ex Deo nati sunt ; Et 
Vkrbum caro factum 
B8T, et habitavit in no- 
bis ; et vidimus gloriam 
ejus, gloriam quasi 
unigeniti a Patre ple- 
num gratia et veritatis. 

R. Deogratias. 


He was in the world, 
and the world wasmade 
by him ; and the world 
knew him not. He 
came unto his own, and 
his own received him 
not. But as many as 
received him, to them 
he gave power to be- 
come the sons of God : 
to those that believe 
in his name, who are 
born, not of blood, nor 
of the will of the flesh, 
nor of the will of man, 
but of God : Aqp thb 
Word was mad* 
flbsh, and dwelt a- 
mongus, and we saw 
his glory, as it were 
the glory of the only 
begotten of the Father, 
full of grace and truth. 
R. Thanks be to God. 

After Solemn Mass, the following Vbrricles 
and Responses are sung for the Queen. 

V. Domine salvam fac Reginam nostram Vio- 
R. Etexaudinos in diequainvocaverimuste. 



V. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. 
R. Sicut erat in principio, &c. 

The Prayer. (Qucesumus.) 
We beseech thee, O Almighty God, that thy 
servant, Victoria, our Queen, who thro' 
thy mercy hath undertaken the government of 
these realms, may also receive an increase of all 
virtues, wherewith being adorned, she may avoid 
every enormity of sin, [vanquish her enemies*} 
and being rendered acceptable in thy sight, may 
come at length to thee, who art the way, the 
truth, and the life. Thro', &c. 


Whilst the Priest (before the Benediction) is 
taking the B. Sacrament out of the Tabernacle, 
the following Hymn is generally sung : 

Salutaris Hostia : Oh saving host ! that 

didst unbar 
Quae coeli pandis os- Heaven's gate to mor- 

tium : tal suffering, 

Bella preemunt hosti- The tempter strives thy 

lia : • grace to i 

Da rober,ferauxilium Do thou give strength 
— assistance bring 

a.'UnitrinoqueDo- 2. To God eternal! 
mino, three in one, 


• The word* in Italics are said in time of war only. 



Sit sempitema gloria: 

May everlastingpraises 


Qui Titam sine ter- 

And endless life be- 


sides his throne 

Nobis donet in patria. 

May he in hearen, our 

home, bestow. 


Tantum ergo Sacra- 

Mighty Sacrament ! 

* men turn, 

adore it — 

Veneremur cernui : 

Praise it all, on bended 


Et antiquum documen- 

Ancient rites give way 


before it ; 

Noto cedat ritui : 

Worlds in this new 

faith agree : 

Frsestet fides supple- 

Sense and reason falter 

in entum, 

o'er it :— 

Sensuum defectui. 

Faith will solve the 

mystery ! 

Genitori, genitoque, 

Praise be to the Father 


Laus et jubilatio : 

Praise— but praise him 

not alone : 

Salus, honor, -virtus 

Greeting, honour, tri- 


umph, even 

Sit et benedictio ; 

Thanks and blessings 

to the Son ; 

Procedenti ab utroque, 

To whom proceedsfrom 

both in heaven, 

tized by G00gk 



3e aa equal homage 
dene. Amen. 

V. Thou haskghren 
them bread from hea- 
ven. Alleluia, 

R. Replenished Kith 
whatever is delicious. 

O God, who, in tbis 
wonderful sacrament, 
hath left us a perpetual 
memorial of thy pas- 
sion, grant us, we 
beseech thee, so to re- 
verence the sacred mys- 
teries of thy body and 
blood, that our souls 
may be always sensible 
of the redemption thou 
hast purchased for us. 

Hymns introduced during Mass. 
Gloria laus, for Palm Sunday. 

Glory and honour still we pay 

To thee, oh Christ, to whom the lay 

Of Israel's children rose to day.f 

* Allcluja is Hebrew, and means Praise ye the 
f This is repeated between each verse. 

Compar sit laudatio. 
V. Panem de coelo, 
praestitisti eis. AUeluia. 

R. Omne delecta- 
mentum in se haben- 
tem. Alleluia. 

Deus, qui nobis sub 
Sacramento mirabili 
paasionis tui memoriam 
reliquisti; tribue,qua> 
sumus, ita nos corporis 
. et sanguinis tui sacra 
mysteria venerari, ut 
redemtionis tuee.fruc- 
tum in nobis jugiter 
sentiamus. Qui. 

«,ze dby Gc 


Hoaannab,* King of Israel thou! 
To David's Sea, who cometh now 
In the Lord's name, hosanaahs flow. 

The Hebrews met thee, and they bore 
Branches and palms thy steps before ; — 
With prayers and hymns we now adore. 

Their songs did but thy death proclaim. 
Thou reignest mow. We. bless thy name, 
And songs of love our hearts inflame. 

* They pleaVd thee. Great and gracious King, 
Deign now accept the praise we bring, 
Who lovest every perfect thing. 

"Lauda Sk>n," for Corpus Chmstl 

Praise, oh Sion, praise thy pastor, 
Praise thy Saviour, Leader, Master, 

Praise with canticle and hymn. 
Tell thy love in strongest phrases — 
Greater he than all thy praises, 

They can never equal him. 

A special theme for thy endeavour I — 
The bread that giveth life for ever— 

Is to-day proposed to thee. 
That holy bread at supper given 
To Judas and the true eleven 

Now bespeaks thy melody. 

* A solemn Jewish acclamation, meaning, '* Save, W< 
beseech thee." * ' * J 

Digitized by GoOgle 


Be thy praises fall, sonorous, 
Be they joyous, glad, decorous, 

Speaking all thy- mind's delight. 
This, indeed, a day appalling, 
This the festival recalling 

The foundation of out rite. 
At the feast of God's anointed 
Was this holy Pasche appointed 

To supplant the ancient law. 
Novelty the age surprises ; 
Beaming truth 'mid darkness rises ; 

From the dawn must night withdraw. 
Christ did then his priests enable 
To do what He did at table, 

In remembrance of the Lord. 
Taught by him, his words obeying, 
Still we consecrate—displaying 

Bread and wine : — a host ador'd. 
This the awful dogma given :— 
Bread becomes the flesh of heaven, 

And the wine becomes his blood. 
What frail reason cannot master, 
Faith should cling unto the faster, 

Though it be not understood. 
Under different signs appearing— 
Signs the humblest aspect wearing — 

See the choicest gifts divine. 
We eat his flesh : we drink believing 
His pure blood :— the while receiving . 

Christ entire 'neath either sign. 



Who receives this heavenly token 
Has it all uncut, unbroken, 

Still entire to cheer his soul. 
Though one or one thousand takes it, 
This as much as that partakes it, 

UnconsumM, complete, and whole. 

To good or bad alike 'tis given ; 
But with fortune most uneven, 

Death or life from thence ensues. 
The bad take death, the good a blessing. 
See what difference wide, distressing, 

From a like reception flows. 

Were it severed, broke, or parted, 
Doubt not ; take it even-hearted ; 
By a fragment Is imparted 

All the sacrament supplies. 
Christ himself is whole as ever— 
Tis the sign alone you sever, 
Whence the latent virtue never 

Knoweth change of state or size. 

See the bread of angels lying 
On our altars — still supplying 
Food to pilgrims worn and dying ; 

Food for sons—for dogs unmeet 
Holy writings erst enroll'd it 
In Isaac's sacrifice behold it, 
The Jewish paschal lamb foretold it, 

And the desert manna sweet. 


Oh, good Shepherd ! hear na crying. 
Help us, Lord, on thee relying t 
Feed us, thou, each want supplying, 
And when comes the hour of dying, 

Lead us to the life of love. 
Thou who knewest all : the giver 
Of such food to mortals ; — never 
From thy grace thy creatures sever: 
Co-heirs with thy saints for ever, 

May we be thy guests above ! 

Crux Fidslis, por Good Friday, 

Faithful Cross ! of all our forests 
Tree most noble and most fair ! 

On no other plant that groweth 
Leaves and bloom like thine appear : 

Sweetest nails and sweetest timber, 
Such a cherish'd weight to bear." 


Sing, my tongue ! the glorious combat 
Which for thee this day was fought ; 

Sing the cross, the ruddy trophy 
Of the triumph nobly wrought : 

And how Christ, the world's Redeemer, 
With his blood thy freedom bought. 

* This versicle it repeated between each verse of the 
Hymn. .• 

Digitized by GoOgle 


The world's Maker, on beholding 

Our first parent's cruel fall, 
Who, the noxious apple eating, 

Introdne'd sad death to all- 
Then decreed that wood should ransom 

Those the fruit tree did enthrall. 
Then the plan of our redemption 

Was decreed in eT'ry part : 
Then it was that God determined 

Art should quell the serpent's art : 
And that, whence the sin had risen, 

Balm should saving grace impart. 
When at length the holy fullness 

Of the promised time was come, 
From the throne of God in heaven, 

To reverse man's bitter doom, 
Christ the Son, the world's creator, 

Was made flesh in Mary's womb. 
Hark ! the tender infant crying 

While within the manger there ! 
See, his limbs are swathed in linen 

By his Virgin Mother's care : 
See, his legs, his feet, his ancles 

Many an infant bandage wear ! 
Scarce six lustres are completed 

* Ere this saving child we see, 
Who alone on earth descended 

Man's pure sacrifice to be, 
Like a lamb, led forth to slaughter 

On the altar of the tree. 



See him crowned with and thorns fainting^: 

Bitter gall his parch'd lips crave. 
Then the nails, his smews tortur'd ; 

Then the lance its puncture gave, 
Whence the blood and water issued, 

All the earth, sea, stars to lave. 
Haughty tree ! bend, bend thy branches 

Softly smoothe thy rugged veins, 
And incline that gnarled stiffness 

Which from youth thy trunk retains.— 
r Softly bow to ease his torture — 

To assuage tby Maker's pains ! 
All our hope on thee was freighted: 

Thine our safety to restore, 
Thou the boat prepared to carry 

Shipwrecked nations safe to shore, 
Save us, thou dear boat ! besprinkled 

With the Lamb's redeeming gore. 
To God eternal praise and glory, 

Highest honour — highest fame, 
To his Son, our dear Redeemer, 

And the Paraclete the same. 
Love and power and thanksgiving 

Still attend God's holy name. 

The Prose for Easter Sunday and Easter week, 
Victinue Paschalis. 

The paschal Victim calls for praise ; the Chris- 
tian song obeys. 

The lamb redeems the flock : Christ, whom no 
sin defiles, \ 

Digitized by GOOQle 


rax STABAT MATS*. ' 127 

To his great Father thus the sinner reconcile*. 

Death and life in contest strange hare Met : 

The leader slain of life jet liveth, reigaeth yet. 

To us, Mary; say, 

What sawest thou by the way ? 

Angels bearing witness : both the napkin and 

the cloth. 
Christ my hope is risen : he will meet you all in 

That Christ is truly risen from the dead, ire 

Victorious king ! to us thy mercy show. 

The Stabat Mater. 

' For x Friday is Passion webk. 

Tearful stood the mother lowly, 
Near the cross on which her holy 

Son was nail'd, her son ador'd. 
Her soul the while, with anguish heaving— 
Sad — with direst sorrow grieving — 

Felt the promis'd, piercing sword. 

Oh, how woeful her dejection ! 
All the mother's blest affection 

There bewail'd its only one : 
Trembling wail'd and sorrow'd o'er him : 
View'd each torturing nail that tore him — 

Her renown'd, her duteous Son. 

Lives there one who tears could smother, 
Did he see Christ's blessed mother 
In this anguish great and wild? 

"""""" ligitizedbyL-OOgle 


Lives there one—'tis post believing— 
Who could see, mtmorM, the grieving 

Of this mother and her child ? 
He would save his guilty nation : — 
Now she sees what desolation, 

Torments, stripes, his care repay : — 
Sees her Jesus, love-inspiring, 
Scorn'd, deserted, and expiring, 

Gently breathe his soul away. 
Hail ! kind mother, source of feeling ! 
Make me feel like sorrow stealing 

O'er me : make me grieve with thee. 
Set my heart on fire returning 
All Christ's pains with love : — a burning 

Love that may accepted be. 
Mother blest ! do not gainsay me ; 
Stamp my stony heart, I pray thee, 

With th' impression of the cross. 
Source of grief from thee I borrow ; 
Let me also feel thy sorrow, 

Mourn with thee thy bitter loss. 
Make me weep with thee for ever : 
From the cross may nothing sever 

Me so long as ere I live. 
Let me linger with thee near it ; 
Joining with thee to revere it 

Still with tears — which thou wilt give. 
Virgin, of all virgins brightest ! 
Aid me thou who thus unitest 

Hearts in grief— thy grief be mine. 

— -— — Djgitizedby Google 


Join me m my Saviour's anguish : 
O'er bis passion let me languish, 
Worship every wound divine. 

From no wound or torture shrinking, 
All his bitter chalice drinking, 

Let me thus my love declare ; 
Till, by love inflamed, amended, 
Be my soul by thee defended, 

Sav'd in judgment by thy care. 

Let the cross my failings cover ; 
Jesus' passion shield me over, 

Giving safety from above. 
From my corse when life is riven, 
Grant that to my soul be given 

Heaven's glory, joy, and love. 

V. A sword has pierced thine own soul. 

R. That the thoughts of many hearts may be 

Oh God, in whose passion, according to Si- 
meon's prophecy, the sword of sorrow pierced 
the most devout soul of glorious Mary, thy 
Virgin Mother ; mercifully grant that we, who 
with honour commemorate her sorrows and 
sufferings, may, by the glorious merits and 
prayers of all the Saints who stood faithfully by 
thy cross, obtain the happy effect of thy passion. 
Who with God the Father, &c 

«,ze dby Gc 


The Dies Irm; said in Masses for ths 

Day of anger — fearful morning ! 
All shall be dissolved and burning ! 
David — Sibyls erst gave warning ! 

Oh ! what terror then heart-rending. 
When the Judge is seen descending— 
To every thought, word, deed, attending ! 

Hark ! the wondrous trumpet swelling 
Through death's lone sepulchral dwelling, 
All before the throne compelling ! 

Death and nature mutely wonder, 

Seeing all obey the thunder 

And crouch the seat of judgment under. 

Then wide opes that volume's cover : — 
Every page is written over : 
Hence must all their doom discover. 

The Lord, his seat of judgment gaining, 
Reads — each hidden thing explaining, 
Nothing unaveng'd remaining. 

How, guilty wretch ! shall I then bear me ? 
Who the patron then will hear me, 
When e'en the just will tremble near me ? 

King tremendous, God of heaven, . 
Who savest where thy grace is given, 
Fount of grace, may I be shriven ! 

Digitized by GoOgle 

TAB DJB8 UUB.' 131 

Let not then thy pity fail me ; 
May thy sufferings then avail me : 
In that day, in mercy hail me. 

For my sake, what pains came o'er thee ! 
Twae for me the cross upbore thee: 
By those torments I implore thee, 

Oh, just Judge of retribution I 
Grant, oh grant me absolution 
E'er that day of wild confusion. 

All my sins I now weep oyer ; 
Shame and grief my features coyer ; 
Spare, oh Lord, thy suppliant lover. 

Thou didst pardon Mary sighing, 

• And the thief beside thee dying : 

Thence I hope — on thee relying. 

Prayers like mine could ransom never : 
Be't thy mercy's kind endeavour, 
Lest I burn in flames for ever. 

Mid thy chosen sheep, oh place me ; 
With the goats, do not disgrace me j 
At thy right, in glory raise me. 

When the cursed far are driven 
And to endless torments given, 
Call me with the blest in heaven. 

Lowly, suppliant, I adore thee ; 
Humbly bowing down before thee ; 
Shield me then. Lord, I implore thee. 
k 2 


Sad day ! when guilty maif shall tear him 

From the tomb and swift prepare him 

'Fore the judgment seat to bear him. 

Then, dear Lord, in mercy spare him ! 
Admtb Fidblhs, poa Christmas. 
Oh hasten, ye faithful, joy and triumph vying, 

Oh speed ye to Bethlem to honour the Word ! 
See there the king of angels lowly lying ! 
Oh, come and kneel before him ! 
Oh, speed we to adore him t 

Oh, let us hasten to honour the Lord. 
True God of true God, Light of Light in heaven, 

Born of a Virgin, 'tis Jesus ador'd ! 
True God eternal, for us truly given. 
Oh, come and kneel before him ! 
Oh, speed we to adore him ! 

Oh, let us hasten to honour the Lord, 
Now sing all ye angels, till echoes rebounding 

Swell through your courts *, and for ever be 
Glory to God through all heaven resounding. 
Oh, come and kneel before him 1 
Oh, speed we to adore him ! 

Oh, let us hasten to honour the Lord t 
All praise to the Word who has this day descended, 

Glory to thee, blessed Jesus adorM ! 
Thou in whose nature God and man is blended : — 
Oh, come and kneel before him ! 
Oh, speed we to adore him ! 

Oh, let us hasten to honour the Lord t 



O Incomprehensible Creator, the true foun- 
tain of light and only author of knowledge, 
vouchsafe, we beseech thee, to enlighten our 
understandings and to remove from us all dark- 
ness of sin and ignorance. Thou who makest 
eloquent the tongues of those that want utter- 
ance, direct our tongues and pour on our lips 
the grace of thy blessing. Give us a diligent 
and obedient spirit, quickness of apprehension, 
capacity of retaining, and the powerful assist- 
ance of thy holy grace ; that what we hear we 
may apply to thy honour and the eternal salva- 
tion of our own souls, through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 


Raise up your hearts on high. 

We have raised them up to the Lord. 

Let us give thanks to the Loid our God. 

14 is meet and just* 

It is truly meet and just,*right and available 
to salvation* that we should, always and in all 
places, give thanks to thee, oh holy Lord, 
Father Almighty, eternal God, through Christ 
our Lord. 



We praise thee, God ; we own thee as our Lord, 

Eternal Father, by all earth ador'd. 

To thee, the angels, heavens, and powerson high* 

Cherubs and seraphs sing unceasingly 

Holy ! holy ! holy ! God of might ! 

AH heaven and earth beam thy majestic Ught V 

Thy praise the apostles* glorious choirs, 

The many prophets sainted fires, 

The white-rob'd, martyr'd host inspires. 

Thy holy church, from earth to sky, 

Hymns thy paternal majesty. 

Thy venerable only Son 

And Holy Spirit — Three in One. 

Oreat king of glory, Christ, art thou I 

To thee, the Eternal Son, we bow, 

Thou didst not spurn a virgin's womb to save 

mankind from death, - 

And conquering the sting of hell, didst open 

heaven to Faith. 
The Father now with thee divides his throne. 
Thou art the future judge the world must own. 
We pray thee, therefore, aid those souls for whom 

thy blood has flowed, 
Oh have themnumber'd with th/Saints in glory's 

pure abode. 
Bless thy inheritance, oh Lord, and all thy people 

And govern them and proudly raise them from a 

harmless grave. 


Each day, oh Lord, thy goodness we adore ; 
And praise thy name for ever, ever more. 
<&e*gn, gracious Lord ! this day to keep our souls 

from ill s 
Have mercy on us, Lord* have mercy on us still. 
Let thy.mercy beam on us, our souls have hop'd 

in thee : 
In thee, Oh Lord, our souls have hop'd— oh, save 

us lastingly. 
V. The Father, Son and holy Ghost be prais'd. 
M. To the one God be endless hymns upraWd. 
O God, of whose mercies there is no number, 
and of whose goodness the treasure is infi- 
nite, we humbly thank thee for the gifts thou 
hast bestowed upon us ; continue thy mercy to us, 
and give us so much of thy temporal blessings as 
thou knowest will be for our good. — Grant that 
the fruits of the earth may, by thy holy blessing, 
increase and multiply; defend them from all 
storms and tempests and whatever else may be 
hurtful to them. It is from thy hand only we 
look for succour, and to thee we have recourse 
mall our necessities ; through Jesus Christ, our 
Lord. Amen. 

Prayers to be said after the Te Deum, on Holi- 
days in lieu of the above. 


O God, who by the direction of a star didst 
this day manifest thine only Son to the Gen- 
tiles, mercifully grant that we, who know thee 

■ ■ ~ 


by faith, may come at length to see the glory Of 
thy Majesty. Through the same Lord Jesus 
Christ, &c. 


God, who wast pleased that the eternal I 
Word, according to the declaration of the 
angel, should take flesh in the womb of the 
blessed Virgin Mary : Give ear to our humble 
petitions ; and grant that we, who believe her 
to be truly the mother of God, may be helped 
by her prayers. Through the same Lord Jesus 
Christ, &e. 


Grant, we beseech thee, Almighty God, that 
we, who have celebrated the solemnity of 
Easter, may by the assistance of thy Divine grace 
ever make the effects thereof manifest in our 
lives and actions. Through tne same Lord 
Jesus Christ, &c. 


Grant, we beseech thee, Almighty God, 
that we, who believe that thy only Son, our 
Redeemer, ascended this day to heaven, may 
also have our hearts always fixed on heavenly 
things. Through the Bame Lord Jesus Christ, &c. 


O almighty and everlasting God, who 
hast granted thy servants in the confession 

Digitized by GoOgle 


of the true faith to acknowledge the gloiy of an 
eternal Trinity, and in the power of Majesty to 
adore an Unity; we beseech thee that,. by the 
strength of this faith, we may be defended from 
all adversity. Through the same Lord Jesus 
Christ, &c. 


O god, who, in this wonderful sacrament 
has left us a perpetual memorial of thy 
passion, grant us, we beseech thee, -so to rave- 
- rence the sacred mysteries of thy body and blood 
that in our souls we may be always sensible of 
the fruit of thy redemption ; who with the Father 
and the Holy Ghost livest and reignest one God, 
world without end. Amen. 


O god, who hast consecrated this day by 
the martyrdom of thy glorious apostles, 
Peter and Paul, grant that thy church may, in 
all things, follow their direction by whom was 
laid the foundation of her religion. Through our 
Lord Jesus Christ thy Son, &c 


Forgive, O Lord, we beseech thee, the 
sins of thy people: 'that we, who are not able 
to do any thing of ourselves that can be pleasing 
to thee, may be assisted in the way of salvation 
by the prayers of the mother of thine only Son. 
Through the same Lor«l Jesus Christ, &c 

Digitized byGoOgle 



Almighty and everlasting God, by whose 
favour we honour, in one solemnity,, the 
merits of all thy Saints, grant we may obtain a 
most' plentiful blessing of thy so much desired 
mercy, since we have so many interceding in our 
oehalf. Through our Lord Jesus Christ thy 
Son, &c. 
In Lent and Advent the Miserere (page 14$) 

is said instead of the Te Deum, after tchkh 
O God, who by sin art offended, and by pe- 
nance pacified, mercifully regard the prayers 
of thy people who make supplication to thee, 
and turn away the scourges of thy anger, which 
we deserve for our sins. Spare, O Lord, spare 
thy people, that, having been justly punished for 
their sins, they may find comfort in thy mercy. 
Though our Lord Jesus Christ, &c. 


Raise up our hearts, O Lord, we beseech 
thee, to prepare the way of thine only ^on ; 
that, by his coming, being reconciled to thee, we 
may serve thee in holiness all the days of our 
lives ; who livest, &c. 


From the depths I have cried out to thee, 
Lord : Lord hear my voice. 
• Let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my 

-» i j. i ; - - -■ ' ■ ■■■-.- 

Digitized by GOQQle 



If thou shall observe- iniquities, Lord : 
Lord, who shall endure it ? 

For with thee is propitiation ; and became of 
thy law I have waited for thee, O Lord, 

' My soul hath relied on his word : my soul ' 
hath hoped in the Lord. 

From the morning watch even until night, let 
Israel hope in the Lord, 

For with the Lord there is mercy : and with 
him there is plentiful redemption. 

And he himself shall redeem Israel from all 
Us iniquities. 

Sternal rest gire to them, O Lord. 
And may perpetual light shine upon them, 
O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the 
faithful, give to the souls of thy servants 
departed the remission of all their sins; that, by 
out pious supplications, they may obtain the par- 
don they have always desired. Through, &c. 
May they rest in peace. Amen, 

Then, if any one be lately dead, may be added 

the following prayer. 
Grant, O God, that while we here lament 
the departure of thy servant, we may ever 
remember that we are most certainly to follow 
him (or her). Give us grace to prepare for that 
last hour by a good life, that we may not besur- 
prised by sudden death, but be ever watching 
when thoushalt call \ that so, with thee, the Spouse, 
we may enter into eternal glory ; Through, &c. 

140 PRAY8RS A FT?«!l MASS. 


O God of mercy and pardon, grant to the 
soul of thy servant, N. whose anniversary 
we commemorate, the calm of refreshment, the 
happiness of Vest, aud the brightness of glory. 
Through, &c 


Heal thy servants, O Lord, who are sick, 
and who put their trust in thee. 

Send them help, O Lord, and comfort from thy 
holy place. 

O Almighty and everlasting Godt .the 
eternal salvation of them that believe in 
thee, hear us in behalf of thy servants who are 
sick; for whom we humbly crave the help of thy 
mercy : that, their health being restored to them, 
they may render thanks to thee in thy church ; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

psalm xix. • 
May the Lord near thee in the day of dis- 
tress; may the name of the God of Jacob 
protect thee. 

May he 'send thee help from his sanctuary, 
and from out ofSton to defend thee, ' 

May he remember all thy sacrifices ; and may 
tfe£ burnt offering be acceptable. 

May he give unto thee according to thy heart** 
desire, and confirm all thy counsels. 

We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the 
name of our God will we glory. 

Digitized by GOQQle 


May the Lord fulfil all thy requests \ now 
I know the Lord hath saved his anointed. 

tie will hear him from his holy heaven :*the 
salvation of his right hand is powerful. 

Some trust in chariots and some in horses ; but 
we will call on the name of our Lord. 

They are fettered and are fallen ; but we have 
risen and pre set upright. 

O Lord, save the King ; and hear us in the 
day we call upon thee. 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 

O Lord, save Victoria our Queen : — And hear 
us in the day we call upon thee, 
' O God, by whom kings reign, and the princes 
of the earth exercise their power; thou, 
who art the strength and support of those 
kingdoms that serve thee ; mercifully hear our 
prayers, and defend thy servant Victoria, our 
Queen, from all dangers ; and grant that her 
safety may conduce to the peace and welfare of 
thy people. Through, &c. 


Accept, O most gracious God, this our serv- 
ice : if by thy grace we have performed any 
thing according to o»r duty, in thy clemency 
regard it, and what we have done with negli- 
gence, mercifully pardon. Through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

May the blessing of Almighty God, Father, 
Son and Holy Ghost, descend upon us now, and 
remain with us for ever. Amen. 



Proper to be recited on Fasting-days, and at 
other penitential times. 

Anth. Remember not, O Lord, our offences, 
nor those of our parents ; and take not revenge 
on our sins. 

Psalm vi. Domine ne in furore, 
1 David, in deep affliction, prays for a mitiga- 
tion of the divine anger, 4 in consideration of 
God's mercy, & glory, S his own repentance, 
8 by faith triumphs over his enemies. 

1 O Lord, rebuke me not in thy indignation, 
nor chastise me in thy wrath. 

2 Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am weak : 
heal me, O Lord, for my bones are troubled. 

3 And my soul is troubled exceedingly : but 
thou, O Lord, how long. 

' 4 Turn to me, Lord, and deliver my soul ; 
O save me, for thy mercy's sake. 

5 For there fs no one in death that is mindful 
of thee : and who shall confess to thee in hell ? 

6 I have laboured in my groaning; every 
night I will wash my bed, I will water my couch 
with my tears. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


7 Mine eye is troubled through indignation : 
I have grown old among all mine enemies. 

8 Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity ; 
for the Lord hath heard the voice of my weeping. 

9 The Lord hath heard my supplication : the 
Lord hath received my prayer. 

10 Let all mine enemies be ashamed and be 
Very much troubled: let them be turned back, 
and be ashamed very speedily. Glory, &c 

Psalm xxxi. Btati quorum, 
t Blessings of remission of sins, 3 misery of 
impenitence, 6 confession of sins hringeth ease, 
8 safety* 14 joy. 

1 Blessed are they whose iniquities are for* 
given, and whose Bins are covered. 

2 Blessed is the man to whom the Lord hath 
not imputed sin, and in whose spirit there is 
no guile. 

3 Because I was silent, my bones grew old *, 
whilst I cried out all the day long. 

4 For day and night thy hand lay heavy upon 
me: I am turned in my 'anguish, whilst the 
thorn is fastened. 

5 I have acknowledged my sin to thee ; and 
my injustice I have not concealed. 

6\ I said, I will confess against myself mine 
injustice to the Lord ; and thou hast forgiven 
the wickedness of my sin. 

7 For this shall every one that is hojy, pray 
to thee in a seasonable time. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


8 And jet in a flood of many waters they 
shall not come nigh unto him. 

9 Thou art my refuge from the trouble which 
hath encompassed me ; my joy, deliver me from 
them that surround me. 

10 1 will give thee understanding, and I will 
instruct thee in this way in which thou shalt go : 
I will fix mine eyes upon thee. 

11 Do not become like the hone and the 
mule, which have no understanding. 

12 With bit and bridle bind fast their jaws, 
who come not near unto thee. 

13 Many are the scourges of the sinner, but 
mercy shall encompass him that hopeth in the 

14 Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, ye just, 
and glory, all ye right of heart. Glory, &c. 

Psalm xxxviii. Domine ne in furore. 
1 David's extreme anguish, 16 he hopeth in 
Cfod, IS his resignation* grief, 22 fervent 

1 Rebuke me not, O Lord, in thine indig- 
nation, nor chastise me in thy wrath. 

2 For thine arrows are fastened in me, and 
thy hand hath been strong upon me. 

3 There is no health in my flesh, because of 
thy wrath'; there is no peace for my bones, 
because of my sins. . 

4 For mine iniquities are gone over my head ; 
and as a heavy burden are become heavy upon me. 


5 My sores sere putrifled and corrupted, be- 
cause of my foolishness. 

6 I am become miserable, and am bowed 
down even to the end : I walked sorrowful all 
the day long. 

7 For my loins are filled with illusions ; and 
there is no health in my flesh. 

8 I am afflicted and humbled exceedingly ; I 
roared with the groaning of my heart. 

9 Lord, all my desire is before thee ; and 
my groaning is not hid from thee. 

10 My heart is troubled, my strength hath 
'left me ; and the light of mine eyes itself is not 
with me. 

11 My friends and my neighbours have drawn 
near, and stood against me. 

12 And they that were near me stood afar 
off ; and they that sought my soul used violence. 

13 And they that sought evils to me spoke 
vain things ; and studied deceits all the day long. 

14 But I, as a deaf man, heard not ; and was 
as a dumb man, not opening my mouth. 

15 And I became as a man that heareth not; 
and that hath no reproofs in his mouth. 

16 For in thee, O Lord, have I hoped ; thou 
wilt hear me, O Lord, my God. 

17 For I have said, lest at any time my 
erfemles rejoice over me; and whilst my feet 
are moved, they speak great things against me. 

Ifl For I am ready for scourges ; and my sor- 
row iB continually before me. * 


Digitized by G00g[e 


19 For I will declare my iniquity ; and I will 
think of my sin. 

20 But my enemies . lire, and are grown 
stronger than I ; and they that hate me wrong* 
fully are multiplied. 

21 They that render evil for good have de- 
tracted me, because I followed goodness. 

22 Forsake me not, O Lord, my God : do not 
thou depart from me. 

23 Attend unto jay help, O Lord, the God of 
my salvation. Glory, &c. 

Psalm 1. Miserere, 

1 David prayeth for remission of sin, 8 for 
perfect sanctity ; 17 God delighteth not in 
sacrifice, but a contrite heart ; 19 he prayeth 
for the building of a temple in Jerusalem, 
figuratively the exaltation of the Church. 

1 Have mercy on me, O God, according to 
thy great mercy. 

2 And according to the multitude of thy ten- 
der mercies, blot out my iniquity. 

3 Wash me yet more from my iniquity, and 
cleanse me from my sin. 

4 Because I know my iniquity, and my sin is 
always before me. 

5 To thee only have I sinned, and have done 
evil before thee, that thou mayest be justified 
in thy words, and mayest overcome when thou 
art judged. 


6 tTVw behold, I was conceived in iniquities, 
and in sins 'did my mother conceive me. 

7 For behold thou hast loved truth ; the un- 
etstain and hidden things of thy wisdom thou 
hast made manifest to me. ' 

% Thou ahalt sprinkle me with hyssop, and I 
shall be cleansed : thou shalt wash me, and I 
shall be made whiter than snow. 

9 To my hearing thou shalt give joy and 
gladness : and the bones that have been humbled 
shall rejoice. 

10 Turn away thy face from my sins, and blot 
out all my iniquities. 

11 Create a clean heart in me, O God, and 
Ysnew a right spirit within my bowels. 

12 Cast me not away from thy face ; and take 
not thy Holy Spirit from me. 

13 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation, 
and strengthen me with a perfect spirit 

1 14 I will teach the unjust thy ways ; and the 
wicked shall be converted to thee. 

15 Deliver me from blood, O Ood, thou God 
of my salvation, and my tongue shall extol thy 

16 O Lord, thou wilt open my lips ; and my 
mouth shall declare thy praise. 

17 For if thou hadst desired sacrifice, I would 
indeed have given it :„ with burnt offerings thou 
wilt not be delighted. 

18 A sacrifice to God is an afflicted spirit : a 
contrite and humble heart, O God, thou will not 
despise. l 2 



19 Deal favourably, OLord, in thy good trill 
with Sion, that the walls of Jerusalem may be 
built up. 

20 Then shalt thou accept the sacrifice of jus- 
tice, oblations, and whole burnt offerings ; then 
•hall they lay calves upon thine altar. Glory, &c. 

Psalm ci. Dotnine exaucR. 
1 The extreme affliction of the psalmist : 12 the 
eternity and mercy of God, 19 to be recorded 
and praised by future generations : 26 the 
unehangeableness of God. 

1 Hear, O Lord* my prayer, and let my pcayer 
come to thee. 

2 Turn not away thy face from me * in the 
day when I am in trouble, incline thine eat to 

3 In what day soever I shall call upon thee, 
hear me speedily. 

4 For my days are vanished like smoke ; and 
my bones are grown dry like fuel for the fire. 

6 I am smitten as grass, and ray heart is 
withered ; because I forgot to eat my .bread* 

6 Through the voice of my groaning my hone 
hath cleaved to my skin. 

7 I am become like a pelican of the wilder- 
ness •, I am like a night raven in the house, 

8 I have watched, and am become as a spar- 
row all alone on the house top. 

9 Allthedaylongmineenemiesreproachedme, 
and they that praised me did i 

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10 For I did eat ashes like bread, and mingled 
my drink with weeping. 

11 Because of thy anger and indignation, 
for hating lifted me up, thou hast thrown me 

12 My days have declined like a shadow ; 
and I am withered like grass. 

. 13 But thou, O Lord, endurest for ever : and 
thy memorial to all generations. 

14 Thou shalt arise and have mercy on Stan; 
for it is time to have mercy on it, for the time 
is come. 

15 For the stones thereof have pleased thy 
servants, and they shall have pity on the earth 

16 And the Gentiles shall fear thy name, 
O Lord, and all the kings of the earth thy 

17 For the Lord hath built up Sion ; and he 
shall be seen in his glory. 

18 He hath had regard to the prayer of the 
humble ; and he hath not despised their petition. 

19 Let these things be written unto another 
generation : and the people that shall be created 
shall praise the Lord. 

20 Because he hath looked forth from his 
high sanctuary: from heaven the Lord hath 
looked upon the earth. 

21 That he might hear the groans of them 
that are in tetters ; that he might release the 
children of the slain. 


22 That they might declare the name of the 
Lord in Sion, and his praise in Jerusalem. 

23 When the people assemble together and 
kings to serve the Lord. 

24 He answered him in the way of his 
strength : declare unto me the fewness of my 

25 Call me not away in the midst of my days : 
thy years are unto generation and generation. 

26 In the beginning, O Lord, thou foundedst 
the earth; and the heavens are the works of 
thy hands. 

27 They shall perish, but thou remainest: 
and all of them shall grow old like a garment 

28 And as a vesture thou shalt change them, 
and they shall be changed : but thou art always 
the self-same, and thy years shall not fail. 

29 The children of thy servants shall con- 
tinue, and their seed shall be directed for ever. 
Glory, &c. 

Psalm cxxiz. De profundi. 

An excellent model for sinners, imploring the 
divine meroy. 

1 Out of the depths I have cried to thee, O 
Lord ; Lord, hear my voice. 

2 Let thine ears be attentive to the voice of 
my supplication. 

3 If thou wilt observe iniquities, O Lord, 
Lord, who shall endure it ? 

— " ■ • ■ 


4 Because with thee there is propitiation ; 
and by reason of thy law, I have waited for 
thee, O Lord. 

5 My soul hath relied on his word : my soul 
hath hoped in the Lord. 

6 From the morning watch even until night, 
let Israel hope in the Lord. 

7 Because with the Lord there is mercy, and 
with him plentiful redemption. 

8 And he shall redeem Israel from all his 
iniquities* Glory, &c. 

Psalm cxlii. Domine exaudi. 
1 David prayelh for favour in judgment; 3 re- 
presents Ms distress s 7 he prayeth for grace, 

9 for deliveranct, 10 for sanctificaiion, 12 
victory over his enemies. 

1 Hear, O Lord, my prayer; give ear to 
my supplication in thy truth ; hear me in thy 

2 And enter not into judgment with thy serv- 
ant, for in thy sight no man living shall be 

3 For the enemy hath persecuted my soul, 
he hath brought down my life to the earth. 

4 He hath made me to dwell in darkness, as 
those that have been dead of old ; and my spirit 
is in anguish within me ; my heart within me is 

6 I remembered the days of old, I meditated 


on all thy works : I mused upon all the works 
of thy hands. 

6 I stretched forth my hands to thee; my 
soul is as earth without water unto thee. 

7 Hear me, speedily, O Lord ; my spirit hath 
fainted away. 

8 Turn not away thy face from me, lest I be 
like unto them that go down into the pit. 

9 Cause me to hear thy mercy in the morn- 
ing, for in thee have I hoped. 

10* Make the way known to me, wherein I 
should walk ; for I have lifted up my soul to 

11 Deliver me from mine enemies, Lord ; 
to thee have I fled ; teach me to do thy will, 
for thou art my God. 

12 Thy good spirit shall lead me into the 
right land \ for thy name's sake, O Lord, thou 
wilt quicken me in thy justice. 

1 3 Thou wilt bring my soul out of trouble ; 
and in thy mercy thou wilt destroy mine 

14 And thou wilt cut off all them that afflict 
my soul, for I am thy servant. 

Glory be to the Father, &c. 

Anth. Remember not, O Lord, our offences, 
nor those of our parents ; and take not revenge 
of our sins. 

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The Litany of Glory. 

Lord, receive our praise. 

Christ, receive our praise. 

Lord, receive our praise. 

Christ, receive our adoration.- 

Christ, graciously receive our adoration. 

God the Father of heaven. Salvation and 

power and glory to our God. 
God the Son, Redeemer of the world. Salvation 

and power and glory to our God. 
God the Holy Ghost Salvation and power and 

glory to our God. 
Holy Trinity, one God. Holy, holy, holy, Lord 

God Almighty, who was, and who is, and who 

is to come. 
Sing to the Lord a new canticle : sing to the 

Lord all the earth. Glory to God alone. 
Sing ye to the Lord, and bless his name : shew 

forth his salvation from day to day. Glory 

to God alone. 
Declare his glory among the Gentiles : his 

wonders amongst all people. Glory to God 

For who is God save the Lord ? or who is sal- 
vation but our God : — God", who hath girded 


Digitized by GOQQle | 


me with strength, and made my. way blame- 
less ? Glory to God atone. 

For thou hast . maintained my right and my 
cause ; thou hast sat on the throne judging 
justice. Glory to God alone. 

The ways of the Lord are good : the words of 
the Lord are sure : he is a shield to all who 
trust in him. Glory to God alone. 

Thou hast multiplied thy mercy, O God ; the 
children of men shall put their trust under 
the shadow of thy wing. Glory to God atom* 

I will give glory to God according to his 
righteousness ; and I will sing praise to the 
name of the Lord the most high. Glory to 
God alone. 

I will give praise to thee, Lord, with my 
whole heart: I will tell all thy wonders. 
Glory to God alone. 

The Lord is most high, he is terrible; he is 
a great king over all the earth. Glory to 
God alone. 

Thou hast put on praise and beauty : thou art 
clothed with light as with a, garment : thou 
stretchest out the heavens, like a pavilion : 
thou makest the clouds thy chariot: thou 
walkest upon the wings of the wind. Glory 
to God alone. 

The voice of the Lord is upon the waters : the 
God of majesty speaketh in the thunder : the 
voice of the Lord is power : the voice of the 
Lord is majesty. Glory to God alone. 


The Lord ruleth the floods: the Lord is king 
for ever. Glory to God alone. 

The Lord shall reign to eternity ; yea, for ever 
and ever. Glory to God alone. 

Let all that seek thee rejoice and be glad in 
- thee : let such as love thy salvation say 
always, The Lord be magnified. Glory to 
God alone* ' 

Who is the King of Glory ? the Lord of hosts, 
he is the King of Glory. Glory to God alone. 

How manifold are thy works, O Lord ! thou 
hast made all things in wisdom. The earth 
is filled with thy riches. Glory to God alone. 

For thou hast given me, O Lord, a delight in 
thy works : and in the works of thy hands I 
shall rejoice. Glory to God alone. 

Tfcea hast made known to me the ways of life : 
and thou Shalt cheer me with the fulness of 
joy: with thee are delights for evermore* 
Glory to God alone. 

I will love thee, O Lord, my strength. The 
Lord is my strength, my refuge, and my de- 
liverer *, my God, my helper in whom I will 
trust ; my protector, my stay, and the giver 
of my salvation. Glory to God alone. 

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want : he 
hath set me in pastures of tender grass, beside 
gently-running waters. He hath strengthened 
my soul and brought me on the paths of 
righteousness for his name's sake. Glory to 
God alone. 

■ " ■ " "' ■ " "" ' ..- ~ ■ . - 


Thy goodness and mercy shall follow me aH the 

days of my life: and I shall dwell in the home 
of the fold onto length of days. Gtory to 

God alone. . 
B&ssed be. the Lord, day by day : the God of 

my salvation will make our journey prosperous 

to us. Glory to God alone. 
God is the king of all the earth : sing ye his 

praise gladly. Glory to God alone. 
Sing praises to the Lord, sing ye : ting praises 

to the Lord, sing ye. Glory to God alone. 
Let every spirit praise the Lord : praise ye the 

Lord, Glory to God alone. 
I will sing to the Lord as long as I live : I will 

sing praises to the Lord while I have any 

being. Glory to God alone. 
Turn, O my soul, to thy rest; for the Lord 

hath dealt bountifully to thee* Glory to 

God alone. 
Lamb of God, who wast slain, and hast redeemed 

us with thy blood. Benediction, and honour, 

and power, for ever and ever. 
Lamb of God, who wast slain, and hast redeemed 

us with thy blood. Benediction, and honour, 

and power, for ever and ever. 
Lamb of God, who wast slain^ and hast redeemed 

us with thy blood. Benediction, and honour, 

and power, for ever and ever. 
Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost : 

as it woe in the beginning, is now, and ever 

shall be, world without end. 


Accept, most great and glorious King, the 
offering of our praise. Teach us not only to 
gloriff thee ; but to glorify thee alone. Teach 
us to renounce ourselves and our own perverse 
gratifications ; and truly to do all things for the 
glory of God* Let us ever remember the 
many blessings we have received from thee. 
Let us ever remember that thou hast created 
us ; that thou hast redeemed us ; that thou 
hast called us to thyself; and hast given us 
the means of salvation. Often hast thou heard 
our prayers, O Lord : often hast thou granted 
our requests; and, more often still hast thou 
upheld and protected us in thme own mercy 
when we had neither the grace to call for thine 
assistance nor to acknowledge thy goodness. 
To thee, O Lord, be glory ; to thee be praise 
and thansgrving. 

Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost : as it was in the beginning, is now, and 
ever shall be, world without end. Amen. 


Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, have mercy 
on us. Christ, have mercy on us. Christ, have 
mercy on us. Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, 
have mercy on us. Christ, hear us. Christ 9 
graciously hear us. 


d, the Father of heaven, 

d, the Son, Redeemer of the world, 

d, the Holy Ghost, 

•ly Trinity, one God, 

iub, Son of the living God, 

ma, splendour of the Father, 

;us, brightness of eternal light, 

ms, king of glory, 

ras, the sun of justice, 

>u8. son of the Virgin Mary, 

>us, whose name is called Wonderful* 

us, the mighty God, 

ius, the father of the world to come, 

nis, the angel of the great council, 

ius, most powerful, 

us, most patient, 

ius, most obedient, 

us, meek and humble of heart, 

ius, lover of chastity, 

us, our love, 

us, the God of peace, 

us, the author ef life, 

us, the example of all virtue, 

us, zealous lover of souls, 

us, our God, , 

us, the father of the poor, 

us, the treasure of the faithful, 

us, the good shepherd, 

us, the true light, 

us, the eternal wisdom, 

us, infinite goodness, 

lib, the way, the truth, .and the life, 

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JesUs, the joy of angels, 
Jesus, the king of patriarchs, 
JesUs, the inspirer of prophets, 
Jesus, the master of the apostles, 
Jesus, the teacher of the evangelists, 
Jesus, the strength of martyrs, 
Jesus, the light of confessors, 
Jesqs, the spouse of virgins, 
Jesus, the crown of saints, 
Be merciful unto us, Spare us, Lord Jesus. 
Be merciful unto us, Hear us, O Lard Jesus. 
From all evil, 
From ali sin, 
From thy wrath, 
From the snares of the devil, 
From the spirit of uncleanness, 
From everlasting death, 
From the neglect of thy holy inspirations, 
Through the mystery of thy most holy in- 
Through thy nativity, 
Through thy divine infancy, 
Through thy sacred life, 
Through thy labours, 
Though thy agony and bloody sweat, 
Through thy cross and passions, 
Through thy pains and torments, 
Through thy death and burial, 
Through thy glorious resurrection, 
Through thy admirable ascension, 
Through thy joys and glory, 
Irj the day of judgment, 

"" ' Digitized by L-OOgle 


Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the 
world, Spare us, O Lord Jesus. 

Lamb of (rod, who takest away the sins of the 
world, Hear us, O Lord Jesus. 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the 
world, Have mercy on us, O Lord Jesus'. 

Christ Jesus, hear us. Christ Jesus, gra- 
ciously hear us. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, who hast said Ask and 
you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock 
and it shall be opened unto you ; grant, we be* 
seech thee, to our most humble supplications, the 
gift of thy divine love, that we may ever love thee 
with our whole hearts, and never cease from 
praising and glorifying thy name. 

O divine Redeemer, give us a perpetual fear 
and love of thy holy name, for thou never ceasest 
to direct and govern by thy grace those* whom/ 
thou instructest in the solidity of thy love, who 
livest and reignest world without end. Amen. *• 

O God, who hast appointed thine only begotten, 
Son, the Saviour of mankind, and hast com- 
manded that he should be called Jesus *, merci- 
fully grant that we may enjoy bis happy vision 
in heaven, whose holy name we venerate upon 
earth ; who, with thee and the Holy Ghost, -Hvetn 
and reigneth, world without end. Amen. 

Digitized by « 



Anthem. We fly to thy patronage, O holy 
Mother of God ; despise not our petitions in our 
necessities, but deliver us from all dangers, O 
ever glorious and blessed Virgin. 

Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, have mercy 
on tts. Christ, have mercy on us. Christ, have 
mercy on us. Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, 
heme mercy on us. Christ, hear us. Christ, 
graciously hear us. 

God, the Father of Heaven, Havq mercy on us, 
God, the Son, Redeemer of the, world, Have 

mercy onus. 
God, the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us. 
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us. 
Holy Mary, 
Holy Mother of God, 
Holy Virgin of virgins, 
Mother of Christ, 
Mother of divine grace, 

Mother most pure, ^ 

Mother most chaste, ^ 

Mother undefiled, ^ 

Mother untouched, 
Mother most amiable, 
Mother most admirable, 
Mother of our Creator, 
Mother of our Redeemer, 
Virgin most prudent, 
Virgin most venerable, 



Virgin most renowned, 
Virgin most powerful, 
Virgin meet merciful, 
Virgin most faithful, 
Mirror of justice, . 
Seat of wisdom, 
Cause of our joy, 
Spiritual vessel, 
Vessel of honour, 
Vessel of singular devotion, 
Mystical rose, 
Tower of David, 
Tower of ivory, 
House of gold, 
Ark of the Covenant, 
Gate of heaven, 
Morning star, 
Health of the weak, 
Refuge of sinners, 
Comfort of the afflicted, 
Help of Christians, 
Queen of angels, 
Queen of patriarchs, 
Queen of prophets, 
Queen of apostles, 
Queen of martyrs, 
Queen of confessors, 
Queen of virgins, 
Queen of all saints, 
Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the 
world, Spare us, O Lord, 



Lamb of God, who takest away the Bins of the 
world, Graciously hear «*, ZordL 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the 
world, liftiv* nitrcy on t«. 

Christ, hear us. CArol, graciously hear us. 

Lord, have mercy on us. CAraf, fatw mercy on 

Lord, have mercy on us. Our Father, &c. 

Anth. We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother 
of God, despise not our petitions in our necessi- 
ties, but deliver us from all dangers, O ever 
glorious and blessed Virgin. 
. V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God. 

B. That we may be majle worthy of the pro- 
mises of Christ. 

Pour forth, we beseech thee, Lord, thy 
grace in our hearts, that we, to whom the 
incarnation of Christ thy Son has been made 
known by the message of an angel, may, by his 
passion and cross, be brought to the glory of his 
resurrection. Through the same Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

May the divine assistance remain always with 
us. Amen. 

And may the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. 

m 2 

— ■ " 



This Litany is printed from the manuscript 
of one of the most eminent divines living. . Qf 
condensing, it admirably exemplifies and ex- 
plains the figurative language of the ancient 
litany of Loretto. Prayers, like music, derive 
much of their effect, much 'of their power of sel£ 
persuasion, from habit and association; a»t|iat 
although those whose early iiayieatwM are cob*. 
nected with it may still cling t© the elde»farm, 
yet we doubt not that eearejt* will.prefer- the 
present beautiful vevaion, «f .the ancient Litany. 

Anth. We* fly to thy patronage, oh hbly 
Mother of God ; despise not our petitions fn out 
necessities ; but protect us against air dangers, 
ever glorious and blessed Virgin. 

Lord, have mercy oar us. Lord, haoe mercy 
on us. Christ, have mercy on us» Christ, have 
mercy on us. Christ, hear u».Christ s graciously 
hear us. 

God the Father of heaven, have mercy on us. 
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy 

on us. 
God the Holy Ghosts hope mercy en-us. 
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us* 
Holy Mary, Mother of God, Virgin of Virgins, 

pray for us. 
Mother of Christ the fountain of divine grace, 

pray for us. 

- ■ ■ ■ ■ = 

OF JLOftBXm. . 165 

Mother mott pure and most chaste, prop for us. 
Mother without spot or stain* jara? for. m. 
Mother as lovely as . thou art wonderful, pray 

Jar us. 
Mother of our Creator and Redeemer, pray for 

us. * 
Most prudent Virgin, deserving object of our 

veneration and praise, pray for us. 
Powerful* compassionate and faithful virgin, 

prop for us. 
Resplendent mirror, reflecting every virtue, 

pray for us. 
Chosen abode of heavenly wisdom, pray for vs. 
Copious source from which sprang all our joy* 

pray for us. 
Spiritual and honourable vessel* replenished 

with the precious ointment of piety and 

devotion, pray for us. 
Mystical rose, diffusing thy fragrant odours 

around this vale of tears, pray for us. 
Fortress of our defence, impregnable as the 

tower of David ; fair as the turret of ivory ; 

resplendent as the palace of gold, pray for us* 
Ark of the new. and eternal covenant, pray 

for us. 
Gate of heaven, through which the King of Glory 

descended upon the earth, pray for. us. 
Star of the morn, which ushered in the orient 

Sun of justice, pray for us. 
Most powerful of intercessors, in whom the 

weak find health ; sinners, a refuge ; the 



afflicted, a comforter ; and all Christians pro* 

tection and aid, pray for w*y 
O, glorious Queen whom angels,- patriarchs, 

prophets, apostles, martyrs, confessors, virgins* 

and all the host of heaven honour and praises 

pray for us. 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 
tiie world, spare us, O Lord. 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 
the world, graciously hear us, O Lord, 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 
the world, have mercy on us. 

Anth. We fly to thy patronage, &c. and the 
Prayer, «* Pour forth, &&," as in the foregoing 
Litany, page 163. 

Thb Litany op the Saints. 

Anthem. Remember not, O Lord, our of- 
fences, nor those of our parents ; and take not 
revenge of our sins. 

Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, have mercy 
on us. Christ, have mercy on us. Christ, Have 
mercy on us. Lord, hare mercy on us. Lora\ 
have mercy on us. Christ, hear us. Christ, 
graciously hear us. 

God, the Father of heaven, Have mercy oh us.' 
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world, Have 

mercy onus. 
God, the Holy Ghost, Have mercy on us. 
Holy Trinity, one God, Have mercy on its. 

- - 


Holy Mary, 

Holy Mother of God, 

Holy Virgin of virgins, 

St Michael, 

8& Gabriel, 

St Raphael, 

All ye holy angels and archangels. 

All ye holy orders of blessed spirits, 

St John Baptist, 

St Joseph, 

All ye holy patriarchs and prophets, 

St Peter, 

SI. Paal, 

St Andrew, 

St James, 

St John, 

St. Thomas, 

St James, 

St Philip, 

St. Bartholomew, 

St Matthew, 

St Simon, 

St Thadee, 

St. Mathias, 

St Barnaby, 

St Luke, 

St Mark, 

All ye holy apostles and evangelists, 

All ye holy disciples of our Lord, 

All ye holy innocents, 



J68 TBB LITAWV Off THY «itlfl*8* 

St Lawrence, ' 


St. Vincent, 

St. Fabian and Sebastian, 

St. John and Paul, 

St. Cosmas and Damian, 

St. Gervase and Protase, 

All ye holy martyrs, 

St. Silvester, 

' * 

St Gregory, 


St. Ambrose, 


St Augustine, 

St. Jerom, 


St. Martin, 

St. Nicholas, 


All ye holy bishops and confessors, 


All ye holy doctors, 


St. Anthony, 


St. Bennet, 


St. Bernard, 

St. Dominick, 


St. Francis, 

All ye priests and Levites, 


All ye holy monks and hermits, 

St. Mary Magdalene, 

St. Agatha, 

St. Lucy, 

St. Agnes, 


St. Cecily, 

St. Catherine, 

St Anastasiaf 

All ye holy virgins and widows, j 




i5«B-:W4OT o*r t«b atum. * 65 

AH yet men 'and women,, saints of God, make 

intercession for us. 
Be merciful unto us. Spar*ua,- O Lord* 
Be, merciful unto us. Graciously hear ns 9 O 

From all evil, 1 

From all sin, 
From thy wrath, 

From sudden and unprovided death, ; 
From thetdeeeits of the devil, 
From anger, hatred* and nil ill-will* . . 
From the spirit of fornication, 
Frim lightning and tempest, ' •/ • 

Frim everlasting death, 
Through the mystery of thy holy incar- 

; nation, 
Through thy coming, 
Through thy nativity, 
Through thy .baptism and fcejy fasting, 

Through thy cross and passion, 

Through thy death an^jrial, 

Through thy holy resurrection, 

Through . thy. edg»raWe ascension, . 

Through the coming of the. Holy. ©host, 
the comforter, 

In the day of judgment, 

We sinners, do beseech thee hear us. 

That thou spare us, » 1 ^ 

That thou pardon us, r ly 

That thou vouchsafe to bring us to trueUs* 
penance, -* * 

_ . . — 


170 TH« LITANY OP * Btt tAlrtWt. 

That thou vouchsafe to govern nod presem 
thy holy Church, 

That thou vouchsafe to preserve our apos- 
tolic prelate, and <all ecclesiastical order* 
m holy religion, 

That thou vouchsafe to humble the 
of thy holy Church, 

That thou vouchsafe to give peace and true- 
concord to Christian kings and princes, 

That thou vouchsafe to grant peace and 
unity to all Christian people, 

That thou vouchsafe to comfort and pre- 
serve us in thy holy service, 

That thou lift up our minds to heavenly 

That thou render eternal good things to all 
our benefactors, 

That thou deliver our souls, and those of 
our brethren, relations, and bene&cton, 
from eternal damnation, 

That thou vouchsafe ***** give and preserve 
the fruits of the earthy 

That thbu vouchsafe to give eternal rest to all 
the faithful departed, We beseech thee, hear u*. 

That thou vouchsafe graciously to hear us, We 
beseech thee, hear vs. 

Son of God, We beseech thee, hear us. 
Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 

the world, Spare us, O Lord, 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 

the world, Graciously hear us, O Lord. 

Digitized by LaOOgle 

?«S L1T*WY «* TH* 6AI**S. 171 

Lamb of God, wfc* takes* away the, sine, of 
the world, Have mercy on ua. 

Christ, hear us* €Am«, graciously, tear. us. 
Laid have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on 
us t Lord, have mercy on us. Our Father, m 

V. And lead us not into temptation. 

R» But deliver ua from evil. Amen. * 


lacUna unto my aid, O Ged : O Lord, make 
haate to help me. 

Let them be confounded and ashamed 'that 
seek my soul. 

Let them he turned backward, and blush for 
shame, who desire evils to me: 

Let them be presently turned away, blushing 
for shame, that say to me, *Tis well, 'Ub well. 

Let all that seek thee rejoice, and be glad in 
thee: and let such as love thy salvation say 
always, The Lord be magnified. 

But I am needy and poor, O God, help me. 

Thou art my helper and my deliverer; O 
Lord, make no dttlay. 

Glory be to the Father, &c 

V. Save thy servants. 

K. Trusting m thee, O my God. 

V. Be unto us, O Lord, a tower of strength. 

It. From the face of the enemy. 

V. Let not the enemy prevail against us. 

Digitized by GoOgle 

172 gtftt'MTlNlT 69 *H8'8AlMttt 

R. Nor thetton #t iniquity have Any power 
to hurt us. ' i 

V. O Lord, deal mot with us according to 

R. Neither reward us according to out 

V. Let us "pwy for -our chief bishop N -. 

R. Our Lord preserve hm^-md give him fife, 
and make him blessed upon earth, and deliver 
him not to the will of his -enemies. 

V. Let us pray for our benefactors. 

R. Vouchsafe, O Lord, for thy name's '**to, 
to reward with eternal life all them wbd have 
done us good. 

V. Let us pray for the faithful departed. 

R. Eternal restt|*rtf to -them, O Lord ; ^nd 
let perpetual light shin* upon them. 

V. May they rest in peace. ■ 

R. Amen; 

V. For our. absent brethren. . ' 

R. O ray God; save thy servants trusting in 

-V* Send them help, O Lord, from thy holy 
place. ■ . r 

R. And from Sion protect them; ' 

V. O Lord, hear tny prayer. 

R. And let my cry come unto* thee. 

•0 Gon, whose property It is always to have 
mercy and to spare, receive our petition ; that 
we, and all thy 'servants* who are bound by- the 

Digitized by GoOgle 


eboin of sin*, may, by; tbe compassion- of thy 
goodness, mercifully be absolved. 
> Hear, we beseech thee, O Lotd, the prayem 
of the suppliant, and pardon the sins of them 
that confeavto thee; that in- tiiy bounty thou 
mayest give us pardon and peace. 

Out /©£. tfcy clemency, O LordV shew thy 
mespeakable) mercy, to us* that so them mayest 
boih.ajSa.ult ua-of our sma^and'deiircr ms ftom 
the punishments we desenre for them. 

O God, who by sin est offended and' by 
penance^ pacified, mercifully regard the prayers 
of i thy people making suppKdatida to thee* and 
turn away the scourges of thine* anget, which 
we deserve for ousting 

O almighty and eternal God* ham mercy on 
thy servant N?— * one chief bishop, -and direct 
, him according to thy clemency, into the way 
of evetflassing salvation ; that by tiay grace he 
may desirfc those thing* thai .are? agreeable to 
thee* and perform them with, ail his strength. 

O God, from whom are all holy desires,- right 
«QRmsels and just wosks* 8>*« ** thr nrvants 
that peace which the world cannot give ; that 
our hearts maybe* disposed^ keep thy com- 
mandments; and* the fear nf enemies being 
removed, the { times by thy protection may be 

Inflame, O Lord, our reins and hearts with 
jkbet fire of tfcy boly spirit, that we may serve 
thee with, a chaste body, and. please thee wfth 
a clean heart 

"~ ' Digitized by GOOgle J 


O God, the creator and redeemer, of all the 
faithful, (rive to the souls of thy servant* de- 
parted the remission of all their ems * tjiat 
through pious supplications they may obtain the 
pardon which they have always desired.. , . . r . 

Suggest, we beseech thee, O Lord,, our .actions, 

by thy holy inspirations^ And carry them on by 

thy gracious assistance; that every, prayer .-and 

work of ours may begin always from thee^ and 

• by thee be happily ended. 

O almighty and. eternal God, who halt 
dominion over the living and the dead, and. art 
merciful to all- whom thou foreknowest shall tie 
thine by faith and good works 4 we humbly 
beseech thee, that they for whom we have 
determined to offer up our prayers, wjkether th& 
present world still detain them in tins flesh, 
or the world to come hath already received 
them out of their bodies, may, by the demeney 
of thy goodness, all thy saints interceding Jbr 
them, obtain pardon and full remission of all 
their sins, through our Lord Jesus Christ* thy 
Son, who livech and reagneth, one God, with tbte 
and the Holy Ghost, world without end* AnWn. 

V. O Lord, hear my prayer. 

It. And let my cry come unto thee. > 

V. May. the almighty and most merciful 
Lord, graciously hear us. 

R. Amen*.. 

V. And may the soulrfof the feithful, departed 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. 

R. Amen. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


Tub Litany of St. Jo*toPik. 
' Lord,' have mercy on us. -' Lord, have mercy 
on us. Christ, have mercy on us. Christ, have 
} mercy on us. Lord, have mercy on us. Lard, 
have mercy on us. Jesus, receive our prayers. 
• Lord Jesus, grant our petitions, 
O God the Father, Creator of the world, Have 
- mercy onus, 
O Ood the Son, Redeemer of mankind, Bate 

mercy onus. 
Holy Ghost, perfecter of the elect, Have mercy 

on us. 
Holy Trinity, one God, Have mercy on us. 
Holy Mary, spouse of St Joseph, 
St. Joseph, advocate of the humble, 
St. Joseph, blessed amongst men, 
St Joseph, defender of the meek, 
St Joseph, exiled with Christ into Egypt, 
$t Joseph, favourite of the King of heaven, 
St. Joseph, guardian of the Word incarnate, 
St. Joseph, honoured amongst men, 
St Joseph, pattern of humility & obedience, 
St. Joseph, kind intercessor for the afflicted, 
St Joseph, lily of chastity and temperance, 
St Joseph, example of . silence and resign- 
St Joseph, nursing father to the Son of 
God, ... 

' St. Joseph, the just and perfect man, 
St. Joseph, pattern of the industrious and. 

Digitized by GoOgle 



St. Joseph, endowed with all virtue, 
,St. Joseph, ruler of the family of Jesus, 
St. Joseph, spouse of the ever-blessed virgin, 
St. Joseph, possessed of all-glorious privi- 
St. Joseph, union of all Christian perfec- 
St. Joseph, protector of the dying, 
St. Joseph, our dear patron and defender, 
O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of 

the world, Spare us, O Lord. 
O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of 

the world, Hear us, O Lord* 
O Lamb of God, that takest/ away the sins of 

the world, Have mercy on us. 
V. Pray for us, O holy St. Joseph. 
R. That we may be made worthy of the- pro- 
mises of Christ. 

O God, who didst make choice of holy 
St, Joseph f o be the spouse of the blessed Virgin 
Mary, the nurse and guardian of thy belovetj 
Son Jesus, we humbly beseecfy thee to grant us, 
through his intercession, purity both of sou) and 
body, that, being free from .all sin and adorned 
with the wedding garment, we may be admitted 
to the nuptials of the Lamb in eternal Glory, 
through the same Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son, 
who liveth and reigneth, With thee, in the unity . 
of the Holy Ghost, world without end. ' Ameiu 

«,ze dby Gc 



^ I. If you are attacked by any considerable 
illness, let your first care be to send for your spi- 
ritual physician, and settle the state of your soul, 
this is much better done in the beginning of 
sickness than afterwards, when the strength of 
the fever or the quality of the remedies may 
render a person absolutely unfit for so great a 
work. Sickness is often'sent for a punishment 
of sin, and therefore a sincere repentance and 
confession of sins is often, a more effectual means 
of recovery than any other. 

" 2. If you have; not your will already made, 
as it is prudent you ought, let this also be done 
in the beginning of your sickness, that, having 
settled your temporal affairs, you may apply 
your soul, without disturbance, to the spiritual. 

••3. Engage your best friends to- give you 
timely notice if ifo'lir distemper be dangerous, 
and riot to flatter you with hopes of life when 
there are little or no grounds for hope. Make 
the best use you can of that time which % perhaps, 
is to be your last. Admit but of few visits, nor 
of any other, discourse but such as may be for 
your, soups profit, ... 

** 4. Take proper care for the discharge of 
your debts and all other obligations incumbent 
upon you ; and this as much as may be in the 
beginning also of. your sickness: forgive all 

* N_ 



those who have any way injured you, and ask 
pardon of those you have injured. 

" 5. Receive your sickness from the hand of 
God, with a perfect resignation to his holy will, 
as a just punishment of your offences ; frequently, 
offer yourself up to him, and beg that he would 
give you patience, and sanctify your sufferings, 
and that he would accept of all your pains and 
uneasinesses, in union with the sufferings of your 
Saviour, Jesus Christ, in deduction of the punish- 
ment due to your sins. ' 

" 6. Often procure some friend to read to you 
such prayers as are most effective, and most pro- 
per for your .present condition ; especially the 
Penitential Psalms, the Litanies, Acts of the 
Love of God, of Patience and Resignation, &ci 

. " 7. Have the crutifc, or the picture of Christ 
crucified, always before your eyes ; think often 
upon his passion, and the hopes which it has 
opened to you, and embrace his feet with all the 
affections of your soul. . . , 

" 8. Aim, as much as you can, ata penitential 
spirit during your sickness ; often cry to God for 
mercy, and make frequent 'acts of contrition for 
your sins. St. Augustine used to say that no 
Christian, however innocent his life might have 
been, ought to venture to die in any other state 
than in that of apttatoftt*" 

— ■ ■ .= 

. jwowps VOB. Ttf B bin*. 179 


Lord Jesus Christ, behold I receive this sick- 
new, with which thou art pleased to visit me, as 
coming from thy fatherly hand. It is thy will it % 
should be thus with me, and therefore I submit: 
thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. May 
this sickness be to the honour, of thy holy name, 
and for the good of my soul. For this end I 
here offer myself with an entire submission to 
all thy, appointment ; to snffer whatever thou 
pleasest, as long as thou pleasest, and in what 
manner thou pleasest ; for I am thy creature, O 
Lord, who have most ungratefully offended thee ; 
and since my sins have a long time cried aloud 
to heaven for justice, why shall I now complain 
if I feel thy hand upon me ? No, my God, thou 
art just in all thy ways ; I have truly deserved 
thy punishment, and therefore I have no reason 
to complain of thee, but only of my own wicked- 

But rebuke me not, O Lord, in thy fury, nor 
chastise me in thy wrath ; and have regard to my 
Weakness. Thouknowest how frail I am ; that 
I am nothing bufc'dust and ashes : deal not with 
me, : therefore, according to my sins, neither 
punish me according to my iniquities, but, ac- 
centing to the multitude of thy most tender mer- 
cies, hay* compassion on me.. Oh ! let thy 
justice be tempered with mercy, and let thy hea- 
venly grace come to my assistance, to support 

Digitized by GOQQle 


me under this my illness* Confitm my soul with 
strength, from above, that I may hear, with a true 
Christian patience, all the uneasinesses, pains, 
disquiets, and difficulties of my sickness, and 
that I may cheerfully accept them as the just 
punishment of my offences ; preserve me from 
all temptations, and be thou my defence against 
all the assaults of the eneigy, that in this illness 
I may in no way offend thee ; and if this is to be 
my last, I beg of thee so to direct me by thy 
grace that I may neither neglect nor be deprived^ 
of those helps which thou hast, in thy mercy, 
ordained for the good of my soul, to prepare it 
for its passage into eternity $ that, being perfectly 
cleansed from all my sins, I may believe in thee, 
put my whole trust in thee, love thee above all 
things, and, through the merits of thy death and 
passion, be admitted into the company of the 
blessed, where I may praise thee for ever. Amen 

Short acts of the most necessary virtues, proper 
to be inculcated in the time of sickness. 

Lord, I accept thk sickness from thy hands, 
and entirely resign myself to thy blessed will, 
whether it be for life or death. Not my-^will, 
but thine, be done : thy will be done on earth, as 
it is in heaven. 

Lord, I submit to all the pains and uneasinesses 
of this illness; my sins have deserved infi- 
nitely more/ Thou art just, O Lord, and thy 
judgment is right. 

. -Lord, I offer up *o thee all that I now suffer, 
d may. hwre yet to Buffer, to to united to the 
wferinge 'of my Redeemer, and sanctified by his 

< I adore thee, O my God and my A1J, a* my 
-feat begosrimg and last; end ! .and I desioe.te pay 
theecshe beat tbomage Lam aUa^and tobbwdown 
all the powers of my soul to thee. 
. Ij<n^ y (Ldeefret6piai8etheefor erer»iia tiek- 
neBV«8:JwnIlut8 in health ? I desire to. join <piy 
hearti*m<r. nay; voice.; with she rtohole. church of 
heayen and earth, in blessmg.theedfor.ever. 

^rgwe tbeethaois, from thev .bottom of my 
heart* for aR the meraeaiaiidbkaimga bestowed 
»p«njme<ai>d thy whole churoh, through Jesus 
Gtyrisfr tby Son t, and Above all, for having loved 
me from all eternity, and redeemed me. with his 
potecious blood. Oh ! let not that Wood he shed 
ferine in vain. 

Lord, I believe all those heavenly truths which 
thou hast revealed* and which thy holy Catholic 
Church believes and teaches. Thou nrt the 
Sovereign Taruth, Who- neither canst deceive nor 
be deceived ; and thou hast- promised the Spirit 
of Truth to guide thy Chutch into all truth. / 
believe in 6?otf, iht Father Almighty , &c. In 
this faith I resolve, through thy grace, both to 
live and die.* O Lord, strengthen and Increase 
this my faith. 

O my God, all my hopes are in thee ; and 
through Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, ana* through 


his passion and death, I hope for mercy, grace, 
and salvation from thee. In thee,.0 Lord, hate 
I put my trust, let me never be confounded. 

I love thee, O my God, with my whole heart 
and soul, above all things ; .at least. I desire so to 
love thee. O come now and take full possession 
of my whole soul, and teach me to love the* for 

I desire to be dissolved, and to be with Christ 

when will thy kingdom come ; O Lord, when 
wilt thou perfectly reign in all hearts? When 
shall sin be no 'more ? j 

1 desireto love every neighbour with perfect 
charity for the love of thee. I forgive from my 
heart all that have any ways offended or injured 
me, and ask pardon of all whom I have any ways 

Have mercy on me, O God, according to thy 
gr^at mercy ; and, according to the multitude of 
thy tender mercies, blot out all my iniquities. 

thai I had never offended so good a God ! 
O that I bad never sinned ! Happy those souls 
that have always preserved their baptismal 

Lord, be merciful to me a sinner ; dear Jesus; 
Son of the living God, have mercy on me. 

1 recommend my soul to God, my Creator, 
who made me out of nothing ; to Jesus . Christ, 
my Saviour, who redeemed me w*ith his precious 
blood ; to the Holy Ghost, who sanctified me in 
baptism. Into thy hands, O Lord, I recommend 
my spirit. 


I renounce, from this moment, and for all 
eternity, the devil and all his works ; and I abhor 
all his suggestions and temptations. O suffer 
not, Lord, this mortal enemy of my soul to 
have any power over me, either now or at my 
bat hour. Q let thy holy angels defend me 
fromallthe powers of darkness. 

O holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sin- 
ners* now and at the hour of death. O all ye 
blessed angels and saints of God, pray for me, a 
poor sinner. 

Litany for a Happy Death. 

O Lord Jesus, God of Goodness, and Father 
of mercies, I approach to thee with a contrite 
and humble heart : to thee I recommend the last 
hour of my life, and the decision of my eternal 

, When. my feet, benumbed with death, shall 
admonish me that my mortal course is drawing 
to an end,— merciful Jesus> have mercy on me. 

When mine eyes, dim and troubled at the ap- 
proach of death, shalj fix themselves on thee, my 
last and only support, — merciful Jesus, have 
mercy on me, . 

When my face, pale and livid, shall inspire the 
beholders with pity and dismay ; when my hair, 
bathed in the sweat of death and stiffening on my 
head, shall forebode my approaching end,— mer- 
ciful Jesus % have mercy on we. 

When mine ears, soon to be for ever shut to the 


discourse of m*n» shall he open to hear the irre- 
vocable decree which is to cut me off from to* 
number of the lining,— tnerctfWJ Jetm, Aaoe 
mercy on me. 

When my imagination, Agitated hy ojftadful 
spectres, shall beeunk in- an abyss of . anguisfcr; 
when my soul, affrighted with the sight of eny 
iniquities and the "terrors, of thy judgments, 
shall have to fight against !the angel -of darkness 
who will endeareun to concealrthy inemiesfinsn 
mine eyes and to plunge me into despair, — 
merciful Jesus, have mercy on me. 

When my poor heart, yielding to the pressure, 
and exhausted by fte frequent straggles against 
the enemies of its salvation, shall feel'the pangs 
of death, — merciful Jesta* have mercy on me. 

When the last tear, the forerunner of my dis- 
solution, shall drop from mine eyes, receive' ft as 
a sacrifice df ekpfatldrifor nty sins ; grafit that I 
may expire thr victim of penance, and in' Chat 
dreadful moment,— merviful Jcshs, hnvt mercy 
on me. 

When tnyfriends and relations, encircling my 
bed, shall shed the tear of pity over me and In- 
voke thy clemency in my behalf, — merciful Jesus* 
have mercy on me* 

When I shall have lost the. use of my senses, 
when the world Bhail have vanished from my 
sight, when my agonizing soul shall feel the sor- 
rows of Death, — mercifvt. Jesus, ham mercy on' 


When my last sigh shall summon my soul to 
hurst from the embraces of the body and to 
spring to thee on the wings of impatience and 
desire,— wwci/uJ Jesus, have mercy en me. 

'When my soul, trembling on my lips, shall 
bid adieu to the world and leave my body life- 
less, pale, and cold v receive this separation as 
homage, which J willingly pay to thy Divine a 
Majesty, and-iir that last moment of my mortal 
sjfc* *m$w qful, Jesu*> Ka»* mm-oy en me* 
: WfaenaUengtbrnyisoul, admitted to thy pre- 
sence, shall first behold the splendour of thy 
Majesty, reject me not, but receive me into thy 
bosom- where I may. for ever sing thy praises; 
ancbjn that moment, when eternity shalt begin 
to me*T+t««r<#ul Jesm, have mercy on me. 
i, .... , . . 

, O Gqd, who hast doomed all men to die* but 
£ast concealed from all the hour of their death, 
grant that t may pass my days in the practice of 
holiness. an4 justice, and that I maj deserve to 
quit this world in the peace of a good conscience, 
and in the embraces of thy love, ,thrpugh Christ 
our JU>r4,, .Amen. 

tized by G00gk 




My <Jod, my Creator, my Redeemer, my 
Judge, give me thy grace that I may worthily 
prepare lor this sacrament Oh, inspire and 
enlighten my soul, that I may discern ail the 
sins which I have committed against theer 
Remove, I beseech thee, remove all indifference 
and forgetfulness from my mind. It is my wis* 
to confess my sins to thee and to thy minister) 
let me not, I pray thee, pass over anything in 
this examination. Let* me see every action of 
my past life in its true light, as it is now seen 
by thee, and as I myself shall behold it at the' 
honr of my death. Oh save me from the great 
misfortune of thinking of myself otherwise than 
I deserve. Thou knowest, O Lord, what I am : 
teach me, in thy mercy, to know myself. 

Place before me all mine iniquities, and let me 
know my sins. Thou hast said that the j ust man 
falls seven times a day. Oh preserve me, great 
God! from the presumption of thinking that I 
myself am without sin. If the just man sins 
against thee, how must I appear in thine eyes ? 
I have sinned, my God, I know that I have sin- 
ned. On thee I call, to show me each separate 


fault. Oh bring all my offences to my mind 
such as they truly were, and such as they will 
ever stand registered against me, unless I repent 
of them and confess them to thy minister. 

Bring them all to my mind, in every circum- 
stance and aggrarating detail, that I may weep 
over tne past, and obtain tlry protection for the 
future. - 

;Let such, dear Lord and Saviour, tot such, 1 
ptay thee, be the finute. of th» confession. Let 
mrinot displease thee and sin against thy Holy 
Spirit, by concealing any thing through shame 
dr neglect. Oh preserve me from thus adding 
gMlt to guilt! €Kv* me thygmce and kaow- 
letfge* ihat I>may completely remember all my 
simv and may completely and feankly confess 
them: and, oh. give; me those sentiments of 
gratitude for thyigeedtoess* and that holy love 
for theev which, may fill my heart with lasting 
sorrow for having oftended thee, my great, my 
kind, my merciful Creator. Amen. 

4 second Prayer before. the Examination. 
Great>*?odj.who knovest the impulses of our 
hearts^ and who searches* our most, secret 
thoughts* and most hidden desires, I humbly 
approach *hee and beg ofrtheo to make known 
to me the extent of my misery and guilt- I 
know* O Lord* that I have had the misfortune 
to offend thee in, a thousand ways; I. know, it 
though I may have forgotten each 



separate* sin ; anri untess ith Jr. goodness discover 
them to me,: I shall vniniy on deavourto Ktmnh 
bet them as I ought. Help me- then, a«y Ood, 
in this examination of my pest life. May thy 
holy light dissipate the darkness of my .mind. 
Jifay* thy grate 'lead me in all my inquiries, 
and prompt 'me to discover the truth. May it 
show me to myself such as I am ; the number, 
the- quality, the enormity of ail .my prevarica- 
tions ; and may it 'inspire me with a proper 
hatred for 4hem, Jtfay it thus, <X Lord, faring 
every sin so 'fcJ&arly before my mind . that, 
wjben I present myself Aefeie thy muriate, i 
may ;be enabtaUsuly to* declate them suofe;ns 
they a*e* without disgoke, without-change^with- 
out increase or demunjtion •;' without forgetful- 
ness, and without prevarication. Grant mertlris 
.grace, O my God, throng the* iberits of. -Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen.- -■«* . 

Short Aspirations which may bb fjlbi 
quently repeated before confession. 

Jesus, reduce into my mind the sins and 
wickedness, wlierehy I have- offended thee. - 

• Jesus;' grant 'me the* * spirit of 'perfect repent- 
ance; that by contrition, confession, and ftatfs- 
faetion, I may obtain thy grace and thoroughly 
crease'' my conscience. f < < 

Jesus, hare mercy on me- whom thou h«t 
redeemed' with thy precious Wood. 

Jesus;' Bon of 'Davie*, have mercy ort me. • • 

Digitized by GoOgle 


• Eater iisA . into judgment with tha/ wesvafttv O 
Lord ; for in thy light shall no man' living be 

{ Examine your conscience upon the ten com- 
mandments of God, the commandments of the 
Church, and on the seven deadly Bins, and 
interrogate yourself on your fulfilment of your 
duties to God, to your neighbour, and to 

On Duties xo God, 

Hate I faffed in any part of my last con- 
fession, either from carelessness in examining 
ray conscience, or from want of contrition ? 

Hare I wandered- or doubted in any article 

Have I endeavoured to correct my faults* or 
rejected the proper means' of domg so?: 

Have I been voluntarily distracted during 
"my prayers ? 

Have I failed to hear mads on Sundays and 
^ays <rf obligation when 'I had tire means of 
doing so? 

- Have I talked at church, or given scandal by 
irreverent conduct f 

•Have I been guilty- of any acts of superstk 
tion, such as consulting fortune-teHters, believing 
'in dreams, and the-tike? 

Have I allowed others to speak profanely, 
heretically, or immodestly* without shewing, as 

' ~ " ' ' "" Digitized by GOOQle 


much as was in ray power, thaA I did not agree 
with them ? 

Have I from sloth and idleness failed in any 
of my spiritual duties ? 

Hare I endeavoured to reap advantage from 
the word of God, heard or read ? 

Have I neglected the divine inspirations 
which moved me to good deeds? or have 
I ridiculed the ordinances of religion or its 
ministers ? 

Have I sworn or taken any oath without 
need, truth, or reverence ? 

H«fe I neglected to fulfil any vow or pro- 
mise to God? 

Have I failed to oner all my acts and in- 
clinations to the glory of God ? 

Have I felt consent on seeing any one com- 
mit a mortal sin ? 

Have I felt presumption on the mercy of 
God, or too much despair ? 

Have I failed to do good from fear of the 
ridicule of others ? 

Have I done good from hypocrisy or vain 

Have I feared -to sin mow from dread than 
from love of God, without endeavouring to 
nourish the better feeling F 

Have I neglected the service of God on 
holidays to give up those days to amusements 
or visits? 

Have I murmured against God. or his works F 

TH« UUMtKAVlQV. 191 

Have I v^tingly permitted others to offend 
God or my neighbour ? 

- Have I sought to promote the epiiitual ejiod 
of my servants, children, or household t 

Have I neglected the service of God from 
attachment to the world P 

- Hare I exposed, myself to temptation mid 
the evident danger of committing sin ? 

Hare I neglected the counsels of my spiritual 
directors or superiors ? 

On Duties to one's Neighbour. 

Hav* I joyed in the distresses, or felt sorrow 
at the prosperity, of my neighbour ? 

Have I failed to excuse and pardon the faults 
committed against me? . 

Hate I kept any animosity or bitterness in 
my heart ? 

Hare I given bad advice when I could have 
advised better ? 

Have I praised any one for anything that he 
had done wrong ? 

Have I abused or struck any one in impa- 
tience or anger ? 

• Have I turned another aside from any good 
work on which he was bent ? 

Have I suspected or judged anyone rashly P 

Have) I detracted or taken away from ano- 
ther/s -character or reputation ? or heard others 
do so willingly, or without trying to stop 

Digitized by GoOgle 

1 92 DBVO^iQIf • - BBROftflfc OQ!f *BSSION . 

Have I ridfeul«d any on^or* reproached aim 
with his infirmities ? 

Have I given scandal, or been the- oeeeolon 
of sin to other** by. conversation* bad example* 
misbehaviour, -or otherwise'? 

Have I despised or disobeyed my parents 'In 
matters of importance, or wines* they 'judged to 
be such ? 

Have I been, the x»us4 that others^ lifcvc 
sworn or blasphemed, or -entertained etilitfr 
irreligious thoughts? 

Have I felt hatred against any one ? 

Have I demanded payment that was not due 
to me, or more than, was due, er changed more 
than the just price 2 

Have I refused to pay that which- £ justly- 
owed ? or involved myself in debt? 

Have I been harsh or provoking to those 
about me? 

Have I been uncharitable to the poor ? 

(If a hwbaiid.) Have I been faithful, to 
my marriage vow, loving and • cherishing 'my 
wife, bearing patiently with any weakness of 
mind, or temper, or other infirmity, and being 
kind and frank to her test I should eetsange 
her confidence from me ? 

(If a wife,} Have I been wanting in my 
duty to my husband, in. obedience. and gentle- 
ness ? or have I published hie fauHs ? orapent 
more money than he would afford ? Have I 
given him any cause for jealousy, by lightness 

TAB ■KJUBIKATltm. 193 

of behaviour towards others, or by indifference, 
or seeming indifference toward* hftn ? Have 
I been indifferent or careless In my carriage 
toward* him ; not ^forecasting to do what I 
knew, or might know, would oblige and please 

Hare I neglected to find fault with my 
children when guilty, or chastised them too 
severely? Have I neglected t» have tfcem 
baptised ; to instruct them in their religion ; to 
guard them from improper books, had company, 
and from every situation that might lead them 
into temptation P ' 

Have I used my best endeavours, subject to 
the pleasure of God, to provide for their com- 
fortable and innocent subsistence in this world ? 

Have I neglected to maintain harmony and 
good will in my household; aa much as was in 
my power ? 

Have I neglected to acquire the knowledge 
proper to my state of life, or necessary to the 
work which I had undertaken ? 
vH&vs I told a: falsehood* or been silent, and 
so deceived, when it was my duty to Speak out t 
• Have I neglected the work or business to 
which I was hired or obliged by contract ? or 
have I been guilty of any other species of 
cteatnu^stea&igv or dishonesty ? 

Have I, in fine, sinned hv any of the nine 
way* in which one may be made the* partaker 
o£ another** sin:— that is to say, I. By coun- 

— ^-^ — 


selling it: 2. By commanding it: 3. By con- 
senting to it : 4. By provoking him to it : 5. By 
praising or flattering him for it : 6. By con* 
cealing it:. 7. By winking at it: 8. By being 
a partner with him in the fact : 9. By defending 
the ill done ? 

On Duties to Oneself. 

Hare I committed any excess in meat or 
drink ? 

Have I willingly given way to any immodest 
thought or desire, entertained any indelicate 
feelings, or been guilty of any act of impurity ? 

Have I failed to keep a strict watch over my 
exterior senses, my sight and hearing, my 
feelings and speech ? 

. Have I exposed myself with too mucn con- 
fidence to the danger of sin, or taken any im- 
proper or dangerous liberties ? 

Have I sought to see, or to hear, or to read 
anything that was immodest, or that I thought 
was so ? 

ilave I given up too much time to dress, to 
company, or to trifles ? 

Have I been proud on account of my 
prosperity, my personal appearance, my clever- 
ness, or my relations and friends ? > 

Have I despised and neglected those, whom 
it was my duty to respect ? 

Rave I given way to impatience, obstinacy, 
or anger? moroseness, sulkiness, or captioua- 

_ . . ~~ oogle 


aeN7 or nave I suffered my temper toVbe 
easily ruffled? '' 

Have I neglected my household duties— 
th* superintendence of my family concerns, my 
•evtoftrtt end children ? 

•Hare I wasted my time in idleness, or in 
chattering, from sloth, or from not endeavouring 
to get methodical habits ? 

Have I tried to defend and excuse myself 
when I knew that I was in mult ? 

Thus examine into the state of your con* 
science ; recollecting that God will require an 
accqunt of every idle word and thought -, and 
Qiat whatever temper you have indulged in 
nere' which you could not continue to display 
in heaven, is wrong and ought to be amended. 
A Fbatbb to obtain Contrition. 

I have sinned, O my God ; I have been led 

away from thee, and from the strict performance 

of those duties and charities of life which thou 

hast appointed me. I have been negligent, and 

have indulged my evil propensities; and now 

what has it profited me ? What can it profit a 

famn, thou didst say, if he gain the whole world 

And lose his own soul ? But have mercy on me, 

O God, in thy great mercy, and let not my 

soul be lost. Free me from the guilt which I 

have drawn upon myself* by granting me that 

true sorrow which may enable me to obtain thy 


n o. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


When I remember all thou hast dene for m% - 
and all thou hast suffered for me, my merciful 
Saviour, can I persist in those ways which ace 
displeasing to thee ? Can I reject all thy kins) 
conditions of mercy, and rely for my sa}rattea 
on myself alone ? Oh no, my Saviour, no 1 To 
thee, I pray ; in thee, I hope. I am sorry for 
my sins — sorry for having displeased thee* and 
removed my soul from thy grace. Oh let me 
not continue in my loneliness ; but strengthen 
the spirit of repentance within me, that thy light 
may again shine upon my soul. Give me sorrow 
for the past, and a firm purpose of amendment 
for the future. ^ Teach me to improve myself in 
virtue ; and enable me to shun hereafter what* 
ever may be likely to draw me astray. Lead me 
not into temptation, but deliver me from evil. 

But of all evils deliver me, at this time, from 
hardness of heart. Pour forth thy saving grace 
upon me, and incline my heart to thy loving ten- 
derness. Let ma. feel that sorrow which may 
produce a lasting effect, and may cause me to be 
always recollected in thee for the future. What 
avails it that I know my sins unless I repent of 
them, and endeavour to avoid them hereafter ? 
Oh, perfect the work of amendment* and give ma 
a true contrition — a contrition that may keep me 
from committing' the same faults for ever more, 
I will confess my sins to thee, and thou wilt 
forgive me. I will call upon thee, and thou wilt 
answer me. To my hearing thou wilt give joy 

— . - 


and gladness, and the bones that have been 
bumbled shall rejoice. I do humble myself 
before thee, my dear Lord ; and I will erer 
humble myself in acknowledgment of my faults: 
bat ob ! make my son! rejoice in thy pardon ; 
make it always rejoice in the feeling that thy 
grace will protect me in all future trials, and 
wiU strengthen my resolution to avoid sin and 
to amend my evil inclinations. Amen. 

An Act of Contrition. . 

My Qod, Almighty Father ! I am sorry for 
my aina*. I am sorry that I have been ever led 
astray from my duties, because my faults nave 
been- -displeasing to thee, my merciful Creator. 
Ob, jpardon me the tins that I am about to con. 
fessr And pardon all those which I have oom- 
mM^sd during my past Use, and such also as may 
now have escaped my memory. I am mury for 
tfeem all, and implore thy forgiveness that I have 
ever had the misfortune to offend thee. Renew 
thy grace within my soul ; wash it from every 
stain of guilt; and enable me to dedicate' it to 
thee -for the foture. 

Accept of my repentance, and blot out all my 
sins. Ob, let me never again have the misfor- 
tune to offend thee-i for, O Lord! thouknowest 
that I love thee, and that I sincerely desire to 
obtain shy iore and mercy.' Hare mercy on me, 
O God,, according to thy greet mercy; and 
according to the multitude of thy tender mercies 



blot out all my iniquities. To thoe I offer my- 
self : in thoe I trust. Pardon the imperfoeiiw i B 
of my contrition, and let thy mercy supply a/hat 
is wanting on my part. Let thy Holy Spirit 
again beam upon my soul, and «o purify and 
becalm it that k may again become the abode -of 
thy all-saving grace. Pardon' and protect are, 
my God, I beseech thee, through Jesus. Christ 
thy Son our Lord, who with thee and the Holy 
Ghost liveth and reigneth one God for ever and 
ever. Amen. 

With humility and sorrow, kneel do wa m tin 
eonfessional and make the sign of the cross, 
saying «* In the name of the Father, Son, and 
Holy Ghost," then add * Pray, father, give me 
your blessing, for I have sinned," When the 
priest has given his blessing, repeat the&mflUor, 
or " I confess' to almighty God,'* &c. (as in 
page 4.) as far as ** through my fault, through 
my fault through my most grievous fault." Here 
stop and mention all the sins that you can re- 
member having commHted .since your last con- 
fession, or which you had then omitted or for- 
gotten : and in your manner of doing so be 
guided by these three essential rules :— 

First : Let your confession beentfr*? keeping 
back no sin wilfuUy-^for to do so would make 
your confession of no use in itself, and would be 
adding the great sin of sacrilege to your former 
guilt. Tell the quality, and, where you are able, 

" "" % ' 


the number of your sins : and whatever aggra- 
vating circumstances may belong to each. 

Secondly : Let your confession be pure from 
all deceit and pretence. Say every thing with 
truth and exactness : what you are sure of, as 
certain ; what you doubt of, as doubtful. Shew 
yourself such as you believe yourself to be. But 
let your confession be free from excuses and 
needless words ; avoid all that has nothing to do 
with the matter in hand ; do not tell the faults of 
others ; do not name any one without need ; and 
proceed through the whole as shortly and clearly 
as possible. 

Thirdly: Let your confession be humble. Re- 
member that you are in the presence of God : 
that it is from Him you ask absolution, by means 
of His minister. % Behave, therefore, reverently ; 
and use such language as may show your sorrow 
to be sincere and free from affectation. 

Then add '• Of these and all other sins which I 
may not have been able to recollect, I am resolv- 
ed to amend myself, and I humbly beg pardon 
of God, and penance and absolution. Therefore 
I beseech the Blessed Mary ever Virgin, blessed 
Michael," &c, and so continue and finish the 
Confiteor. Then listen devoutly and attentively 
to whatever advice or injunction your confessor 
may give you ; and retire with the firm' purpose 
of fulfilling, without delay, the penance enjoined, 
and the conditions on which your absolution was 
given, and of amending your conduct for the 

«ima f n. r»nma 

Digitized by G00g[e 


A Prayer after Confession. 

Almighty God ! who art the judge of the living 
and of the dead, ratify, I beseech thee, the par- 
don which has just been pronounced in my 
favour. Do thou, unbind in heaven what thy 
minister has loosed on earth. Oh, I bless and 
praise thee, my God, for having delivered me 
from the yoke which enthralled me : for having 
freed me from the weight of those sins which. I 
shall now only think of wfth renewed sorrow. 
For thou didst touch my heart and I detested my 
faults: thou didst loosen my tongue, and I 
declared them to thy priest: and thou hast 
forgiven me by his vo ; ce. 

Accept of my thankfulness, O. my God ! and 
grant that I may live henceforth for thee alone. 
Grant that I may die to the world and to myself: 
that I may renounce for ever all dangerous com- 
panies, all my sinful ways, all my evil inclina- 
tions and unlawful desires. Thou hast given me 
now the will to renounce them ; but thou knowest, 
alas ! how wavering and unsettled is that will : 
thou knowest that I am nought but weakness, 
and that I can do nought without thee. 

Strengthen, therefore, I beseech thee, the good 
resolutions which thy grace has called up within 
me. Complete the work of my conversion which 
thou hast mercifully begun. Be thou, O God, 
my strength and my stay against my own weak- 
ness and all the other foes to my salvation. May 

Digitized by GoOgle 


the devi], the world and the flesh no longer rule 
over me ; but do thou, my Creator, reign hence- 
forward alone in my heart. Let my love be filed 
on thee alone, and let me entirely belong to thee. 
Do thou be the beginning and the end of all my 
thoughts and of all my actions, of all my words, 
of all my affections, and of all the impulses of 
my mind. 

I beg of thee this favour, O my God, not for 
a time only, but for ever : I beg it in tlje name 
of thy beloved Son, who has promised to grant 
whatsoever we should ask through bis merits and 
in his name. Oh, let thy Holy Spirit awaken 
within me those pious wishes and aspirations 
which may raise my soul to thee : do thou awaken 
within roe those burning desires and that humble 
and true piety which is most pleasing to thee ; 
and then, dear Lord, then shall I be sure to serve 
thee all my life, with that faithfulness and that 
steadiness which I now purpose to adopt, and to 
which thine infinite goodness has so full a claim. 

Digitized by GoOgle 




Having purified yourself by true repentance, 
humble confession, and a strong purpose of 
amendment — keep your mind in the pious dispo- 
sitions which these duties have called up. 

Withdraw yourself, as much as you can, from 
all that may entice your feelings to worldly hopes 
and every-day interests ; and keep yourself re- : 
collected, meek and pious ; " speaking to your- i 
self in psalms and hymns, and spiritual canti- 
cles ; singing and making melody in your heart ' 
to the Lord ;*' and, by a holy seriousness, curbing j 
your thoughts and your senses, even in lawful. '< 
allurements. ' . j 

Add to your piety by considering the mighty j| 
work you are about to do ; the lowliness and the ti 
un worthiness of your own self, and the greatness ! l 
and kindness of your Saviour. |; 

Sorrow, humility, reverence, faith, hope, 
thankfulness, and love — these are the feelings 
which should wholly engage your soul. Arouse 
them within you : and you may then hope to reap 
those spiritual blessings and that help for all 
your wants, even for this world, which a merciful 
God so plentifully bestows on the more worthy 
partakers of his saving body and blood. 

Digitized byGOO^le 



" / am that living bread which came down 
from heaven. If any man eat of this bread, he 
shall live for ever. And the bread which I will 
give is my flesh for the life of the world." 
John vi. 

" As the Hvmg} Father hath sent me, and I 
live by the Father, so he that eateth me, even he 
shall live by me.* 1 John vi. 

" Come to me, all you that labour and are 
heavy burthSned, and IwiM refresh you, saith 
the Lord." Matt. xi. - 

These are thy words* O Christ, the Sternal 
Truth. Though not all spoken at one time nor 
written in one place, they artf thy words, and they 
are true; and they are to be received by me 
with thanks and with faith. They are thinfe, for 
thou hast spoken them ; but they are also mine, 
for thou bast delivered them for my salvation. 
Willingly, therefore, I receive tbem from thy 
mouth, that they may be inseparably engrafted 
on my heart Do thou prepare rry soul, O my 
Saviour ! for thy words of Jove and of tender- 
ness encourage me, while my own sins affright 
me ; and my unclean conscience keeps me back 
from approaching thy awful mysteries. 

Thou commandest, O my God, that I should 
approach thee in confidence if 1 wish to have 
part with thee, and that I should receive the food 
of immortality if I would obtain eternal life and 

Digitized by GoOgle 


glory. " Come to me," thou sayest, " come to 
me, all you that labour and are heavy burtbened, 
and I will refresh you." I hear, great God, I 
hear the loving call which thou makest to , the 
poor and needy sinner to receive the communion 
of thy most holy body. I hear thee, my God ; 
but v who am I that I should presume to dr*W 
nigh ? Behold the heaven of heavens may net 
contain thee, and thou sayest, " Come you all 
unto me." 

But how shall I dare approach who am con- 
scious to myself of no good on which I may rely ? 
How shall I, who have so often sinned before 
thee* introduce tliee into my house ? The angels 
and the archangels revere thee, the saints and 
the just fear thee ; and yet, my Saviour, thou 
sayest " Come you all unto me." Oh, unless 
thou, my .God, didst say it, who could believe 
the. words ? and unless .thou didst command it, 
who would dare approach ? 

When I remember that Noah, a just man, 
spent one hundred years in making the a*k 
that he and a few others might be saved, how 
can I, in one hour, prepare myself to receive 
with reverence. the Maker of the world ? When 
I remember that thy great servant and chose* 
friend Hoses, made an ark of incorruptible wood, 
incased with pure gold, to contain the tables of 
the law ; how can I, my God, how can I, a faulty 
creature, dare so lightly to receive thee, the 
founder of the law and the giver of life ? When 



I- remember that Solomon, the wisest king of 
Israel, spent seven years in building a magnifi- 
cent temple to the honour of thy name *, that he 
spent eight days in solemnly consecrating it, and 
that he offered' up one thousand peaceful holo- 
causts before he would place therein the ark of 
the covenant : — when I remember all this, how, 
great God ! can I, a poor and wretched mortal, 
how can I take theo into my house<-3 who am 
scarcely able to spend one half hour devoutly ?— 
and oh that I could even spend that half hour 
as I ought ! 

O my God ! how much did these, thy serv- 
ants, do to please thee : while, alas, how little 
do I perform ! In how short a timte do I think 
to prepare myself for communion 1 Make me, 
however, at least, entirely recollected ; free my 
soul from every outward distraction. Oh, in the 
presence of thy saving Deity, let no unworthy 
thought occur ; let no created thing engage my 
mind, when I am about to welcome the king of 
angels. For what was the ark of the covenant 
with its relics compared to thy most pure body 
and its unspeakable virtues ? What were all 
those royal offerings, which did but foretell the 
future, compared with the true host of thy 
body, which hi the fulfilment of every ancient 

Oh ! excite me then, my Redeemer, when I 
approach thee 1 Let me feel some part of that 

Digitized by GoOgle 


burning love and solicitude which so many 
patriarchs, and prophets, and kings, and princes, 
and people, gladly showed towards thy holy 
worship ! 

• Oh ; the blindness and the hardness of the 
heart of man, to attend solittle to this unspeak- 
able gift, and even from daily custom to dis- 
regard its advantages I For if this most holy 
sacrament were only in one place in ati the world, 
with what an earnest desire would not all ever 
long to be in that place, that they might behold 
the celebration of the divine mystery ! Many, 
indeed, run to sundry countries to visit? theieties 
of thy saints j they wonder when they hear of 
their action*and see the splendid temples raised 
over them, white they honour thee by kissing 
their bones wrapped up in silks and gold : but 
thou, thou, my God 1 art here before us on the 
altar ; — thou, the Saint of saints, the Creator of 
man, and the God of angels ! Thanks, there- 
fore, be to thee, O good Jesus, the eternal shep* 
herd, who hast deigned to strengthen us poor 
exiles with thy precious body and blood ; and 
hast invited us to partake of thy mysteries in 
those words full of hope and encouragement :— 
*• Come to me, all ye that labour and are heavy 
burthened, and I will refresh you." 

Rejoice, oh my soul, and give thanks to God 
always for so noble a gift and so great a comfort 
left to thee in this vale of tears ! 

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A Prayer for the Grace op God. 

I come to thee, O Lord, that it may be well 
with me* *& thy gift, and that I may be bleaeed 
in the holy banquet which thou, O God, hast 
prepared for us. In thee is all, whatsoever I can 
or ought to desire : thou art my salvation and 
my redemption, my hope and my strength > my 
honour and my glory. Grant, therefore* O 
Lord Jesus, that my soul may be joyful this 
day, because I have lifted it up to thee. 
. J desire, at this tame, to receive thee devoutly 
and reverently ; I desire to bring thee into my 
house, that, like Zaccheus, X may receive, thy 
blessing and be numbered amongst thy children. 
jjty : soul longs after thee, and aspires to be 
united to thee. Oh " send me not home fasting 
lest I faint by the way ;" lest I lose thy grace 
to withdraw me from evil, and to strengthen 
me in good. 

Prepare me, O my Saviour, by thy blessed 
grace, that I may approach worthily and devoutly 
to this awful sacrament* Raise up my heart 
towards thee, and free it from all sluggishness : 
visit me with thy grace that my spirit may taste 
pf thy sweetness. Oh give me thy grace, dear 
Jesus, give me thy special mercy,, that I may 
be wholly engaged in thee ; that my spirit may 
overflow with tby love ; that I may be happily 
united to thee; and that I may henceforth 
abide in thee and thou in me ; and that nothing 
in life or death may ever separate me from 
thee. Amen. 

208 .devotions bbfork communion. 

Commemoration of the Passion of Christ. 

I desire, in these holy mysteries, to commemo- 
rate, as thou hast commanded, all thy sufferings; 
— thy agony and bloody sweat, thy being be- 
trayed and apprehended, all the reproaches and 
calumnies, all the scoffs and affronts, all the 
blows and buffets thou hast endured for me ;— 
thy being scourged, crowned with thorns, and 
loaded with a heavy cross for my sins, and for 
those of the whole world ; thy crucifixion .and 
death, together with thy glorious resurrection and 
triumphant ascension. I adore thee and give 
thee thanks for all thou hast done and suffered 
for us ; and for giving us, in this blessed sacra- 
ment, this pledge of our redemption, this victim 
of our ransom, this body and blood which were 
offered for us. 

An Act of Contrition. 

Lord, I detest with my whole ^eart all the sins 
by which I have offended thy divine Majesty, 
from the first moment that I was capable of sin- 
ning to this very hour. I desire to lay them all 
down here at thy feet to be cancelled by thy 
precious blood. What can I do for them hut 
humbly confess and lament them all my life 
time ? This, I heartily desire to do, and, from 
this moment, continually to cry to thee for 
mercy. Hear me, O Lord, by that infinite love 
by which thou hast shed thy blood for me. Oh, 

— r — ' ■ 


let not that blood have been shed in vain ! All 
my sins displease me now exceedingly, because 
they have offended thine infinite goodness. By 
thy grace, I will never commit them any mote. 
I am *orry for them, and will be sorry for them 
as long as I live, and, according to the best of 
my -power, will do penance for them. 

Forgive, dear Lord, according to thy great 
mercy. Pardon me for all that is past ; and be 
thou my keeper for the time to come, that I may 
never more offend thee. 

An Act op Faith. 

I most firmly believe that, in this holy sacra- 
ment, thou art present verily and indeed ; that 
here is thy body and blood, thy soul and thy 
divinity. I believe that-thou, my Saviour, true 
God and true man, art really here in all thy 
mercy; that here thou commuuicatest thyself 
to us, makest us partakers of the fruit of thy 
passion, and givest us a pledge of eternal life. 
I believe there cannot be a greater good than to 
receive thee worthily, noT a greater evil than to 
receive thee unworthily. All this I most stead- 
fastly believe, because it is taught us by thy 
word and by thy church. 

An Act op Hops. 

O most kind and loving Lord, whom I now 
desire to receive with all devotion and with all 
spiritual benefit to my soul, confirm, I beseech 


thee,, my hopes in thy mercy, and bestow on roe 
every good and every perfect gift. Do thou 
henceforward comfort me in all sorrows : do thou 
strengthen my zeal in every trial. May I 
receive from this holy communion of thy sacred 
body and blood such help and grace that I may 
never more be guilty of sin or of sloth' in thy 

O my Saviour, let' me ever hope in thee and 
look towards thee as my strong and only friend. 
May the remembrance of thy past favours, and 
the hope of thy lasting protection, still cheer and 
gladden my soul ; and may thy blessed grace at 
length lead me to that true happiness, when hope 
shall be no more, but shall yield to the sure and 
certain enjoyment of thy bright presence in 

An Act of Charity. 

O, my dear Saviour, the God of my heart, 
come to me and fill my soul ; withdraw it from 
all created things, and let it be wholly fixed on 
thee. I love thee, O God ; teach me to love 
thee more and more. • Teach me to feel an 
answering love to that which prompted thee to 
institute this sacrament for our welfare. Oh, let 
not thy kindness be lost on me ! Inflame me 
with the thought of thy goodness; grant me 
those feelings of love and devotion which may 
make me less unworthy to receive thee now, and 


which may produce a lasting effect upon my fu- 
ture conduct 

I bless and praise thee, my Saviour, and I 
offer to thee all the best powers of my mind, all 
my best and purest feelings. Oh, do thou im- 
prove and inspire them, that they may be less 
unworthy of thy acceptance. Let nothing here- 
after disturb the pure gladness of my soul, 
which thou wilt -this day soothe with thy 
presence. But grant me that love and devotion 
in this holy communion which may calm every 
worldly thought and care, and may fit my 
breast to be the blessed abode of divine charity. 

I thank thee, eternal Father, for having given 
us this pledge of thy mercy. Oh prepare me for 
it by the help of thy Holy Spirit. Grant me 
now and ever to love thee with my whole heart, 
with my whole soul, with all my strength, and 
with all my mind, and never to forget the great 
mercy now vouchsafed to me in this holy com- 

An Act op Humility. 

Who am I, my God, that I should dare ap- 
proach thee! Thou art the Holy of Holies, the 
King of Kings, the Lord of Lords { and i am 
nut a poor sinner, a faithless servant v often the 
slave of my passions. No, divine Saviour ; I 
should not dare to approach thee were I not en- 
couraged by thy most kind invitation, by thy 
most cheering words, " Come to me," dost thou 

Digitized by GoOgle 


■till say, " come to me, all you that labour and 
are heavy burdened, and I will relieve you." 

I come, then, O my God ! as a sick man to 

his physician ; as a sufferer to his deliverer ; as 

a blind man to eternal brightness; as a poor 

suppliant to the Lord of heaven and earth. O 

Jesus, have pity on my state ! Cure my com* 

plaints ; free me from my misery ; enlighten my 

darkness; and enrich my poverty. Do thou 

thyself prepare my breast to be a worthy abode 

lor thee. Let the fire of thy love consume in St 

whatever displeases thee: retrace within me thy 

image and likeness, which my faults have so 

often disfigured. Let me attach myself to thee, 

so that I may love but thee alone, so that I may 

live only in thee, and be entirely united to thee. 

My Saviour ! I venture to ask of thee all 

these favours, because I know that with thy 

Father and the Holy Ghost thou art a God of 

mercy and of goodness, infinitely kind to those 

who invoke thy holy name. I believe in thee, 

Lord ; increase my faith : I hope in thee ; 

strengthen my hope. I love thee *, oh redouble 

my love at this time, when I ought to be filled 

with the most lively faith, confidence, and 

charity, that I may receive thee in a manner 

worthy of thy goodness. 

For thx Prayers op trr Saints. 
Oh all ye saints and angels, who see him fees 
to nice, whom I here receive under these humble 

— - 


veils, and thou, most especially, ever blessed 
Virgin Mary, in whose sacred womb he was 
conceited and borne for nine months — I most 
humbly beg the assistance of your prayers and 
intercession, that I may in such a manner receive 
him here in this place of banishment, as to be 
brought, one day, to behold him with you in our 
true country, and there to praise and bless him 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

At the Agnus Dei, join in with the prayers of 
the Priest :— 

Lamb^ of God, who takest away the sins of 
the world, hare mercy on me. 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 
the world, have mercy on me. 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of 
the world, grant me peace. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, who saidst to thy apos- 
tles, I give you peace, I give" you my peace, 
regard not my sins but the faith of thy church ; 
and grant her that peace and unity which is 
agreeable to thy will, who livest and reignest, 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, 
who, according to the will of thy Father, hast, by 
thy death, through the co-operation of the Holy 
Ghost, given life to the world, deliver me, by 
this thy most sacred body and blood, from all 
my iniquities, and from all evils; and make me 
always adhere to thy commandments, and never 




suffer me to be separated from thee : who livest 
and reignest with God the Father r &c. Amen. 

Let not the participation of thy twdy, O Lord 
Jesus Christ, which I, though unworthy, presume 
to receive, turn to my judgment and condemna- 
tion ; but, through thy mercy, may it be a safe- 
guard and remedy both to soul and body ; who, 
with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy 
Ghost, livest and reignest, God, for ever and 
ever. Amen. 

I will take the bread of heaven, and will call 
upon the name of the Lord. 
Then, with the Priest, strike your breast with 
humility and devotion, and repeat three times 

Lord, I am not worthy that thou shoutdst 
enter under my roof; say but the word and my 
soul shall be healed. 
Repeat the ConfUeor with the assistants ; renew 

your contrition and your prayer for pardon ; 

and with all the devotion of your nature join 

with the Priest in the prayer , 

May the body of our Lord Jesus Christ pre- 
serve my soul to everlasting life. 

It is impossible to prescribe a set form .of 
prayer for the moment of your reception of this 
blessed Sacrament : your own heart will, by the 
grace of God, suggest proper thoughts. ' The 
following aspirations, learnt before-handy will be 
found to assist and embody, in easy language, 
the kindred feelings of your souk 

- — - ■ ■ — 



Preserve, my Jesus, oh preserve 

My soul to everlasting life. 
Oh, may this blest communion serve 

To aid my soul in passion's strife *, 
Oh, may thy body and thy blood 
Be to my soul a saving food, 
To fill it still with life and grace, 
And every sinful stain efface ! 

To blest thee be my sole employ, 
My God, my Saviour, great and kind ! 

Inflame my heart with holy joy ; 
Teach me, in praising thee, to find" 

Warm thoughts and feelings warm, whose glow 

My gratitude may aptly show. 

But no, my God ! nor word, nor thought, 

Could bless and praise thee as I ought. 

Weak praise were mine. Do thou inspire 

My soul with love and living fire. 

Oh, may this cold and lowly breast 

Be warm'd by thee, its God, its guest 

May it by thee be mov'd to love, 

And taught thy saving grace to improve. 

Take, then, my thoughts from all but thee. 

To thee may ev*ry impulse tend. 
What 'vails to tell my misery ? 

I have my God— my guest — my friend : 




So be his praise my only theme ! 
All wants my Saviour will redeem : 
My Saviour knows whate'er I need- 
He gives himself. And shall I plead 
For other boons ? No ! let me raise 
My ev'ry thought in love and praise. 
Dear Lord, no other prayer I form 
Than for devotion pure and warm. 
May warm devotion fill my soul ; 
May love for thee each thought conteral ; 
May piety increase ; and prayer 
My ev'ry thought, word, action share : 
The gift of love's my sole request — 
Thou, God of love.! wilt grant the rest. 

Dear Lord ! may this communion prove 
A never-failing bond of love. 
Forgive toy coldness, and supply 
My every weak deficiency. 
May thy best grace suffice for all, 
And every wayward sense enthrall : 
Such grace on every feeling pour 
As ne'er may leave thy servant more : 
Each hope, each 'impulse firmly bind 
In grace to thee, my Saviour kind : 
Such saving grace, dear Lord, be given 
As leads tbe happy soul to heaven. 

And thou, Eternal Godhead ! see 
The Son belov'd, once given for me ; 
Who, for my sake, bore life and death, 
And cheers me still these veils beneath ; 



See my Redeemer — now the guest 
Of this poor, lowly, honoured breast ; 
See — we thy Jesus ; Him I bring : 
Accept— accept mine offering : 
Accept the Sacrifice which pleads 
For all thy grateful servant needs. 

Prayers after Communion. 

Behold, O Lord, I have thee now, who hast 
all things ; I possess thee, who postessest all 
things, and who canst do all things ; take off my 
heart then, O my God and my Ail; from all ether 
things but thee ; let my heart be fixed on thee 
alone ; let me ever repose in thee, where alone 
my treasure is, the sovereign truth, and true 
happiness, and happy eternity. 

Thou art the physician of my soul, who heal- 
est all my infirmities by thy sacred blood ; and 
I am that sick man, whom thou earnest from 
heaven to heal : Oh, heal my soul, for I have 
sinned against thee. 

O true light, which enlightenest every man 
that cometh into the world, enlighten my eyes, 
that I may never sleep in death. 

O king of heaven and earth, rich in mercy, 
behold I am poor and needy: thou knowest 
what I most stand in need of, and thou alone 
canst assist nte and enrich me : Oh, help me, 
my God ! and out of the treasures of thy bounty 
succour my needy soul. 

O my Lord and God* behold, I am thy servant ; 


give me understanding, and excite my affections, 
that I may, henceforward, in all things, know 
and do thy wilL 

Thou art the Lamb of God, the Lamb without 
' spot, who takest away the sins of the world ; 
oh, take away from me whatsoever is hurtful to 
me, and displeasing to thee, and give me what 
thou knowest to be pleasing to thee and profit- 
able to me. 

my God and my all, may the sweet flame of 
thy love consume my soul, that so I may .die to 
the world for the love of thee, who hast vouch- 
safed to die upon the cross for the love of me. 

Prayer of St. Thomas of Aquino. 

1 give thee thanks, O holy Lord, Father 
Almighty, eternal God, who in thine 6wn mercy 
hast vouchsafed to nourish me, a sinner and thy 
unworthy servant, with the precious body and 
blood of thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. . I had 
no claim upon thy goodness : I had no merits, 
no deserts which I could put forward in mine 
own behalf. But let not this holy communion, I 
pray thee, turn to my judgment and condemna- 
tion: let it rather obtain for me pardon and 
salvation. Let it cleanse me from all my vices ; 
let it destroy all my concupiscences and evil de*- 
sires. Let it increase my charity, my patience, 
my humility, my obedience. Let it defend me 
from all my enemies, visible and invisible. Let 
it appease all the evil propensities of my mind 


and body ;' and guide me so straight!?- to thee, 
my true and only God, that I may look forward 
to thee as the happy goal of all my endeavours. 
Thus lead me, I pray thee, to that unspeakable 
festival, when thou, and thy Son, and the Holy 
Ghost, will be to me and all the saints, the 
complete fatness, the end of hope, the everlasting 
joy, and the never-changing happiness ; through 
the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

A Pray**, of St. Bonavxntvrs. 

Inspire, most dear Lord Jesus, I beseech thee, 
inspire into every recess of my heart and into 
every tendency of my affections, thy dear and 
saving love ; thy true, thy calm, thy holy and 
apostolic charity ; so that my soul may ever long 
for thee; may ever raise itself in spirit to thy 
heavenly abode ; may ever desire to be dissolved 
and to be with thee. » 

Oh grant tUfct my soul may ever tend towards 
thee, thou bread of angels ! thou refreshment of 
holy hearts; thou most needful of all daily 
bread, containing all sweetness and delight. For 
thee, on whom the angels joy to look, may my 
heart ever aspire, and my soul ever feel the 
effects of thy presence ? O may it ever long for 
thee, thou fountain of life, thou fountain of 
wisdom and knowledge, thou fountain of eternal 
light— overflowing with the sweets and the riches 
of the kingdom of heaven. May my soul ever 
seek thee, ever long for thee, tend towards thee, 

Digitized by GoOgle 


and find thee* May it meditate on thee, may it 
speak of tbee, may it do all things to the praise 
and glory of thy name; with humility and 
discretion, with delight and affection, with 
perseverance unto the end* 

Oh my God ! do thou alone be- my hope,. my 
trust, my, wealth, my delight, my rest and peace* 
my pleasure, and my aim. Do thou be* my food 
and my refreshment ; my refuge and my assist- 
ance ; my comfort, my wisdom, and my treasure ; 
in which my mind and my heart may be firmly 
and immovably fixed, now and for ever. Amen. 

An Offering of Self. 

O Lord Jesus Christ ! I humbly beg of thy 
unspeakable mercy that this sacrament of thy 
body and blood which J, unworthy, have ventured 
to receive,. may efface my sins, may strengthen 
me in temptations, may soothe me amongst the 
dangers of the world, may obtain** my pardon, 
may settle me in thy grace, may be a memorial 
of thy passion, may be an excitement to my 
weakness, and may be the viaticum of my pil- 
grimage. May it guide me while I advance in 
virtue; lead me back when I wander; 
may it uphold me when I totter ; may it uplift 
me when I fall ; may it welcome me when I 
return ; and may it reward my perseverance 
with heavenly glory. O great Qod ! may the 
blessed presence of thy body and blood so change 
my heart that it may feel no other pleasure, that 

Digitized by UOOOle 


it nifty lot e no other beauty, that it may desire 
no other consolation, that it may welcome no. 
other delight, that it may heed ro other honour, 
than such as are agreeable to thee ; and that it 
may fear no worldly harshness or persecution 
but such as may separate it from thee whom ft 
now desires to praise and to bless for ever. 

And O my dear Lord and Saviour, who hast 
here given me thyself, I would gladly make 
tome suitable return to thee for this infinite love ; 
I would gladly make thee some offering in ac- 
knowledgment of this rich gift thou hast made 
me. But alas i thou knowest my poverty ; thou 
knowest I have nothing worthy of thy accept- 
ance; nothing but what, upon a thousand titles, 
is already thine. But, O my God, such is thy 
goodness, thou wilt be contented with the little 
that I can give thee, though it be thine already ; 
thou askest nothing' but my heart, and this I 
here most willingly offer thee: oh. be pleased 
to accept of it, and make it wholly thine for 
ever. I offer thee here my whole being — my 
body, with all its senses, and my soul, with all 
its powers ; that as thou hast at present honoured 
them both by thy presence, so may they be both 
'fhy temple for ever. Oh sanctity and consecrate 
eternally to thyself this mansion, which thou 
hast this day chosen for thy abode. I give thee 
my memory, that' it may be for ever recollected 
in thee; my understanding, that it may be 
always enlightened and directed by thy truth ; 



and my will, that it may be ever conformable to 
thine, and ever bum with love of thee. Oh take 
me entirely into thy bands, with all that I have 
and all that I am ; and let nothing heueefojr« 
ward, in life or death, ever separate me any 
more from thee. Amen, 

An Oblation op Christ. 

O Father of mercies and God of all consola- 
tion, how hast thou loved us, to whom thou haet 
given thy only Son once for our ransom, and 
daily for the food of our souls ? What can L, a 
wretched creature,. return to thee for this infinite 
charity? Verily, nothing else but this same 
beloved Son of thine, whom thou hast given to 
me, and surely thou couldst give me nothing 
greater, or more worthy of thyself. Him then I 
offer to thee, O heavenly Father, with whom 
thou art always well pleased ; him whom thou 
hast lovingly delivered up to death for me, and 
given me in this most holy sacrament, which we 
frequent for the everlasting memorial of hia 
death. He is our high priest and victim ; he is 
the propitiation for the eins of the whole world : 
he is our advocate and intercessor. Look down 
then upon him, and for his sake look down upon 
me, and upon us all* Remember all his suffer- 
ings which be endured here in this mortal life, 
his bitter anguish, his mortal agony and bloody 
sweat, all the injuries and affronts, all the blows 
and stripes, all the bruises and wounds that he 

— — - - . __ 


received for us. Remember bis death, which 
thou wast pleated should be the fountain of our 
life; and for the sake of hie sacred passion have 
mercy on us. Receive, O Holy Father, Almighty 
and everlasting God, this holy and unspotted 
victim, which I here offer thee in union with that 
love with which he offered himself to thee upon 
the altar of the cross ; receive him for the praise 
and glory of thy name ; in thanksgiving for all 
the benefits bestowed on me, and on all man- 
kind ; in satisfaction also for all my sins, and the 
benefit of thy whole Church and the refreshment 
and comfort of all thy faithful, living and dead ; 
through the same Lord Jesus Christ thy Son. 

Petitions after Communion. 

O most merciful Saviour, behold I have 
presumed to receive thee this day into my 
house, relying on thy infinite goodness and 
mercy, and hoping, like Zaccheus, to obtain thy 
blessing. But, alas! with how little prepara- 
tion ; with how little devotion ! From my heart 
I beg pardon for my great unwortbiness, and 
for my innumerable sins, which I detest for 
the love of thee, and desire to detest for ever. 
Oh, wash them all away with thy precious blood ; 
for thou art the Lamb of God, that takest away 
the sins of the world ; and one drop of this 
blood, which thou hast shed for us, is more than 
enough to cancel the sinsof ten thousand worlds. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


Thou »eest,.0> Searcher of hearts, all my ma- 
ladies and ail the griefs of my soul; thou 
knowest bow prone I am to evil; atid how hack- 
ward and sluggish to good. Thou seest this Belf 
low, that tyrannizes over my soul, which is* so 
deeply rooted in my corrupt nature, and branch- 7 
e* out into bo many vices,' «► "much pride kM 
vanity, so much passion and envy, wmwh co- 
vetovsness and worldly solicitude, so much sen- 
suality and concupiscence. Oh ! whoean 'Ileal 
all these my evils, but thou, the true physician 
of my soul, who gives* me thy body and blood in 
this blessed sacrament, as a sovereign 'medicine 
for all my infirmities, and a sovereign balsam 
for all my wounds ! Dispel, dear Jesus, the 
darkness of ignorance and error from my un- 
derstanding by thy heavenly light : drive away 
the corruption and malice of my will by the fire 
of divine love and charity ; restrain all tbe 
motions of concupiscence, 'and all the irregular 
sallies of passion, that they may nomnre prevail 
over me : strengthen my weakness with heaven- 
ly fortitude ; destroy my excess of self love; 
with its many evils, or at least weaken its power- 
within me that it may no longer usurp tffae* 
emptre of my soul, which belongs to thee; 
and which thoa bast taken possession of thfs 
day : weaken its many' allurements, and parti- 
cularly thee which annoys me most, and which 
is my .predominant passion ; stand by me hence-' 
forward in all my temptations, that I mainover 

"~"~ ~~~ """ "" ),g,tizedbyG00Q[e 


more be overcome ; remove from me oil danger- 
ous occasions, and grant me this one favour, that 
I may rather die a thousand deaths than live to 
offend thee mortally. 

0, my Jesus, thou art infinitely rich, and all 
the treasures of divine grace are locked up in 
thee : these treasures thou bringest with thee 
when thou comest to visit us in this blessed 
sacrament, and thou tahest an infinite pleasure 
in opening them to us, to enrich our poverty. 
This gives me the confidence to present me now 
with my petitions, and to beg of thee these 
graces and virtues which I very much 'Stand in 
need of as thou best knowest. Oh, increase 
and strengthen my belief of thy heavenly truths, 
and grant that henceforward I may ever live by 
faith* and be guided by the maxims of thy 
gospel. Teach me to be poor in spirit, and take 
off my heart from the love of these transitory 
things, and fix it upon eternity : teach me, by 
thy divine example and by thy most efficacious 
grace, to be meek and humble of heart, and in 
my patience to possess my soul. Grant that I 
may ever keep my body and soul chaste and pure 
from the corruption of lust ; that I may ever 
bewail my past sins, and by a daily mortification 
restrain all irregular inclinations and passions 
for the future. Above all things, teach me to 
be ever recollected in thee, and to walk always 
in thy presence ; teach me to love my friends in 
thee, and my enemies for thee; grant me to 

Digitized by GoOgle 


persevere to the end in thy .love, mid so to come- 
one day to that happy place, where I may love 
and enjoy thee for ever. 

Have mercy also on my parents, friends, and 
• benefactors, and all those for whom I am in any 
way bound to pray, that we may all love, thee 
and faithfully serve thee. Have mercy on thy. 
whole Church, and all the clergy and religious 
men and women, that all may live up to . their, 
calling, and sanctify thy name. Give thygraca 
and blessing to all princes and magistrates, and 
to all christian people ; convert all unbelievers 
and sinners, and bring all strayed sheep back to 
thy fold v particularly have mercy on'N. and N, 

O blessed Virgin, Mother of my God .and 
Saviour, recommend all these my petitions to 
your Son. O all ye angels and saints, citizens 
of heaven, join also your prayers with mine ; 
you ever stand before his throne, and see him 
face to face, whom I receive here under veils : 
be ever mindful of me, and obtain from him, and 
through him, that you and I may bless and love 
him for ever. . Amen. 

Pious Pktitiom apter CoMMtrttiw. 

First Petition. — For the pardon qf all defects 
committed in this Communion. 
Trusting in thy goodness, my loving Saviour, 
I have approached thy great supper ; — that sup- 
per to which I was in no ways entitled, but to 

Digitized by GOOgle _ 


which thy kindness and mercy invited me. Al- 
though tmworthy, I have ventured to receive thy 
body and blood ; for thou didst say, ** unlestfyou 
eat the flesh of the Son of man, you shall have 
rid life in you.*» Remember not, therefore, O 
Jesus t the- iniquities frith which I have so often 
stained myself; nor the negligences which I 
have committed in this reception of thy most 
sacred body. Alas ! ought I not more diligently 
to' have endeavoured to purify my conscience ? 
6ught not my sorrow to have been deeper for 
the many sins which I have committed ? Ought 
not my devotion to have been greater when I 
approached this sacrament of thy love ? Ought 
I not to have spent a longer while in preparing 
myself or in returning thee thanks for thy great 
goodness ? 

But If thou, O Lord, wilt mark iniquities, 
Lord, who shall endure it ? I will confess my 
injustice before thee, that thou mayest pardon, 
as I hope, my impiety. Great is the trust of the 
sinner to whom is known the mercy of the Re- 
deemer. Pardon, deaT Jesus ! pardon whatever 
I have done amiss in this reception of thy holy 
sacrament, and may thy mercy and thy infinite 
merits supply for all my defects. Amen, 

Second Petition,~That henceforth na sin may 
' ever separate us from the Lord, 

O Jesus ! I wish that I -could be so closely 
bound to thee that nothing in eternity should 

Digitized by GoOgle 


have powet again to lead me astray. !Bitt £Nte! 
there is no good in me, and I cannot do anything* 
of myself. I have the will, in truth, to do right; 
but the power and the strength often toil me r 
the good which I would, I do not ; but the evil 
which I would not, that I do. Wherefore, to 
thee, Jesus, I fly ; to thee who seest my fallings, 
and in whom is all my trust Thou' art the? 
leader of my soul : oh, direct me in thy Bight* 
and guide me in thy justice. I can do nought 
» without thee ; but with thee to strengthen me, 
m what can I fail ? Help me, therefore, my 
Saviour ; and of all sins to which my depraved 
and weak inclinations most tend, preserve me* 

most particularly from And of all virtue*? 

to which I too slowly aspire, grant, oh, grant me 

most especially, the virtue of Let fliy 

helping hand assist me, O Jesus, and I will ever 
proclaim thy praises. Let thy right hand up- 
hold me, and I will ever fearlessly cry out "Who 
shall separate me from the love of Christ?" . 

Third petition. — That others may benefit by 
this Sacrament. 

O Jesus, our great mediator with God the 
Father, who art the propitiation for our sins and 
for those of the whole world, who hast given thy 
flesh for the life of the world, and who desirest 
that all men should be saved, grant, oh grant, I 
pray thee, that all my relations, friends* and 
enemies, may partake of the virtues of this 


Sacrament now and at the hour of their death. 
Lead them, with me, into eternal glory ; give us 
the grace of true penance, and implant in our 
souls the love of virtue ; that we may all meet, 
at length, in the mansion* of thj Father, and in 
everlasting happiness. 

. Blessed are those who dwell in the house 
of the Lord: they shall praise thee for e?er 
and ever. 

To thee, my dear Jesus ! to thee I commend 
myself. Receive me, I beseech thee ; nor per- 
mit me ever to be separated from thee. Be thou 
my comfort in life ; my viaticum, my hope in 
death; my reward in eternity. By thy tor- 
ments, and thy death, and by this sacrament of 
thy love, I beseech thee to grant my prayers ! 

Bless me, O Lord Jesus Christy with the 
Father and the Holy Ghost ; and grant me the 
grace of ever fulfilling, in life, and at the hour 
of my death, thy most holy wilt Amen. 

N.B. — Upon the day of your communion you 
Ought to be more than ordinarily retired ; to 
perform more devotions than usual ; and to keep 
yourself^ as much as possible, in spirit, in the 
society of Jesus. % * 

Digitized bA 



That w, the remission of the temporal punish- 
ment still due for sins of which the guilt and 
eternal punishment has been forgiven by the sa- 
crament of penance. 

Preparatory Pray*r. ., 
Omnipotent and everlasting God ! by whose 
mercy I believe myself to have been absolved 
from all my sins and, from the eternal punith- 
ment dne to them from thy justice, although I 
be still liable to temporal sufferings on their 
account ; as my own works cannot avail to blot 
out my debt, permit me, great God, to have 
recourse to the inexhaustible merits of thy Son 
our Loid Jesus Christ ; that the treasures of his 
mercy . may supply for my weakness and poverty. 
I offer myself ready to fulfil whatever may lead 
to so blessed an end* Receive my endeavours, 
oh Father of mercies ; receive * them in union 
with the passion and death of thy Son ; and 
enable me to partake of the full and complete 
indulgence which is now held out to me by that 
church to which thou hast said, •• Whatever you 
shall bind on earth it shall be bound also in 
heaven ; and whatever you shall loose on earth 
it shall be loosened also in heaven." Amen. 
Our Father, &c. Hail Mary, &c 

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Prayer to God tub Father for the 
Exaltation of his Church. 

Remember, O eternal Father, remember the 
congregation which thou hast possessed from the 
beginning. Look down upon thy church as the 
spouse of thine only Son, for which he shed his 
blood ; and so raise it by sanctity by heavenly 
graces, and by extent, that it may be worthy of 
its spouse and of the great price which he paid 
for it. Look down also in kindness upon the 
children of this our holy mother, and unite to 
them all nations and all people ; that all may 
acknowledge thee, God the Father and Jesus 
Christ and the Holy Ghost, with a lively faith; 
may call upon thee with a firm hope ; and may 
adhere to thee in perfect charity. Amen. 

Our. Father, &c. Hail Mary, &c. 

V. See, O Lord, and visit thy vineyard. 

JR. And protect that which thou hast planted 
with thy right hand. 

Protect, O Lord, we beseech thee, this thy 
family, for which our Lord Jesus Christ did not 
hesitate to be betrayed by the hands of wicked 
men, and to undergo the torments of the cross ; 
who liveth and reignetb with thee, &c. 

Prayer to God the Son por the 
Extirpation op Heresy. 

O Jesus, the true light which enlighteneth 
every man coming into this world, grant, I be- 

$32 PA4VSRS FOR INDUfcflltfCJt* 

seech thee, by the merits of thy passion an* 
death, that oil errors and heresies maybe driven 
back into darkness ; that all mankind may be* 
hold the light of thy truth, and may hasten 
into the bosom of thy holy Chrarch. Oh, good 
Shepherd, who hast given thy life for thy aheepi 
protect thy flock, and defend it from the str*ngt& 
and the snares of those who come upon it in the 
clothing of Iambs, but are, in reality, ravenous 
wolves. Grant that all may follow one Shepherd 
and that all may form only one flock. Stajf 
with us, O Lord, according to thy promise^ 
" Behold I am with you all days, even until the 
consummation of the world." Shew that thy 
church is built upon a rock, and that the gates 
of hell cannot prevail against it. Amen. 
Our Father, &c. Hail Mary, &c. ' 

V. Give not up to the foe those who trust 
in thee. 

R. And forget not the souls of thy poor ones 
for ever. 

Being appeased, O Lord, we beseech thee, 
hearken to our prayers ; that, all adversities and 
errors being removed, thy church may serve 
thee with safety and freedom, Through, &c. 

Prayer to the Holt Ghost for Concord 
amongst Christian Princes. 

O Holy Spirit, Spirit of love and, of peace ! 
who hast assembled so many and such dUferent 

«,ze dby Gc 


•in .the unity of the faith* give to all 
christian, prince* and to their couneelB thy plen- 
tiful gnca> and £11 their hearts with the new 
convmanrdment ef love which, when leaving this 
arorld, thou didst impart unto thy disciples ; that 
by it, ail may know them to belong to the num- 
ber. o£ thy elect, and to be worthy of the name 
of. christians. Giant that they may never be 
led to* attempt anything contrary to thy divine 
glory; and the peace o/ thy Church. But rather 
let them endeavour with united strength to win 
the kingdom of everlasting peace, and to lead 
on, ta the heavenly Jerusalem, the people 
whom thou hast subjected to their sway Amen. 

Oar Father, &c Hail Mary, &c. 

V. Let peace be in thy strength. 

B. And abundance in thy towers. 

God, from whom proceed all holy desires, 
right counsels, and just works, give to thy serv- 
ants that peace which the world#cannot give ; 
that our hearts may be obedient to thy orders ; 
and that, all fears of enemies being unknown, 
our lives may be spent in peace under thy pro- 
tection. Through, &c. 

An Offering to the Holt Teihity of 

the foregoing endeav0ur8 to gain this 

1 have now, O Holy Trinity, endeavoured to 
fulfil whatever was appointed to obtain this in- 
dulgence. Oh, let thy goodness make amends 

Digitized by GoOgle 


for the slightness of my attempts; let thy good- 
ness ratify the hope that my prayers have been 
available to the end for which they were* offered. 
Receive, O Holy Trinity, my endeavours, such 
as they were, and let the passion and death of 
onr Lord Jesus Christ supply for all my defects; 
and permit me (or N. N. for whose soul I have 
desired this indulgence) to partake of the plenary 
pardon for which I have prayed. And for this 
benefit may heaven and earth join me in de- 
claring thy praises, now and for ever. Amen. 
Our Father, &c. Hail, Mary, &c* 

Conclude with the hymn of Sts. Ambrose and 
Augustine, Ta Dkum, page. 134. 


. . **• i 

Which may be introduced at Communion, at j 
Mass, or at Benediction, according to the • 
devotion and opportunity of each, \ 

Anthem. Remember not, O Lord, our of- | 
fences, nor those of our parents ; and take not 

revenge of our sins. 

Psalm xxxxiii. 

How lovely are thy tabernacles, O Lord of 
hosts. My soul longeth and fainteth for the 
courts of the Lord. 


•My heart and flesh have rejoiced la the Uving 

Foe the sparrow hath found herself a house, 
and the turtle-dove a nest for herself where she 
may lay heir young ones. 
- Thy altera, O Lord of hosts, my king and 
ray God. 

Blessed are they that dwell in thy house ; 
they shall praise thee for ever and ever. 

Blessed is the man whose help is from thee : 
he- wiH strive gradually to arise to thee from 
this valley of tears in which he is placed. 

And the law-giver shall bless his endeavours : 
he shall go from virtue to virtue: the God of 
gods shall be seen in Sion. 

Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer : give 
ear, O God of Jacob. 

- Behold, O God, our protector ; and look on 
the face of thy Christ. 

For better is one day in thy courts than 
thousands away from thee. 

1 have chosen to be* lowly in the hduSe of 
my God, rather than to dwell in the halls of 

For God loveth mercy and truth ; the Lord 
will give grace and glory. 

He will not deprive them that walk in in- 
nocence of good things. O Lord of hosts; 
blessed is the man that trusteth in thee. 

Glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 



Psalm lxxxiv. 

Lord, thou hast blessed thy land : thou hast 
turned away the captivity of Jacob. 

Thou hast foigiven the sins of thy people ; 
thou hast covered all their sins. 

Thou hast assuaged ail thine anger: tfcou 
hast turned away from the wrath of thine 
indignation. , .. 

. Convert us,,0.tGod our Saviour; and^urn 
away thine anger from ue. 

Wilt thou be ngty with us for ever? er~~wiit 
thou extend thy wrath from generation t* 

Thou wilt turn, O Lord, and enliven us v and 
thy people shall rejoice in thee. * • • 

Shew us, O Lord, thy mercy, and giant us 
thy salvation. 

I will hear what the Lord God will speak in 
me : for he will speak peace unto his people j 

And unto his saints \ end unto them that are 
converted to the heart. . 

Surely his salvation is near unto them that 
fear him, that gtary may dweM in our land, 

Mercy and truth have met, each other 3 
righteouiness and pence have kissed. 

Truth hath sprung out of the eart&y and 
justice hath looked down from heaven. - - 

For the Lord will give goodness : and our 
earth shall yield, her fruit. 

Digitized by * 


Justice shall walk before him : and guide his 

Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

Psalm lxxxv. 

Bow down thine ear, O Lord, and hear me j 
tor- 1 am needy and poor. 

Preserve my soul, for I am thine : sate thy 
servant, O God, that trusteth in thee : 

Hare mercy on me, O Lord, for I hare cried 
to thee all the day. Give joy to the soul of 
thy servant: for to thee, O Lord, I have lifted 
up my soul : 

For thou, O Lord, art sweet and mild t and 
plenteous in mercy to all that call upon thee. 

Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer, and attend 
to the voice of my petition. 

I have called upon thee in the day of my 
trouble ; because thou hast heard me. 

Among the gods of the heathens, there is 
none like unto thee, O Lord : and there are no 
works like unto thine. 

'All the nations thou hast made shall come 
and adore before thee, O Lord r and they shall 
glorify thy name. 

For thou art great, and dost wonderful things : 
thou alone art God. 

Lead me, O Lord, in thy way, and I will 
walk in thy truth : let my heart rejoke.that it 
may fear thy name. 

^Google j 


I will praise thee, O Lord, my God, with my 
whole heart, and I will glorify thy name for ever. 

For thy mercy is great towards me: thou 
hast delivered my soul from the lowest depths. 

O God, the wicked are risen up against me : 
and the assembly of the mighty have sought 
my soul : and they have not set thee before 
their eyes. 

And thou, O God, art a God of compassion, 
and merciful : patient, and of much mercy, and 

look upon me, and have mercy on me: 
give thy command to thy servant, and save the 
son of thy handmaid. 

Make me a token for good : that they who « 
hate me may see and be confounded, because 
thou, O Lord, hast helped me and hast com. 
forted me. 

Glory be to the Father, && 

Psalm cxv. 

1 have believed, therefore have I spoken : but 
I have been humbled exceedingly. 

I said in my excess : Every man is a liar. 

What shall I render unto the Lord for all 
the things that he has given me ? 

I will take the chalice of salvation, and I 
will call upon the name of the Lord. 

I will pay vows to the Lord before all his 
people : precious, in the sight of the Lord, is 
the death of his saints. 


O £ord, I am thy servant. I am thy servant, 
and the son of thy handmaid. 

Thou hast broken my bonds : I will sacrifice 
to thee the sacrifice of praise, and I will call 
upon the name of the Lord. 

X will pay my tows to the Lord in the sight 
of all his people, in the courts of the house of 
the Lord : in the midst of thee, O Jerusalem. 

Glory be to the Father, 8us. 

Incline thine ear to our prayers, most merciful 
God, and enlighten our hearts with the grace 
of the Holy Ghost ; that we may be able to 
attend worthily to thy holy mysteries ; and to 
love thee with everlasting charity* 

God, to whom every heart is open and 
every will is known, and before whom nought 
can remain secret ; purify the thoughts of our 
hearts by the descent of the Holy Spirit, that 
we may be able to love thee perfectly and 
worthily to praise thee. 

Inflame our hearts, O Lord, with the fire of 
the Holy Ghost, that we may serve thee with 
chaste bodies, and appease thee with pure minds. 

We beseech thee, O Lord, that the Paraclete, 
who proceeds from thee, may enlighten our 
minds ; and teach us all truth according to the 
promises of thy Son. 

May the grace of the Holy Ghost be upon 
us, O Lord, we beseech thee, and mercifully 
purify our hearts and defend us from all evils. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


O God, who hast taught the hearts of the 
faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant 
that we may, by the grace of the same Spirit, 
be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in his 

We beseech thee, Lord, purify our con- 
sciences, that when our Lord Jesus Christ, thy 
Son, shall come, he may find a mansion pre- 
pared for him : who Kveth and reigneth, with 
thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, for ever 
and ever. Amen. 

Peayer op St. Ambbosb. 

Jesus Christ, our high priest and pontiff^ who 
hast offered thyself, on the altar of the cross, 
a pure and unspotted host for us poor sinners, 
who hast given us thy flesh .to eat and thy 
blood to drink — I beseech thee, by that Mood, 
the great price of our salvation ; I beseech thee, 
by that unspeakable charity which prompted 
thee to shed it for us, that thou wouldst teach 
me how to be present at this great mystery, how 
to behave with that reverence and honour, and 
to feel thai fear and devotion, which is becoming 
so great an occasion. Make me, in thy mercy, 
ever believe and understand, think and speak 
of this awful mystery in a manner which may 
be pleasing to thee and good for mine own sou). 
Let thy good spirit enter within my breast, and 
breathe into it, silently and sweetly, every truth 
which learned words might more slowly convey. 


PR AY 811 OP ST. AMDROSB. 241 

toe* tfly mysteries are profofend indeed; and 
concealed beneath a sacred veil. 

Permit me, O Go*, in *hy great clemency; 
to go through this duty with a clear heart and 
a pure mind. Free my heart from all' impure* 
vain, and hurtfal thoughts. Strengthen ine 
through the strong and fafthfut guardianship of 
thy blessed 'angelsjtKat the enemies ofmy *>ul 
may- be put to flight. ' May the virtue of this 
great mystery and thfe power of 'thy holy angels 
remove from me and from all thy servants the 
spirit of pride and indifference, of envy and 
blasphemy, of fornication and uncleanness, of 
doubt sad hesitation. May those be confounded 
who persecute us : may those evtt passions which 
war *guhist our souls be destroyed; 

O King of virgins and lover of chastity, may 
the dew of thy heavenly blessing quench within 
me every impure flame; so that unspotted 
chastity may alone find place in mybodyandsoul: 
Mortify within me every disordered passion, 
eterf dangerous sensation ; and, amid all thy 
other Javours, give me that true and perpetual 
chastity which is pleasing to thee. For with 
what" sorrow and tears, with what fear and 
reverence, with what chastity of body and 
parity of soul ought We not ever to' approach 
this divine and heavenly sacrifice, where thy 
flesh' id truly eaten, where thy blood* is truly 
dranft? 'where the lowest and the highest, where 
earth' and heaven ate joined? Where the holy 

242 psuysa op ST. amjmiosb. 

angels are present? and, where, in a wonderful 
and unspeakable manner, thou ait both priest 
and sacrifice? 

Who could worthily join in this celebration, 
unless thou, God omnipotent, didst. make him 
worthy ? I know, O Lord, I know and I con- 
fess that I am not worth/ to approach this great 
mystery on account of my many sins and my 
endless negligences: but I know, also, and I 
firmly believe and steadfastly confess that thou, 
my God, canst make me worthy \ that thou 
alone canst change impurity into cleanliness, end 
sin into justice and sanctity. By this thine 
omnipotence! I pray thee to enable me, a poor 
sinner, to partake of this sacrament with sear 
and trembling, with purity of heart, with tears 
of sorrow, with spiritual cheerfulness, with hea- 
venly joy. Let my mind feel the sweetness 
of thy blessed presence, and of the company of 
thy holy angels around me. 

For, O Lord, although a sinner, yet I ap- 
proach to thy holy altar mindful of thy revered 
passion, that I may offer to thee the sacrifice 
which thou hast instituted, and which thou hast 
directed to be offered for our salvation in re- 
membrance of thee. Receive it, I beseech 
thee, great God, for thy holy church, and for 
the people which thou hast purchased with thy 
blood. I offer to thee, O Lord, the sorrows of 
this thy people, the danger of nations, the 
groans of captives, the wants of orphans, the 

Digitized by 


distresses of the weak, the failings of the oM, 
the despair of the dying, the sighs of youth, the 
vows of virgins, the tears of widows. Lighten, 
I beseech .thee, lighten and assuage the suffer- 
ings of all. - 

. Yes ; do thou, O Lord, hare mercy on us all, 
and despise not that which thou hast created. 
Remember what out substance is : that thou 
art our Father : that thou art our God. Be 
not angry with us, and withhold not the tnulti- 
tade of thy mercies from us. For we do not 
come before thefe to justify ourselves, but to 
pmy for thy pardon and pity. Take away 
from us these hearts of stone and give us feeling 
hearts which may seek thee, which may love 
thee, which may tend towards thee and enjoy 
thee. Look down, O Lord, with a propitious 
and serene countenance, upon the wants of thy 
servants; and grant that no prayer may be 
offered up to thee m vain, that no hope may 
remain unfulfilled ; and do thou thyself, O God, 
suggest to ns those prayers, which thou wilt 
most kindly hear, and most freely grant. 

We pray to thee, also, O holy Lord and 
Father, for the souls of *he faithful departed ; 
thai this great sacrament of love may obtain 
for them health, salvation, refreshment, and 
joy. O Lord, my. God, let them feel the effects 
of this great ottering of thee, the living bread 
which came down from heaven and givest life 
' to the world, — of thee, the Lamb of God, who 

a 2 
~*" r ^^ = ■ ■ ■ ... == 

244 *&▲?*& OP ST. AMBROSE. 

takest away the sins of the world ; let them be 
refreshed and consoled by it; and nay its 
merits avail to bring them to the joy and glorfr 
of thy heavenly kingdom. Oh let the* fulness 
of thy blessing, the holiness of thy divinity, 
let the invisible and incomprehensible majesty 
of thy Holy Spirit descend upon these our 
offerings ; and enable me elso - to approach this 
sacrifice with purity, with devotion, with* team 
and with reverence, so that- even my prayers 
may conduce to reader it available to the 
salvation of all, whether living or dead. 

I beseech thee, also, O Lord, by the most 
holy mystery of thy body and blood, by which, 
in thy church, we are daily fed, and cleansed, 
and sanctified, and made partakers of thy great 
divinity— I beseech thee to fill me with such 
virtuous dispositions that I may approach with 
a good conscience to thine altar, end find safety 
and life in this heavenly sacrament. For thou 
hast said, " The bread which I will give is my 
flesh for the life of world ;" " I am the living 
bread Which came down from heaven ;" "If 
any one eateth of this bread, he shall live for 
ever." O blessed bread, heal the affections of 
my heart that I may feel the sweetness of thy 
love! O bread from heaven* containing all 
delights, strengthen my -heart that it may never 
fall away from thee, bus may ever feel the 
effects of thy presence ! Thou art the bread 
of angels, and the bread of poor pilgrims,' whom 


thou rsfreshest with so excellent a viaticum, 
lest they faint by the way. O holy bread, O 
living bread, O pure bread* which came down 
from beaten and giveat life to the world, come 
into my heart and purify me from every evil 
inclination of body and soul. Come into my 
heart, and strengthen me and purify me, in- 
ternally and externally. Be my ahield and the 
salvation of my soul and body. Drive from 
me every wily foe; let them fly from the 
presence of thy power ; so that, being fortified 
by thee both within and without, I may ad- 
vance, by a straight path, to thy heavenly king- 
dom, where I may no longer Bee thee beneath 
veils and mysteries, but where my thirst may 
be for 'ever satisfied, and where I may for ever 
enjoy thee, who, with God the Father, in the 
unity of 4he Holy Ghost, livest and reignest 
for even Amen. 

Another Prayer to the Blessed Sacra- 

I fear, dear Lord Jesus Christ, I fear and 
tremble to approach to thy holy attar ; for I 
am^a.aianer who have no merits on which to 
confide, .bat who trusts entirely to thy goodness 
and mercy. For I have stained my heart and 
my body with many 'sins ; nor have I carefully 
restrained my thoughts and my tongue. But, 
O dear Lord, O tremendous Majesty, I feel my 
wretchedness, and I fly to thee, the fountain of 

Digitized by GoOgle 


mercy ; I hasten to thee to be healed ; I crave 
thy protection ; and Him whom I cannot' meet 
as my judge, I fly to as my Saviour. To thee, 
my God, I declare my wants, I lay bare my 
sins. I know how many and how great they 
are; but I hope in thy mercies, which are- 
without number* Look, therefore, upon me 
with the eyes of pity, O Lord Jesus Christ, 
King eternal, God and man, crucified for man's 
salvation, and have mercy on me who. hope in 
thee, the fountain of mercy. 

Hail, saving Victim, who wast offered for 
me and for all mankind upon the altar of the 
cross ! Hail, noble and precious blood, flowing 
from the wounds of my crucified Lord, and 
washing away the sins of the world! Be 
mindful, O Lord, of thy creatures, whom thou 
hast redeemed with thy blood. I grieve that 
I have offended thee; I desire to amend my 
faults. Take away from me, most dear Father, 
all my sins ; that being purified, both in body 
and soul, I may worthily assist at this holy 
sacrifice ; and grant that the sacred offering of 
thy body and blood may avail to the pardon of 
my sins, to the Avoidance of ail evil thoughts, 
to the renewal of good intentions, to the fulfil- 
ment of whatever may be pleasing to thee, now 
and for ever* Amen. 

t i zedbyCj QOff 


St. Thomas av Aquino's Hymn, 
" Adoro te dbvotk." 

Qo& who *ne8th these mystic forms dost .lie, 

1 feel and praise thy hidden majesty. 
To thee my heart devoutly bows it down, 
To own Ha weakness and its love to own. 

Sight, taste, and touch, in thee ate all deceived. 
The ear alone may safely be believed. 
Be all the Son of God has said ador'd !— 
Nought can be truer than Truth's ev*ry word ! 

The God alone was on the cross concealed : 
Nor Godhead here nor manhood is revealed ! 
Yet, owning both, confessing my belief, 
I ask what then with sorrow ask'd the thief. 

Thy wounds, like Thomas, 'tis not mine to see : — 
My Lord, my God, yet I acknowledge thee ! 
O, make me still believe and still adore, 
Stilihope in thee and love thee more and more. 

dear memorial of my. Saviour's death ! — 
O living bread that giveth life to all ! — 

Grant, that my soul may ever live beneath 
Thy rule, and feel thy sweetness more enthrall. 

O pious Pelican, O Christ, my Lord, 
May thy dear blood efface each sin abhorr'd ! — 
That blood, of which a single drop might save 
The world, and ev'ry sin and blemish lave 

Digitized by GoOgle 


Jesus, whom now, conceal' d 'neath veils, I see, 
When, when will dawn that wiah'd-for hour on me 
When, gazing on thy race reveal'd, the sight 
Of all thy glory shall my soul delight ! 


which may be introduced during mass. 

O God, whose mercies are without number, 
and the treasure of whose goodness is infinite, 
we give thee thanks for the blessings thou has* 
bestowed upon us : always beseeching thy divine 
Majesty that, as thou hast now granted what 
we asked, so thou wouldst continue thy favours 
to us, in such a manner that, by them, we may 
be prepared for receiving the reward of eternal 
happiness. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

For the Dying. 

Almighty and merciful God, who hast pre- 
pared for mankind the means of salvation and 
the reward of eternal life, look down, in thy 
mercy, on thy servant now labouring under the 
calamity of sickness, and be thou the comfort 
of the soul which thou hast created, that, at the 
hour of death, it may be presented to thee by the 
hands of the angels, without spot. Through, &c. 

Digitized by GOOQle 


For a Family. 

Preserve, Lord, we beseech thee, this 
family, from all misfortune, through the inter- 
cession of Blessed Mary, ever a Virgin : and as, 
in all humility, they prostrate themselves before 
thee, do thou mercifally defend them from all 
the snares of their enemies. Through, &c. 

In any Necessity. 

O Goo 1 , our refuge and strength, fountain of 
all goodness* mercifully give 1 ear to the fervent 
prayers of thy church, and grant that what we 
ask with faith we may effectually obtain. Thro*. 

■In a FXhinb or Pestilence. 

Grant U8» Q Lord) the fulfilment of our hum* 
hie and pious prayers v and by thy goodness 
deliver us from this famine (or pestilence) that 
men may be sensible such scourges proceed from 
thy anger and cease by thy mercy. Through. 

For Rain. 

• OGod, in whom we live, move, and have our 
being, send us, we beseech thee, seasonable 
rain ; that;, enjoying a sufficiency of the neces- 
saries of this life, we may aspire with more 
confidence after those blessings which are eter- 
nal. Through. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


For Fair Weather. 

Hear us, O Lord, crying out to thee, and 
grant our humble request of a dry season ; that 
we who are justly afflicted fox our sins, may 
experience thy clemency and mercy. Through. 

Agatxst Evil Thoughts. 

O Almighty and most merciful God, regard 
in thy goodness our prayers ; and deliver our 
hearts from the disquietude of all perverse and 
evil thoughts, that we may become an abode for 
thy Holy Spirit. Through. 

For a Parent. 

O God, who hast commanded us to honour 
our fathers and mothers, have mercy,- 1 beseech 
thee, on the soul of my dear parent, and forgive 
him his sins ; and grant that I may see. hmi 
again in the joys of eternal life. Through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. 

For the Pope. 

O God, the pastor and ruler of all the faithful, 
"look down favourably upon thy servant N. 
whom thou hast appointed over thy church* 
Grant, we beseech thee, that, both by word and 
example, he may do good to those over whom 
he is placed, and, with the flock committed to 
him, arrive at eternal life. Through, &c- 

Digitized by G00g[e 




Our Father, and Hail, Mary, in silence ; 

1 V. Deus in adjuto- 

1 V. Incline unto 

rium meum intende. 

my aid, God. 

R: Domine ad adju- 

R, 0. Lord make 

vandum me festina. 

haste to Uelp me. 

Gloria Patri, et 

Glory be to the Fa- 

Filio, et Spiritui Sanc- 

ther, and to the Son, and 

to. Sicut erat in prin- 

to the Holy Ghost. As 

cipio, et nunc, et sem- 

it was in the beginning, 

peiyet in seecula ssecu- 

is now, and oyer shall 

loram* Amen. Alle- 

be, world without end. 


Amen. Alleluia. 

Ant. Dixit Dominus. 

Anth. The Lord said. 



1 Dixit Dominus* 

1 The Lord said to 

Domino meo : * Sede a 

my Lord : * Sit thou at 

dextris meis. 

my right han4 : 

2 Donee ponam ini- 

2 Until 1 make 

micostuos : * scabellum 

thine enemies * the 

pedum tuorum. 

footstool of thy feet. 

3 Virgam virtutis 

3 The Lord shall 

tuae emittet Dominus 

send forth the sceptre 

ex Sion : * dominare in 

of thy might from 

Digitized by GoOgle 



Sion : * rule thou in the 
midst of thine enemies. 

4 Thine shall be 
the sovereignty in. the 
day of thy might, in 
the brightness of tho 
saints: * from the 
womb before the day- 
star I begot thee. 

5 The Lord hath 
sworn, and he will not 
repent: * thou art a 
priest for ever accord- 
ing to the order of Md- 

6 The Lord on thy 
right hand ♦ hath crush- 
ed kings in the day of 
his wrath. 

7 He shall judge 
the nations, he shall 
accomplish their ruin :* 
he shall crush heads 
in the land of many. 

8 He shaU drnk of 
the brook in the 
way: • therefore shall 
he raise up his head. 

Glory, flee 

Gloria Patri, $o. is said alike End o/ all the 

medio inimicorum tuo- 

4 Tecum principi- 
um in die virtutis tun, 
in splendoribus sancto- 
rum : * ex utero ante 
luciferum genui te. 

5 Juravit Dominus, 
et nonpoenhebiteum : * 
tu es Sacerdos in rtter- 
num secundum ordi- 
nem Melehisedech. 

6 Dominnt a deztris 
tuig, * confregit in die 
ires suss reges. 

7 Judicabit in na- 
tionibus, implebit rui- 
nas '.* conquassabit ca- 
pita in terra multorum. 

8 Detfrrentein via 
bibet: * propterea ex- 
ahabit caput. 

Gloria Patri, $*. 




Ant. Dixit Domi- Anth. The Lord said 

nus Domino meo, sede to my Lord, sit thou at 

a dextris meis. uy right hand. 

Ant. Fidelia. Anth. True. 

PfcALM xc. 

1 Confitetor tibt 
Domine m toto corde 
meo : * in ceacilio jua- 
tarum* et congregatio- 

2 Magna opera Do- 
mini: * evcraisita in 
omnes voluntatefl ejus. 

3 Oonfesdo el mag- 

nifieetitm opus ejus : * 
et justitia ejus manet 
in ssculum saculi, 

4 Memoriam feeit 
mirefcittum suorura, 
misericor* et miserator 
Dominus : * escam de- 
dit tinaentibus so. 

5 Memor eritiaaw- 
calam testament! sui : * 
virtutem operum suo- 
rum annuntiabit popu- 
lo suo. 

1 I will praise thee, 
O Lord, with my whole 
heart : * in the assem- 
bly of the righteous, 
and in 4he congregation. 

fc Great are the 
works of the Lord : * 
exquisite and agreeable 
to all his designs. 

3 His work is his 
praise and glory : * and 
his justice remaineth 
for ever. 

4 The merciful and 
gracious Lord hath ap- 
pointed a memorial of 
his wonderful works : * 
he hath given food to 
them that fear him. 

5 He will be for 
ever mindful of hie co- 
venant : * the greatness 
of his works will he 
publish to his people. 

Digitized by*' 



6 Ut det illis here- 
ditatem Gentium : * 
opera manuum ejus, 
veritae et judicium. 

7 Fidelia omnia 
mandata ejus, confir- 
mata ia sseculumseecu- 
H: * mcta in veriftate 
et Bquitate. 

8 Redemptaoaam 
misit populo suo : * 
mandavit in SBternum 
teetamentum suum* 

9 Sanctum et terri- 
bile nomen ejus : * iat* 
tium sapientiss timor 

10 Intellects bonus 
omnibus facientibus 
eum; * laadatio ejus 
manet in sfeculum s®- 

Ant. Fidelia omnia 
mandate ejus : confir- 
mata in saculum se> 

Ant. In maadatis. 

6 To give them the 
the inheritance of the 
Gentiles : * the works 
of his hand are troth 
and justice* 

7 True and lasting 
are ail his ordinances; 
confirmed for ever and 
ever: 'made in troth 
and justice. 

8 He hath seat rat. 
demption to his peo- 
ple : * he hath appoint- 
ed his covenant for ever. 

9 Holy and awful is 
his name: * the fear 
of the Lord is the 
beginning of wisdom. 

10 AH understand 
it aright, who practise 
it: * his pnrfee en- 
dureth for ever and 

Anth. True are all 
his ordinances: con- 
firmed for ever and 

Anth. In his com- 

Digitized by L-OOgle 



Psalm cxi. 

1 Beatus vir qui ti- 
met Dominum : * in 
mandatis ejus volet ni- 

2 Potent in 
erit semen ejus : * ge- 
neratio rectotum bene- 

3 Gloria et divitise 
in dome ejus : * et jus- 
titia ejus manet in see- 
culum gfficuli. 

4 Exortum est in 
tenebris lumen rec- 
tis: * misericors, et 
miserator, et Justus. 

5 Jucundus homo 
qui miseretuf et eom- 
modat, disponetsermo* 
nes suos in judicio: * 
quia in eeternum non 

6 In raemoria ster- 
na erit Justus: * ab 

1 Blessed is the man 
that feareth the Lord; 
*in his commandments 
he shall take great de» 

2 Mighty on earth 
shall be his seed : * 
the generation of the 
righteous shall be bless- 

3 Glory and wealth 
shall be in his house : 
* and his righteousness 
endureth for erer and 

4 He is risen in 
darkness a light to the 
upright : * he is mer- 
ciful, just and compas- 

5 Acceptable is the 
man that sheweth mer- 
cy, and lendeth ; he 
shall order his words 
with judgment : * and 
he shall never give 

6 The righteous man 
shall be in eternal re- 

tized by G00gk 



auditione tnalo non 

7 Palatum cor ejus 
sperare in Domino, 
confirmatum est cor 
ejus ; * non eommove- 
bitur donee despiciat 
inimioea sues. 

8 Dispersit, dedtt 
pauperibus ; justitia e- 
jus manet in asculum 
saeculi: *cornu ejus 
exaltabitur in gloria. 

9 Peccator videbit, 
et irascetur, dentibus 
suis fremet et tabeseet ; 
* desiderium peccato* 
rum peribit. 

Ant In mandatis e- 
jus cupit nimis. 

Ant. Sit somen Do- 

mem bran ce : * he shall 
not fear an evil report. 

7 His heart Is 4 ready 
to hope in the Lord : 
his heart is strength- 
ened : * he shall not 
yield till he despise hit 

8 He hath distribut- 
ed* and giten to the 
poor : his righteousness 
remaineth for erer : * 
his power shall be ex- 
alted in glory* 

9 The sinner shall 
see it and be enraged : " 
he shall gnash his 
teeth, and pine away : 
* the desire of sinners 
shall perish. 

Anth. In his com- 
mandmentB he shall 
take great delight. 

Anth. Let the name 
of the Lord. 

Psalm cxii. 
1 LaudatepueriDo- 1 Praise the Lord, 

minum: laudatenomen 

ye servants of the 
Lord : * praise ye the 
name of the Lord. 

Digitized by GoOgle 

• 2 Sit uomw Domini 
benejcUitum : * ex: hoo 
nunc, et ueque In sae- 

3 A solis ortu usque 
ad occasum : * laada- 
bile nomen Domini. 

,4 Excelsus super om- 
nia gentes Deminue: 
* et super cmloa gloria 

6 Quis sicut Do* 
minus Deus nosier, qui 
in altis habitat : * et 
hnmilia respicit in ccelo 
et in, terra i 

6 Suscitans^a terra 
inonem: *at de ster- 
coxe erigens paupexem : 

7 Ut collocet eum 
cum principibus : * cum 
principibus populi sui. 

& Qui habitat* facit 
sterilem in domo : 
* matron filioram la> 

2 Let taw name of 
the Lord be blessed : * 
now, and for ever- 

3 From the rising o4 
the sun to the setting 
thereof: * worthy oi 
praise is the name ol 
the Lord. 

A High is the Lord 
above all the nations : 
*and above the hea- 
vens is his glory. 

5 Who is like unto 
the Lord our God, who 
dwelletk on high : 
* and beholdeth what 
is below in heaven, and 
on earth ? - 

6 Who, from the 
earth reiaeth up the 
needy one ; * and from 
the dung-hill lifted up 
the poor one : 

7 To place him wits 
the princes : * with the 
princes of his people. 

8 Who maketh the 
barren woman dwell in 
her houses * the joy- 
ful mother of children. 


Digitized by GoOgle 

258 vespers for Sundays. 

Ant. Sit nomen Do- 

Anth. Let the name 

mini benedictum in spe- 

of the Lord be blessed 


for evermore* 

Ant. No8 qui vivi- 

Anth. We who are 





1 In exitu Israel de 

1 When Israel went 

Mgypto : * domus Ja- 

out of Egypt: * the 

cob de populo bar- 

house of Jacob from 


a barbarous people : 

2 Facta est Judea 

2 Judea became his 

sanctificatio ejus : * Is- 

sanctuary : * Israel his 

rael potestas ejus. 


3 More vidit et fa- 

3 The sea saw them, 

git : * Jordanis con ver- 

and fled : * the Jordan 

sus est retroraum. 

ran back to its foun- 


4 Hontes exultave- 

4 The mountains 

runt ut arietes : * et 

did skip like rams:* 

colles sicut agni o- 

the hills like the lambs 


of ewes. 

v 5 Quid est tibi mare, 

5 What ailed thee, 

quod fugisti? *et tu, 

sea, that thou didst 

Jordanis, quia conver- 

flee? *and thee, O 

sus es retrorsum ? 

Jordan, that thou didst 

run back to thy foun- 

tain-head ? 

6 Mantes exultastis 

6 Ye mountains, 

sicut arietes ? * et col- 

that ye did skip like 



km mctit agni ovium? 

7 A facie Domini 
Biota est terra: *a 
facie Dei Jacob. 

8 Qui convertit pe- 
tram in stagna aqua- 
ram ; * et rupem in 
fortes aquarum. 

9 -Non nobis, Do- 
mine; non nobis: *sed 
nomini tuo da gloriam. 

- 1© Super misericor- 
dia tua, et veritate 
tua : * nequando dicant 
Gentes, Ubi est Deus 
eOmm ? 

11 Deusautem nos- 
tej in coelo: * omnia 
qusecumque voluit, fe- 

12 Simulacra Gen- 
tium argentum et au- 
rum: * opera manuum 

13 Oshabent,etnon 

rams? •and ye hills, 
like the lambs of ewes ? 

7 At the presence of 
the Lord the earth 
trembled: * at the pre- 
sence of the God of 

8 Who changed the 
rock into pools of 
water : * and the stony * 
hill into fountains of 

9 Not unto us, O 
Lord, not unto us : 
* but unto thy own 
name give all the 

10 For thy mercy's 
sake, and for thy sure 
promise : never let the 
Gentiles say, Where 
now is their God F 

11 For our God is 
in heaven t *he hath 
done all things, what- 
soever he pleased. 

12 The idols of the 
Gentiles are but silver 
and gold : * the works 
of the hands of men. 

13 They have 

s 2 



loquentur : * oculos lift- 
bent, et non videbunt 

* 14 Aures habent, et 
non audient : * nares 
habent, et non odora- 

15 Manus habent, et 
non palpabunt; pedes 
habent, et non ambula* 
bunt: * non clamabunt 
in gutture suo. 

16 Similis illis fianf 
qui faciunt ea : * et 
omnes qui confidunt in 

IT DomuB Israel 
speravit in Domino: 

* adjutor eorum et pro- 
tector eorum est. 

18 Domus Aaron 
speravit in Domino : 

* adjutor eorum, et pro- 
tector eorum est. 

19 Qui timent Do- 

mouths, but they shall 
not speak: * they have 
eyes, but they shall 
not see. 

14 They have ears, 
but they shall not 
hear : * they have nos- 
trils, but they shall not 

15 They have hands, 
but they shall not feel ; 
they have feet, but 
they shall not walk: 
* neither shall they cry 
out with their throat. 

16 Let those that 
make them become 
like unto them : * and 
all that put their trust 
in them. 

17 The house of Is- 
rael hath hoped in the 
Lord ; * he is their 
help, and their pro- 

18 The house of 
Aaron hath hope in 
the Lord : * he is their 
help, and their pro- 

19 They, who fear 

^r Goog fe 



lninuna, speraverunt in 
Domino; *adjutoreo- 
rum et protector eorum 

20 Dominus meraor 
fuit nostri, * et bene- 
dixit nobis. 

i 21 Benedhrft domui 
Israel : * benedixit do- 
mui Aaron. 

22 Benedixit om- 
nibus qui timent Do- 
min^ m : * pusillis cum 

.23 AdjieiatDominus 
super .¥0s : * super vos 
et super filaos vestros. 

24 Benedicti vos a 
Domino : * qui fecit 
caelum et terrain. 

25 Cesium coeli Do- 
mino ; * terrain autem 
dedit filiis hommum. 

26 Non mortui lau- 
dabunt te, Domine; 
* neque omnes qui de- 
scending in infernum. 

the Lord, have hoped 
in the Lord : * he is 
their help, and their 

20 The Lord hath 
been mindful of us: 

* and hath blessed us. 

21 He hath blessed 
the house of Israel : 

* he hath blessed the 
house*of Aaron. 

22 He hath blessed 
all who fear the Lord : 
•the little with the 

23 May the Lord 
still heap his blessings 
on you : * on you, and 
on your children. 

24 Be ye blessed by 
the Lord : who made 
both heaven and earth. 

25 The heaven of 
heavens is the Lord's 
abode : * but the earth 
ha- has given to the 
sons of men. 

26 The dead shall 
not praise thee, O Lord : 

* nor. any of those who 
are gone down to hell. 

tizedbyl. ~ 



27 Sed nos qui vivi- 27 But we, who are 
mus, benedicimus Do- alive, bless the Lord : 

mino: • ex hoc nunc 
et usque in ssculum. 
Ant. Nos qui vivi- 

*now, and for evet- 
Anth. We, w*e- ere 

mus benedicimus Do- alive, bless the Lord, 

Instead of the foregoing Psalm, the following is 
occasionally sung. 

Psalm cxvi. 

\ LaudateDominum, 
omnes gentes: *lau- 
date eum, omnes po- 

2 Quoniam con6rm- 
ata est super nos mise- 
ricordia ejus : * et Ver- 
itas Domini manet in 

Ths littlk Chapter, 2 Cor. i. 

Benedictus Deus, et 
Pater Domini nostri 
Jesu Christi, Pater mi- 
sericordiarum, et Deus 
totius consolationis qui 
consolatur nos in omni 
tribulatione nostra. 

R. Deo gratia*. 

Blessed be the God 
and Father of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, the Fa- 
ther of mercies, and 
God of all consolation, 
who eomforteth us in 
all our tribulations. 

B. Thanks be to 


1 Praise the Lord, 
all ye nations: praise 
him, all ye people. 

2 Because his mercy 

is confirmed upon us : , 
* and the truth of the , 
Lord remaineth for 



Tub Hymn. 

Lucia Greater optine; 

Lucem dierum pro- 

Primordiis lucis novas 

Mundi parens origi- 

Qui mane junctum ves- 

Diem vocari praecipis ; 

Illabitur tetnun chaos, 

Audi, preces cum fleti- 

Ne mens gravata cri- 

Vitse sit exul munere, 

Dum nil perenne co- 

Seseque culpis iiligat. 

Coeleste pulset ostium: 
Vitale tollat premium : 

Maker of light ! most 

holy king 1 
Who dost returning 

day-light faring, 
Thou, who at first didst 

form the light 
Ere rose the world in 

freshness dight : 

Who didst the morn 

and evening blend 
And call it day, — great 

God, attend 
And grant our prayers, 

ere night enfold 
Creation as it did of 


Oh ! let' no slumbering 
mortal die 

While sins upon his 
conscience lie, 

While, heedless of eter- 
nal years, , Mi 

Vain sin allures and 
folly cheers. 

No ; let him seek the 
gates of heaven, 

And may the living 
prize be given : 

' — '■ ' ; -■ 



Vitemusomnenoxium : 

Purgemus, omne pessi- 

Presta, Pater piissime, 
Patrique compar unice, 

Cum Spiritu Para- 

Regnans per*bmne ss> 


Let him avoid all deed 

of blame, 
And here blot out wtaat- 

e'er might shame. 

Be not our prayers, 

kind Lord, in vain! 
And thou, the Son, who 

e'er dost reign 
With the great Spirit 

pure ador'd, 
Hear, grant our prayer 

—oh grant it,Lord ! 

V. Dirigatur, Do- V. Let my prayer 

mine, oratio mea, ascend, O Lord. 

R. Siout incensum R. Like incense in 

in conspectu tuo. thy sight. 

The Song of the Bi bssed Virgin Mary, 
Lukb i. 46. 

i Magnificat * ani- 
ma mea Dominum. 

2 Et exultavit spiri- 
tuB mens * in Deo 
salutari meo. 

3 Quia respexit hu- 
militatem ancills suae : 
* ecce enim ex hoc 
beatam me dicent om- 
asa generationes. 

1 My soul * doth 
magnify the Lord : 

2 And my spirit 
bath rejoiced * in God 
my Saviour. 

3 For he hath look- 
ed down on his lowly 
hand-maid : * for be- 
hold from henceforth 
all generations shall 
call me blessed. 

oy Google 


. 4 Quia fecit mihi 
magna qui .patens est : 
* et sanctum nomen 

5 Et misericordia 
ejus a progenia in 
progenies, * timentibus 

6 Fecit potentiam in 
brachio suo ; * dispersit 
superbos mente cordis 

. 7 Deposuit potentes 
de sede, * et exaltavit 

8 EsurienteB imple- 
vit bonis, * et dmtes 
dimisit inanes. 

9 SuscepU Israel 
puerum suuin, * re* 
cordatus misericordie 

' 10 Sicutloeutus est 
ad patres nostras, * A- 
bvaham, et semini ejus 
in saecula. 

Gloria Patri, &c. 

4 For he who is 
mighty hath done great 
things to me: * and 
holy is his name. 

5 And his mercy, 
from generation to ge- 
neration, * is shewn to 
those who fear him. 

6 He hath exerted 
his strength bj^is own 
arm : * he hath disap- 
pointed the proud ones 
of the designs of their 

7 He hath cast down 
the mighty ones from 
the throne : •* and rais- 
ed up the lowly ones. 

8 He hath filled 
the hungry with good 
things : * but the rich 
he hath sent empty 

9 He hath upholden 
his servant Israel : 
* being mindful of his 
mercy. • 

10 As he promised 
to our fathers : * to 
Abraham, and to his 
seed for even 

Glory, &c. 



Then are said the entire Anthem and the proper 
Prayer with Commemorations of the Festivals 
that may fail on the neat day. 

Of thb Blessed Viboin Mary. 

Ant. Sancta Maria, 
snccurre miseris, jura 
pasilianime8,Tefove fle- 
biles, ora pro popalo, 
interim pro clero, in- 
tercede pro devoto fae- 
mineo sexu : sentiant 
omnes tuum juvamen, 
quicumque celebrant 
tuam sanctam comme- 

V. Ora pro nobis, 
asncto Dei genitrix. 

B. Ut digni effici- 
amur promissionibus 

Concede nos famu- 
los tuos, quaesumus 
Domine Deus, perpe- 
tna mentis et corporis 
sanitate gaudere ; et 
gloriosa beatfe Marias 
semper Virginis inter- 
cessione, a prsssenti K- 
berari tristitia, et sster- 
na perfrui laetitia. 

Anth. Holy Mary, 
saccour the miserable, 
assist the dejected, com- 
fort those that mourn, 
pray for the people, in- 
tercede for the clergy, 
plead for the devout 
female sex; let all be 
sensible of thy aid 
who celebrate thy holy 

V. Pray for us, O 
holy Mother of God. 

R. That we may be 
made worthy of the 
promises of Christ 

Grant, we beseech 
thee, O Lord God, that 
we thy servants may 
enjoy constant health 
of mind and body ; and 
that, by the glorious 
intercession of the ever 
Blessed Virgin Mary, 
we may be delivered 
from present setrowvuld 
possess -everlasting joy. 



Op thb 
Ant. Petrus Aposto- 
lus, et Paulus doctor 
Gentium, ipsi nos do- 
cuerunt legem tuam 

V. Constitues eos 
prmcipes super omnem 

R. Memores erunt 
nemiaii tui, Domine. 

Deus, cujus dextera 
beatum Petrum am- 
bulantem in fluctibus, 
ne mergeretur, erexit ; 
et co-apostolum, ejus 
Paulum tertio naufra- 
gantem, de profundo 
pelagiliberavit: exaudi 
nos propitius, et con- 
cede ut amborum me- 
ntis seternitatis gloriam 


Ant. The Apostle 
Peter, and Paul the 
doctor of the Gentiles, 
have taught us thy law, 

V. Thou wilt esta- 
blish them rulers over 
the whole earth. 

R. They shall be 
mindful o£ thy name, 

O God, whose right 
hand saved from 
drowning St. Peter, 
walking on the waves, 
and delivered his co- 
apostle St. Paul in his 
third shipwreck, from 
the bottom of the sea ; 
mercifully hear us, and 
grant that by both their 
merits we may obtain 
a glorious eternity. 

For Pxacb. 

Ant. Da pacem Do- 
mine in diebus nostris, 
quia no* est alius qui 
pugnet pro nobis, nisi 
tu, Deus nosier. 

Anth. Grant peace, 
O Lord, in our days, 
for there is no one to 
fight for us but thou, 
our God. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


V. Fiat pax in vir- 

V. May peace be 

tute tua. 

in thy strength. 

R. Et abundantia 

R. And plenty with- 

in turribus tuis. 

in thy towers. 

Deus, a quo sancta 

O God, from whom 

desideria, recta con- 

are all holy desires, 

silia, et justa sunt ope- 

righteous counsels, and 

ra: da servis tuis illam 

just works: give to thy 

quam mundus dare non 

servants that peace 

potest pacem ; ut et 

which the world cannot 

corda nostra mandatis 

give; that our hearts 

tuis dedita, et hosthim 

being disposed to keep 

sublata formidine, tern- 

thy commandments, 

pora sink tua protecti- 

and the fear of enemies 

one tranquilla. Per Do- 

being taken away, the 

minum nostrum, &c. 

times through thy pro- 

tection may be peace- 


able. Thro', &c. 

V. Dominus vobis- 

V. The Lord be 


with you. 

B. Et cum spiritu 

B. And with thy 



V. Benedicamus 

V. Let us bless our 



Bi. Deo Grutias. 

B. Thanks be to 


V. Fidelium anime, 

V. May the souls 

per misericordiam Dei, 

of the faithful, through 

requiescant in pace. 

the mercy of God, rest 

B. Amen. 

in peace. 

R. Amen. 

COMPUN* 2^9 

Pater noster, (secre- 

Our Father, {in, se- 

/ .) 


V* Dominufl det no- 

V. Our Lord give us 

bis suam pacem. 

his peace. 

R. JEt vitara eter- 

R. And eternal Jife, 

nam, Amen. 



The Reader begins. 

Jube Domine bene' 

Pray, Father, give 


me your blessing. 


Thb blessing. 

Noctem quietam, et 

May the Almighty 

finem perfectum conce- 

Lord grant us a quiet 

dat nobis Dominus Om- 

night, and a happy end. 

nipotent. R. Amen. 

R. Amen. 


Fratres, sobrii estote 

Brethren, be sober 

et vigilate : quia ad- 

and watchful ; for your 

▼ersarius veeter diabo- 

adversary the devil goes 

lus tamquam leo rugi- 

about like a roaring 

ems circuit* quaerens 

lion, that seeketh whom 

quem devoret : qui re- 

he may devour: whom 

siatite fortes in fide. 

resist, being strong in 

Tu autem, Do- 

faith. But thou, 

mine, miserere nobis. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

R. Deo gratias. 

R. Thanks be to 


V. Adjutorium nos- 

V. Our help is' in 

trum in nomine Domi- 

the name of the Lord* 

ni. Jfc. Qui fecit coelum 

B. Who hath made 

et terram. ' Pater nos- 

heaven and earth. Our 

ter, (secreto.) 

Father, (sccrettp.) 

Then the Priest make* the Confession. 

Confiteor Deo omni- 

I confess to Almigh- 

potent!, &c. 

ty God, &c. % 

The Choir answers, 

Misereatur tui omni- 

May Almighty God 

potens Deus, et, dimis- 

have mercy on thee, 

eis peccatis tuis, perdu- 

forgive thee thy sins, 

cat te ad vitam ffiter- 

and bring' thee to life 



B. Amen. 

B. Amen. 

Then the Choir repeats the Confession. 

Confiteor Deo omni- 

I confess to Almighty 

potent!, &c. 

God, &c. 

> Then theJPtieat saps, 

Misereatur vestri 

May Almighty God 

omnfpotens Deus,. et, 

have mercy on you, 

dimissis peccatis ves- 

forgive you your sins, 

tris, perduoat tos ad 

and bring you to life 

vitam setemam. 


R. Amen. 

B. Amen. 

Indulgentiam, abso- 

May the Almighty 

lutionem, et remissio- 

and merciful Lord 

nem peccatorum nos- 

grant us pardon, abso- 


trarum, tribuat nobis 
omnipotens et miser*- 
cora Dominus. 

R. Anon* 

V. Converte nos, De- 
ns salutarisnoster. 

R. Et averte iram 
tuam a nobis. 

V. Deusinadjutori- 
mn meum intende. 

R. Domine ad adju- 
vandum me festina. 

Gloria Patri, &c 
Velj Laus tibi, &c. 

Ant. Miserere. 

lution, and remission 
of our sine* 

R. Amen. 

V. Torn us to thee, 
O God our Saviour. 

R. And turn away 
thy wrath from us. 

V. O God, come 
thou to my assista n ce. 

R. O Lord, make 
haste to help me. 

Glory. Or, Praise 
be, &c. 

Anth. Have mere}'. 

Psalm ^v. 

Cum invocarem, ex- 
audivit me Deus justi- 
tiae mess ; • in tribu- 
latione dilatasti mini. 

2 Miserere mei, * et 
exaudi orationem me- 

3 Filii hominum 
usquequo gravi corde ? 
• Ut quid diligitis vani- 
tatem, et quceritis men- 

When I called upon 
him, the God of my 
justice heard me : * 
when I was in straits, 
thou didst set me at 

2 Have mercy on 
.me : * and now hear 
my prayer. 

3 ye children of 
men, how long will 
you be dull of heart? 
* Why do you love 
vanity, and seek after 

tized by G00gk 

272 com 

4 Et scitote quoni- 
am mirificavit Domi- 
nus sanctum suum : * 
Dominus exaudiet me, 
cum clamavero ad earn. 

5 Irascimini, et no- 
lite peccare : * quae dir 
citis in cordibus veatris, 
in cubilibus vestris com* 

6 Sacrificate sacrifi- 
cinm jostitis, et ape- 
rate in Domino. * Mul- 
ti dicunt, quia o&tendit 
nobis bona ? 

7 Signatuai est su- 
per nos lumen vultus 
tui, Domine : * dedis- 
ti lsetitiam in corde 

8 A fructu firumenti, 
vini, et olei sui, * mul- 
tiplicati sunt. 

9 In pace in idip- 
sum * dormiam, et 

10 Quoniam tu Do- 
mine singulariter in spe 
* constituisti me. 

4 But know that the 
Lord hath made won- 
derful his holy one; 

* the Lord will . hear 
me, when I cry out to 

5 Be angry, and sin 
not : * be sorry, on your 
beds, for the designs 
you form in your 

6 Sacrifice a sacri- 
fice of righteousness, 
and hope in the Lord : 

* many say, Who shew- 
eth us good things ? 

7 The light of thy 
countenance, O Lord, 
is stamped upon us : * 
thou hast given glad- 
ness to my heart. 

8 In the fruit of 
their wine and oil, * are 
they grown rich. 

9 In perfect peace 
will I sleep, and take 
my rest. 

10 For in a singular 
manner, O Lord, * thou 
hast settled me in 



. Psalm xxx. 

• 1 Inte,Domnie,8pe- 
r*?i, non confundar in 
sternum : * in justitia 
tot, libera me. 

2 Inclin* ad me 
aurem tuam, * aecelera 
ut eruas me. 

a Esto mihi in 
Deom protectorem ; et 
in domum refugii, * nt 
Balaam me facias. 

4 Qaeniam fortftus 
do mea, et refugium 
meunv es tu : * et prop- 
ter nemen-taum dedu- 
ces me, et enutries me. 

5 Educes me de 
laqueo hoe quern ab- 
sconderunt mihi : * quo- 
niam tu es protector 

6 In manus tuas' 
commendo spiritum 
meum : * redemisti me, 
Domino, Dens veritatis. 

1 In thee, Lord, 
have I hoped, let me 
be never confounded : 
* but, according to thy 
justice, rescue me. 

2 Turn to me thine 
ear : * haste, that thou 
mayest deliver me. 

S Be unto me a pro- 
tecting God and a place 
of refuge: *that thou 
mayest save me. 

4± For thou alone art 
my strength and my 
refuge : * for the sake 
of thine own name 
thou writ bring me 
forth, and feed me. 

5 Thou wilt bring 
me out of this snare 
which, they have hid 
forme : * for thou art 
my protector. 

6 Into thy hands I 
recommend my spirit : 
♦thou hast redeemed 
me, O Lord, the God 
of truth. 

t 1 .-^^ 

274 coMPLm. 

Psalm xc. 

1 Qui habitat in 

1 He that confideth 

adjutorio Altissimi * 

in the aid of the Most 

in protectione Dei coeli 

High *. shall lemaut 


under the protection-. 

of the God of heaven. 

2 Dicet Domino: 

2 He shall say to 

susceptor mews es tu, 

the Lord: Thou art 

et refugium meum: * 

my protector and my 

Deus meus sperabo in 

refuge : * he is my 


God, in him will I 


3 Quoniam ipse li- 

3 For it is he who 

beravit me de laqueo 

hath delivered me 

venantium, * et a ver- 

from the snare of those 

bo aapero. * 

that hunted me, * and 

from their threats. 

4 Scapulis suis ob- 

4 With his shoulders 

umbrabit tibi : * et sab 

will he still cover 

pennis ejus sperabis. 

thee : * and under his 

wings shalt thou still 

. hope. 

5 Scuto circumda- 

5 HiB truth shall 

bite Veritas ejus:* non. 

encompass thee with a 

timebis a timore noo- 

shield: * thou shalt 


not fear the terrors of 

the night : 

^ 6 A sagitta volante 

6 Nor the arrows 

in die, a negotio per- 

flying in the day, nor 

ambulante in tenebris, 

the mischief stalking 




* ab incursu, et daemo- 
nia meridiano, 

7 Cadent a latere 
too mille, et decern 
millia a dextris tuis : * 
ad te autem non appro- 

8 Veramtamen ora- 
lis tuis considerabis : * 
et retributionem pecca- 
torum videtris. 

9 Quoniam tu es, 
Domine, spes mea ; * 
altissimum posjuisti re- 
fngium tuum. 

10 Non aecedet ad 
te malum : * et fla- 
gellura non appropin- 
quabit tabernaculo tuo. 

1 1 Quoniam angelis 
■via mandavit de te : * 
at custodiant te in om- 
nlbvrt viis tuis. 

12 In manibus por- 
tabunt te : * ne forte 
ofFendas ad lapidem 
pedem tuum. 

13 Super aspidem et 

in the dark : * nor an 
assault, nor the noon- 
day devil. 

7 A thousand shall 
fall on thy left, and 
ten thousand on thy 
right: * but to thee 
he shall not approach. 

8 However thou 
shalt contemplate with 
thine own eyes : * and 
thou shalt see the re- 
ward of sinners. 

9 Thou truly, O 
Lord, art my hope : * 
very high hast thou 
set thy place of re- 

10 There no evil 
shall come to thee: * 
nor shall any scourge 
come near thy dwelling. 

1 1 For he has given 
his angels a charge over 
thee : • to guard thee 
in all thy ways. 

12 They shall bear 
thee on their hands : • 
lest perchance thou hit 
thy foot against a stone. 

13 Thou shalt tread 

t 2 
■ ■ 

276 coup 

basilUcum ambulabis; 

* et concukabis leo- 
nem et draconem. 

14 Quoniam in me 
speravit liberabo earn : 

* protegam eum, quo- 
niam cognovit nomen 

15 Clamabit ad me, 
et ego exaudiam eum : 

* cum ipso sum in 
tribulatione : eripiam 
eum, et glorificabo eum. 

16 Longitudine die- 
rum replebo eum : * 
et ostendam ill! salu- 
tare meum. 

on the asp and the ba- 
silisk, * and shalt tram- 
pie an the lion and the 

14 Since he hath 
hoped in me, I will 
rescue him : * I will 
protect him, since he 
hath known my name. 

16 He shall cry out 
to me, and I will hear 
him : * I am with him 
in his distress : I will 
rescue him, and make 
him glorious. 

16 I will fill him 
with length of days: 
* and will shew him 
my salvation. 

Psalm cxxxm. 

1 Ecce nunc benedi- 
cite Dominum, * om- 
nes servi Domini. 

2 Qui statisindomo 
Domini : * in aturiis do- 
oms Dei nostri. 

3 In noctibus extol- 
lite man us vestras in 

1 Come new, bless 
the Lord, * all ye ser- 
vants of the Lord. 

2 Who stand in the 

house of the Lord, • 
in the courts of die 
house of our God. 

3 In the night 
stretch out your hands 

— —— — — «— _ _ 

sancta, * etbenedicite 

4 Benedicat te Do* 
minus ex Sion, * qui 
fecit coelum et terram. 

Ant. Miserere mei, 
Domine, et exaudi 
orationem mearo. 

THB 1 

Te Iucis ante termi- 

Berum Creator posci- 

Utpro tua dementia, 

Sis preesul et custodia. 

Procul recedant som- 

Et noctium phantas- 

Hmtemque nostrum 

Nepoiuantur corpora. 

Prssta, Pater piis- 

Patrique compar unice, 

>lin. 277 

towards the sanctuary, 
• and bless the Lord. 

4 May the Lord 
bless thee from Sion,* 
who made both heaven 
and earth. 

Anth. Have mercy 
on me, O Lord, and 
hear my prayer. 


Maker of all ! to thee 

we pray 
Ere darkness close the 

waning day ; 
We pray thy mercy, 

kindness, might, 
For help and safety 

through' the night. 
Our hours of rest from 

dreams be free, 
And every wayward 

Restrain our foe ; nor 

suflfer sin. 
To stain our bodies 

Kind Father, hear our 

prayer, and Thou, 
His equal, hear it and 




Cum Spiritu Paraclito 

And thou, the Holy 

Ghost, shed down 

Regnans per omne see- 

Like grace from God 

culum. Amen. 

the eternal One. . 


Tu autem In nobis 

But thou art in- us, 

es, Domine, et nomen 

Lord, and thy • holy 

sanctum tuum invoca- 

name has been invoked 

tum est super nos ; ne 

upon us; forsake us 

derelin'quas nos, Do- 

not, Lord out God; 

mine Deus noster. 


R. Deo gratias. 

R. ThanksbefoGttd. 

Resp. In manus tu- 

Resp. Into * thy 

as, Domine, commendo - 

- hands, Lord, I com- 

spiritum meum. In 

mend my spirit " Into 

manus, &c. 


V. Redemisti nos, 

V. Thou hast re- 

Domine Deus veritatis. 

deemed us, Lord God 

Commendo spiritum 

of Truth. I commend 


my spirit. 

Gloria Patri, &c. In 

Glory be to the Fa- 

manus, &c. 

ther, &c. Into thy 

• V. Custodi nos Do- 

hands, &c. 

mine ut pupillam ocu- 

V. Preserve us, O 


Lord, as the apple of 

R. Sub umbra ala- 

thine eye. 

rum tuarum protege 

R. Protect us under 


the shadow ofthywmgs. 

Anth. Salva nos. 

Anth. Save us. 





Thb Song op Simeon, Luke ii. 

Kane dimittis ser- 
vum tuum, Domine, 
* secundum verbum 
tuum in pace. 

2 Quia yiderunt 
oculi mei • salutare 

a Quod pamsti * 
ante faciem omnium 

4 Lumen ad reve- 
latioaem Gentium : * 
et gloriam plebis tuae 

Gloria Patri. 

Ant. Salva noa Do. 
mine vigilantes, custodi 
noa doxmientes ; ut vi- 
gilemus cum Christo, 
et requiescamus in 

Kyrie eleison. 
Christ* eleison. 
K yrie eleison. 

Nov dost thou dis- 
miss thy servant, O 
Lord, * according to 
thy word, in peace. 

2 Since mine eyes 
have seen * thy pro- 
mised salvation. 

3 Which thou hast 
now prepared, * to 
shew unto all nations. 

4 A light to enlight- 
en the Gentiles : *and 
the glory of thy people 

Glory be to, &c. 

Ant. Save us, O 
Lord, waking, and 
guard us sleeping ; that 
we may watch with 
Christ, and rest in 

Lord have mexay on 

Christ have mercy 
on us. 

Lord have mercy on 

Pater neater, (se* Our Father, (in *?- 
creto.) eret.J 

Digitized by GoOgle 

280 cewi 

V. Etnenos induces 
m tentationem. 

R. Sed libera no* a 
molo. Credo m Deum, 

V. Carnis resurree- 

R. Et vitam aeter- 
nam. Amen. 

V. Benedictus es, 
Domine, Deus patnira 

R. fit laudabilis et 
gloriosui in ssscula. 

V. BenedicamusPa- 
trem et Filium cum 
SJancto Spiritu. 

R. Laudenrus, et su- 
perexaltemus earn in 

V. Benedictus et, 
Domine, in firmamento 

R. Et laudabilis, et 
gloriosus, et superexal- 
tatus in ssecula. 

V. Benedicat et cus- 
todiat no* omnipotens 
et misericors Dominus. 

R. Amen. 

V. And lead us not 
into temptation. 

R. But deliver, us 
from evil. I believe in 
Ged, (in secret* J 

V. The leeuxreetion 
of the body. 

R. And life ever- 
lasting. Amen. I 

V. Blessed art thou, ; 
O Lord, the God of , 
our fathers. 
• R. And praise-wor- 
thy and glorious for t 

V. Let us bless the 
Father,. and the Son, ; 
with the Holy Ghost | 

R. Let us praise , 
and magnify him for ! 

.V. Thou art blessed, ! 
O Lord, in the firma- ! 
ment of heaven. t 

R. And praise-wor- i 
thy, and glorious, and ' 
magnified for ever. 

V. May the almigh- 
ty and merciful Lord 
bless us and keep us. 

R. Amen. 




V. Dignare t)online 
nocte ista, 

R. Sine peccato nos 

V. Misetere nostri, 

R. Misertfre nosfri. 

V. Vtofi nnisericdrdia 
toa, Doming super nos. 

R.' Qtifemadmt>dum 
speravimus in ter 

V. Domine, J exaudi 
oratlonem meam. 

R. Et clamor meus 
ad te veniat. 

V. Dominus vobis- 

R 4 Et ctim spiritu 
tuo. ' 

Visita, quasumus, 
Dotnlne, habitationem 
istam, et omnes insi- 
diaB inimici ab ea longe 
refletle; angeli tui 
sancti • habitent in ea, 
quittds if* pace custo- 
dlant*; et benedictio 
ftta v sit super nos sem- 
per. Fe* Dominum. 

V. Vouchsafe, O 
Lord, this night, , 
J R. To keep us with- f 
out sin. 

V. Have mercy 'on 
us, O Lord. ' 

R. Have mercy on 

- V. Let thy mercy 
be upon Us, O Lord. 

R. As we have hoped 
in thee. 

V. Lord, hear my 

R. And let my cry 
come unto thee. 

V. The Lord be 
with you. 

R. And with thy 

Visit, we beseech 
thee, O Lord, this ha- 
bitation, and remove 
far from it all the 
snares '** the enemy : 
let thy holy angels 
dwell therein, to pre- 
serve us in peace; and 
may thy blessing be 
always upon us. Thro* 
our Lord. 

~ ~ ■ J 



V. Doming* vobis- 

It. Et cum spiritu 

V. BenedicamusDo- 

B. Deo gratia* (Be- 
nedictio :) Benedicat 
eteustodiat nos omni- 
potent et misericors 
Dominus, Pater, "et Fi- 
lms, et SpiritusSanctus. 

B. Amen. 

V. The Lord be 

with you. 

B. And with thy 

V. Let us bless the 

B. Thanks be to 
God. (The Blessings) 
May the Almighty and 
merciful Lord, Father, 
Son, and Holy Ghost, 
bless and preserve us. 

B. Amen* 

After which, one of the following Anthems is sung. 

From thb First Sunday op Advbnt till 
thb Purification. 

Alma redemptoris ma- 
ter, quae pervia 
cceli porta manes, 

Et stella maris, sue 
curre cadenti, 

Surgere qui curat po- 
pulo : tu quae ge- 

Natura mirante, tuum 

Mother of our Saviour i 
thou whose pray era 
may open heaven ! 

Port of Safety! Guid- 
ing Star! oh, be 
thy succour given; 

Raising up repentant 
hearts which groan 
^heir vices under . 

Thou who didst thy 
Maker bear, white 
nature gazed in 
wonder i 


Virgo prius ac poste- 
* rius, Gabrielis ab 

Sumens illud Ave, pec- 

caiorum miserere. 

V. Angelas Domini 
ntmciavit Maris. 

R. Et -concepit de 
Spiritu Sancto. 

Gratiam tuam, quav 
sumus, Domine, men- 
tibus nostris infunde: 
ut qui angeto nun- 
tiante Christi Filii tui 
incarnationem cogno- 
vimus, per passionem 
ejus et crucem ad re- 
surrectionis gloriam 
perducamur. Pereun- 

R. Amen. 

FftOM thu Purification, till Maunday 
Are regina ctelorum, Hail, thou mighty 
Queen of heaven ! 
Ave domina angelo- Hail, thou Queen to 

lin. 283 

Virgin pure, before and 
after Gabriel did 
hail thee, 
Take a sinner's hom- 
age; list the pray- 
ers that now assail 
V. The angel of the 
Lord declared unto 

R. And she conceived 
of the Holy Ghost. 

Pour forth, we be- 
seech thee, O Lord, thy 
grace into our hearts, 
that we, to whom the 
incarnation of Christ, 
thy Son, was made 
known by the message 
of an angel, may, by 
his cross and passion, 
be brought to the glory 
of his resurrection. 
Through the same. 
R. Amen. 

tized by GoOgle 


Salve radix, salve por- 

Ex qua mundo lux est 

Gaude virgo gloriosa, 

Super omnes speciosa : 
Vale O valde, decora, 

Et pro nobis Christum 
V. Dignare me lau- 
dare. te, virgo sacrata. 

B. Da mini virtutexn 
contra hostes tuos. 

Concede, misericors 
Deus, fragilitati nostra; 
presidium ; ut qui 
sanct© Dei Genitricis 
memoriam agimus, in- 
terceBBionis ej us auxilio, 
a nostra iniquitatibus 
resurgamus. Per eun- 
dem Christum Domi- 
num nostrum. 

Hail, thou teeming root! 

thou portal, 
Whence uprose bright 

hopes immortal. . 
Blessed Maid ! may 

joy surround thee. 
Grace and glory long 

have crown 'd thee. 
Brightest — brightest 

Maid, we greet 

Pray, Christ, hear us* 

we entreat thee I 
V. Vouchsafe, O sa- 
cred Virgin, to accept 
my praises. 

R. Give me strength 
against thine enemies. 

Grant us, O merciful 
God, strength against 
all our weakness ; that 
we, who celebrate the 
memory of the holy 
Mother of God, may 
be enabled to rise again 
from qur iniquities. . 
Through, &c 



From Holy Saturday till Trinity-Eve. 

Regina coeli laetare. 

Quia quern meruisti 
portare, Alleluia. 

Resurrexit sicut dixit. 

Ora pro nobis Deum. 
V. Gaude et laetare, 
Tirgo Maria. Alleluia. 

R. Quia surrexit Do- 
minus vere. Alleluia. 

Deus, qui per re- 
surrectionem Filii tui 
Domini nostri Jesu 
CHrieti mundum leetifi- 
care dignatus es ; pnes- 
ta, qutesumus, ut per 
ejus genitricem virgi- 
nem Mariam perpetuse 
capiamus gaudia vita?. 
Per, &c. 

Great Queen of hea- 
ven, joy, and glad- 
ness. Alleluja. 

He whom thou didst 
bear with sadness. 

Hath risen, as he said, 
, to heaven. Allelu. 

Thy prayers for us to 

God be given. Alle. 

V. Rejoice and be 

glad, O Virgin Mary. 


R. For the Lord is 

truly risen. Alleluja. 

O God, who by the 
resurrection of thy Son, 
our Lord Jesus Christ, 
hast been pleased to 
fill the world with joy ; 
grant, we beseech thee, 
that through the Virgin 
Mary, his Mother, we 
may receive the joys 
of eternal life. thro'. 



From Trinity-Eye till Advent. 

Salve Regina, 

Hail, Queen, we hail 


Mater misericordis! 

Let not mercy fell thee. 

Vita, dulcedo, et spat 

Life, and hope, and 

nostra, salve. 

gladness ! our 

prayers shall as- 

sail thee. 

Ad te clamamus exules, 

From thet, Eve's exiled 

Filii Hevee. 

children, comfort 

we borrow. 

Ad te suspiramus ge- 

To thee, are we sigh- 

mentes et flentes 


inhac lacrymarum 

And groaning, and cry- 



In this lowly vale of ; 



Eja ergo advocata nos- 

Turn, then, thou our ad- 

tra illostuosmise- 

vocate, those pity- 

ricordes oculos ad 

ing eyes upon us. 

nos converte. 

And let thy cheering 

glances beam their 

solace on us. 

Et Jesum benedictum 

And after this our exile, 

fructum ventris 

may we see for ever, 

tui, nobis post hoc 

Christ thy blessed Son, 

exilium ostende. 

and part from him 


O clemens, 



O pious. 

Digit'zed by' ' 

dulcis virgo Maria. 

V. Ora pro nobis 
sancta Dai genitrix. 

R. Ut digni effi- 
ciamur' promissionibus 

Omnipotens sempi- 
terne Deus, qui glori- 
obs Virginia matrisMa- 
riae corpus et animam, 
ut dignum Filii tui 
habitaculum effici me- 
reretur, Spiritu Sancto 
co-operante, praeparas- 
ti: da, ut cujus com- 
memoratione laetamur, 
ejus pia intercessione 
ab instantibus malis, et 
a morte perpetua li- 
beremur. Per eundem 
Christum Dominum 

R. Amen. 

V. Divinum auxili- 
um maneat semper 

R. Amen. 

Pater noater. Ave 
Maria. Ef Credo in 
Deum, (secret o.J 

lin. 287 

O Blessed. Virgin Mary. 

V. Pray for us, O 
Holy Mother of God. 

JR. That we may be 
made worthy of the 
promises of Christ. 

Almighty and eter- 
nal God, wjio, by the 
co-operation of the 
Holy Ghost, didst pre- 
pare the body and soul 
of the glorious Virgin 
Mother Mary, that she 
might become a worthy 
habitation for thy Son: 
grant that, as with joy 
we celebrate her me- 
mory, so by her pious 
intercession we may be 
delivered from present 
evils, and eternal death. 
Through, &c. 

R. Amen. 

V. May the divine 
assistance always re- 
main with us 

R. Amen. 

Our Father. Hail, 
Mary. And I believe 
in God, (in secret. J 

tized by G00gk 


Creator Almb Siderum, for Advbnt. 

O bright Creator of the skies — 
Thyself the truest light of all- 
Saviour from Satan's blasting thrall, 

Receive our vows and suppliant cries ! 

Thou who, bj kindest impulse swayed, 
Didst come to heal our every woe, 
And the fell tempter's art o'erthrow, 

Ere all should be to hell betrayed ; 

Who from a virgin temple sprung, 
The sins of all the world to bear, 
And then, for crimes thou couldst not share* 

Wast on the cross a victim hung ; — 

Great, glorious Lord ! we pray to thee, 
Whose very name hath such command, 
Nor heaven nor hell its power, withstand, 

But trembling all must bend the knee* 

To thee, tremendous judge ! we bow ; 

Last dreadful judge ! we crave thine aid. 

Be every wily foe dismayed. 
Thy saving grace from heaven bestow. 

May willing honour, glory, praise, 
Be to the Father given and Son 
And to the Holy Ghost, whose throne 

United stands for endless days. 

- — = ■ — —_ .— __^__ _ .... 


Jbsu Rbdsmptor omnium : poa Christmas. 

Jesus, the ransomer of man, 
Who, ere created light began, 
Didst from the sovereign Father spring, 
His might and glory equalling ; 
Thou brightness of the Father's rajs. 
The hope and end of a^ll our days, 
Oh, kindly to the prayers attend 
Which round the world to thee ascend. 
Think, thou who didst all nature make, 
That thou thyself erewhile didst take 
The form of man from virgin's womb, 
To avert from man his hopeless doom. ' 
" This day recalls the deed of grace. 
Years fleet : but still we love to trace 
The time when from the Father's throne 
Thou cam'st to save the world alone. 
The stars, the earth, the waters, all 
'Neath heaven proclaims the festival ! 
All with new cantides repeat 
Thy praise ; and all their Saviour greet. 
All— all whom that most holy stream 
Of blood, did from sad death redeem, 
. On this thy natal day, upraise 

One voice, and sound the hymn of praise. 
Jesus, to thee, the Virgin's Son, 
Be everlasting homage done. 
To God the Father, we repeat 
The same, ana" to the Paraclete. 

Digitized by GoOgle 

' s 290 

Jesu Duicis Mbmoria: for II, Sunday 
after Epiphany. 

' Jesus ! the only thought of thee 
Gives joy and true serenity : 
But, oh, than honey far more sweet 
Our Saviour face to face to meet 1 
No song can be so sweet to hear, 
No sound so well the heart can cheer, 
The mind no thought so glad can frame 
As Jesus Christ's most holy name. 
O Jesus ! kind to sinners' fears, 
And kind to anxious suppliant prayers, 
To those who seek for thee, how kind ! — 
What then art thou to those who find ? 
No tongue can make the hearer guess, 
Nor writing say how thou dost bless : 
Those only Who have tried can- tell 
What 'tis to love their Jesus well. 
Jesus, our only bliss be thou, 
Who wilt all future joy bestow ! 
Oh, let .Our Ipwe and glory be 
For endless ages drawn from thee. 
Jesus, our king, admir'd, rever'd, 
The conqueror of all that's fear'd — 
True sweetness all — thou dost impart, 
Far more than asks the trembling heart ! 
When thou dost seek the mourner's breast, 
Truth smiles anew with promise blest, 
No longer earth and sin defiles, 
Love warms the soul and hope beguiles.' 


Jesus ! in thee each heart delights, 
Thou living fountain, light of lights— 
Exceeding every dearest bliss, 
And every dream of happiness. 

Oh haste to Jesus ! hasten all ! 
Let love your every wish enthrall. 
Oh, seek your Jesus and adore, 
And, seeking, loye him more and more. 

Ob may our hymns repeat thy name, 
And may our lives our love proclaim ; 
May we for ever Jesus love, 
And endless years our love improve. 

Whom most thou fav*rest, more will crave ; 
Who have thee most, far more would have : 
Still must the heart that loves thee want. 

Still — still for Jesus must it pant. 


O Jesus, whom my soul desires, 
To whom most fondly it aspires — 
For whom calm tears bedew mine eyes — 
To whom mine inward spirit sighs ;— 

Oh, stay with us ! dear Jesus, stay ! 
Illume us with thy saving ray. 
All darkness from our minds remove, 
And fill the world with light and love. 

Jesus, the Virgin's only son, 
May every heart thy sweetness own. 
May honour, blessings, praise, and fame,' 
For ever hail thy holy name. 

Digitized by GOOQle 


Audi Bknigns Conditor : for Lent. 

Benign Creator ! kindly hear 

The prayers and sighs in sorrow blent, 
Which to thy pitying throne we bear, 

In this most holy last of Lent. 

O Thou who searchest every heart, 
And knowest man's infirmity ; 

Peace and forgiveness now impart, 
And, may thy grace oui wants supply., 

Much have we sinned—our ways we blame, 
We own, confess our faults to heaven ; 

Oh, for the glory of thy name, 
Kind Jesus, be those faults forgiven ! 

Oh grant that we may now restrain, 
By abstinence, our stubborn will : 

That vicious strength may not remain 
To urge our wayward hearts to ill. 

Qh grant, most holy Trinity, 
This fast may every sin efface 5 

And may our tears productive be 
Of blest increase of hope and grace. 

Vkxilla Regis, for Passion and Palm 

See, see the royal banners fly ! 
Now beams the cross's mystery. 
For life was still within the tomb 
When death by life was overcome. 


Where smote the spear with direst blow, 
Thence blood and water did overflow : 
These all our guilty stains efface, 
And wash our souls with saving grace. 

This, this the mystery foretold, 
By David's faithful song of old : 
He said to all, in mystic strain, 
" From off a tree the God will reign." 

O beaming tree ! thy branches fair 
The royal purple colours wear. 
Well chosen from an honoured sort, 
Those sacred members to support. 

O blessed tree ! who arms can show 
The ransom of a world from woe 2 — 
HIS limbs the only weight could tell 
What price could ransom man from hell. 

Hail, cross I bur only hope sublime, 
To cheer this penitential time — 

{On the finding of the cross is said, 
Who cheerest this high paschal time — 

On the exaltation of the cross is said, 
Whose triumph cheers this glorious time—] 
Let grace renewed the just repay, 
And wash the sinner's guilt away. 

Hail, holy Trinity, whose praise 
Still bids' us every song upraise, 
Let those, who now in patience bear 
The cross on earth, thy guerdon share. 

Digitized by GoOgle 



Young men and maids, rejoice and sing ! 

The king of heaven, the glorious king, 

This day from death rose triumphing. Alleluja. 

On Sunday morn, by break of day, 

Swift to the tomb wherein he lay, 

His dear disciples sped away. Alleluja. 

And Mary Magdalen, she sped, 

And James's eager mother led, ' , 

With Salome's to embalm the dead. Alleluja. 

An angel rob'd in white they see, 

Who saith to them all soothingly, 

" The Lord is gone to Galilee." Alleluja, 

And then the dear apostle John, 

First to 'the monument came on, 

For Peter he had soon outrun. Alleluja. 

When the disciples met dismay'd, 

Christ stood among them as they pray'd ; 

And " Peace be to you all," he said. Alleluja, 

When Didymushad heard them tell 

How Christ was risen, and what befel, 

He doubted all the miracle. Alleluja. 

«* Oh, see my hands and feet," He cried ; 

" And lay thy hand upon my side, 

And doubt not me, whate'er betide." Alleluja. 

When Thomas thus had all explored — 

The feet, the side, the hands ador'd, 

He answering, said, " My God and Lord." Alle. 


" Aye, Thomas, but more blest is he 
Who sees not, yet who trusts in me": '* 
Eternal life his lot shall be. Alleluja. 

Then Joy we on these festive days ! 
,And grateful hearts to God upraise ' 
With blessings, jubilee, and praise. Alleluja. 

Let us tp.Ood our thanks renew; — 
That homage fervent, humble, true, 
For all his gracious mercies due. Alleluja. 

An Regies Agni Dapes, for Easter. 

The red sea how is past, and now 
Around the Lamb's great feast we bow ; 
Now clothed in white and purified, 
We praise our King — the Christ who died. 

So great his love, that, for our good, 
He bids us drink his sacred blood. 
And gives us, in the mystic feast, 
Himself — the sacrifice and priest. 

Blood sprinkled on the posts of yore 
Scared death's sad angel from the door.; 
The sea was parted too, and gave 
To the pursuing foe a grave ; 

But Christ is now the pasch by whont 
We triumph o'er impending doom. 
Sincere and pure, we now are fed 
By Christ, the pure pre-figured bread. » 

Digitized by GoOgle 


Hail, truest victim, truly given ; 
By whom the thrall of hell is riven, ; 
Who makest death itself aa nought— 
By whom the joys of life are bought ! 
Hell now is vanquished ; Christ displays 
To the wide'world his trophies 1 Gase 
On heaven laid open ! while the foe, 
The prince of death, is driven below. * - 
Jesus, be thou our paschal joy ! 
Be thoughts of thee our sole employ ! 
From deadly sin, we pray thee, free 
Those born again to life by thee. 
To God the Father loudly sing, 
And Jesus who rose triumphing, 
And to the Holy Ghost upraise 
For ever more melodious praise. 


O Thou from whom salvation flows, 

Dear Jesus ! joy of ev^y breast ;. 
Redeeming all this world of woes — 

Pure light, by all beholders blest : — 
Whence came this wondrous act of grace 

That thou shouldst bear the crimes of all ? 
That thou, to save a sinful race, 

Sinless shouldst own death's bitter thrall ? 
HelPs chaos now is rent in twain ; 

And captive chains are burst by thee. 
Triumphant Victor 1 rise and reign • 

At God's right hand eternally. 

' ■ a - 


But let thy pity still look down 

And heal our every care and woe : 
Still let thy saving help be shown 

To bless, and cheer us here below. 
Oh, lead us Thou to heaven above. 

Be thou our only aint and goal. 
Oh, let our tears be tears of love 

Till thou, dear Saviour ! crown \ the whole.. 

Vkni creator Spiritus: for Whit-Sunday. 

Creating Spirit, come ! controul 
And visit every willing soul. 
To • all, by thee created, bring, 
' Dear Lord, each good and perfect thing. 
Thee, Lord, our Comforter, we call ; 
The gift of God— best gift of all ; 
The living fount, fire, charity 
The. spirit's balm : all dwells in thee. 
Thine are ^the seven best gifts of grace. 
In thee, the Father's hand we trace. 
Promis'd of old, His thou dost teach 
All things and every form of speech. 
With thy pure light, fire every sense ; 
Thy love through every heart dispense ; 
Our weak infirmities improve, 
With strength and virtue from above. 
Drive every foe far, far away. * 
Near us may peace for ever stay. 
Be thou our teacher, light, and guide, 
That every ill we may avoid. v 

208 vam sancts spulitus. 

Lei us the Father know by thee 2 
By thee, the Son, our Saviour; aee. 
And still hold fast our saying creed 
In Thee who dost from both proceed. 

May praise to God the Father swell 
And to the Son who rose from hell. 
The same we'll pay to thee, dear Lord — 
Our holy Paraclete ador'd. 

Vkni Sanctis us : for Whit Sunday. 

Come, Holy Ghost : to us send down, ' 
Refulgent from thy heavenly throne, 

Thy guiding influence, pure and bright : 
Thou poor man's father, hear our call ; 
Come, thou who givest good to all ; 

Come, thou, the soul's best joy and light ! 

Come, thou, of comforters the best, 
The pious happy spirit's guest, 

Refreshment and sole strength in fears. 
'Mid every toil thou givest rest ; 
Sweet calm to man's o'erheated breast ; 

True comfort in his doubts and tears. 

O. blessed Light I to thee we pray ; 
Pour gently down thy saving ray 

On all who firmly trust in thee. 
Without thy grace, can man attain 
No single good : he strives in vain : — 

He cannot even harmless be. 


Wash every stain sin leaves behind ; 
Bain dew upon the arid mind ; 

The spirit's wounds and bruises heal. 
Hake stubborn reason humbly bow ; 
Illume it with a heavenly glow ; 

To thee make doubt obedient kneel* - 
Grant to thy faithful, dearest Lord ! 
Whose only trust is thy sure word, 

Thy sevenfold gifts of grace and love ; 
Grant patience, peace, forbearance mild, 
Meek charity, joy undefiled, 

Hope here, and lasting bliss above. 

Jam Sol recedit: for Trinity S}*jnday. 

Now lowly sinks the fiery sun ; 

But' Thou, eternal light — thou One « 

,TJnited Trinity, impart 

Thy light of love to every heart. 

To thee, at morn, our songs shall swell ; 

At eve, our hearts on thee shall dwell. ' 

And may our praise hereafter rise 

And blend with heaven's own symphonies. 

To God the Father and the Son, 

And Holy Spirit, three in one. 

May holiest praises still ascend 

Through coming years, and never end. 

Panor Lingua: for Corpus Christi. 

Loudly sing my tongue ! proclaiming 
All the mystery of faith. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


His body and hit blood adoring, 

Born a virgin* womb beneath, 
Which the King of all surrendered 

To redeem a world from death. 
Bom for us, for us descending 

'Neath a purest virgin zone — 
In the world he dwelt, and taught us 

Till the seeds of troth were sown. 
v Then his parting love and blessing 

Was in wondrons manner shown. 
When for the last time reclining 

Round the board that awful night, 
When the legal pasch was eaten, 

When fulfilled was ev'ry rite — 
Then to his wond'ring twelve disciples^ 

He gave himself with heavenly might. 
The Word made flesh for man's redemption, 

Made, by a word, true flesh of bread ; 
And wine became the blood of Jesus : — 

Sense would not be captive led : 
But truthful hearts vain reason master — 

Faith believes what'er He said. 
Mighty Sacrament ! adore it, 

Praise it alfon bended knee ! 
Ancient rites give way before it — * 

Worlds in this new frith agree. . 
What though reason falter o'er it? — 

Faith will solve the mystery. 

* So ancient it this hymn, that Jewish rites axe hero 
alluded to. 

, - — ■ * ■ ' =*=*= 


| Praise be to the Father given ; 

Praise— but praise him not alone. 
Greeting, honour, triumph, even 

Thanks and blessing to the Son. 
To whom proceeds from both in heaven, 

Be an equal homage done. 

Avb Maris Stbuna : to thb Virgin Mary. 

Hail, Sea-star!, we bless thee, 
God's Mother confess thee. 
Virgin pure, immortal ; 
Heaven's happy portal. 

Sin by woman enter'd — 
Hope in thee was center'd. 
Woman now has freed us ; 
Give us peace and heed us. 

Sin repentant whiten ; 
Darksome hearts enlighten ; 
Far be evil driven ; 
Every good be given. 

Oh, wouldst thou protect us, 
Christ would not reject us. 
He, the Son who chose thee, 
He would not oppose thee. 

Virgin, strange and holy, 
Meek, and pure, and lowly *, 
Oh may we inherit 
Thy chaste humble spirit ! 

Digitized by GoOgle 


May our lives be quiet, 
Far from sin and riot ; 
Praise to Christ upsenctfng - **" 
With thy praises blending. 

Father, God, we bless thee ; 
Jesus, we confess thee ; 
Equal praise be given 
The Holy Ghost in heaven. 

Exultet Orbis: on Festivals of Apostles. 

Exult r -thou world, exult with praise f 

Ye heavens, ring back the songs we raise ! 
Join now ye earth, skies, stars, and all, 

To greet the Apostle's festival. 
Ye judges of the world, ye lights 

To guide mankind its heavenward way — 
High plac'd on hills and beacon heights — 

Oh list the vows thy suppliants pay* 
Ye who can bpe the gates of heaven, 

Or firmly close them with a word — 
01) may your favouring help be given 

To lead us upwards to the Lord. 
Health, languor, sitings, all obey 

Your summons still, as once on earth ; 
Oh heal our fainting minds, we pray;— 

Encrease our strength, give sterling worth. 
That when this fleeting world is o'er, 

And Christ, the judge, shall all survey; 
We then may stand, with hope before 

His throne, and tend his joyous way. ' 



To God the Father, and the^on, 
And Holy Spirit, three in one, 
Be endless glory, as before 
Time was, and will be ever more. 

Dbus Tuorum : on Common of Martyrs, 

O God, the lot, the crown, the gain, 
(Of soldiers in thy service slain, 
While thus we sing thy martyr's praise, 
Make us forsake oar sinful ways. 

This saint, esteeming worldly joys 
As pleasing cheats, deceitful toys, 
Shunning their false and fleeting lure, 
Won heavenly joys that still endure. 

He bravely ran his painful race, 
And looked his torments in the face, 
And, shedding forth his blood for thee, 
Now lives to all eternity. 

To thee, most gracious Lord, we fly, 
Beseeching thee, with humble cry, 
That all may be absolved from sin, 
While for this Martyr triumphing. 

To God, the Father, and the Son, 
And Holy Spirit, three in one, 
Be equal glory, equal praise, ^ 

For an eternal length of days. Amen. 

! Digitized by CjOOgle 


Istk Confessor: a* Co in. op Confb3sor8 
and Bishops. . 

This great confessor, God's most worthy servant, 
Whom pious nations o'er the earth are praising,* 
This day rejoicing rose to heaven, and conquer'd 

Blisses eternal. 
If it be not the day of his^dsath, say/rein* 
This day rejoicing, well deserved to conquer, 

High praise and honour. 

Him pious, prudent, humble, modest manners, 
Ever attended — ever marked for heaven : 
So long as life wan his— that life so truly 
By him unvalued. 

So great his merits, heaven oft suspended 
Nature's fixed courses : sickness and diseases, 
Weakness, and death itself, when he commanded, 
Vanquish'd, obeyed him. 

Therefore with choral hymns we now revere him, 
Singing his merits, solemn songs upraising, 
That by his prayers we may be truly suoeour'd, 
Now and for ever. 

Praise be to Him, great honour, might and glory, 
Him, who enthron'd in heaven sheds forth his 

Ruling the world, and &1{ its chances swaying, 
Three, but One only. 


Jksu Corona Virginum : on Com. op 

Jesus, receive our suppliant cry. 
Thou crown of pure. virginity: — 
J Son of a virgin, who alone 

I Bore child nor lost her virgin zone. - 

{ LHiea bedeck thy radiant way, 

1 For choirs of virgins round thee stray ; — 

Thou glorious bridegroom who dost bless 
Thy brides with endless happiness. 
Which way soe'er thy courses tend, 
Virgins pursue, and praise upsend ; 
Still speeding after thee, they raise 
Sweet hymns of triumph, joy, 1 and praise. 
Humbly we beg thee, that our sense 
May feel thy gracious influence ; 
Each noxious wish do thou controul, 
Which poisons and defiles the soul. 

To God the Father and the Son 
And Holy Spirit, three in one, 
Be honour, glory, might, and praise, 
For an eternal length of days. 

Fortem Virilis Pkctorb : Com. op Holy 

Let's praise the woman who, endued 
With more than woman's fortitude, 
Exalts her sanctity and name 
In every place with glorious fame. - 

Digitized by G00g[e 


Such holy lore inflam'd her heart 
That she abhorred the noxious art' 
Of worldly love ; and bravely trod 
The narrow way that leads to God. 

Spare fasts did every sense control, 
With prayer she sweetly fed her soul* 
Thus rose she lightly to the sky. 
Prepared to joy eternally. 

Great source of courage, Christ our king ! 
From whom alone can greatness spring, 
By her we pray thee : list our prayer ; 
Let us her worthier merits share. 

To God the Father and the Son 
And Holy Spirit, three in one, 
Be endless glory ; as before 
Time was, is, shall be evermore. 

Salvbtb Florbs Martyrum : for Holt 

Ye flowers, ye buds of martyrs, hail ! 
Ye blossoms, by the sword o'ercast 
On life's young threshold, spent and pale, 
,. Like opening roses 'neath the blast. 

Ye earliest victims Jesus owns ! 

Ye tender flock cut rudely down 
JVhile, deck'd with palms and flowery crowns, 

Ye playtt the altar's steps upon. 


But shall the mighty crime avail ? 

Shall Herod triumph in his wrath ? 
For Christ uprose the infant wail — 

Christ, only Christ escaped from death. 

While childless mothers wept the day, 

And slaughtered babes bestrew'd the ground, 

The Virgin's Son was borne away, 

While flowM bis playmates' blood around. 

Thus Moses, who pourtrayed of yore 
The fate of Christr— escaped the stroke 

Of Pharaoh ; living to restore 
And raise his nation from the yoke. 

Hymn op Judgment. 

Lo ! He comes in clouds descending, 
Once for favour' d sinners slain : • 

Thousand thousand saints attending 
Fill the triumph of his train. 
Hallelujah ! See the Son of God appear. 

Every eye must now behold Him, 

Robed in dreadful majesty : 
• Those who set at nought and Bold him, 

Pierced and nail'd him to the tree, 
Deeply wailing, shall the true Messiah see. 

Every valley, hill, and mountain, 
Heav'n and earth, shall fade away ; 

Those who hate him shall, confounded, 
Hear the trump proclaim the day. 
Come to judgment, come away. 

Digitized by GOQQle 


See redemption, long expected, 

Now in dreadful pomp appear, 
All his saints, by men rejected, 
Now shall meet him ill the air. 
Hallelujah! See the Son of God appear. 

Yea, amen ! let all adore thee, 

High on thine eternal throne : 
Saviour, take thy power and glory, 
Take the kingdom for thine own. 
O come quickly, come Lord ! come. 

Advice op St. Frakcis of Salbs. 
Attend at Vespers and all the pubUc devotions 
of the Church as much as possible. It is your duty 
to do so, that your good example may lead to 
the edification of others j and that your aspira- 
tions for the glory of God may be aroused and 
united with the aspirations of aU. The jmbUe 
offices of the Church- are ever preferable to jwk 
vote devotions: Jesus Christ having promised 
peculiar favour to those who should be assembled 
in his name. 

Digitized by GOOgle 





In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost Amen. 

Sir Thomas Moke's Pbaybr in the Tower. 

Grant us, O Lord, thy grace, that, in every 
pain and difficulty against which we may be 
inclined to murmur, we may think on the great 
agony which thou, our Creator and Redeemer* 
didst suffer on Mount Olivet before thy bitter 
passion ; and, in meditating thereon, grant that 
we may receive such spiritual comfort as may 
teach us resignation to thy holy will. 

Take from us all vain glorious thoughts ; all 
desire for our own praise *, all envy, covetous- 
ness, gluttony, sloth, and luxury ; all froward 
affections ; all wish for revenge ; all desire of 
others' harm ; all pleasure in provoking any 
person to anger; all delight in insulting or 
triumphing over any in- their affliction and 
calamity. Give us humble, peaceable, patient, 
and charitable minds ; and, in all our thoughts, 
words, and deeds, to have the approbation of 
thy Holy Spirit 

. j. - j 


Give us a lively faith-, a firm hope, and a 
constant charity : — a love of thee incomparably 
above the love of ourselves, that we may love 
nothing to thy displeasure, but every thing in 
order to thy satisfaction. 

Give us a longing tb be with thee, not so 
much for avoiding die evils of this world, nor 
for attaining the joys of heaven with respect to 
our own good, as purely for the love of thee. 

Continue to us, O Lord, thy love and favour 
which our love for thee, were it ever so great, 
could not deserve, without thy infinite goodness. 

Pardon our boldness in making such high 
petitions ; we admit that we are unworthy to 
obtain them. Yet, O Lord, they are the bles- 
sings we are bound to wish for, and which we 
might hope to receive if our manifold sins were 
not a hindrance : oh ! wash us from them by 
the merits of that sacred blood that issued from 
thy body in the divers torments of thy bitter 

Take from us, also, O Lord, our lukewarm 
manner of meditation, our dullness in prayer j 
give us patience in sorrow, and grace in every 
thing to conform our wills to thine, and to labour 
truly to deserve those favours for which we have 
prayed. Amen. 

The "Pater Nostbr." 

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be 
thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be 

— ■ " - •-= --r=Li =2=- — 

SUNDAY. . 311 

done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this 
day our daily bread. And forgive us our tres- 
passes as we forgive them that trespass against 
us. And lead us not into temptation ; but 
deliver us from evil. Amen. 

The « Ave Maria." 

". Hail, Mary, full of grace, our Lord is with 
thee ; blessed art thou amongst women* and 
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus." 

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sin- 
ners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. 

For the Dead. 

O Gbd, the giver of pardon and the lover of - 
human salvation, with thee live the spirits of the 
just, and in thy keeping are the souls of those 
who, by their imperfections, being still unworthy 
of thy presence^ are detained in a state of suffer- 
ing and delayed hope* While, therefore, we 
bless thee for thy saints who are already admitted 
to thy glory, so, also, we humbly offer up our 
prayers for these thy afflicted servants ; and, in 
particular, for our departed friends, relations, and 
benefactors. Pardon them thejjr past failings, 
supply for the unprepared state in which they 
were called before thy judgment seat ; that they 
may see thee, arid, in thy glorious light, rejoice 
eternally. Amen. 


Prater for Self-knowledge, 

O Lord Jesus Christ, give us thy grace care- 
fully to examine our conduct during this day. 
Make Known to us if we have been guilty of 
offending thee during those hours which should 
have been given up entirely to innocent rest 
and spiritual rejoicing. Discover to us all our 
sinful thoughts, words, actions, and omissions ; 
that we may implore thy pardon for neglecting 
the holy inspirations and the helps to devotion 
which this day has afforded to our weakness. * * 
* (Pause for Self-examination.) 

An Act of Sorrow. 

Almighty God, we fear that we have offended 
thee, and ill complied with all our duties. But 
do thou strengthen our weakness which so often 
leads us to do that of which we afterwards repent. 
Do thou. O Lord, whenever we are about to do 
wrong, remind us of all that we owe to thy good- 
ness, and thus save us from the sin of ingrati- 
tude which necessarily encreases every offence 
against thee to whom we owe so much* Accept,' 
merciful Saviour, our sorrow for the past, and 
let thy saving providence keep us in all future 
trials. Amen* 

Prayer and Hymn to the Holy Ghost. 

O God, who hast taught the hearts of the 
faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant 

Digitized by GOQQle 

SUNDAY. 313 

that we may, by the gift of the same Spirit, 
be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in his 

Bright, Holy Spirit ! kindly pour v 
Thy saving grace our senses o'er. 
Do thou each worldly impulse stay, 
And lead our souls their heavenward way. 
May doubt, anxiety, and fear, 

And worldly hope no more enthrall ; 
Becalm our thoughts, our spirits cheer 

With hope of joys more bright than alL 
Thy sure and certain hope bestow 
To raise our hearts from all below. * 

Oh, raise our hearts, dear Lord, to thee ! 
Let mildness, joy, benignity, . 
Instill'd by thee, our tempers rule. 
Teach us on, earth our hearts to school : 
To lire in friendliness and love 

With ail, and thus our souls prepare 
For thee and all thy saints above— 

Feeling on earth as all feel there. 
May thy best gifts on earth be given 
And bear their fruits-on earth for heaven. 

O Holy GhoBt, the Comforter, to thee we 
recommend our souls and bodies, the beginning 
and end of our lives. Of ourselves we are cor- 
rupt and blind in our affections and desires; 
and are easily seduced into error, easily, over- 
come by temptations when we reljr on our own 

Digitized by GoOgle 


judgment and strength. Wherefore, O Lord, 
we offer and commit our souls to thee and to 
thy divine protection. Do -thou teach us all 
things, and bring all things to our minds, what- 
soever %ave been spoken to us by our divine 
Saviour. Amen. 

Visits O Lord, we beseech thee, this house 
and family, and drive far from them all snares 
of the enemy. Let thy holy angels dwell herein, 
who may keep us in peace, and may thy blessing 
be always upon us, through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

May the divine assistance remain always with 
us, and may tbe souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peaee.- 

Let us bless the Lord. 

Thanks be to God. 


In the name of the Father* Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

For Attention during Prayers. 

Almighty and eternal God, we beseech thee 
to impress upon our minds the importance of the 
duty we fulfil whenever we address thee. Tbou 
hast taught us that we ought to be ever recol- 
lected in 'thee, and to sanctify tbe Lord Jesus in 
our hearts. Keep, therefore, our fickle minds 
from wandering at the very time when we pro* 

MONDAY. 315 

fees -to be praising thee, and to be asking for a 
continuance of thy care and favour. Gracious 
Lord, we have called for thy attention to our 
requests: — let us not insult thy goodness by 
putting them forth as if we ourselves were heed- 
less whether we obtained them or not ! Oh let 
us not call down thy anggr by worshipping thee 
with our lips only, while our hearts are far from 
thee! May our prayers be 'prayers indeed — 
rising warm from our hearts to thy throne of 
mercy, and leaving our hearts open to receive 
'the answering showers of thy descending grace. 

Our Father who art in heaven, &c» 

Hail, Mary, full of grace, &c. 

For Protection during the Night. 

Almighty and eternal God, be thou pleased, in 
thy mercy, to watch over us that we may not 
sleep in death. Forgive us if this day has been 
fruitless to ub in good works. It was given us 
that we might labour in it to please thee, and to 
secure our everlasting salvation. It may be the 
last of our lives ; and can we hope in thy mercy 
if we have squandered it away in spiritual sloth 
and vain occupations ! 

This very night, perhaps, our Redeemer may 
come suddenly upon us, and require of us those 
souls which should be the images of his divine 
perfections': oh, pardon us if .we have ungrate- 
fully defiled them with sin, with thoughtlessness, 

Digitized by GoOgle 


or with religious indifference ; and grant us tiine ' 
to amend our Hires for the future. i 

Give us, O Lord,' this important future, and ■ 
give us thy protection for the night to come. 
Let thy providence watch kindly orer us, and i 
may thy holy angels attend and guard us ; may t 
we be so protected and inspired through the j 
night as to be enabled hereafter to perform ' 
better all the duties of our calling, and more ' 
faithfully to persevere in thy service. Grant 
that henceforward we may advance daily to ' 
fresh victories over our passions, and to a more j 
perfect observance of thy commandments ; grant i 
that we may pass the remainder of our days in i 
thy holy fear, that we may die in thy favour, | 
and that we may then be happy with thee for 
ever in thy heavenly kingdom. Amen. 
Prayer before Self-examination. 

Almighty Saviour, make known to us if we 
have offended thee during this day. Oh let us 
not, at the beginning of a new week, heap up 
unrepented sins upon our consciences. Dis- 
cover to us our faults, whether of thought, word, 
deed, or omission, that we may strictly judge 
ourselves now, and so escape the terror of thy 
searching justice. 

(Pause for Self-examination.^ 
An Act of Sorrow. 

Merciful God, we are sorry from the bottom of 
our hearts for there and all our offences against 

'l I 

MONDAY. 317 

thee. We impldre thy clemency, and humbly 
hope to obtain thy pardon. For this end, we 
offer thee the sacred merits of thy Son, Jesus 
Christ, in satisfaction for all our sins. We re- 
solve, by the help of thy grace, never more to 
offend thee wilfully. We resolve, henceforward, 
to love thee and to serve thee better than we 
have hitherto done. Strengthen us and keep 
us in this good purpose for the glory of thy 
name, and for the eternal salvation of our own 
souls. Amen. 

Psalm cxxix. DbProfundis: forthkDbad. 

From the depths we have cried to thee, 
Lord* Lord hear our voice. 

Let thine ears be attentive to the voice of our 

If thou, O Lord, wilt mark iniquities, Lord, 
who shall withstand it ? 

But with thee there is propitiation, and by 
reason of thy law we have waited for thee, O 

Our souls have relied on his word ; our souls 
have hoped in the Lord. 

From the early morning even until night let 
Israel hope in the Lord. 

Because with the Lord there is .mercy,, and 
with him is plentiful redemption: 

And he shall redeem Israel from all its ini- 
quities. , 

Eternal rest give to them, O Lord \ and let 
perpetual light shine upon them. 


O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the 
faithful, give to thy servants departed the remis- 
sion of all their sins ; that, by pious supplica- 
tions, they may obtain that pardon they have 
always desired through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Visit, O Lord, we beseech thee, this house 
and family, and drive far from it all snares of 
the enemy, i Let thy holy angels dwell herein, 
who may keep us in peace, and may thy blessing 
be always upon us, » through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

May the divine assistance remain always with 
us, and may the sou! a of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. 

Let us bless the Lord. 

Thanks be to God. 


In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

An Act op universal Charity. 

Almighty Saviour, Jesus Christ, who has loved 
mankind so as to offer up thyself to death for 
us; who wast reckoned amongst the wicked and 
cruelly wounded for man's iniquity ; .we beseech 
thee, O Lord, in thy unspeakable mercy, to 
inflame our hearts with thy heavenly grace; 
that the fire of thy. charity may always bum in 
our souls, and produce in us such chastened 



affections, such piety, and such a disinterested 
benevolence, as may, for the love of thee and 
in imitation of thy universal love, be extended 
to all creatures. 

Grant that to thy greater glory we may 
earnestly endeavour to promote the salvation 
of eyery one. 

Grant us also, O Lord, thy divine spirit which 
may teach us to love our neighbours not in word 
and show only, but in deed and truth. Take 
from us all bitterness of mind, even towards our 
enemies j all anger, disdain, suspicion, envy, 
and whatever is contrary to pure and sincere 
charity : so that in plain simplicity of heart we 
may have a good opinion of all, judging none 
rashly, but loving e\^ry one in thee with holy 
affection, and, both in word. and deed, v shewing 
them all kindness and brotherly love. 

Oh let us thus endeavour to profit by thy 
divine instructions which have taught us that 
this world is only given as a preparation for 
heaven ; that we must here school our tempers 
to the charity and benevolence of thy kingdom 
of holy peace where no feelings of jealousy, 
.anger, or pride can ever hope to be admitted. 
Let us thus endeavour, O Lord, to obtain here, 
by prayer and penance, such dispositions as 
may suit us for the company of thy blessed 
of Paradise. Amen. 

•Our Father who art in heaven, &c. 

Hail Mary, full of grace, &c. 

Digitized by GoOgle 

320 evening praters. 

For the Dead. 

Be mindful, Lord, of thy servants who are 
gone before us with the sign of faith and rest 
in the sleep of peace. To these, O Lotf, and 
to all who sleep in Christ, grant, wo beseech 
thee, a place of refreshment, light, and peace. 
Eternal rest give to them, O Lord ; and let 
perpetual light, shine upon them. Amen. 


O Lord, we are aware of our imperfections, 
for thou art all holy and pure, and we are made 
subject to the misguidance of these corrupt- 
ible bodies. Yet it is our desire to make oiir 
conduct more agreeable to thee by cheeking 
at once every inclination to evil* Make known 
to us, therefore, if we have offended thee by 
thought, word, deed, or omission, that we may- 
feel a proper repentance for the past, and en- 
deavour to avoid hereafter whatever we find to 
be an occasion and temptation to sin. * * 
{Pause for Self-examination.) 

An act of Sorrow. 

O God, we are sorry for these as well as for 
all other sins which we have committed against 
thy divine Majesty. We are sorry that we have 
done wrong, because thou art infinitely good, 
and sin displeases thee. We offer thee our 
whole hearts, and firmly purpose, by the help of 
ihy grace, never more to offend. Forghre us, 


O Lord, and in thy mercy watch over us for 
the time to come ; and make us ever feel and 
thankfully acknowledge all thy great goodness 
towards us. 

For many are the favours given, 
Kind Lord, to man while exil'd here ! 
Earth is so fair that even heaven 
Could scarce excel wert Thou not there : 
And earth itself would be divine 
Were all it holds true sons of thine. 

Oh ! be our grateful homage paid 

For thy magnificence and love — 

That love which all earth's splendours made 

To guide our souls to thee above. 

While thus on earth thy glories shine 

Oh let our hearts, dear Lord, be thine ! 

Let our hearts, O Lord, be ever thine ; warm- 
ed with the spirit of piety towards thee ; behold- 
ing in all things proofs of thy goodness ; and 
anxious to make the little return in our power 
by living according to thy holy precepts and 
commandments. Amen. 

Visit, O Lord, we beseech thee, this house and 
family, and drive far from them all snares of the 
enemy. Let thy holy angels dwell herein, who 
may keep us in peace, and may thy blessing be, 
always upon us, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


May the divine assistance remain always with 
us, and may the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. 

Let us bless the Lord. 

Thanks be to God. Amen. 

In the name, of the Father, Son, And Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 
Our Father who art in heaven, &e. 

t For the Dead. 

Be mindful, O LordJ of thy servants who are 
dead, and restore unto them the joy of thy sal- 

Let thy good spirit lead them into tlie right 
land, and in thy mercy bring their souls out of 

Enter not into judgment, O Lord, with thy 
servants, for , no man shall be justified in thy 
jaight unless thou vouchsafe to forgive him all 
his Bins. Let not, therefore, we beseech thee, 
thy award of punishment remain upoa those 
whom the true supplication of Christian feitfc 
recomroendeth to thee ; but, through the assist- 
ance of thy grace, may they escape the sentence 
of condemnation who, while they were living, 
were signed with the mark of the blessed 

Eternal rest give to them, O Lord. And 
mny perpetual light shine upon them. 

Hail Mary, full of grace, &c. 

wednesday. 323 

The Apostles' crbkd. 
We believe in God the Father Almighty, Cre- 
ator of heaven and earth. And in Jesus Christ 
his only Son our Lord, who was conceived by 
the Holy Ghost, bora of the Virgin Mary, suf- 
fered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, 
and buried. He descended into hell ; the third 
day he rose again from the dead. He ascended 
into heaven; sittethatthe right hand of God 
the Father Almighty : from thence he shall come 
to judge both the living and the dead. We 
believe in the Holy Ghost, the holy Catholic 
Church, the communion of saints, the forgive- 
ness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and 
■ life everlasting. Amen. 

An Act op Hops. 
Merciful CJod, we humbly thank thee for 
having revealed to us the futurity of bliss to 
which thy goodness and justice encourage us to 
look forward. Grant that, in every pain and 
distress, our souls may rise buoyant and inspired 
by trust in thy promises ; and that, by subjecting 
all our worldly interests to the dictates of duty, 
we may at length receive the reward which thou 
boldest out to our patience and fidelity. Amen, 

An Act op Charity. 

Fill our hearts) O Lord, we beseech thee, with 

a grateful memory of thine infinite perfections, 

and with thoughts of all thou hast done for us ; 

that being thus always mindful of thy goodness, 



we may, in return, feel a constant lively char 
rity; and may endeavour to love thee "with 
our whole hearts, our whole souls, with all our 
strength, and with all our mind, and our neigh- 
bours as ourselves." Amen. 

For Self-knowledge. 

O Lord, we lay open our hearts More that 
and beseech thee to make fcnown to us all their 
faults and sinful inclinations. Discover to us if 
we have offended thee in thought— by dwelling 
on subjects which our minds ought to hate 
shunned, or by judging evil of others; in won© 
— by speaking irreligiously .of thee, or *rongt 
fully of our neighbours; in deep— by doing 
that which thy providence has forbidden ; in 
omission — by neglecting to praise thee by the 
cheerful fulfilment of those duties with which 
thou hast charged our situation in life. Give us 
thy grace to judge ourselves severely, that with 
real sorrow we may implore thy pardon. * * * 
• (Pause /or Self-examination.) 

An Act of Sorrow. 
Merciful God, again we call upon thee to 
forgive us our sins. . We are sorry for them, and 
will endeavour to correct those feelings which 
have hitherto led us to do that which Is dis- 
pleasing to thee. But, O God, do thou give us 
thy grace, without which these resolution* wiH 
be as vain as those we have so often made before. 


Do thou create clean hearts in us, and make us 
really endeavour to please thee by renouncing 
all those tastes and inclinations which we know 
to be likely to lead us into sin. Amen. 
For thb Blessing of Jesus Christ. 

Divine Sayiour of our souls, who art the 
source of every good gift ; behold, we now ear- 
nestly beseech thee, in thy mercy, to shower 
down upon us thy gracious benedictions. And 
in order that nothing may put a stop to the 
course of thy blessing, take away from our hearts 
whatsoever is displeasing to thee. Pardon us 
our sins, which for the love of thee we sincerely 
renounce. Purify our hearts and sanctify our 
souls. Bless us, O Jesus, with a blessing such 
as was that with which thou didst bless thy 
apostles when, leaving this world, thou didst 
ascend into hearen. Bless us with a blessing 
that may sanctify and change us ; that may fill 
ua with thy spirit and unite us intimately to 
thee ; that may be to us, even in this life, an 
assured pledge of those blessings which thou hast 
prepared for thy elect in thy heavenly kingdom. 

Visit, O Lord, we beseech thee, this house 
and family, and drive far from them all snares 
of the enemy. Let thy holy angels dwell herein, 
who may keep us in peace, and may thy blessing 
be always upon us, through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


May the divine Assistance remain always with 
iu, and mav the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the.mercy of God, rest ia peace. 

Let us bless the Lord. 

Thanks be to God. 


In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

Tai Magnificat. Luke i. 46. 

My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit 
hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. 

Because he hath regarded the lowliness of 
his handmaid ; for behold from henceforth aH 
generations shall call me " blessed.'* 

For he that is mighty hath magnified me, and 
holy is his name : 

And his mercy is on them that fear him 
throughout all generations. 

He hath shewed strength with bis arm, he 
hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their 

He hath filled the hungry with good things 
but the rich he hath sent empty away. 

He hath helped Israel his servant, being 
mindful of his mercy. 

As he promised to our forefathers, to Abraham 
and his seed for ever. 


** Hail Mary, full of grace, our Lord is with 
thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and 
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus." Holy 
Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now 
and at the hour of our death. Amen. 

For the Dead. 

Hare mercy, O Lord, we beseech thee, on the 
souls of thy servants and our brethren and bene- 
factors, who are gone before us to thy judgment 
seat. Oh accept our prayers in their behalf, 
and forgive the punishment which thy justice 
has awarded in atonement for their sins. Par- 
don them, O Lord ; and when they are admitted 
into thy joy, listen to their prayers in behalf of 
us who are still liable to the trials from which 
they are so happily set free. 

Eternal rest give to them, Lord ; and may 
perpetual light shine upon them. 

Our Father who art in heaven, &c. 

Thanksgiving to the Blessed Trinity. 

BlessedTrinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
we humbly adore and praise thee. Thou art the 
highest good from which all other goodness flows. 
Thou art the well-spring and the giver of happi- 
ness, and in thee only is true happiness to be 
found. We bless and praise thee, who of 
nothing didst frame heaven and earth, and. all 
the creatures therein : who didst make the holy 
angels to adore thee eternally ; who didst create 

Digitized by GoOgle 

328 EVENltftt PRAYERS. 

man to thine own image and likeness — bestow- 
ing on him understanding, knowledge of thee, 
and free will to adore thee. Blessed, O Lord, 
be thy name for thine inestimable gifts f 

We return thee thanks for farting placed us 
in a world so adorned by thy splendour as to 
raise our minds to thee : for having: taught us to 
lore and serve thee during a life of spiritual 
hope ; and for enabling us to look forward, after 
a short while of easy service, to the inheritance 
of lasting bliss to which the great sacrifice of 
our Redeemer again permits us to aspire. 

From the bottom of our hearts we praise thy 
holy name ; and desire that all honour,. glory, 
and adoration should be given thee by ail 
creatures now and for ever. Amen. 

Before Self-examination. 

O blessed Lord, while- we acknowledge thy 
goodness towards us, enable ub to see how we 
have complied with thy , sacred commandments ; 
and whether we have always studied, by the 
innocence ^d devotion of. our lives, to shew our 
thankfulness for all thy favours. Give us thy 
grace carefully to examine our conduct during 
this day, and to see whether we have not offended 
thee either by thought, word, deed, or omission. 
If we have, let not our sina be hid from us; but 
discover them fully to our minds as they are 
already known to thee. •••»*** 
(Pause fbr Self-examination.) 


Digitized by LaOOgle 

thursday. • 329 

An Act op Sorrow. 

We beseech thee, O Lord, have compassion 
on thy servant*. Judge us not according to our 
works, fox we have been disobedient to thy com* 
mandments * but, as thou lovest repentance, have 
, mercy on us who before thy face make confession 
of our sins* For the glory of thy holy name 
blot out our offences, and let us add the grace of 
thy pardon to all the mercies we have received 
from thee. 

For good Fame and Spiritual Comfort. 

Help us, O Jesus, we beseech thee, to spend 
our time ra virtuous actions and in such labours 
as are acceptable to thee *, that we may deserve 
and keep good names by living peacefully and 
piously to thy honour, our own comfort, and the 
benefit of others. Grant us thy grace to avoid 
all ttj, company ; or, if we chance to come among 
sueh, we beseech thee, by thine own incorrupt 
conversation amongst sinners, to preserve us 
from being overcome by any temptations- to sin. 
Gauss us rather, O Lord, to remember with 
dread that thou art present and nearest, and 
wilt take <an account of all our thoughts and 
actions, and wilt judge us by them. 

Destroy not oar touls with the wicked ; but 
make us constant in faith, hope, and charity — 
giving us perseverance in all virtues, and reso- 
lution never to offend thee. Enlighten us with 


spiritual wisdom to know thy goodness an? those 
things which are most agreeable to thee. Grant 
us the grace to benefit the souls of others by our 
good example ; and to bring round, by our 
good conduct, those who misbehave themselves 
towards us;* bo that, proceeding wisely from 
virtue to virtue, we may ever approach nearer 
to the clear sight of thy glorious majesty. 

Comfort us, dear Jesus, in our pilgrimage, 
and give us grace to place our chief, our only, joy 
in thee. Send us heavenly meditations', spiritual 
sweetnesses, and fervent desires for thy glory : 
encourage our souls with the contemplation of 
heaven, where we may everlastingly dwell with 
thee. Bring often to our remembrance thine 
unspeakable goodness, thy gifts, and the great 
kindness thou hast shewn us : and when thou 
remindest us of the sins by which we have so 
often offended thee, comfort us with the assurance 
of obtaining thy grace by means of that spirit 
of perfect penance which may cleanse away our 
guilt and prepare us for thy kingdom, where 
we may bless and praise thee for ever and ever. 

For, Schismatics and Heretics* 

Look down, we beseech thee, O Lord, with 
pity and Compassion on all those deluded souls, 
who, under the name of christians, have gone 
astray from the paths of truth and unity, and 
from the one fold and the one Shepherd, thy 

— - _ , 


only sou Jesus Christ) into the by-paths of error 
and schism. ' Qh bring them back to thee and 
to thy church* Dispel thier darkness by thy 
heavenly light; take off from before their eyes 
the veil with which the common enemy has blind- 
folded them ; let them see how they have been 
misled by misapprehensions and misrepresenta- 
tions. Remove the prejudices of their educa- 
tion : take away from them the spirit of obstinacy, 
pride, and self-conceit. Give "them humble and 
docile hearts. Give them a strong desire of find- 
ing out the truth, and a strong grace to enable 
them to embrace it, in spite of all the opposition 
of the world, the flesh, and the devil. Unite 
us all in this life, in the bonds of brotherly love 
xd& divine charity ; and enable us to carry the 
same sentiments into thy heavenly kingdom, 
where we may for ever praise thee for having 
led us into the way of salvation. Amen. 

Visit, O Lord, we beseech thee, this house 
and family, and drive far from them all snares 
of the enemy. Let thy holy angels dwell herein 
who may keep us in peace, and may thy blessing 
remain always upon us, through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

May the divine assistance remain always with 
us, and may the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God r rest in peace* 

Let us bless the Lord. 

Thanks be to God. Amen. 

'Digitized by CoOgle 



In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 

Part of Psalm xxiv. 

Unto fhee, O Lord, we have lifted up our 
souls. In thee we have put our trust ; let us 
not be confounded. N 

Shew thy ways to us, and instruct us in thy 

Direct us in thy truth and teach us, for thou 
art the God our Saviour ; and upon thee have 
we waited all the day long. 

Remember, O Lord, the tenderness of thy 
compassion ; and thy mercies which are from 
the beginning of the world. 

But the sins of our youth and our ignorances 
remember not. 

According to thy mercy mayest thou remem- 
ber us, v for thy goodness* sake, O Lord. 

Sweet and righteous is the Lord, therefore 
will he give a law to sinners in the way. 

The mild he will conduct in justice, and will 
teach his ways to the meek. 

All the ways of the Lord are mercy and truth 
unto such as seek after his covenant and his 

Look upon us and have mercy on us, for we 
are alone and poor. 

FRIDAY. - 333 

The troubles of our hearts are multiplied ; 
deliver us from our distresses. 

See our repentance and our sorrow, and' for- 
give us our sins. 

O God, who by sin art offended and by 
penance pacified, mercifully regard the prayers 
of thy people who make supplication unto thee, 
and turn away the scourge of thy anger which 
we deserve for our sins. Spare, O Lord, spare 
thy people ; and as thou hast appointed fasting, 
prayer, and penance, as a means of satisfying 
thy offended justice, grant that we may now 
find comfort in .thy mercy, through Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

Our Father who art in heaven, &c. 

Hail, Mary, full of grace, &c. 

For the Dead. 

To thee, O Lord, we recommend the souls 
of thy servants departed ; that being dead, to 
thfe world they may live to thee ; and whatever 
sins they may have committed through human 
frailty, we beseech thee in thy goodness merci- 
fully to pardon. 

Eternal xest give to them, O Lord, and may 
perpetual light shine upon them. Amen. 

Fop a good Lifb, and a ha?pt Death. 

Eternal rest give to us also, O Lord, when 
our souls shall cast off these bodies of our humi- 
liation and be hurried into thy dread presence. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


Oh grant that we may often have that moment 
in our thoughts ! Thou hast not created us for 
this world, where we pass, as it were, only a 
few moments of our existence. Raise up our 
thoughts, we beseech thee, to the world of our 
lasting home : teach us to consider this life as 
a part of the life to come : teach us to remember 
that, after death, we shall still continue to live ; 
that we shall still continue to live as we may 
have lived here — adoring and loving thee m 
heaven if we have loved and adored thee here, 
or banished from thy sight then if we now 
banish thee from our thoughts and dispositions, 

O Lord, let our tempers and actions be ever 
directed by the knowledge that this life and the 
next are one : that if we would hereafter live 
in heaven we must now live in a manner to suit 
us for heaven : and that, at the hour of death, 
this life and the next }>lend into one far. a 
continuance of either happiness or woe. 

O Lord, make us therefore shew by our eon- 
duct now that we have already begun to live as 
we may continue to live hereafter in thy bleated 
mansions of the just. Amen* . 

Fob Sblf-knowledgb. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, judge of the living and 
of the dead, before whom we must one day ap- 
pear to give an exact account of our whole lives, 
enlighten us, we beseech thee, and give us hum- 
ble-and contrite hearts, that we may see wherein 

• FRIDAY. * 335 

we have offended thy divine Majesty this day 
by thought, word, deed, or omission ; and may 
judge ourselves now with such a just severity 
that thou mayest then judge us with mercy and 
clemency. •••'♦••••••-• 

{Pause for Setf-ejmminatum.) 

An Act of Sorrow. 

Host wise and merciful Lord, who hast ordain- 
ed this life as a passage to the future, confining 
the use of repentance to the time of our pilgrim- 
age here, and keeping for hereafter the state of 
punishment or reward — accept our heartfelt 
contrition for all our faults, and vouchsafe to us 
who are yet alive and still have the means of 
reconciliation to thee, that we may so repent of 
all our past faults, for which we humbly beseech 
thy pardon, and so correct every least departure 
from the true way of heaven that we may. 
neither be surprised with our minds unprepared 
nor with our sins unforgiven ; but that when our 
bodies go down to the grave, our souls may 
ascend to thee, and dwell for ever in thy 
mansions of eternal felicity. Amen. 

The Prayer of Faith. 

Grant, Lord, that we ,may accept of death 
as a homage and adoration which we owe to thy 
divine Majesty ; as a punishment justly due to 
our sins ; in union with the death of our dear 

Digitized by GoOgle 


. Redeemer ; and as the only means of coming 
to thee, our beginning and last end. 

We firmly believe all the sacred truths thy 
Church believes and teaches ; because thou hast 
revealed them ; and, by the assistance of thy 
holy grace, we are resolved to live and die in 
the communion of this thy church. 

Relying on thy goodness, power, and promises, 
we hope to obtain pardon for our sins and life . 
everlasting, through the merits of Jesus Christ 
thy Son, our only Redeemer, and by the inter- 
cession, of his blessed Mother and all the saints. 

We love thee with our whole hearts, and 
desire to love thee as the blessed do in heaven. 

We forgive all who have injured us, and ask 
pardon of all we have injured. 

We renounce the devil with all his works, 
the- world with all its pomps, the flesh with, all 
its temptations. 

We desire to be dissolved, and to be with 
Christ. ^ 

Father, into thy hands we commend our 

Lord Jesus, receive our souls. 

Visit, O Lord, we beseech thee, this house 
and family, and drive far from them all snares 
of the enemy ; Let thy holy angels dwell herein 
who may keep us in peace, and may thy blessing 
be always upon us, Through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

May the divine assistance remain always with 

HATUHDAY. " 337 

uv and nay the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Let 
us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God. 


In" the name of the Father, Son, and Holy 
Ghost. Amen. 
Our Father, See. 
Hail, Mary, full of grace, Sec. 

For thb Dbad. 

O God, who hast taught us that it is a holy , 
and wholesome thought to pray for the dead that 
they may he loosed from their sins, grant, we 
beseech thee, that our humble prayers hv behalf 
of the souls of thy servants, and our brethren, 
friends, and benefactors, maybe of use to them ; 
so that thou mayest deliver them from all 
punishment, and make them partakers of the 
redemption thou hast purchased for them. 

'Eternal rest give to them, O Lord. 

Arid may perpetual light shine upon them. 
Amen. , 

Of Gratitude for God's Providence. 

Almighty God, we firmly believe that thou 
art here present, and that thou observest all our 
thoughts and the most secret motions of our 
hearts. * Thou watchest over us with incompara- 
ble love ; every moment bestowing favours and 


Digitized by GOQQle 


preserving us from evil. Blessed be tbyfcoly 
name, and may all creatures praise thy good- 
ness for the benefits we have received from thee. 
May the saints and angels supply our defects in 
rendering thee tfue thanks. Never permit us to 
be so base and wicked as to repay thy kindness 
with ingratitude, and thy blessings with offences 
and injuries. Amen. 

Before Self-examination. 
O Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we humbly 
orave the light of thy grace to shew us wherein 
we have offended thee this day by thought, word, 
deed, or omission : that, by a careful examination 
of our consciences, we may see what is faulty in 
our conduct with sorrow, and thy unspeakable 
mercy with zealous and "firm purposes of amend- 
ment. • ••»•••*••*• 

(Patue fir Self-examination.) 

Act ok Sorrow for lesser sins. 
We are now aware, O Lord, of the careless- 
ness with which we have hitherto squandered 
away our. time. We acknowledge the ingrati- 
tude wherewith we have so long abused thy 
goodness ; and we humbly ask thy pardon and 
implore forgiveness. We are sorry that we have 
displeased thee ; and, from the bottom of «ur 
hearts, we regret the offences with which we 
have so often requited thy goodness in our be? 
half. Oh keep us from yielding to temptation* 
for the future. 


Make us sensible also, O Lord, of tbe many 
ways ia which' we do wrong without even being 
aware of it at the time, or afterwards thinking 
of our negligence. Thou hast said that the just 
man falls seven times : — how often, therefore, 
have we not reason to 1 fear that we fall from 
our duties ! and this, without so much as owning 
our faults ! Qh make us watch more carefully 
over our passing thoughts and words ; make us 
attend more rigorously to all the slightest move- 
ments of our tempers, all the hidden springs of 
our actions. Accept our grateful thanks if thou 
hast remove* us from occasions, of committing 
great and grievous sins : if, through thy mercy 
rather than our own endeavours, we have none 
such upon our consciences. Oh make us ever 
sensible of the favour thou hast shown us in 
protecting us' in preference to so many other 
souls which are led astray, not by inclinations 
naturally worse than ours, but by the temptations 
to which their situations in life expose them. 

But, O Lord, teach us also to shew, by our 
conduct now, that, in any other situation, we 
should have the strength to resist seductions and 
to serve thee. Teach us properly to judge of 
our guilt if we only abstain from offending thee 
mortally because we have no opportunity of 
doing so. Grant, O Lord, rather that we may the 
more carefully watch over our tempers and every 
bad feeling of our hearts ; that, by conforming 
to thy will in small things, we may deserve thy 

Digitized by GoOgle 


protection in all greater dangers and trials to 
which we may he exposed hereafter. * Amen. 

Visit, O Lord, we beseech thee, this house and 
family, and drive far from them alisnaiee ofttfe 
enemy. Lei thy holy angels dwell herein, win 
may keep us ra peace, and may thy blessing be 
always upon us, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 
Amen. .' ' ' 

May the divme assistance remain always with 
us, and may the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. 

Let us bless the Lord. 

Thanks be to God. Ampn. 


To be added before the concluding night pt&yer t 
" VUitt O Lardy we beseech thef" 

For Embrr Days. 

Listen, Almighty God, we beseech thee, to the 
prayers which thy universal church, offers to thee 
at this time ; beseeching thy blessing on those 
who are about to be admitted to thy holy service 
at the altar. Give thy grace to all who are 
called to any office and administration amongst 
thy clergy; and so replenish them with the 
truth of thy doctrine, and indue them with inno- 
cence of life, that they may faithfully serve thee 
to the glory of thy great name and the benefit 
of thy holy church. , Amen. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


O God, of whose mercies there is' no number, 
and -of whose goodness the treasure is infinite, 
we humbly thank thee for the gifts thou hast 
bestowed upon us. . Continue thy mercy to us, 
and gire us also so mueh of thy temporal bles- 
sings as thou knpwest to be for our good. 

Grant that the fruits of the earth may, by thy 
holy favour, increase and multiply : defend them 
from aH drought, frosts or tempests, or whatever 
else may be hurtful to them. It is from thy 
hand only that we look for succour, and to Ihee 
we have recourse in all our necessities. Amen. 

For Advent. 

Raise up our hearts, O Lord, we beseech thee, 
in expectation of the coming of thine only Son : 
that, by his advent, being reconciled to thee, we 
may serve thee in holiness all the days of our 
lives. Amen. 

For Lent. 

O Lord who, for our sake, didst fast forty 
days and forty nights ; give us grace to use such 
abstinence that, our flesh being subdued to the 
spirit, we may worthily lament and acknow- 
ledge our wretchedness, and may obtain perfect 
remission and forgiveness of thee, the God of all 
mercy, who livest and reignest with the Father 
and Holy Ghost, one Gud, world without end. 

Digitized by GoOgle 



For Grach in all Things. 

Most merciful and bountiful Creator, I firmly 
believe that every good and perfect gift is .from 
above, coming down from thee, the Father of 
mercies ; and that without thee and thy grace, I 
cannot do anything right : to thee, therefore, I 
address myself; to thee, I cry for mercy: give 
me grace, I beseech thee, to repent of my past 
sins ; to resist all future temptations ; to please 
thee in all things ; to persevere unto the end ; 
to die in thy grace, my God ; and to come 
speedily to thy eternal glory, through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Thb Angblus. 

{In Catholic countries, the church bells are 
tolled at morn, nOon, and evening; and, on 
hearing them, most devout persons pause in 
their occupation, and repeat the following prayer 
in commemoration Of our Saviour's becoming 
man for our salvation.] 

The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary: 
and she conceived of the Holy Ghost. Hail, 
Mary, &c. 

Behold the handmaid of the Lord : and be it 
done unto me according to thy word. Hail, , 
Mary, &c. , « ' 

- . ■ Gnngfr 

THB ANGl£i,V&, &C. 343 

And the Word was made flesh.: and dwelt' 
amonfe us. Haii, Mary, &c. 

POtrir forth; we beseech thee, Q Lord, thy 
grace into our hearts ; that we, to whom the 
incarnation of Christ thy Son has been made 
known by the message of an angel, may, by 
hi* txassion and ctossj be brought to the glory 
of his resurrection, through the same Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 

[in paschal time, from Easter Eve till Trinity 
Sunday, the anthem Regina CceH and prayer 
(page 286) is to be said, standing, instead of 
the Angelus.] 

Grace before Meals. . 
May He who is blessed, bless ; through Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

OR, '• 

Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts which, 
by thy bounty, we are about to receive. Amen. 
Gracb after Mbals. 

Blessed be He who is blessed ; through Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 


We give thee thanks, Almighty God, for all 
thy benefits \ through Christ our Lord. Amen. 


my God, I believe in thee, do thou 
strengthen my faith. All my hopes are in thee, 

Digitized by G00g[e 


do thou secure them. I love thee with my 
whole heart, teach me to love thee daily more 
and more. I am sorry that I hate offended 
thee : do thou increase my sorrow. 

I adore thee as my first beginning ; I aspire 
after thee as my last end ; I give thee thanks 
as my constant benefactor ; I call upon thee as 
my sovereign protector. 

Vouchsafe, O my God, to conduct me by thy 
wisdom, to restrain me by thy justice, to odm- 
fort me by thy mercy, to defend me by thy 

To thee I desire to consecrate all my thoughts* 
words, actions, and sufferings; that hencefor- 
ward I may think of thee, speak of thee, 
willingly refer all my actions to thy greater 
glory, and suffer willingly whatever thou ahalt 

Lord, I desire that in all things Ay will may 
be done, because it is thy willy and in the manner 
thou wiliest. 

I beg of thee to enlighten my understanding, 
and to inflame my will, to purify my body, and 
to sanctify my soul. 

Give me strength, O my God, to expiate my 
offences, to overcome my temptations, to subdue 
ray passions, and to acquire the virtues proper 
for my state. 

Fill my heart with a tender affection, for thy 
goodness, a hatred for my faults, a love for my 
neighbours, and- a contempt for the world. 



Let me always remember to be dutiful to my 
superiors, conciliating to my inferiors, faithful 
to my friends, and charitable to mine enemies. 

Assist me to overcome sensuality by mortifi- 
cation, avarice by alms-deeds, anger by meek- 
ness, and tepidity by devotion. 

O my God, make me prudent in mine under- 
takings, courageous in dangers, patient in 
afflictions, and humble in prosperity. 

Grant that I may be ever attentive at my 
prayers, temperate at my meals,, diligent in mine 
employments,and constant in my good resolutions. 

Let my conscience be ever upright and pure, 
my exterior modest, my conversation edifying, 
and my comportment regular. 

Assist me that I may continually labour to 
overcome nature, to correspond with thy grace, 
to keep thy commandments, and to work out 
my salvation. 

Discover to me, O my God, the nothingness 
of this world, the greatness of heaven, the short- 
ness of time, and the length of eternity. 

Grant that I may prepare for death, that I 
may fear thy judgments, that I may escape 
hell, and in the end obtain heaven, through 
Jesus Christ. Amen. 

A Prayer to our Guardian Angbl. 

O holy Angel, who art appointed by the 
divine goodness to be my guardian, to conduct 
my blindness, teach mine ignorance, strengthen 

• — — —————— 


my weakness, and to excite my sjothfulness ; 
I heartily praise bur common Lord for so sin- 
gular a benefit, and I thank thee for the many 
good offices which thou hast done- me: — for 
defending me amidst so many dangers to both 
soul and body, and especially for withholding 
me from sin when I was, hastening to mine own 
destruction. Continue, I beseech thee, the same ' 
care on my behalf. Offer up to God all my 
good desires ; oflfer to him my hopes and my 
. sighs. Make known to hinj all my wants. Do 
thou watch over me while I sleep ; strengthen 
roe when I faint ; and enlighten my blindness. 
Shield me from the enemies who persecute 
me ; and, at the hour of my death, intercede 
for me and bring- my soul to the happy haven 
of everlasting salvation. Amen. 

A Peater to Patron Saints. 

O Blessed Saint N— , glorious citizen of hea- 
ven, as I render most humble thanks to God 
for all the good he has done thee, so I beseech 
thee to remember me in thy prayers, and to 
obtain for me the entire pardon of my sins, \ 
the amendment of my life, and the imitation of 
thy good spirit and hol^graces, that I may be 
reconciled to my Saviour and always please 
him. But especially I recommend to thee the 
hour of my death that, by thy holy intercession, 
my soul may depart from this worid ia the grace 
of Qod, and may immediately come to ever- 
lasting life. Amen. 

an appkal to christ. 347 

St. Bernard's Prater : Mbmorarr. 

Remember, most holy Viigin Mary, that 
no one ever bad recourse to tby protection, 
implored thy help, or sought thy mediation, 
without obtaining relief. Confiding, therefore, 
in thy goodness, behold me, a penitent sinner, 
sighing out my sins before thee, beseeching thee 
to adopt me for thy son, and to take upon thee 
the care of mine eternal salvation. 

Despise not, Mother of Jesus, the petition 
of thy humble client, but hear and grant my 
prayer. . 

Thanksgiving to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Most Holy Virgin Mary, we acknowledge the 
many blessings for which we are indebted to 
your intercession. Oh continue to watch over 
us : protect what you have given us : pray for 
us in all our pains and troubles ; and take upon 
you the care of our earthly welfare and eternal 

Receive, most Blessed Virgin, our thankful- 
ness for the past ; and vouchsafe to us, at this 
time also, your merciful intercession ; through 
Jesus Christ, your Son, who, with God the Father 
and the Holy Ghost, liveth and reigneth,' one 
God, world without end. Amen. 

An Appeal to Christ. 
Dear Jesus ! thou fc newest what I now stand 
in need of* thou knowest the boon that I am 

Digitized by GoOgle 

348 AN OPFJOLlNtt OF 8*LF. 

now most anxious to obtain. Oh forgive me if 
I trust too firmly in thee that I shall not pray 
for it in vain. Forgive me if I remember that 
thou hast said " Ask and you shall receive, seek 
and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened 
unto you." Behold now I pray to thee ; behold 
now I seek, I knock, I ask. Grant, oh grant 
me my request ; and let not my trust in thy 
blessed promise be disappointed. 

** Whatever you shall ask the Father in my 
name it Bhall be granted unto you.*' Remember, 
great God, eternal Father, whom Christ thy Son 
has taught me to adore as my Father also in hea- 
ven, remember this promise of my Redeemer, 
and fulfil my request. In His name, in the name 
of Jesus Christ thy Son, I beg of thee to hear 
my petition, and to bestow this blessing upon 
roe. Redeem, great God, His promise ; and 
enable me so to ask that my faith may be 
strengthened and assured. 

Let me not be disappointed, O God; for I 
have trusted in Jesus Christ thy Son, who, with 
thee and the Holy Ghost, liveth and rejgneth 
for ever and ever. 'Amen. 

An Offkring of Self. 

O Lord my God, I beseech thee to give me 
understanding,- and to enable me to do thy will. 
I offer myself entirely to thee: do with me 
during my whole life as may tend most to thine 
own honour and the good of mv soul. Receive 

Digitized by GoOgle 



me, O 'God, as thy servant, and appoint me my 
duty. I renounce every wish that may be con- 
trary to thy providence ; and only pray that I 
may be employed as a tool to work out thy 
hallowed designs. 

Direct, I beseech thee, my lot in this world 
according to my hopes, if those hopes are not 
displeasing to thee : but if they are so, O my 
God, I willingly renounce them, and ask only 
to be made the means of advancing thy glory 
upon earth, that I may hereafter be received as 
a faithful servant into thy eternal joy. Amen. 

Night Thoughts. 

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. 
Lord Jesus receive my soul. Receive my soul, 
dear Jesus, into thy holy keeping. Preserve it 
from all imaginings that may be displeasing to 
thee. Grant that I may not die this night : but 
when I awaken in the morning, restore it to me 
purified and strengthened— able and willing to 
labour to advance mine own salvation and thy 
merciful intentions in regard to myself, to 
others, and to thee. Amen. 

A Pabbnt's Offering. 

-Grant, God, that the life of the children 
whom thou hast given to me may be a blessing 
to themselves, a blessing to me, and may be 
worthy of being blessed by thee : or may they 
be deprived of it this day in thy mercy, rather 

Digitized by GoOgle 


than that a longer existence should prevent 
their everlasting salvation: through Jesus Christ 
our Lord; Amen. 


God, whom I have so much displeased by 
squandering away, on worldly cares and idle va- 
nities, so many, many hours of that existence 
which was given to me for the performance of 
good works, for mine own sanctification, and 

vfor the edification of xdj neighbours; keep me, 
I pray thee, from all such heedless waste of 
time for the future. Kay thy grace teach me 

. to remember that I shall have to give an ac- 
count of the manner in which I shall have spent 
every fleeting hour ; and may this remembrance 
prompt me to employ the rest of my life in 
working out my salvation : so that, in the name 
and by the merits of thy Son Jesus Christ,. I 
may be able to apply diligently to all my duties 
and to acquire that deathless life of glory for 
which thou didst create me.. 

For what, God, are the idle .. vanities that 
delight me compared to those interests which 
concern my eternal salvation ? Ought even the 
most important worldly pursuits of the longest 
life to withdraw me from those mighty objects 
with which thou bast charged every day of mine 
existence ? No, my God ; no. Teach me to 
bear in mind those important objects; teach me 
to bear in mind those duties which ought fast j 


to engross each day, and for which all other 
matters ought to be slighted and despised: 
teach me to remember that, on this, very day; 
and on every day of my life, it is my first duty 
to glorify thee, my God; to imitate thee, my 
Jesus $ to honour the saints and angels ; to mor- 
tify my flesh ; to expiate my sins ; to strive for 
virtues ; to edify my neighbours ; to despise the 
world ; to resist temptations ; to overcome my 
passions ; to make the most of my time ; to 
think on eternity; to avoid hell; to aim at 
heaven ; and perhaps, O God, to die ere dawn 
another sun, and to appear before thy judgment 

These are my first calls : teach me to remem- 
ber tbem— enable me to fulfil them ; and never 
let me idle away one single hour in vanities or 
in, worldly matters that may hinder me from 
performing those duties which thou thyself hast 
imposed upon me. Amen. 

In slight^Provocations. 

Almighty God, my dear Saviour, who didst 
vouchsafe to set us an example by following 
which we might grow in grace with God and man, 
enable me, I beseech thee, to practice those vir- 
tues of meekness, forbearance, and brotherly- 
love which may prepare my soul for the com- 
panionship of thy blessed saints. O remove 
from me all vain-glory, presumption, rivalry ; and 
teach me to be meek and humble of heart, and 

Digitized by GoOgle 


in patience to p o ss e s s my soul. - Teach me to 
bear with the imperfections of other* as I ex- 
pect that srthere will excuse mine own defects. 
Make me cheerful, kind, and ennnUiatmg : make 
me always sensible that, in this world,, envy, 
malice, and dislikes ace to be shunned, and that 
kindly. feelings are to be -practised, becaase 
kindly feelings alone can be admitted into thy 
mansions of peace and blessedness. 

Remove, therefore, dear Jeans, from my heart, 
remove for ever from me all morosenem and 
iU-wilL Make me cheerful, glad, and happy 
in- the enjoyment of thy grace. For, O God, 
if thou wilt vouchsafe to bestow thy grace upon 
me, ought I not to be cheerful and gladsome ? 
Ought I not to show that thy Holy Spirit exerts 
some influence on my soul?' — that it 'raises it 
above those petty vexations which might, in- 
deed, annoy such as know thee not, but which 
ought never to break the calm of those who 
aspire to be thy servants? Oh may peace, 
patience, mildness, and the other gifts of the 
Holy Ghost be mine: may they direct and 
assuage my heart, and raise its aspirations far 
above this world to thee, my God, who art 
mine origin and my last hope. 

In ail annoyances, in all trials of temper, 
teach me, dear Lord and Saviour, to think, on 
thee and on what thou didst endure for my 
sake. Teach me to think that, perhaps, I am 
not quite in the right ; and that, perhaps, those 

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who Tex me are not quite in the wrong ; but 
that, at all events, the interests of this world 
soon pass away and become of no value ; that 
they are unworthy to ruffle a soul that aspires 
to thee. In all temptations, in all provocations, 
do thou uplift my thoughts to thee : in all the 
everjnday intercourse of worldly life, do thou 
assist and uphold me. Breathe kindliness, for- 
bearance, and- joy into mine own defective 
temper : so that, without vain glory or spiritual 
pride, I may inwardly feel and openljr show 
that I am ruled by thee who 'art a God of 
love ; by thee who art the Prinee of Peace, 
who art willing, even now, to fill our souls with 
thy. grace, that we may learn to join the 
song of thy holy angels, and for ever to invoke' 
glory to God on high, and, on earth, peace to 
men of good will. 

Grant this, dear "Jesus, I beseech thee, 
through thine own meek and exemplary life. 

In Worldly Anxiety. 

Let not my soul be troubled, O my dear 
Saviour ; and let it not be afraid. I believe in 
God ; I believe also in thee. I believe that 
thou art the greatest good ; and that no earthly 
thing is, of itself, worthy to engage thy serv- 
ante. Make me look upon this matter in its 
true light — as it is beheld by thee : but enable 
me to succeed .in it, and may it tend to thy 

Digitized by GoOgle 


glory and to mine own welfare. Protect me 
and uphold me in it, I beseech thee, and let 
me not be brought to Bhame. 

But yet, O Lord, thy will be done on earth 
as it is in heaven. Give me the grace to fulfil 
thy heavenly will, and to forego every worldly 
interest for thy sake. Lord, I offer myself to 
thee : to thee, I offer the result of my present 
anxiety. Accept me, I pray thee, and bear me 
through this and through every worldly care. 
With eternity before me, let me not too much 
heed the interests of time. 

To thee, my dear Saviour, I offer Time and 
all its interests. Oh lead me, I implore thee, 
from them and by them, to the enjoyment of 
thyself and of everlasting rest. Amen. 

A Parent's Prayer. 

O God, whose holy prophets have ever de- 
clared children to be a blessing to those to whom 
they were given, grant, I beseech thee, thai thy 
merciful intentions may never be defeated 
through any defect on my part. Oh may the 
children whom thou hast bestowed upon me be 
a blessing and a comfort to my life. May I be 
enabled to bring them up in virtue and godli- 
ness : and do thou, my God, bestow upon them 
such dispositions and such tempers as may lead 
them to. profit by every good and to shun e very- 
evil that may come near them. 

Bestow upon them, out of the abundance of 


a parent's prayer. 355 

thy mercy, health, strength, and ability; give 
them the will to improve themselves, and the 
power to make the most of all those means 
which may offer of advancing their own good 
and thine honour. Keep them, I entreat thee, 
from want, sickness, and distress ; uphold them 
in every innocent undertaking, and preserve them 
from ever engaging in any which may be dis- 
pleasing to thee, my Ood. Oh thou who art our 
Father in heaven, be to them a Father on earth; 
a God, a protector, and 8 house of refuge to 
save them. 

Teach me, Almighty God, I beseech ' thee', to 
set them an example of the way in which they 
should walk. Teach me to train up their minds 
in the fear and love of thee: and never, oh 
never let them fall into sin by following any 
bad habit or any evil inclination which they may 
have learned from me. Oh let them not be 
brought to sorrow and suffering through my 
means : let them not incur guilt through any 
negligence or indulgence on my part. From all 
sin, keep them, O Lord ; and especially from all 
sin which I might have taught them to Bhun. 
Let them live innocently and holily ; let them 
remember the object for which their life is 
bestowed : let them remember the bliss which 
thou hast prepared for us all in thy kingdom. 
So guide and inspire them, I entreat thee, that 
they and I may enjoy that bliss together ; and 
may together and for ever praise thee for having 
2 a 2 

Digitized by GoOgle 


united us here in those bonds of holy affection 
which may be continued and perfected hereafter. 
Teach us to love thee and one another here on 
earth ; and oh, my God, may we meet again 
when death shall have parted us ; and may we 
then love thee and one another for ever and 
ever in thy kingdom of holy love. 

Grant this my prayer, I beseech thee, through 
Jesus, thy beloved Son, in whom thou wast 
always well pleased. Amen. ' j 

m On ths Fourth Commandment. 

O God who hast commanded us to honour 
our fathers and mothers, keep me from ever sin- 
ning against thy divine precept. I desire, Otny 
God, to honour and obey my parents ; enable 
me, I pray thee; to dose with all love and duty. 
Enable Dae ever to reiftember that thou hast 
committed me to them and : them to me. That 
it is not my place to judge of the manner in' 
which they may think fit to execute their trust 
towards me ; but that I am ever bound to fulfil 
those duties towards tbem which' nature and thy 
holy law have prescribed to me. 

Teach me, therefore, I beseech thee, to love; 
honour, and obey my parents. Teach me to 
act according to their' wishes, to respect their 
counsels, to study to fulfil their hopes; Give me 
a grateful and a loving heart towards them. 
Give me a resolution to advance their interests ; 
to uphold and cherish them in their distresses ; 


to lighten their sorrows ; to increase their joys. 
Let me be a comfort and a stay to them in every 
need. Let me sustain and encourage them in 
all their duties. Let me prompt and strengthen 
all their good and holy thoughts. Teach me, 
my God, I beseech thee, to honour and revere 
them here, that, if they go before me to thy 
heavenly kingdom, they may kindly intercede 
for me, and obtain for us all a happy re-union, 
where we may together praise thee, our common 
Father, for all eternity. Amen. 

For the Conversion of another. 

Incarnate God ! my divine, my adorable Re- 
deemer I who art the way, the truth, and the life, 
oh bring him (or her) to the knowledge of thy 

thou who art the Light of the blind, the 
Refuge of sinners, our Saviour and our Sacrifice, 
O thou who gavest thyself to be our daily bread, 

. have mercy upon him. 

Thou, O Lord, knowest what is in man, and 
thou, knowest what trammels surround him. 
Thou knowest all his darkness, all his weakness, 
all his doubts : have pity, therefore, upon him, 
O my Saviour ; and let the bright beams of tby 
eternal truth shine in upon his mind : clear away 
the clouds of error and of prejudice from before 
his eyes, and mercifully vouchsafe to teach him 
thy truth and to make him all thine own. 

1 know, O my Saviour, that thou hast 

Digitized by GoOgle 


unded but one true Church, and hast promised 
• abide with it even unto the end of the world. 

let not the soul for which I pray be shut out 
om thy blessed fold ! May it abjure all error 
id schism ; may it hasten back to thy church; 
id be received into her bosom ere death eat 
lort its doubts. 

O Lord my God, let no worldly, no unwor- 
ly motives, I beseech thee, mingle with his 
lquiries after truth. In all he hears, or reads, or 
teaks, do thou, who wast meek and lowly of 
»art, teach him to do it with the profoundest 
iimility and in the spirit of prayer. 

May no prejudices of education, no early na- 
onal associations, no fear of censure or of ridi- 
lle, have power to withhold him : may no affec- 
on or admiration for any created being check 
te spirit of enquiry within him : may nothing 
eep him away from thee, my God. May he 
el a longing desire to know thee more perfect- 
r , that he may serve thee and love thee better ; 
id may this desire speedily lead him to that 
bmmunion upon earth where, by a spirit of 
enance and of prayer, by spiritual obedience, 
id by the blessed efficacy of thine appointed 
Lcraments, he may be learn to cultivate those 
iapositions which thou hast promised to crown 
ith everlasting glory. 

O God the Father, God the Son, God the 
'.oly Ghost, thrice holy God, mercifully vouch- 
fe to hear my prayer. Amen. 



For the Forgotten Dead 

O merciful God, take pity on those souls who 
have no particular friends and intercessors to 
recommend them to thee ; who, either through 
the negligence of those that are alive, or 
through length of time, are forgotten by their 
friends and bjTall. Spare them, O Lord, and 
remember thine own mercy when others forget 
to appeal to it Let not the souls which thou 
bast created be parted from thee, their Creator. 
They are thy work ; and, though they have 
sinned, they have been redeemed by thee ; 
vouchsafe therefore to look upon them and to 
deliver them from the intolerable pain of ab- 
sence from thee, the light and life and love of 
all thy creatures. Oh place them in the number 
of thy blessed saints and citizens, through. Jesus 
Christ their Saviour. Amen. 


O my God and my Lord, I praise and bless 
thee for having vouchsafed to me the grace 
often to partake of thy great mysteries ; to be 
fed with the divine food of thy holy Sacrament ; 
and comforted with thy great and blessed pre- 
sence. O Father of mercies and God of all 
consolation, let every tongue bless thee, and 
every creature celebrate thy bounty for this 
inestimable gift. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


Oh that I were worthy to praise end blest 
thee! But accept, I beseech thee, m my 
behalf, the praises of all the angels and blessed 
saints who continually adore thee and sing thy 
glory ; accept, them in thanksgiving lot all the 
mercies thou hast vouchsafed to me in the holy 
communion of thy body and blood. ; 

But, O glorious and most merciful- Jeans, 
I beseech thee also to grant to ma* before I die, 
the grace of true confession, contrition, and 
satisfaction, for all my offences ; and, at the 
hour of my death, may I once mete 'humbly 
adore and devoutly receive thee, God and man, 
Christ Jesus, Saviour of the world, in the most 
holy Sacrament of the Altar. And then, par- 
doned for all ray sins and aided by thee, my 
God, may I end my life in peace,- in the true 
faith of thy Holy Church, and in perfect love 
and charity with all the world. Amen. 

A Prayer for Knowledgb. 

Almighty God, who bast warned us against 
the danger of burying whatever talent thou 
raayest bestow upon us, and who hast taught us 
that much will be required of those to whom 
much is given— enable me, I beseech thee, so 
to improve myself in knowledge 'and virtue, 
that I may. be ready to give an account of my 
stewardship whenever thou mayest call upon 
me far it. 

Oh bestow upon me, I pray thee* such. ability 

Digitized by GoOgle 


and hope m study, and in the improvement of 
m.y mind, as may prepare me to take my place 
in the • world, not only without shame, but in 
a manner that may redound to thy greater 
glory. Give me understanding : give me eager- 
ness, method, and perseverance in the acquire- 
ment of knowledge ; bo that I may be qualified 
to advance myself and to exalt thy holy name, 
my God, to whom I will ever own myself in- 
debted rbr every good and every perfect gift. 

O Lord, thou wilt open my lips and my 
mouth shall declare thy praise. I desire to 
consecrate myself to thy service, to remember 
thee in every object of my life : make me, 
therefore, worthy of the high honour to which 
I aspire :• let not thy religion and thy eternal 
rights be lowered or brought to loss through 
any fault of mine. Oh no, my Qod; open 
thou my lips, I beseech thee : open my under- 
standing, that it may behold the beauty of thy 
doctrine, and of that gracious providence which 
has appointed to me my walk in life. 

Where my natural powers are wanting, do 
thou bestow them ; where they are weak, do 
thou strengthen them. Do thou, my God, 
teach me to fulfil my duty towards thee and 
towards my feUow*ereatures, by diligently per- 
fecting whatever good inclinations thou mayest 
implant within me. May I be enabled to lead 
others in the way of salvation ; or may I, at 
all events, -learn to praise thee, my God, and to 

~~ ■■ ■ . -^ 


acknowledge thy sovereign goodness with an 
enlightened and well taught mind, With a pure 
heart, and with a grateful and heaven-aspiring 
soul ; through Jesus Christ thy Son, and the 
Holy Ghost, who live, one God, with thee for 
ever. Amen. 

Fob. Devotional Fkklings. 

My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken 
me? O leave me not to myself, I implore 
thee ; hut pour forth thy grace upon my soul. 
Take away from me this spiritual dryness, this 
heedlessness, this unfeeling indifference to thee 
and to holy things: take away from me this 
reprobate sense of self-sufficiency, and make 
me acknowledge that I am dependent upon 
thee for all that is worth having. From thee 
must every grace, from thee must the very 
power of loving and of rightly worshipping thee, 
descend. Give me, O Lord, this grace: give 
me this power of aspiring to thee, of lifting up 
my heart to heaven, of praying thee to descend 
and take possession of my soul. » 

But yet, my God, if it is thy providence lo 
expose my faith and my love to this trial, I 
willingly bow me down and acknowledge thy 
righteous ways. Who am I that thou shooldst 
visit me P Who am I that thou shouldst hear 
me whenever I call upon thee ? Forgive me 
the tmthankfulness with which I have often re- 
ceived thy saving inspirations. I was unworthy 


of them then, my God ; and I am unworthy 
of them now. I have no claim on thy goodness. 
Give me, however, the grace to persevere in 
beseeching thee and in raising up my soul to 
thee, in the hope that, in thine own good time, 
thou wilt visit me with thy sweetness. 

Hasten, dear Lord and Saviour, hasten this 
wished-fbr time. O Holy Spirit, the Comforter, 
speed down upon my soul ; make haste to 
deliver me and to comfort me with thy blissful 
presence. What can delight me if thou art 
absent ? In what can I trust unless thou up- 
hold me ? O lift up my soul to the holv 
heavens, and let it bless the Lord. And drop 
down dew, ye heavens, from above -, drop down 
the dew of grace and peace, and hope and love, 
upon my barren heart, until it open with jov 
and thankfulness to receive its Lord and Saviour. 
Oh let thy light rise up in the darkness of mv 
heart, for thou art merciful, and compassionate, 
and just. Then will I truly love thee and 
keep thy words v and then, dear Jesus, then 
wilt thou remember thy promise; then will 
thy Father love me, and ye will come anc 
make your abode with me. Come now anc 
dwell in me, thou God of love : come thou 
who fillest the whole earth with thy Spirit, anc 
soothe and cheer and console thy servant Givi 
to me that peace which the world cannot give 
give to me that grace which may unite my sou 
to thee, and which may be a foretaste of th< 

Digitized by GoOgle 


li83 of thy heavenly abode. Redeem me and 
frve mercy on me, Lord, the God of truth, 


My God and my Lord, grant that my heart 
lay aspire to thee ; "that, aspiring to thee, it 
lay seek thee •, that, seeking thee, it may find 
iee; that, having found thee, it may love 
lee ; and that its love for thee may produce 
mtow, and sorrow pardon for all my sins; 
nd, being once pardoned, grant, oh grant that 

may never offend thee more. Grant me 
wow, my Lord and my God,, for having ' 
nned against thee : grant me contrition and 
le gift of tears ; and grant me that charity 
>wards thee and towards the poor which may 
vail to cover the multitude of my sins. 

O divine Sovereign, quench within me, I 
eseech thee, every impure passion and in- 
lination ; and kindle in my soul the holy fire 
f thy love. Drive far from me the spirit *f 
ride ; and grant me the grace of holy humility. 
Restrain, dear Saviour, I beseech thee, every 
blent out-burst of anger, and endow me with 
atience and gentle forbearance. Remove all 
illen moroseness and captiousness from my 
ind ; and give me that confiding kindness of 
*art, which may lead me to have a good opinion 
Grant, oh grant me, I implore thee, my dear 



Lord and loving Father, an immoveable faith, 
a strong hope, and a lasting charity. 

O Thou who art the guardian of my life, 
save me from lightness and vanity of disposi- 
tion ; from uncertainty of mind ; from a dis- 
sipated heart ; from gluttony and sensuality ; 
from backbiting, from curiosity, and from covet- 
•ousness: keep me from all vain glory; from 
all hypocrisy; from ail treacherous flattery of 
others; from avarice, envy, and blasphemy. 
Oh cleanse my nature from worldly anxiety, 
idleness, sloth, presumption, hardness of heart, 
and obstinacy; appease the violence of my 
temper ; make my judgment ever yield to the 
dictates of reason ; and my heart open to re- 
ceive thy holy inspirations. Check the urfruly 
freedom of my speech ; let me never oppress 
the poor, never use violence towards, the weak, 
nor calumniate even the wicked. Let me never 
neglect the salvation of those who are de- 
pendent upon me. Remove from my manner 
all bitterness and rudeness towards my servants: 
make me ever remember that their souls were 
the equals of mine when we came into this 
world, and that we shall be again equal after 
we shall have fulfilled our different parts in this 
fleeting life. Let my friends never have cause 
to complain of my untruthfulness; and may 
none ever perceive arrogance in my conduct 
towards them. 

Thus, O my God I beseech thee by thy tender 


love for us ; by the merits of thy beloved Son, 
I thus implore thee to enable me to fulfil all 
the coxporal and spiritual works of mercy which 
thou mayest demand of me. Let me comfort 
the sorrowful, instruct the ignorant, relieve the 
poor, visit and cheer the suffering and those who 
are sick at heart : may I willingly forgive inju- 
ries, bear wrongs patiently, love those who hate, 
and do good to those who injure me. Let me 
not despise any one, but respect all ; imitate the 
good, and avoid the wicked. Let me love virtue 
as much as I abhor vice. 

O my Lord, may thy grace uphold me in 
sorrow, and restrain me in joy •, may it teach it 
me to despise the fleeting interests of this life ; 
and in all things, and above all things, may it 
prompt me fervently to aspire to the everlasting 
bliss of heaven, through Jesus my Lord and 
Saviour, who, with thee and the Holy Ghost, 
liveth and reigneth for ever. Amen. 


Conducted by thy Providence, God, through 
the toils, the vexations, the turmoils, and the 
business of this day, I present myself before 
thee to beg pardon of all my failings, and to 
acknowledge that goodness which has upheld me 
in all my difficulties. Notwithstanding my renew- 
ed professions of resignation, I have offended thee 
by attaching too much importance to the things 
of this world ; by forgetting that thou didst call 



upon me, and offer interests true and eternal, But, 
O Lord, thou knowest my weakness ; and I can 
only again confess mine unworthiness, and pray, 
thee to enable me now to seek into the state of 
my soul that I t may unite myself more firmly to 
thee before this day be for ever past away. 

Oh forgive me all my sins before I sleep ; and 
grant that I may wake in the morning with a 
strong and lasting resolve to work out my sal- 
vation. Assist my weak endeavours that I may 
grow in grace as I grow in years. Cleanse my 
heart from all those corrupt dispositions which 
are offensive to thee ; from pride, wrath, selfish- 
ness, and inattention to serious things. To my 
sense of mine unworthiness, let me add real 
Borrow; and to sorrow, sincere purposes of 
amendment. May I always reverence thy holy 
name, thy church, thy word and ordinances. 
May I be ever just, mild, and compassionate to 
others: temperate, chaste, and humble in the 
government of my passions : content with my 
condition : and although diligent in my business, 
yet ever mindful to heap up to myself treasures 
there where no foe can break in upon my hoard. 

Where I err, let me amend; and where I 
amend, let me give the glory to thee, my Cre- 
ator, my Redeemer, and my Sanctifier. 

Bless all my relations and friends,, and espe- 
cially those who are near anfl dear unto me ; and 
grant that I may never give pain, to those for 
whom I am beseeching thy mercy. Accept the 



36&V. ON OUR saviour's last words. 

prayers, and pardon the imperfections, of all, 
through the merits of thy Son, our Saviour, 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

On our Saviour's last Seven Sbntbnces. 

O Lord, my Saviour Jesus Christ, who, in 
the last hours of thy life on earth, didst close 
the work of our redemption by uttering seven 
sentences so exemplary and important that thy 
followers ought ever to bear them in mind- 
grant, oh grant me the grace to profit by thy 
last lessons ; and, in virtue of these thy blessed 
parting words, forgive me if 1 have ever of- 
fended thee by committing any of the seven 
deadly sins. 

O Jesus, enable me to imitate thy blessed 
example m the forgiveness of injuries: "Fa- 
ther," thou didst say, " Father, forgive 
term, tor thry know wot what they do." 
Enable me, for the love of thee, my Saviour, to 
pardon others whatever they may have done or 
said against me. 

O thou who didst comfort the dying thief 
with the saving promise, ** This day thou 
shalt be with mb in Paradise," make me 
live in such a manner that, at the hour of my 
death, my soul may also have the same blessed 
assurance that I shall, on that day, rejoin thee 
in thy heavenly kingdom. 

*' Woman, behold thy Son," didst thou say 
to thy sorrowing mother ; and to the disciple to 

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whom thou didst commit her, " Son, behold my 
Mother." Oh enable me to recommend my- 
self to her, our blessed Lady ; may she look 
upon me as a son, and may I ever love and 
reverence her as a protector, an intercessor, a 

My Saviour and my God { let me remember, 
in every care and anxiety of my life, what thou 
thyself didst suffer for my sake : let me re- 
member the anguish which prompted thee to 
exclaim, " My God, my God, why hast thou 
forsaken me !" Forsake me not, my Re- 
deemer : in every care and anxiety, raise up 
my soul towards thee, and enable me to exclaim 
with confidence, Help me, O God, and have 
mercy on me, thou who didst redeem me with 
thy precious blood. 

Nor let me ever forget the anguish which 
prompted thee, my dear Saviour, to exclaim, 
*' I thirst." let me ever bear in mind what 
thou didst suffer for me ; ever acknowledge thy 
goodness ; ever aspire to thee and thirst after 
thy grace — thou who art the fountain of all 
graces, the well-spring of living waters, most 
"Worthy to be sought and thirsted for by every 
ardent soul. 

. O Lord, I know not the time nor the manner 
of my death : but do thou, God, who fore- 
knowest all things, remember thy goodness 
towards me ; and, whenever that fearful hour 
may come, reject me not, but remember the 

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370 ON our saviour's last words. 

prayer which I now form in thine own words : 
** Father, into thy hands I comkbnd my 

And to whom, my Saviour, but to thee, can 
I commend myself at that awful time?— to 
thee, who wouldst endure bo many various tor- 
ments for my salvation, and drink the full 
chalice of suffering ere thou wouldst resign thy 
pure spirit and pronounce the concluding words, 
"It is consummated.'' Oh, remember those 
torments, I beseech thee: let them not have 
been endured for me in vain : let me appeal to 
those torments : let them supply mine unwor- 
thiness and be received in atonement for my 
sins : by them and through them, when all is 
consummated for me on earth, may I hear thy 
loving voice exclaim, " Come, thou blessed of 
my Father : come, thou for whom I suffered 
so much : thy toils and thy trials are at an 
end : come and receive the kingdom prepared 
for thee from the beginning of the world." 

Christian. If this little book has tended 
to awaken thy sorrow, to assuage thy fears, to 
strengthen thy faith, Co brighten thy hope, or to 
quicken thy charity, offer up, sometimes, the 
following prayer for its Author :— 

Almighty God, bestow. thy mercy upon the 

«,ze dby Gc 


maker of this bootf. Be thou his support, hit 
hope, his consolation, and his reward. Fulfil 
such of his prayers as may be well-pleasing 
to thee: and grant that he may live to thy 
honour and die in thy grace, through the merit* 
of Jesus Christ thy Son. Amen. 

Sou Deo Gloria. 


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